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Cunningham (Major Allan), Roorkee Hydraulic Experiments, I; “Dutton (Capt. C. E.), a Monograph by,” Tertiary History of
the Indian Survey, 97

the Grand Cañon District, Dr. Arch. Geikie, F.R.S., 357
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Dyer (W. T. Thiselton, F.R.S.): Influence of “Environment”
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on Plants, 82 ; the Sacred Tree of Kum-Bum, 224 ; Deductive
Cutting Tools worked by Hand and Machine, Robert H. Smith, Biology, 554

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Cyprus, Earthquake in, 497


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Dachstein Glaciers, Decrease of, 42

Dynamo Machine, Elphinstone-Vincent, 516
Dairy Industry in France, 90

Dynamo-electric Machine with Continuous Induction, Prof.
D'Arrest's Comet, 324, 567, 589, 618

Pfaundler the Inventor of, 517
Darwin (Charles), on Tower-like Dejections made by Worms, Dynamo-electric Machines, Recent, 58

20; Enthusiasm in Sweden on the Memorial to, 275 ; Darwin
and Copernicus, Prof. E. du Bois Reymond, 557 ; Hostile Earth, Numerical Estimate of the Rigidity of the, Prof. G. H.
Criticism in Germany of the Address on, 565

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Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy at Cambridge, 275 ; Earth's Surface, Causes of Elevation and Depression of, W. F.
Formation of Mudballs, 507

Stanley, 523.
Darwinism, Dr, Le Conte on, 275

Earthquakes: in the Northern part of the Balkan Peninsula, 19;
Dary (Georges), on Electric Navigation, 41, 42

at Cascia, 63; in Perugia, 90; in the Valais, 181; in Greece
Davis Lectures for 1883, 565

and Panama, 248; at Murcia, in Spain, at Archena, &c., 277 ;
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of, 103, 242, 484

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De La Rue's Diaries, &c., 161

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De Morgan (Augustus), Memoir of, R. Tucker, 217

445 ; in Japan, Proposed Study of, 469 ; in Cyprus, 497 ;
Death, Chinese Definition of, 160

at Amsterdam, 517; in Hungary and Italy, 540; at Pedara
Deaths from Snake Bite in Bombay, Sir Joseph Fayrer, F.R.S., in Sicily, 567

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Deep-Sea Explorati in, French, 587

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“Deneholes at Blackheath, 324

Observers, 346, 398, 556, 567
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Large Meteor of March 2, 1883, 461

571, 595; Mathematical Society of, 346, 500, 595
Denning's Comet, 348

Education: Foreign Education in China, 90; of our Industrial
Deprez's Electrical Theories, 399

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Derby Free Library, Reference Catalogue, 62

on, 276; Prof. Huxley on, 396; Minister of, 495; in Japan, 617
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Dewar (Prof.) and Prof. Liveing, Origin of Hydrocarbon Flame

Act, 1882, 410
Spectrum, 257

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Diamond in its Matrix, a, 90

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Dickert (Herr Thomas), Death of, 399

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Dickson (Dr. Oscar): his liberality in aiding Scientific Research, Electricity : International Electrical Conference, 18; Tricycles
444; Account of Swedish Expedition to Greenland, 541

propelled by, 19; Electric Illumination of a Railway Bridge
Dier (Prof.), Shadows after Sunset, 150

over the Ticino, 20; Electric Lighting, Sir C. W. Siemens,
Dijmphna, Search Expedition for the, 64

F.R.S., 67; Electric Lighting at Society of Arts, 133 ; Elec
Diluvial Mammals, Discovery of Remains of, on Wolga, 373

tric Light in China, 209; • Electric illumination," Conrad
Dip-Circle, Goolden's Siinple, 127

Cooke, &c., 264 ; Priority in Photographing with Electric
Direct-Vision Prisms, 182

Light, 276; Public Electric Lighting, 384; Electric Lighting
Distant (W. L.): an Urgent Need in Anthropology, 101 ;

