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FITZMAURICE, JAMES S. Chief Engineer, The Electric Light

Branch, 210 George St., Sydney,
N. S. W.

Sept. 20, 1893 FLACK, J. DAY

Supt. of Equipment, General Electric

Co., Lamp Works, Harrison, N. J. Dec. 6, 1887 FLAGG, STANLEY G., Jr. Stanley G. Flagg & Co., 19th St.,

and Penna. Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. April 18, 1893 FLANAGAN, THOMAS FRANCIS Supt. and Electrician, Portsmouth

Gas Light Co., Portsmouth, N. H. Jan. 17, 1894 FLATHER, JOHN J. Professor of Mechanical Engineering,

Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind. April 19, 1892 FLEGEL, Geo. C.

Electrical Editor, The Railroad Tele-
grapher, Argos, Ind.

Sept. 20, 1893 FLEMING, RICHARD 208 West 15th St., New York City. Oct. 18, 1893 FLESCH, CHARLES Electrical Engineer, Allgemeine Elek

tricitats-Gesellschaft, 22 Schiffbauer

damm, Berlin, N. W. Germany. Sept. 27, 1892 FLINT, BERTRAM P. Electrical and Mechanical Engineer,

with Chas. H. Davis, 120 Broadway,
New York City.

Jan. 17, 1894 FLOOD, J. F.

Supt Steubenville Street Railway Co.,
Steubenville, 0.

Mar. 18. 1890 Floy, IIENRY

168 North Ave., Allegheny, Pa. May 17, 1892 FOOTE, ALLEN R. Special Agent, Electrical Industries,

U. S. Census, Takoma Park, D. C. April 21, 1891 FooTE, CHARLES W. Consulting Electrical Engineer, Pomona, Cal.

Sept. 22, 1891 FOOTE, Thos. H. 110 W. 129th St., New York City. April 21, 1891 FORBES, FRANCIS

Lawyer, 137 Broadway, New York

Sept. 16, 1890 FORD, WM. S.

Assistant to Chief Engineer, The

American Bell Telephone Co.,
Room 73, 125 Milk St., Boston,

June 7, 1892 FRANCISCO, M. J. President and General Manager, Rut

land Electric Light Co., Rutland,

June 17, 1890 FREEDMAX, William H. Tutor in Electrical Engineering,

School of Mines, Columbia College,

120 W. 125th St., New York City. Mar. 18, 1890 FRENCH, E. L.

Stanley Laboratory Co., Pittsfield,

Dec. 16, 1890 FRENCH, THOMAS, JR. Professor of Physics, University of

Cincinnati, Avondale, Cincinnati, O. Sept. 20, 1893 FREY, CHARLES P. Electrician, The E. S. Greeley & Co.

Laboratory, Greenbush, N. Y. June 6, 1893 FROST, FRANCIS R. Ithaca, N. Y.

Dec. 20, 1893 FRYE, HENRY W.

Associate Editor, The Electrical

World, Times Building, New York

May 16, 1893

[blocks in formation]

Fuller, Levi K. Vice-President, Estey Organ Co., and

Governor of Vermont, Brattleboro,

GARDANIER, GEORGE W. Electrician, Western Union Tele-

graph Co., 195 Broadway, New

York City.
GERRY, M. H., JR. Engineer, N. W. General Electric

Co., 3333 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis,

GIFFORD, CLARENCE E. Assistant Electrical Engineer, The

Buffalo Railway Co., 878 Prospect

Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.
GILES, WALTER A. Engineer and Contractor, 416 Lewis

Block, Pittsburg, Pa.
GILLILAND, E. T. Pelham Manor, N. Y.
GOLDMARK, CHAS. J. Electrical Engineer, Field Engineering

Co., 143 Liberty St, and 473 Park

Ave., New York City.
GOLDSBOROUGH, WINDER E., M.E., Greensborough, Caroline

Co., Md.
GORTON, CHARLES Civil Engineer, Belmont, N. Y.
GORDON, REGINALD Assistant in Physics, Columbia Col-

lege, Residence, 76 Park Ave.,

New York City. GRAY, W. N.

