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confession, 354. Not suppressed by the English court, 63. Murray, earl of, refuses to sign an approbation of the queen's

marriage with Darnley, i. 5. His supposed share in the Raid of Beith, 7. Expelled from Scotland, 8. Returns on the murder of Rizio, 10. Not accessary to that murder, ib. 1. Present at the conference at Craigmillar, 20. Absent at St. Andrews when Darnley was murdered, 37. Conclusions concerning his guili, 38. Rejected, 41. Obtains permission to retire to France, 58. His departure and motives examined, 61. His return to Scotland, and interview with the queen in Lochleven castle, 123. His demands with respect to the relevancy of the letters, &c. 150. His answer at York to the queen’s accusation against him, 154. His accusation against the queen, 160. Produces the letters, sonnets, and contracts of marriage, 169. Is accused of the murder by Mary, 186. Confronted with her commissioners, who refuse to accuse him themselves, 192. and are unable to support the charge. ib. Design to assassinate him on his return, 195.


Nelson, a servant of Darnley, his evidence i. 32. ii. 292.

Preserved from the explosion on the murder of Daruley,

i. 37. n. Norfolk, duke of, a commissioner at the conference at York,

i. 149. 152. Aims at a marriage with the queen of Scots, 153. His opinion of the letters, and his intrigues to suppress the accusation, 156, 157. His belief of the queen's guilt, 179.


Ormistons, both engaged in the murder of Darnley, ii. 8.

James Ormiston, his confession, 23. 319.


Paris, Nicholas Huburt, nicknamed French Paris, i. 27. Re

ceived into the queen's service, ib. Receives the keys of the lower apartments at the Kirk of Field, 34. Introduces the murderers into the queen's chamber, where the powder is lodged, 36. His declaration and examination, ii. 32.

296. 308. Pitcairn, abbot, or commendator of Dumfermline, not an

assessor at Bothwell's trial, i. 71. An assistant to Murray

at the conferences in England, 152. Powrie, William, bis deposition, ii. 268.



Protestation, sent by Mary to Argyle and Huntley to be

signed, and returned, i. 20. 188. Intercepted by Cecil,
and never signed, ib.


Raid of Beith, i. 6.
Rizio, murder of, i.9. His age and person, 10. n.

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Skirling, Cockburn of, a commissioner at York, i. 152.

Edinburgh castle surrendered to him as Bothwell's depu

ty, 221.
Sonnets, addressed by Mary to Bothwell, i. 346. ii. 246. Com-

pared with her verses on the death of Francis II. i. 350.
With her sonnet to Elizabeth, 352. Examined, 353.
When written, 355. Their allusion to lady Bothwell's in-
difference, 357. to Bothwell's wounds in Liddesdale, 359.
365. And to the queen’s grief and sickness on that occa.

sion, ib. Their precise date ascertained, 368.
Stewart, lord Robert, abbot of Holyrood-house, afterwards

earl of Orkney, his secret intimations to Darnley of his
danger, i. 35. 306.


Throckmorton, Sir Nicholas, bis arrival in Scotland, i. 118.

His letters 119, &c. ii. 124.
Thuanus, his correspondence with Casaubon and Camden,

i. 236, &c. ii. 95. Receives Camden's Annals from James,
i. 240. But adheres to Buchanan, 242.


Wilson, Dr. Thomas, author of the Actio contra Mariam, and

the Latin translator of the queen's letters to Bothwell,
i. 255, &c.

, Patrick, one of the murderers, ii. 8. Called the tay-
lor in Paris's declarations, 45.



Skinner Street, London,

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