Act, 1882, C. Higgins and E. W. W. Edwards, 410; Elec
“Rhopalocera Malayana,” 444

tric Light at Savoy Theatre, 418; Electric Lighting in Switz
Diurnal Variation in the Velocity of the Wind, E. Douglas

erland, 497 ; in Paris, 516; Some Points in Electric Lighting
Archibald, 461

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Doberck (Dr. W.): the Comet 1882 b, 129; Transit of Venus,

Measures, 62 ; Electrical Transmission of Force and Storag
158; appointed to the Hong Kong Observatory, 565

of Power, Sir C. W. Siemens, F.R.S., 67, 518; Electrica
Dobson (J. L.), the Magnetic Storm and Aurora, 87

Disturbances in Sweden and Norway, 89; Electrical Exhibi
Doe with Horns, 209

tion at the Crystal Palace, 180; Electric Reaction, Pro
Dogs, Age of, R. Cordiner, 79

Melde, 183; Electrical Phenomena, 199 ; Electric Railways
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Domojiroff's Anemometric Observations on board the Djighit, 445

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Doradús, Supposed Variable M, a Spurious Star, 498

Electricity,” a New Hungarian Journal, 299; Il Potentia
Double Stars, Measures of, 182

Elettrico nell' Insegnamento Elementare della Elettrostatic
Douglas (Robert K.): China, 221; Coroners' Science in China, Prof. A. Serpieri, 312; Electric Railways, 338 ; “Electrici

Resistance of Carbon Contacts,” Shelford Bidwell, 376; Ele
Draper (Prof. Henry): Death of, 88; Obituary Notice of, 108 trical Theories, Deprez's, 399 ; Light-Phenomena of Electr
Dredging Implement, a New: Prof. A. Milnes Marshall, 11; Discharges, Dr. Hertz, 403 ; Influence of Vacuum on Ele
W. A. Herdman, 54

tricity, A. M. Worthington, 434 ; Electro-technical Socie
Dreyer (J. L. E.), Transit of Venus, 158

formed at Vienna, 469; Successful Trial of an Electricall
Dublin : Royal Society of, 235; Experimental Science Associa-

moved Tram-car, 470; Electricity as a Motive Power f
tion, 571 ; Aurora at, 589

Balloons, Napoli, 517; Proposed Electric Railway fro
Dumas (J. B. A.): Presentation to, 132 ; his Address at the Com-

Charing Cross to Waterloo, 566
memoration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of his Membership of Electrolytic Balance of Chemical Corrosion, Dr. Gore, F.R.S
the Paris Academy, 174; the Dumas Medal, 227; Illness of, 346

Duncan (Prof. P. Martin, F.R.S.), Heroes of Science, 76

Electromotive Force and Resistance of Batteries, Effects
Dust Showers in Norway, 496

Temperature on, W. H. Reece, F.R.S., 426

Electromotive Force of Galvanic Combinations, Kittler's Normal Fishes, the Skeleton of Marsipobranch, W. K. Parker, F.R.S.,
Element of, 325

Electronomie Industrie, Manuel d', R. V. Picou, 146

Fissures, on the Movements of Air in, and the Barometer, A.
Electroscope, a Modification of the Gold Leaf, F. J. Smith, 102 Strahan, 375, 461
Elephant in Italy, Discovery of Fossil, 181; Threatened Ex Fitch (Oswald), Benevolence in Animals, 580
tinction of the, E. E. Prince, 509

Flames in Coal Fire, 103
Elger (P. G.), the Magnetic Storm and Aurora, 85

Flamingoes and Cariamas, James Currie, 389
Elphinstone Vincent Dynamo Machine, 516

Flegel (Robert), News of, 230
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Burmah, and Ceylon, 50

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Encyclopædic Dictionary, 423

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Enemies, Natural, of Butterflies, Henry Higgins, 338