Electrical Engineer, 200 Neave Build.

ing, Cincinnati, O. GREENE, S. DANA Assistant General Manager, General

Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y. Gross, S. Ross

Electrician, Tennessee Coal, Iron and

R.R. Co., Ensley, Ala.
GROWER, GEORGE G. Electrician and Chemist, Ansonia

Brass and Copper Co., Ansonia,

GRIFFIN, CAPT. EUGENE General Electric Co., 44 Broad St.,

New York City.
Guy, GEORGE Heli Secretary, The New York Electrical

Society, 131 West 34th St., New

York City
HADLEY, WARREN, B. Supt., Wiring Dept., Edison Electric

Iliuminating Co., 431 Fifth Ave.,

New York City.
HALL, EDWARD J. Vice-President and General Manager,

American Telephone and Telegraph
Co., 18 Cortlandt St, New York

HALL, EDWIN H. Assistant Professor of Physics, Har.

vard College, Gorham St., Cam

bridge, Mass.
HALL, WILLIAM P. President, The Hall Signal Co., 80

Broadway, New York City.
HALSEY, William B. Inspector, Postal Telegraph-Cable

Co., 96 Broadway, New York

I, 1889

[blocks in formation]

HAMMATT, CLARENCE S. Supt , Jacksonville Electric Light Co.,
Jacksonville, Fla.

Sept. 20, 1893 HANCOCK, L. M.

Supt. of Construction, Western Elec

tric Co., 225 Fair Oaks St., San
Francisco, Cal.

May 19, 1891 HANDLEY, ARTHUR Electrical Engineer, Electrical Engi

neering Co. of Ireland, Limited,

61 Dawson St, Dublin, Ireland. Dec. 16, 1890 HARDING, H. McL. 1014 Havemeyer Building, 26 Cortlandt St., New York City.

May 21, 1887 IIARRINGTON, WALTER E. Electric Railway Engineer, 307 Market St., Camden, N. J.

Mar. 17, 1891 HART, FRANCIS R. Supt. of Construction, Mass. Electri

cal Engineering Co., 4 P.O. Square,
Boston, Mass..

April 21, 1891 HARTMAN, HERBERT T. Assistant Engineer, Canadian General

Electric Co., Peterborough, Ont. Mar. 21, 1893 HASKINS, CARYL D. General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y.

Mar, 18, 1890 HASKINS, CLARK Caryl City Electric Light Inspector, 582

West Congress St., Chicago, Ill. Sept. 20, 1893 HASSON, W. F. C. Consulting Engineer, 104 Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal.

Mar. 18, 1890 HATZEL, J. C.

Electrical Engineer and Contractor,

114 Fifth Ave., New York City. Sept. 3, 1889 HEATH, HARRY E. Chief Draughtsman, Eddy Electric

Mfg. Co., Box 189, Windsor, Conn. Mar, 21. 1893 HEALY, Louis W. The Wightman Electric Co., 1205 Marion St., Scranton, Pa.

June 26, 1891 HENSHAW, FREDERICK V. Electrical Engineer, The “C. & C."

Electric Motor Co., 402 Greenwich
St., New York City.


5, 1889 HEWLETT, EDWARD M. Electrical Engineer, Railway Dept.

General Electric Co., 128 Johnson
St., Lynn, Mass

May 19, 1891
HIGGINS, EUGENE Electrical Engineer, Racine, Wis. April 19, 1892
HILL, GEORGE, C.E. Consulting Engineer, 44 Broadway,
New York City.

April 19, 1892 HOCHHAUSEN, WILLIAM Electrician, The Excelsior Electric

Co., 196 Willoughby St., 74 Han-
son Pl., Brooklyn, N.Y.

April 15, 1884
HOLCOMB, EUGENE R. Engineering Dept., Edison General
Electric Co., Portland, Ore,

June 17, 1890 HOLMES, FRANKLIN S. Electrical Engineer, with C. H. Davis,

120 Broadway, N. Y., 445a Macon
St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

April 21, 1891 Holt, MARMADUKE BURRELL, Mining and Electrical Engineer,

The Colorado Smelting Co., Pueblo,

April 15, 1890 HOOPES, ARTHUR West Chester, Penn.

April 19, 1892

2, 1888

7, 1886

HOWSON, HUBERT Patent Lawyer, 38 Park Row, New
York City.

June 8, 1887 HUBRECHT, Dr. H. F. R. Director, Nederlandsche Bell Telephone Co., Amsterdam, Holland. Oct.

4, 1887 Hudson, John E. President, The American Bell Tele

phone Co., 125 Milk St., Boston,

Dec. 20, 1893 HUFF, S. W.

General Manager, The Raleigh Street
Railway Co., Raleigh, N. C.

Nov. 24, 1891 HUMPHREYS, C. J. R. Manager, Lawrence Gas Co., Lawrence, Mass.

Sept. 6, 1887 HUMPHREYS, PROF. Wm. J. Washington College, Chestertown, Md.

April 18, 1893 IDELL, FRANK E. Mechanical Engineer, 616 Havemeyer Building, New York City.

July 12, 1887 IHLDER, JOHN D.. Electrical Engineer, with Osterheld,

& Eickemeyer, Manuf'rs of Dyna

mos and Motors, Yonkers, N. Y. Oct. INSULL, SAMUEL

President, Chicago Edison Co., The
Rookery, Chicago, Ii.

