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Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the Eci/ectic'reviuw, i>y sending- information (post paid} of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works; which they may depend on being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.


The Memoirs of John Lord de Joinville, Grand Seneschal of Champagne, written by himself, and translated by Thomas Johnes, of Hafoil, Esq. M. P. are on the eve of publication. They contain a History of Part of the Life of Lou;s XI. King of France, surnamed St. Louis, whose contemporary and friend Joinville was, as well as his comrade in all his wars. An account ofthat King's Expedition to Egypt in the year 1248, is included in these volumes. They contain many historical facts not noticed by other Historians, and exhibit a picture of the times to which they refer. Mr. Johnes has added the.notes and dissertations of M. Ducange, together with • the dissertations of M. Le Baron de la Bastie on the Life of St. Louis, and of M. X'Eveque la Ravaliere, and M. Falconet, on the Assassins of Syria, from the " Merwires de I'Academie de Belles Lettres el Inscriptions de France." This is the second of the old French Historians which has been submitted to the Hafbd press in an English translation.

The Chronicles of Monstrelet, who took up his history from the year 1400, where that of Froissart ended, and brought it down to 146.7, will be the next work in the series edited by Mr. Johnes, and ranging after Froissart, forming a necessary continuation of those interesting and popular chronicles, Monstrelet gives a copious and authentic account of the Civil Wars between the Houses of Orleans and Burgundy, the occupation of Paris and Normandy by the English, the expulsion of the latter, and other memorable, events both in Trance and other countries. We understand that the translation of the first volume is finished, and that by great good fortune it has escaped that calamity which happened at Hafod, on Friday the 13th of March.

Mr. Johnes, has also just finished The Travels of the Lord de la Brocquiere, Esquire, Carver to Philippe le Bon, who re turned from Jerusalem to France overland, about the year 1435, and reduced the account of his journey to writing, by command of the Duke his master. This au» thor, little, if at all, known to the general

Vol. III. N n

reader, treats his subject with that naivetf so characteristic of the period to which this indefatigable translator has devoted his labours.

Mr. George Bennet, who is recently returned from the continent, has in the press, and in a state of great forwardness for publication, a work to be entitled, "A view of the present state of Poland," which couutry he lately visited. It is to contain a description of the face of the country its villages, towns, &c. and a particular account of the peasantry, their persons, dress, and political condition; comprising also, some account of the customs and manners of the Poles, with a cursory view of the changes which have taken place conse quent upon the dismemberment of their country.

Dr. Charles Fothergitl is now engaged in preparing a work for the press, which can, scarcely fail to excite very great interest. With a view of clearing up some doubtful points in the zoology of Great Britain, in the course of last spring he made a voyage^ to all tne northern isles, comprehending theOrcades, Shetland, Fair isle, and Fulda, and. remained amongst them during the; greatest part of the year, employed in the investigation of their natural history, antiquities, state oftheir agriculture and fisheries, political importance, manners, customs, condition, past and present state, &c. &c. a general and particular account of . which will shortly be given to the public, accompanied by maps and numerous engravings; containing the fullest and most compleat description that has yet been published of those remote and hitherto neglected regions.

Mr. Clapham has nearly ready for pub ■ lication a Selection from SkeltofTs Sermons. Mr. Bicheno has in the press a second edition of his " Restoration of the Jews," to which he has prefixed a brief History of that singular People. He is also about to publish a Supplement to his " Sii;ns of the Times," with an Answer to Mr. Faber's Objections in the second edition of his Dissertation on the Prophecies.

A third volume of the Evangelical Preacher is preparing for publication. The former two volumes of this work have been fa

vourably received by the religious of all denominations. This volume, like the preceding, is collected from detached pamphlets, now rarely to be met with.

Proposals have been printed for publishing by subscription, Concil atory Animadversions on the Controversies agitated in Britain, under the unhappy Names of Antinomians and Neanomians. By Herman Witsius, D. D. Price 4s. in boards, to be paid for on delivery. Faithfully translated from the Latin, and accompanied with notes, by Thomas Bell, late minister of the gospel in Glasgow. The translation and notes, have been revised by four eminent ministers in Scotland, who unite in cordially recommending it to the public, viz. Rev. Messrs. Brown of Whitburn, Brown of Gartmore, Dick of Glasgow, and Graham of Calton.