Flower (Prof W. H.), Lectures on Anatomy of the Horse, 372
Energy in the Spectrum, Distribution of, Lord Rayleigh, Flower, Two kinds of Stamens with Different Functions in the
F.R.S., 559

same, Dr. Hermann Müller, 30 ; Dr. Fritz Müller, 364
Energy, Transmission of, on Marcel-Deprez System, 372 Flowers, Double, Dr. M. T. Masters, 126
Engineering Laboratory, University College, 160

Flowers, Insects Visiting, 498
“Ensilage in America,” Prof. James E. T. Rogers, Prof. Flückiger (F. A.), “Die Chinarinden in Pharmakognostischer
Wrightson, 479

Hinsicht dargestellt,” 287
Entomological Society, 451, 500

Foamballs, J. Rand Capron, 531
"Environment " on Plants, Influence on, W. T. Thiselton Dyer, Föhn, the, A. Irving, 605
F.R.S., 82; Howard Fox, 315

Fonvielle (W. de), « Les Passages de Venus," 132
Eocene Section, the Lower, J. Starkie Gardner, 331

Food Adulteration Act of 1881, 301
Episodes in the Life of an Indian Chaplain," 99

Foraminifera in British Museum, Catalogue of Fossil, Prof. T.
Epping Forest and the Railway Companies, 399; Prof. G. S. Rupert Jones, 173
Boulger, 455 ; Conservation of, from the Naturalist's Stand Forbes (H. 0.), Forbes' Visit to Timor-Laut, 159
Point, 447

Forbes (W. A.), Zoological Expedition up the Niger, 14;
Equal Temperament of the Scale, C. B. Clarke, 240

Letters from Shonga, 276; Death of, 614
Ergot, Poisonous Principle of, 517

Force, Transmission of, by Electricity, Dr. C. W. Siemens,
Eridani, Binary Star P, 589

F.R.S., 67
Ernst (Dr. A.), Abnormal Fruit of Opuntia Ficus. Indica, 77 Forecasts, Weather: Bishop of Carlisle, 4, 51 ; Rev. W.
Essex County, Mass., Flora of, 173

Clement Ley, 29; C. W. Harding, 79
Essex Field Club, 298, 347

Forel (Prof.), Recent Rhone Glacier Studies, 183
Ether, the, and its Functions : Prof. Oliver Lodge, 304, 328 ; Forest Fires in Russia, 113
S. Tolver Preston, 579

Formic and Acetic Acid in Plants, 91
Ethnographical Exhibition at Stockholm, Dr. A. B. Meyer, 370 Forms of Leaves, Sir John Lubbock, Bart., 605
Erhnology, Aino : Dr. J. J. Rein, 365 ; Prof. A. H. Keane, 389 Forth Bridge, New, 62, 89; Sir Geo. B. Airy on the, C. S.
Ethnology of North Africa, Prof. A. H. Keane, 408

Smith, 99, 131 ; Herbert Tomlinson, 147 ; B. Baker, 222
Etna (Mount), Eruption of, 422, 496, 515, 539

Fossil Elephant in Italy, Discovery of, 181
Evans (C.), Palæolithic River Gravels, 8

Fossil Souslik in Northern Germany, Dr. Blasius, 247
Evolation of the American Trotting Horse, W. H. Brewer, 609 Fountain (J. M.), the Weather, 32
Evolution, Hypothesis of Accelerated Development, by Primo Fox (Howard), Influence of “ Environment” on Plants, 315

geniture and its Place in the Theory of, Prof. A. A.W. Hubrecht, France : Annual Meeting of Institute of, 18; Dairy Industry
279, 301

in, 90 ; Heavy Rains in, 229; French Mission to Cape Horn,
Explo-ive Waves, Berthelot and Vielle on, 301

344 ; Annual Meeting of French Learned Societies, 539
Eye, Internal Reflections in the, H. Frank Newall, 376

