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majestie at hir (my) departing fra har. I fand the Captain very cauld in his answering to her majesties commandements. That day my Lord of Athol, the maister of Graim, my lord Secretair, my lord of Revain at ten hours afoir noon arryvit in this town to the nommer of twa hundereth hors or better. My Lord of Hume retornit again at twa hours efternone. That saming day my lord Secretair cam to the castell, at twa hours efter none, and spak with the captain the space of three hours. The Lords that wer in the town being that neicht at 12 hours évin (informit) that the Queinis maiestie and my lord Duk was departit of Edinburgh (Dunbar) at ten houris afoir none, and that thay war alreadie com this neicht to Haddingtoun, and was in mynd to com the hie way til Edinburgh to find thaim, thay causit blaw their trompets, and tuk all their armis, and departit all furth of the town betwix twa and thre after midneicht. Thay departit all furth of the on thair feitt, beleiving the Queinis maiestie and her companie was betwix thaim and Musselbrugh. Bot being mair nor ane myle of the town, and being advertysit that the Queinis maiestie was nocht so neir, thay send for thair hors, the quhilks being broucht thame, thay lop on horsbak and marched forward towarts Musselbrugh. Thair departit of the town with thaim on fut mair nor twa bundereth craftsmen of the said town weill armit; sax or seven scoir of futmen that thay had luftit the day afoir, and Captain Clark with sa many as he had luftit on his awin expense, in deliberation to pass thairefter in Danmark to the nom- . mer of fourscoir of men or thairby. Upon this syd thay wer jugit to be 18 hundereth horsemen or better and four hundereth futmen or ma, all the hail companie put in gud order, thay marcbit towarts Musselbrugh,

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quhair thay wer advertysit be thair foirryddars that the Queinis maiestie and her companie was within ane myle to thaim. Thair was wyth the Queinis majestie the Lairds Blacatair, Woderborne, Langton, Ormistoun's of Teviotdale, and Louden, Hatoun, Grinhaid, Cader, with sundrie oder barrons of the Mers and Lauden and the haill commons that wald ryse for her in thais partis. Sche had wyth her twa hundereth haybuttairs, onder Captain Alexander Stewart and Captain Hew Lauders charge. Her haill companie on hors and fut wus noucht nommerit to twa thousand men, of the quhilks the best pairt was commons; quhairupon the oder part thay wer all gentlemen and weill in thair gair. Being com in seicht of oderes, the queinis maiestie hir companie be-Eist Musselbrugh and the oder part be-West it, the Queins majestie, my lord Duk, and thair companie marchit wyth all diligence to an auld forthe above Musselbrugh neir by the Falsyd, the quhilk thay occupet, and thair plaissit 7 or 8 peices of artillerie, the quhilk thay had broucht wyth thaim of Dunbar. The quhilk being persawit be the lordis of the adverse partie, thay drew thairselfis westward betwix the Queinis maiestie and Dakaith and thairfra keipand the heichest places and tha straintheast, cath wythin halfe of ane myle to thaim : quhair the Lordis send furth sum prikkars wylling to draw on the scharmwiche. Bot the Queins inajesty and my Lord Dük continit thair men and sufferit 'nane of thaim to leave thair plaice. My Lord Duk schot sum of his artillerie at thair prickkars, bot he hurt na man. Monsieur du Croc cam of the town betwix 7 and 8 'hours, and red betwix the twa armes, doing that was in his power 'to bring thaim to sum gud way and appointment. Quhair hawand travellit the space of twa hours, he fand him'na nearer bis purpose nor he was in the beginning. The

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Lordis refusand all oder appointment less nor my lord Duk wald submit himself to thole an syse of the Kings slauchter, and that the Queinis maiesty wald be contentit thairwith, and render herself to thaim. The quhilk was plainlie refusit both by the queinis maiestie and my Lord Duk. Swa Monsieur du Croc returnit bak to the town, betwix three and four hours, beleivand sewrlie that nathing mocht stay other of the parties to experiment and seye thair fortune. Notwithstanding both the parties upon dyverss respects temporisit. The Queinis maiestie byding upon my Lord Aberbrothick, quhom hir Hieness understude to be on the way betwix that and Leichcou, and upon my lord Heress, the lords of Lowchinvar and the Laird of Balcle. wist, quha bad, as I understand, promisit to meit her Hieness that day. The oder partie temporisit because the day was veray hait, and had the son in thair eie. In the meantyme thair was communers and talkers send fra both the parties; the Laird of Grange fra the Lordis and the Laird of Ormiston of Laudein wyth the Laird of Trabrowne fra the Queinis majestie and my Lord Duk. Efter lang communing my Lord Duk offerit him conform to the promiss maid the day of his syss, to faicht in singular battaill wyth any Lord or undefamit gentleman, to the effect that the great appeirance of blud schaidding betwix the twa armes meicht be stayit be that moyen.