Next month will be published, in two editions, (Sue and common) a new work,entitled, "Christian Classics," containing se'ectionsftom the best moral and religious writers. ,

It is proposed to publish by subscription, a print, to be engraved by Anthony Cardon, Esq. from the original painting, by Richard Westall, Esq. R. A. representing the most affecting Farewell of Mrs. Shaw to her Husband, as described by that poet in his celebrated monody. The size of the print to be seventeen by twenty inches. The price, one guinea; proofs, and prints in colours, two guineas. Half to be paid at the time of subscribing, the remainder on the delivery of the Print, which will certainly take place, at Christmas, 1807.

It is also designed to publish, as a companion o the above, a print from the much admired character of Fidelia, as described m the 449th number of the Spectator. It will be engraved by Louis Schiavonetti, Esq. The same size (seventeen by twenty inches) as the drawing by Mr.Westall, and subject to the same conditions as the former-print. Either print may be purchased separately.

A print from the beautiful cabinet picture of the Procession of Chaucer's Pilgrims to Canterbury, painted by Mr. Stothnrd, and lately exhibited, is to be engraved in the line Mr.'William Bromley.

Mess, dementi propose to publish by subscription, he C'anzo. ets and Madrigal- of Thomas Morlcy, Mua. Bac Oxoo, 1588. The work to contain in one volume twenty Canzonets for three voices, and twenty Mai'rij-als or four voices, carer'olly arranged from several manuscript

copies of established authority. A concise account o; Morley's Life will be prefixed to the work. ,.

Sig. Giuseppe Lanza, Sen. has issued proposals for printing by subscription, a Treatise on Singing, containing the necessary instructions tor all descriptions of students, from children of five years old to .the mot advanced in the science. The -price to subscribers, one guinea and a half; to non-subscribers, two guineas. The work will be published as soon as there are four hundred subscribers.

Mr. Bunting, of Belfast, has announced, that he will shortly publish the second part of the Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland.

To be published by subscription, respectfully dedicated (by permigs on) to the Right Hon. Lady Frances Harpur, Dr. Watt's; and Moral Songs for Children, set to Music iu a familiar style, as Solos, Duettos, and Trios, with an Accompaniment for the Piano-forte, by B. Jacobs, Organist of Surrey Chapel. This work will comprise thirty-six pieces, and be delivered to subscribers at ten shillings and sixpence; but no money will be received till the delivery of the book.

The Eloquence of the British Senate, or Select Specimens from the Speeches of the most distinguished Parliamentary Speakers, from the beginning of the reign of Charles I. to the present time, with biographical, critical, and explanatory notes, in two octavo volumes, will appear in a few days.

A very interesting work, by a member of the Uu.ver&ity of Oxford, will speedily appear in three volumes, under the title of "Oxon ana," consisting of anecdotes and facts relative to the colleges, libraries, and establishments of Oxford, with extracts from, and accounts of, the curious unpublished manuscripts with which that university abounds; accounts of celebrated members, professors, &c. so as to comprize a history of the rise and progress of that ancient seat of teaming.

Mr. Southey is preparing for publication two volumes of Poems and Miscellaneous Essays, by the late H. K. White, of Cambridge; a most excellent unci admirable man, whose genius bade fair to have placed him in the first rank of English Poets. The work will be accompanied with a Life of the Author, and will be embellished with his portrait and four other plates.