Frankland (Lir. E., F.R.S.): Smoke Abatement, 407; Chemistry

of Storage Batteries, 568
"Fall Machine," Poggendorff's, 300

Freiburg-im-Breisgau, Earthquake at, 374
Falling, Asphyxiation in Rapid, 62

Freshwater Lakes, Pelagic Fauna of, 92
Farr (Dr. W., C.B.), Death of, 587

Friele (Hermann), “Der Norske nord-hass-expedition, 1876–
Fatio (Dr. Victor), Fishes of Switzerland, 220

1878,” Dr. J. Gwyn Jeffreys, F.R.S., 457
Fauna, Pelagic, of Freshwater Lakes, 92

Frisby (Prof. E.): Elements of the Great Comet 1882 b, 226;
* Faune des Vertébrés de la Suisse,” Dr. Victor Fatio, 220 Ephemeris of it, 415 ; Transit of Venus, 266
Fayter (Sir Joseph, F.R.S.), Destzuction of Life in India hy Fritsch (Prof.), On the Torpedo, 403

Poisonous Snakes, 205, 556 ; Destruction of Life in India by Fulgurite found near Warmbrunn, 540

Will Animals, 268 ; Speke and Grant's Zebra, 604
Feed- Water Heater and Purifier, Geo. Strong, 90

Galloway (William), Hovering of Birds, 336
Ferghana Naphtha Well, 445

Galton (Francis, F.R.S.), Hydrogen Whistles, 491
Ferguson (Robert M.), " Electricity,” 264

Galvanometers, on the Graduation of, for the Measurement of
Fermat, the Statue of, 180

Currents and Potentials in Absolute Measure, Andrew Gray,
Ferns of Kentucky, John Williamson, 336

32, 105, 319, 339; New Torsion, 620
Fertilisation of the Speedwell, A. Ransom, 149

Gambetta's Body, Autopsy of, 247
* Feuille des Jeunes Naturalistes,” 19

Gardner (H. Dent), Britten's Watch and Clockmaker's Hand-
Fibre-balls, 580

book, 76
Fig and the Caprifig, on the Relations of the, W. Botting Gardner (1. Starkie), the Lower Eocene Section between Recul-
Hemsley, 584

vers and Herne Bay, 331
Fingal's Cave, ls, Artificial ? F. Cope Whitehouse, 285

Garman (S.): Scream of Young Burrowing Owl like Warning
Finland, New Lyceums in, 42; Auroral Experiments in, S. of Rattlesnake, 174; a Possible Cause of the Extinction of
Lemström, 389

the Horses of the Post-Tertiary, 313
Finsbury Technical College, 318; Opening of, 425

Garrod (Dr. A. B., F.R.S.), on Uric and Hippuric Acid, 451
Finsch (Dr. Otto), bis Exploration of New Guinea, 43; his Gases, Action of Gravity on, Kraevitsch, 324
Report of his Travels, 181

Geestemünde, Aurora at, 374
** Fire-Fountains,” Miss Gordon Cumming, 525

Geikie (Dr. Arch., F.R.S.): a Search for “ Atlantis ” with the
Fires in Russia, Forest, 113

Microscope, 25; Recent Researches in Metamorphism of
Fi-h, New Deep-Sea, from Mediterranean, Dr. Giglioli, 198 Rocks, 121 ; Geological Sketches,” G. K. Gilbert, 237, 261 ;
Fish Culture Association, National, 323

“Texe-Book of Geology,” G. K. Gilbert, 237, 261 ; Tertiary
Fisher (Rev. Osmond), Physics of the Earth's Crust, 76

History of the Grand Cañon District, 357
Fisheries Exhibition, the International, 322, 389, 468, 496, 516 Geikie (Prof. James, F.R.S.), Aims and Method of Geological

Inquiry, 44, 64
Fisheries, Herring and Salmon, 442

Geodetical Operations, Norwegian, 224, 341
Fishes of Switzerland, Victor Fatio, 220