Tbe laird of Tillebairne acceptit the condition, and offerit to feicht in the querraill, quhairintill the queinis majestie por my lord Duks freinds wald na wyss consent in respect that thair was na comparison betwix thaim twa.

The quhilk being rapported to the Lordis, my Lord Lindsay offerit him to faicht. Swa it was anes believit that all the haill querrell sould be referrit to my lord Duk and my

lord Lindsay. The queinis majestie was lang or sche could be persuadit to that, bot at the last albeit sche fand it noucht gud, sche consentit to it noucht wythout grat difficultie. Thair was 20 gentlemen in ether syd to see thair partes. The Laird of Grange being retornit to the Lords wyth that anser, the Laird of Trebrowne was send sone efter him to knaw quhair the plaiss sould be appointit, and in quhat appareill thay sould cum to the feild, quha, at his retorning, rapported to the Queinis Majestie and to my Lord Duk, that the lordis wald noucht suffar my Lord Lindsay to faicht, and to tak all the haill bording upon him that was equallie thairs and his ; and swa that proposs stayit. Noucht the less I have heard sensyn that the Lordis meinit noucht to stap my Lord Lindsay, bot rather prayit him to be of gud hart and curage, and was verie glad that he acceptit the condition. This was betwix 7 and 8 hours at evin; fra quhat tyme the lords partie persaivand the queines willing to dryve tyme, was sa animate and sa willing to cum to straicks that wyth greit difficultie they meicht be continit in thair order. On the oder partie the queines majestie's folks haid na will of straicks, bot rather was drawand thamselfs asyd and sum of thaim steilland away ; quhairbie the queines majestie was constrenit to cum to sum better composition, despairit other to retire hirself and hir companie saiflie, or to mak hir part gud in battaill. Swa wyth all meines, sche persuadit my lord Duk to loup on horsebak and ryd his way: the quhilk quhen hir majestie haid persuadit to him nocht wythout gryt difficultie, and he being rydden as thay supposit twa myles or mair, her majestie offerit to render hirself to thame swa that thay wald promiss to do na harm to hir companie, bot licens thame to retire thairselfs without ony skaith. The quhilk being fund gud be the Lordis, thay causit mak

ane proclamation incontinent defendant all that was of (thair) parte to persue or invaid any that was of the queenis parte. Quhilk being don the queins majestie cam to thaim betwix 8 and 9 hours; all her companie scatterit and red thair way. The lords broucht her majestie to town quhair thay arryvit at 10 hours. Thay logit bir majestie in the Provests loging, fornent the croce, upon the north syd of the gait. Hir majestie was keepit thair till the morne at 9 hours at evin, at quhat tyme thay convoyit hir majestie thairfra to the Abbay. Quhair efter sche had stayit the space of an hour, thay put hiron horsbak, and haid hir all that neicht to Louchlawin: qubair as I am informit thay intend to keip her till thay haif comprehendit my Lord Duk, or else put him furth of this countrie. Sche cam yesterday to ane windo of hir chalmer that lukkit on the hiegait, and cryit forth on the pepill quhow sche was halden in prison, and keepit be her awin subjects quha had betrayit hir. Sche cam to the said windo sundrie tymes in sa miserable a stait, her hairs hingand about her loggs, and hir breist, yea the maist pairt of all her bodie, fra the waist up, bair and discoverit, that na man could luk

hir bot sche movit him to pitie and compassion. For my ain part I was satisfiet to heir of it, and meicht nouch suffer to see it. Thay convoyit her down the gait as said is, my lord of Athol on the ta syd of her, and my lord of Mortown on the oder, wyth three or four hundereth men. Thair merchit afoir hir the spaice of ane hundereth paisses four score haghuttars. Thair is in the anseign that was borne against hir the day sche was tacken, and was borne yesterday amangs the saids hagbuttars, ane mekle dethman besydes ane grein trie, be the quhilk man thay signify the king; and on the oder syd of the said trie, ane young barne, quhairby


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