The Military Annals of Revolutionary France, from the beg nning of the last Wax to the end of tfaa present Year 1807, Persian Professor, Captain Charles Stewart, and a Descriptive Catalogue, explaining the subject of each volume, memoirs of the author, &c. formed of its contents. S.nce that gentleman's arrival in England, and appointment to the East India Company's college at Hertford, he has revised the work, and added an appendix, containing specimens in the Persian language (accompanied by a translation) from the priii ipal authors quoted in the catalogue, rendering it not only a useful book to the oriental student, but desirable by every person wishing for information on such subjects, or curious of knowing the nature and extent of Mohammedan literature, which, itrhu t be remembered, had arrived at a great degree of splendour when Europe was overcast with ignorance and barbarism. For the Convenience of foreigners, to whom the English letters may not give the exact pronunciation of an original word, the titles of the books will be also printed in the Arabic character. The work is now in the press, and will consist of from 250 to 300 pages As only a small number of" copies will be printed, persons wishing for it are requested to make an early application to Messrs. Longman and Co. where a specimen of the book may be seen.

will be published by subscription, in four large volumes, quarto, by the author of "The Revolutionary Plutarch," &c. &c. assisted by a general officer, and by other eminent military characters. Besides maps of the countries which have been (he theatres of war, and plans of encampments, sieges, and battles, these volumes will be embellished with portraits of all the commanders-in-chief, and of every other general who during the above period has been admired for genius or talents, or reprobated for errors or incapacity. Subscription, twelve guineas.

Dr. H. Robinson, of Edinburgh, has nearly ready for publication, Discourses on the Nature of Inflammations, and the History, Theory, and Cause of the Venereal Disease; and he will also shortly publish a work on the Natural History of the Atmosphere.

Dr. Hamilton, of Bury St. Edmunds, will publish in the course of next month, Observations on the i tility and Administration of Digitalis in Hydrothorax and Consumption.

Mr. Malcolm has lately sent a new work to the press, under the title of " Historical Anecdote*', illustrative of the Charities, Manners and Customs, Eccentricities, Religious and Political Dissentions, Popular Tumults, Amusements, and Dress of the Inhabitants of London, during the Eighteenth Century, with a general Review of the Domestic and Ecclesiastical Architecture, Sculpture, &c. &c. now extant in the Metropolis of Great Britain." In order to render the work as intelligible and complete as possible, numerous prints are to be introduced in classes, particularly under the ar: icle of dress, which will be progressively delineated from 1700 to 1800.Domestic architecture, from the earliest date in London to the present time; sculpture, as exhibited in monuments for the dead, in the same manner with specimens of the fronts of churches, steeples, altars, pulpits, fonts, See. and picturesque sketches, calculated to give the general character of streets and places in and round the metropolis.

The Oriental Library of the late Tippoo Sultan, which on the capture of Seringapatam, was preserved entire, and consists of 2,000 volumes of Arabic, Persian, and Hindoostanee manuscripts, was shortly after that event conveyed to Calcutta, arid deposited in the College of fort William, where it much facilitated the labours and pursuits of the professors and students of those languages;. This library was, in the year 1305, minutely examined by the Assistant

Mr. Thomas Hope has in the press a work entitled Household Furniture and Decorations, executed from designs by himself; it will consist of Perspective and Geometrical Views of apartments, with their Chairs, Tables, Sophas, Candelabras, Chandeliers, Tripods, &c. &c.

An octavo edition will soon be published of Mrs. Carter's Translation of Epietetus.

A new edition of the British Essayists, in forty-five volumes, is now in the press. This work, a very large impression of which was published so late as 1803, is nearly ont of print. The editor has made considerable alterations and additions to the historical and biographical prefaces; aw) the Looker-on will be added to this new edition, by a different arrangement of the volumes, but without increasing their number.

In the press, and speedily will be published, in three volumes, l?mo. The World of Fashion; with illustrations, scandal, histories, and characters. Written by Alfred Allendale, Esq. M.P. F.R.S. F.S.A. LL. D. &c.

