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Library. The result has been that several books have been out for years without, in some cases, even finding a place in the Catalogue. I suggest that a permanent Library Committee should be appointed as in other learned Societies, and that this committee should look after the purchase, cataloguing, loaning and general care of the Society's collections. I also suggest that in future a list of books received and purchased by the Society should be published as an appendix in the Journal, as is done, for example, by the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain aud Ireland. The total number of volumes in our Library at present is 2,066. We are very grateful to Sir Edward Gait for a gift of valuable books, which have mate. rially enriched our Library in quality as well as quantity.

Finance. A detailed statement of our financial position is given in the Appendix. The realisations from the members amounted to Rs. 1,939-5-0 and from the sale of copies of the Journal to Rs. 289.1-0. The amount realized from the members is less than in the last year for two reasons : firstly, the amount of arrears was small and, secondly, the Journal was not published in time.

Anthropological Research. During the year the Anthropological Secretary has been studying some of the aboriginal tribes of the Province and, for the sake of cultural con parision, has also been studying some of the Himalayan and Central Indian tribes, such as the langars and Saharias. He is making a special study of the kinship systems of different peoples. We are very pleased to note the reference to our anthropological activities at the last Annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Learning in the followicg terms, -"remarkable success in Anthropological Research under the auspices of the Bibar and Orissa Research Society," which clearly referred to the researches of Anthropological Secretary.

Search for Manuscripts. The search for Sanskrit and Hindi Manuscripts was conti. nued in the year under report. The Pandit in Orissa catalogued 2,004 Manuscripts out of which 123 are reported to be hitherto unedited. As regards the dates of these Manuscripts, so far as they cau be ascertained, 34 belong to the 17th century, 437 to the

18th century, 1,472 to the 19th century, and the rest to the present century. The Pandit also copied out in Devanågri 317 Manuscripts which were copied in the Oriya script during the first year. The Pandit in Mithila catalogued 1,345 Manu. scripts, out of which 800 were dated. About 3C0 Manuscripts, out of these, belong to the !5th and 16th centuries and 500 to the 18th and 19th centuries. The Pandit reports that 230 Manu. scripts have been published. It is hoped that the Journal Com. mittee will see its way to give a descriptive account of these Manuscripts in an early number of our Journal.

Amalgamation. Proposals have been made suggesting an amalgamation of the Society with the Museum Committee. Our Council have appointed a committee consisting of Messrs. Sen, Bhate and Harichand to examine the details and report how far such an amalgamation is practicable.

Deputation. The General Secretary received a communication from the Joint Secretaries to the second session of the Oriental Conference, intimating that the Conference would be held in Calcutta from Saturday the 28th January, 1922, to Wednesday the 1st February, 1922, and inviting the Society to send delegates and representatives to the Conference. We accordingly sent six members of the Council as our representatives.



Rs. 8. p.


Amount in hand on the 11th December, 1929 ...
In Bank
Government Grants
Sale of Journals
Miscellaneous (including a F. D. converted to

current account)

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327 4 0


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... ...





Mithila Pandit
Oriya Pandit
Allowance to A. S.
T. A,
Paper for Journal
Government Press
Miscellaneous Printing
Miscellaneous (including fixed deposit)
In Bank
In hand with Treasurer

... ... ...

... ... ... ... ... ...

179 7 3 1,348 3 6 1,265 136 370 8 0 354 10 0

154 3 0 3,903 11

0 2,955 1 6

500 0 0 1,981 110 2,567 0 0 257 0 6 753 14 6

36 5 0 2,854 4 8 3,870 15

0 99 7 3


... ...



Total Rs. 23,455 3 8
General Secretary.


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A meeting of the following members of the Bihar and Orissa Research Society was held on the

24th of January 1922 :Mr. G. E. Fawcus in the Chair).

V. H. Jackson.

H. Lambert.
Sir John Bucknill.
Mr. D. N. Sen.

J. N. Samaddar.

G. S. Bhate.
Rai Bahadur Sarat Chandra Roy.
Mr. S. N. dazumdar.
Dr. Hari Chand.
Rai Saheb Ram Gopal Singh Choudhry.

It was noted that as more than a year had elapsed since the last annual meeting, the Society had no officers or Council. Incidentally the Vice-President had resigned. The meeting was informed by Sir John Bucknill, that His Excellency had kindly intimated that he would be prepared to allow the annual general meeting of the Society to be held at Government House.

Resolved that, in the circumstances, Dr. Hari Chand be requested to convene the annual general meeting of the Society at Government House at 4 p. m., on February 11th, or such other time and date as may be convenient to His Excellency.

2. The following business was done, subject to ratification by tho general meeting :(a) Confirmed the minutes of the meeting held on the

15th of July, 1921, as amended.
(6) Resolved that the following be elected members :

1. The Principal, Maharaja's College, Vijayanagar.
2. The Principal, Jagannath Intermediate College,

3. The Secretary, Guzrat Puratatwa Mandir, Ahmeda-

4. Mr. Shyam Narayan Singh, M.B.E.
(c) Resolved that at the annual general meeting the follow-
ing be proposed as officers :

His Excellency the Governor, ex officio.

The Hon'ble Sir William Henry Hoare Vincent, Kt.,

The Hon'ble Maharajadhiraj Bahadur Sir Rameshwar

Singh, G.C.I.E., K.B.E., Darbhanga.
Maharaja Bahadur Sir Raveneshwar Prasad Singh,

K.C.I.E., of Gidhour.
His Highness Maharaja Bahadur Sir Bir Mitrodaya

Singh Deo, K.C.I E., of Sonepur State.
The Hon'ble Sir Thomas Fredrick Dawson Miller,

kt., K.C.

Sir Edward Gait, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., Ph.D., I.C.S.



The Hon'ble Sir Havilland Le Mesurier, K.C.I.E., O.S.I.

The Hon'ble Sir B, K. Mullick, Kt., I.C.S.

General Secretary.
Dr. Hari Chand Shastri, D. Litt, I, E. S.

Joint Secretary.
Professor G. S. Bhate, M.A., I.E.S.

Professor J. N. Samaddar, B.A.

Journal Committee.
History.-1. Professor G. S. Bhate, M.A., I.E.S., (Secret-


2. Professor J. N. Sarkar, M.A., I.E.S. (Member). Archæology.- 1. Mr. V. H. Jackson, M. A., I. E. S.,

(Secretary). 2. Mr. K. P. Jayaswal, M. A., Bar-at-Law

(Member). Numismatics.-Sir John Bucknill, Kt., K.O. Anthropology & Folk-lore.-1. Rt. Revd. A. Wood (Member).

2. R. B. Sarat Chandra Roy, M. A., B. L

(Secretary). Philology.-1. Dr. Hari Chand Shastri, D. Litt., I. E. S.

2. Prof, S. N. Mazumdar, M. A. (Member)

3. Dr. Azimuddin Abmad, Ph. D. (Member). Other members of the Council besides the President, the General

Secretary and the Treasurer.
The Hon'ble Justice Sir B. K. Mullick, Kt. (Vice-

The Hon'ble Mr. H. McPherson, C, S. I., I. C. S.
G. E. Fawcus, Esqr., M. A., I. E. S.
The Hon'ble Mr. S. Sinha, Bar-at-Law.


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