Geographentag, Third German, 447

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Geographical Notes, 21, 43, 63, 92, 161, 400, 424, 541, 589 Ground, Observations of Periodic Movements of the, 300
Geography in Schools, 209

Gudvangsören, Landslip at, 423
Geography of the Caucasus, 470

Guns, Wire, James A. Longridge, 11, 35, 53
Geology : Railway Geology-a Hint, 8; Aims and Method of Guppy (Surgeon-Major H. B.): Coral-eating Habits of Holo-

Geological Inquiry, Prof. James Geikie, F.R.S , 44, 64; thurians, 7 ; Habits of Scypho-Medusæ, 31 ; Anthropological
Geological Society, 71, 118, 215, 282, 331, 355, 426, 474, Notes in the Solomon Islands, 607
500, 547 ; Distribution of Medals, 427; Geology, Part i, Gwynne (Bertram), Curious Case of Ignition, 580
A. H. Green, 98 ; Geology of Hong Kong, F. W. Eastlake, Gyro-tatics, Sir William Thomson, 548
177 ; Geological Sketches at Home and Abroad,” Arch.
Geikie, LL.D., F.R.S., G. K. Gilbert, 237, 261 ; " Text Hagen (Dr. H. A.), Invertebrate Casts, 173
Book of Geology,” Arch. Geikie, LL.D., F.R.S., G. K. Håkonson-Hansen's (Herr), Observations of the November
Gilbert, 237, 261; New Appointments for the Geological Auroral Di-plays, 347

Survey of Scotland, 246 ; Geologists' Association, 523 Halo, a Curious, Father Marc Dechevrens, 30; Rev. W.
Geometrical Teaching, the Association for the Improvement of, Clement Ley, 53 ; Rev. Gerard Hopkins, 53 ; a Lunar Halo,
246, 299, 580

J. Rand Capron, 78 ; T. P. Barkas, 103 ; S. A. Good, 180
Gerinan Aëronautical Society, Meeting of, 348

Hammam R'Irha, an Algerian Winter Resort for Gout and
Ger.nan African Expedition, Drs. Wissmann and Pogge, 92

Rbeumatic Patients, 113
German African Society, Report of, 92

Hammond, Kinetic Theory of Che nical Actions, 183
German Fishery Society, 276

Hannay (J. B., F.R.S.), Natural Selection and Natural Theo-
German North Polar Expedition, 43

logy, 362
German Ornithological Society, Annual Meeting at Berlin, 19 Harding (C. W.), “ Weather Forecasts, " 79
Gerinan Society for Prevention of Pollution of Rivers, &c., 89 Hare, Baird's, and its Habits, 241 ; T. Martyr, 266
Gibney (Robert Dwarris), the Zodiacal Light (?), 605

Harkness (Prof.), on the Transits of Venus, 114
Giglioli (Dr.), New Deep-Sea Fish from Mediterranean, 198

Harnett (W. L.), Meteor, 103
Gilbert (G." K.), Arch. Geikie's “Geological Sketches at Harrison (J. Park), Projection of the Nasal Bones in Man and
Home and Abroad," and “ Text-Book of Geology,” 237, 261

the Ape, 266, 294
Gill (H. C.), the Magnetic Storm and Aurora, 85

Hart (Samuel): the Late Transit of Venus, 483; a Remarkable
Glacial Formations of Russia, 497

Pbenomenon-Natural Snowballs, 483
Glacial Phenomena in Denmark, Prof. Johnstrup, 373

Harting (J. E.), Incubation of the Ostrich, 480
Glacier Motion, Solar Radiation and, Rev. A. Irving, 553

Hatton (Frank), Death of, 515
Glacier Studies, Prof. Forel on Recent Rhone, 183

Hawk Moth Larva, Surgeon-Major Johnson, 126
Glaciers, Decrease of the Dachstein, 42