Mr. Olinthus Gregory, A. M. of the Royal Military Academy, has now in the press a Translation of the Abbe Haily's valuable work, entitled, Traits Ekmtntairt de Phisiqxe, with notes, historical, illustrative, and critical. The translation which will Scholia, from theTo.nleian and Harleian transcripts, with short notes, will form the third volume; and a fourth volume will contain the text to the Odyssey with various lections, to be introduced by fac-siiniles of the characters and descriptions of the repective MSS. engaged in the service of the text; to which will succeed a small volume of Scholia, chiefly from MSS. with short notes, a dissertation upon the genuineness of Od. ft, a collation of the pp. of Ed. Rom. Bas. of Eustathius, with the omissions of the latter, and application of the Digamma to the remains of Hesiod.

make two handsome octavo volumes, will be publ :shed in a few weeks j and in conjunction with Mr. Gregory's Treatise on Astronomy, and his Treatise of Mechanics, (a new edition of which is just published) will constitute a complete course of Natural Philosophy, including every important discovery of modern times.

The new edition of the English Poets, which has been in the press for some time, is now in a considerable state of forwardness. This collection embraces, not only the series published by Dr. Johnson, but also as much of the ancient poets, from Chaucer to Cowley, as appear necessary to illustrate the rise and progress of English poetry. Dr. Johnson's series will also be brought down to the present time, by the addition of our most popular authors, from LyttUton to Cowper. The lives of the poets not included in Dr. Johnson's collection, are written by Alexander Chalmers, Esq. F. S. A. The' last volumes will contain the best English translations, by Pope, Drydcn, &c. &c.

S. E. Bridges, Esq. has a small volume of Poems in the press, which will appear in the course of next month.

A Short Latin Poem on the battle of Trafalgar, with an English prose translation, will be published early in this month.

In the press, The Groans of the Talents, or Private Sentiments on Public Occurrences; in a series of Poetical Epistles from Ex-M-n-st-rs to their Colleagues, most wonderfully intercepted: to whichare added, Notes, critical, explanatory, and edifying.

The Rev. Thomas Kidd, of Trinity College, Cambridge, proposes to publish anew edition of the Iliad and Odyssey ; of which, in the Iliad, theTownleian Codex, aided by the Marcian MSS. and a faithful collation of the Harleian copies, will form the groundwork. It is intended at present, to insert the Digamma in the text, on the authority of the great Bentley, whose unpublished papers on the Iliad and Odyssey will, through the kind permission of Trinity College Cam ■ . bridge contribute to enhance the value of this edition. The body of variations from the Vienna, Breslaw, and Moscow MSS. published by professors Alter and Heyne, as well as those gleaned by a re-examination of the MSS. consulted by Barnes, wiU be classed according to their respective merits under the text, and incorporated with an accurate collation of the first, second Alriiue, first Strasburgh, and Roman editions; the peculiarities also of the venerable document dispersed through H. Stephani Thesaurus Ling. Gr. will be specified in th irpro per places. The text of the Iliad, with the variations, will be given in two volumes, octavo. A supplement to the Villoisonian

The new edition of the Biographical Dictionary is in a considerable state of advancement, and will probably be extended to eighteen volumes. So copious are the additions and alterations, that this edition, in many respects, may be considered as a new work. Besides the addition of sev< ral thousand lives of persons of literary merit, of all nations, a regular series of references will be given throughout the whole; a labour which, although it has delayed the work for rome time, will add greatly to its utility.

An octavo edition of Dr. Jortin's Life of Erasmus, under the superintendance of Drs. Raine and Henley, will be published shortly.

A life of George Morland, embellished with twelve elegant sketches, by Dau, wHI shortly appear.

An edition of the Life of Dr. Beattie, by the late Sir William Forbes, in octavo, will shortly be published.

The Rev. John Wool has nearly ready for publication, a second volume, in quarto, of Biographical Memoirs of the late Rev. Dr. Joseph Warton: with a selection from his Poetical Works, and a Literary Correspondence between Eminent Persons, left by him for publicat:on.

Mr. Mackenzie, of Huntingdon, is preparing for the press, Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Calvin, accompanied with Biographical Sketches of the Reformation, comprized from the Narrative of Theodore Beza, and -ither Documents.

Lieut. Collins will soon publish, in a duodecimo volume, Voyages in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Asia Minor, Egypt, &c. from 1796 to 1801.