Ives, EDWARD B. Lieutenant U. S. A., Electrical Engi-

neer, with and Colona Sts., Phila-
delphia, Pa.

April 2, 1889
IWADARE, KUNIHIKO Electrician, Osaka Electric Light Co.,
Osaka, Japan.

Sept. 20, 1893 IZARD, E, M. Electrical Engineer, Chicago, Ill. Mar.

5, 1889 JAEGER, CHARLES L. Inventor, Maywood, N. J.

Dec. 20, 1893 JAMES, JOHN N.

Electrician, Naval Observatory, Wash-
ington, D. C.

Feb. 16, 1892 JOHNSON, J. N.

Electrician in Cable Dept., Western

Union Tel. Co., 16 Broad St., New
York City.

Sept. 20, 1893 JOHNSTON, A. LANGSTAFF Consulting Engineer, Hestonville,

Mantua and Fairmount Passenger
R.R. Co, 4300 Lancaster Ave.,
Philadelphia, Pa.

April 21, 1891 JOHNSTON, W. J. President, The W. J. Johnston Co.,

Ltd., Times Building, New York

April 15, 1884 JONES, F. R.

Professor of Machine Design, Uni

versity of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. May 20, 1890 JUDSON, WM. PIERSON U. S. Civil Engineer, Oswego, N. Y. June 8, 1887 KEEN, WILLIAM M. B., M.D. 85 Varick St., New York City. Sept. 16, 1890 KEILHOLTZ, P. O. Secretary and Superintendent, U. S.

Electric Power and Light Co.,
Baltimore, Md.

Mar. 21, 1893 KELLER, E. E.

Manager and General Supt. of Ex

position Work, Westinghouse Elec-
tric and Mfg. Co., 5506 Monroe
Ave., Chicago, Ill.

Sept. 20, 1893
KELLOGG, JAMES W., M.E. General Electric Co., 140 E. 27th
St., New York City.

June 26, 1891

[blocks in formation]

KENNELLY, A. E. (Vice-President.) Electrician, Edison

Laboratory, Orange, N. J. KIMBALL, A. S.

Professor of Physics, Worcester Poly

technic Institute, Worcester, Mass. KINNEY, HARRY A. Electrical Engineer, 634 West Warren

Ave., Detroit, Mich.
KIRKEGAARD, J. GEORG General Incandescent Arc Light Co.,

329 Union St., Brooklyn, N. Y. KNOX, JAMES MASON Student in Electrical Engineering.

Columbia College, School of Mines,

New York City.
KREIDLER, W. A. Editor and Publisher, Western Elec-

trician, 6 Lakeside Building, Chi

Sept. 20, 1893

Jan. 17, 1894

cago, Ill.

[blocks in formation]

LAIN, David E., B. S. Electrical Engineer, Yonkers, N. Y,

69 Park St., Lynn, Mass.
LANMAN, WILLIAM H. Patent Dept., General Electric Co.,

44 Broad St., New York City. LAWTON, W, C.

Electrician in Motor Dept., Edison

Electric Illuminating Co., 808 Greene

Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
LEDOUX, A. R., M. S., Ph.D., Chemical Expert, 9 Cliff St.,

New York City.

Chemist and Electrician, American

Bell Telephone Co., Mountfort St.,

Longwood, Brookline, Mass.
LENZ, CHARLES Orto 2625 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.
LEVIS, MINFORD Superintendent, Novelty Electric Co.,

54 North 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. LEVY, ARTHUR B. Assistant Engineer, Arc Light Dept.,

General Electric Co., 310 Lexington

Ave., New York City.
LEWIS, HENRY FREDERICK William, Redlands, 48 Sydenham

Road, Croydon, Surrey, England.
LIEB, CHARLES A. 44 Broad St.. New York City.
LIEBIG, GUSTAV A., JR. Electrical Testing Bureau, Johns Hop-

kins University, Baltimore, Md. LINDNER, CHAS. T. Electrical Engineer, Dwight Way and

Tel. Ave., Berkeley, Cal.
LITTLE, FRANKLIN P. Manager, F. P. Little & Co., 141

East Seneca St., Buffalo, N. Y.
LOGAN, CHARLES H. [Address unknown.]
LOOMIS, OSBORN P. Electrical Engineer, Bound Brook,

N. J.
LORRAIN, JAMES Grieve Norfolk House, Norfolk St., London,

W. C., England.

General Manager, Supply Dept.,

General Electric Co., Schenectady,

N. Y.
Low, GEORGE P. Electrical Inspector, Pacific Insurance

Union, 303 California St., San Fran-
cisco, Cal.

[blocks in formation]
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