Heating by Acetate of Soda, 344
Gladstone (Dr. J. H., F.R.S.), Chemistry of the Planté and Heen (De), Relations between Physical and Chemical Properties
Faure Accumulators, 583

of Simple and Compound Bodies, 422
Glaisher (J. W. L., F.R.S.), Mathematics in America, 193 Heilprin (Prof. Angelo), on the Value of the “ Nearctic" as
Glazebrook (R. T., F.R.S.): a Common Defect of Lenses, 198 ; one of the Primary Zoological Regions, 606
“Physical Optics,” 361

Helix pomatia, L., Rev. L. Blomefield, 553
Goddard (A. F.), Intra-Mercurial Planets, 148

Heloderm, the Sonoran, 153
Gold-leaf Electroscope, a Modification of the, F. J. Smith, 102 Ilemsley (W. Botting) : Botany of the Challenger Expedition,
“Gold Coast, to the, for Gold,” Richard F. Burton and Verney 462 ; on the Relations of the Fig and the Caprifig, 584
L. Cameron, 335

He frey (A.), J. W. Griffith and, Micrographic Dictionary, 603
God (S. A.), Extraordinary Lunar Halo, 150

Henson (Samuel), on a Fine Specinen of Apatite from Tyrol,
Goolden's Simple Dip Circle, 127

lately in the possession of, 608
Gore (Dr., F.R.S.): Electrolytic Balance of Chemical Corro Herdman (W. A.), a Dredging Impleinent, 54
sion, 326; Chemical Corrosion of Cathodes, 374

Ileresies, Scientific, in China, 342
Gorham (John), Novel Experiment in Complementary Colours, Heroes of Science, Prof. P. Martin Duncan, F.R.S., 76

Herring and Salmon Fisheries, 442
Gorkom (Karel Wessel van), tlandbook of Cinchona Culture, Herschel (Prof. A. S.), The Matter of Space, 458, 504

Herschel (Major J.): the Comet 1882 b, 4, 101 ; Soda Flames
Göttingen, Royal Society of Sciences of, 48, 452

in Coal Fires, 78; the Magnetic Storn and Aurora, 87 ;
Gould (Dr. B. A.), Comet 1882b, 267

Ignition by Sunlight, 531
Gout and Rheumatic Patients, an Algerian Winter Resort for, 113 Hertz (Dr.): Pressure of Saturating Vapour of Mercury, 183 ;
Govi (Prof.), Expan-ion of Bulbs of Liquid Thermometers, 209 Light-Phenomena of Electric Discharges, 403
Granite, Metamorphic Origin of, Duke of Argyll, 578

TIesehus (N.): Elastische Nachwirkung, 183; Physics in
Gratings, Concave, Prof. Rowland's, 95

Russia during the last ten years, 567
Gravels, Palæolithic River : C. Evans, 8; Wm. White, 53; Hicks (IIenry), Metamorphic Rocks of Ross and Inverness, 474
T. K. Callard, 54; Worthington G. Smith, 102

Hickson (Sydney J.), “Zoological Record,” 366
Gray (Andrew), on the Graduation of Galvanometers for the Higgins (C.) and E. W. W. Edwards, “The Electric Lighting

Measurement of Currents and Potentials in Absolute Measure, Act 1882," 410
32, 105, 319, 339

Higgins (Henry), Natural Enemies of Butterflies, 338
Gray (Prof. Asa), Na!ural Selection and Natural Theology, 291, Higginson (Walter), the Comet 1882 6, 29

High Tides, Abnormal, River Thames, J. B. Redman, 6
Gray and Milne's Seismographic Apparatus, 547

Hildebrandsson (Prof.), on the Ben Nevis Observatory, 18
Greece, Earthquake in, 248

Hippopotamus, Death of the old l'emale, 247
Greek Archipelago, Volcanic Phenomena in, 445

Histology, Vegetable, Talles of D. P. Penhallow, 458
Green (A. H.), Geology, Part i., 98

Hofmann (Prof.), Lecture Experiments, 301
Green (John Richard), Obituary Notice of, 462