Proposals "are circulated for publishing by subscription, dedicated by permission to John Soane, Esq. R. A. an Architectural and Scientific Investigation of the Cathedral Church of St Paul, London, illustrated by Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Parts at Large, from actual measurement; with an Essay on the Life, Writings, and Designs of Sir Christopher Wren, by James Elmes, •

Architect.. To collect,, in one view, the most valuable parts of his greatest work, the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London; to trace its history, and, to supply what is wanting relative to the biography of this distinguished man, are the main objects of the present work. The introduction will contain various matters refative to the subject: as a brief account of the several edifices that have stood on the site of the present church; with their revolutions, destructions, and subsequent re-erections: accounts of Sir Christopher Wren's works, architectural, mathematical, &c. with such notices of his public and private life as the author has been able to collect from the following sources: the Transactions of the Royal Society; the public libraries of Oxford and London: Records In the Board of Works; scarce and valuable publications, contemporary and later; and private information. An appendix will contain copies of such original documents as are cited in the body of the work.

Proposals for publishing by subscription, under the patronage of His Grace the Archr bishop of Canterbury, a series of Twelve Perspective Views in Aquatinta, of the Interior and Exterior of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury, are circulated by Mr. Charles Wild. The plates, measuring 12 inches by Iff, will be printed on the best atlas quarto paper, accompanied by two plans, of the structure at lar,'e, and of the undercroft, on a scale of one inch to 01 feet, and by a descriptive letter-press, printed in a suitable stvle of elegance. Subscriptions will be received, orte half at the time of subscribing, and the other on the delivery of the work in the month of June next. Price in boards, three guineas; proof impressions, four guineas and a half; coloured impressions, five guineas. The order of subscription will invariably regulate the delivery of the impressions ; and those in colours will be tinted with the closest possible adherence to general effect, from sketches made on the spot.

It may not be deemed irrelevant to intimate the author's intention of pursuing

throughout the whole of those magnificent structures, our national cathedrals, a corresponding mode of pourtraying their architectural beauties and peculiar'ties, with that adopted in the proposed publication of the Cathedral of Canterbury, should its plan and execution be found sufficiently deserving encouragement to promise support in so expensive and arduous an undertaking.

Mr. Bewick, of Newcastle upon Tyne, who has so highly gratified the public by his Graphic delineations of the AnimatedWorld, is at this time engaged on a series of Engravings of British Vegetables useful in diet, medicine, and the arts. The letter-press of the work to be written by that industrious and zealous botanist, Dr. R. J. Thornton. Two editions will appear, in royal and demy octavo, corresponding with the quadrupeds, birds and fishes of Mr. Bewick; and the typography will be executed in the best style, by one of the new Stanhope presses.


A Voyage Pittoresque of Spain is announced in the gazette of that kingdom. It will consist of sixty or seventy numbers, each containing six plates, and the whole formin0- four very large folio volumes. The plates will be executed by the most skilfur masters of Madrid and Paris. The Spanish text will be composed by Father Roxas, a religious Augustine: a corresponding French text will be prepared and edited by M. Alexander Laborde, who is associated with the Spanish editor, in this very extensive and magnificent undertaking. The price of each number will be 80 reals on good paper: 130 reals on fine vellum paper.


■ M. Korosi, a Wallachian by birth, has published an Orlographia Latino-Walachica.

A literary Hungarian Gazette is lately undertaken" at Pesth: it is intended fof Hungary only.

Many other works on theology, morals, education, &c. have lately been published in this language, to which very great attention is now paii.


We hope that no writer will take exception at the omission of his -work in the following list, as information respecting it may not have reached ut••—«* insertion of any work should not be considered as a sanction of it; the list consisting of articles, -which we have not examined.

Improvement. By John Middleton, Esq
Id Edition revised, 8vo. price 12sin boards



View of the Agriculture of Middlesex;with Observations on the means of its Improvement, and several Essays on Agriculture in general. Drawn up for the consideration of the JSoard of Agriculture and Internal

The Life and Writings of Mr. Tanner, of Exeter, by Dr. Hawker, D. D. with Mr. T.'s Portrait, flvo. 5s,

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