Holden (Prof.), Figure of Nucleus of Comet of 1882 (Gould), 246
Greenland, New Danish Expedition to, 446 ; Nordenskjöld's Holley (G. W.), "Niagara and other famous Cataracts," 146
Expedition, 424, 496; Dr. 0. Dickson on, 541

Holothurians, Coral-eating Habits of, Surgeon Major H. B.
Grenfell (J. G.), Geological Traces of Great Tides, 222 ; 'In Guppy, 7; W. Saville Kent, 433; J. G. Grenfell, 508
telligence in Animals, 292 ; Holothurians, 508

Holub's (Dr. Emil), New African Expedition, 542
Gre ham Funds, the, 292

Home (D, M.), Ben Nevis Observatory, 411
Grey, (F. W.), Snow Rullers, 507

Hong Kong, Geology of, F. W. Eastlake, 177; Observatory
Griffith (J. W.) and A. Henfrey, Micrographic Dictionary, 603 Scheme, 565
Griffith (R. W. S.), a Meteor, 434

llopkins (B. J.), the Comet 1882 6, 62, 78
Grocers' Company, the Scheme of the, for the Encouragement Hopkins (Rev. Gerard), a Curiou, Halo, 53
of Original Research in Sanitary Science, 574

Hopkinson (Dr. John, F.R.S.), Some Points in Electric Light-
Groneman (Dr. H. J. H.): Remarks on and Ob ervations of

ing, 592
the Meteoric Auroral Phenomenon of November 17, 1882, Hornblendic and other Schists of the Lizard District, Prof. T. G.
296 ; the Auroral Meteoric Phenomena of November 27, Bonney, F.R.S., 71
1882, 388

I Tornstein (Dr. Carl), Death of, 247

Horse, Anatomy of the, Prof. Flower's Lecture on, 372

Iserlohn, Fall of Meteorite at, 423
Hosack (James), Waterspout on Land, 79

Isomerison of Albuminous Bodies, on the, Shigetaké Sagiura, 103
Houghton (Rev. W.), “ The Microscope,” 173

Isomeri-m, Physical, 301
Hovering of Birds, 366 ; Dr. Hubert Airy, 294, 336, 388, 412; Isanemones, 20

Rev. W. C. Ley, 412; Duke of Argyll, 312, 387; H. T. Italy: Exploration of the Mediterranean, Dr. J. Gwyn Jeffreys,
Wharton, 312; Henry Cecil, 388; David Cunningham, 336 ; F.R.S., 35; Biology in, 46 ; Earthquake in, 540
Dr. J. Rae, F.R.S., 337, 434; Williarn Galloway, 337 ; Ivens (R.) and H. ello, Central and West Africa, 391
C. T. Middlemiss, 337; W. Larden, 337 ; the Soaring of Izvestia, Caucasian, 517

Birds, Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 534 ; Dr. Hubert Airy, 590
Hubrecht (Prof. A. A.), Hypothesis of Accelerated Develop. | Jablochkoff's New Element for Electro positive Plate, 114

ment by Primogeniture and its Place in the Theory of Evolu. Jachère, Intermittent Spring in the, 63
tion, 279, 301

Jackson (B. Daydon), Translation of Gorkom's “ Cinchona
Huggins, (Dr. William, F.R.S.), Photographing the Corona, Culture,” 287

Jamaica, Annual Report of Public Gardens and Plantations of,
Human Morphology, vol. i., H. A. Reeves, 124

Hungary : Silk Culture in, 209 ; Earthquake in, 423, 540 Janssen (M.): Papers at the Academy of Science, 62 ; sent to
Hunterian Oration, the Biennial, 298

Oran to observe the Transit of Venus, 89
Ilutton (F. W.), “Catalogues of New Zealand Diptera, Orthop- Japan : Report on the Mint for 1882, 323 ; Japanese Students,
tera, and Hymenoptera,” 399

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