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Professor Jadunath Sarkar, M. A., I. E. S.
Rai Baladar Sarat Chandra Roy, M. A., B. L., M. L. C.
K. P. Jayaswal, Esqr., M. A. (Oxon) Bar-at-Law.
Rai Saheb Ram Gopal Singh Choudhry, B. A, B. L.,

M. L.O.
Professor G. S. Bhate, M. A.., I. E. S.
Dr. Azimuddin Ahmad, Ph. D.
H. Lambert, Esqr., M. A., I, E. S.
V. H. Jackson, Esqr., M.A., I.E.S.
D. N. Sen, Esqr., M.A., I.E.S.
The Hon'ble Justice Sir John Bucknill, Kt. K.C.

Professor S. N. Mazumdar, M.A. (d) Resolved that the following members be requested to

get into touch with the Museum Committee and consider whether the work of the Research Society could be combined with advantage with that of the Museum :

Mr. D. N. Sen.
Dr. H. Chand.

Mr. G. S. Bhate. (e) A letter from the Registrar, Calcutta University, regard.

ing the exchange of the Calcutta University pab. lications with our Journal, was considered, and it

was resolved that the request be accepted. (f) A letter from the Professor of History of the Allaha

bad University regarding the exchange of the Historical Journal, issued by the Allahabad University, with our Journal, was considered and it was resolved that the matter be deferred till the

next meeting of the Council. (9) Resolved that the action taken by the General Sec.

retary on the letter of the Joint Secretaries to the Oriental Conference be approved.




Held on the 11th February, 1922, at 4-30 p.m., at

Government House, Patna.



THE Chair. 1. Dr. Harichand Shastri, Honorary General Secretary, presented the annual report of the Society for 1921.

2. The Hon'ble Justice Sir John Bucknill, on behalf of the Council of the Society, proposed the election of the following office-bearers and members of the Council for the


Patron :
His Excellency the Governor of Bihar and Orissa.

The Hon'ble Sir William Hoare Vincent, Kt., I.O.S.

The Hon'ble Mabarajadhiraj Bahadur Sir Rameshwar Singh, G.C.I.E., K. B. E., of Darbhanga.

Maharaja Bahadur Sir Rayaneshwar Prasad Singh, K.C.I.E., of Gid hour.

His Highness Maharaja Bahadur Sir Bir Mitrodaya Singh Deo, K.C.I.E., of Sonepur State.

The Hon'ble Sir Thomas Fredrick Dawson Miller, Kt., K.C.
Sir Edward Gait, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., Ph.D., I.C.S. (Retd.)

The Hon'ble Sir Havilland Le Mesurier, B.C.I.E., C.S.I.

Vice President.
The Hon'ble Sir B. K. Mullick, Kt., I.C.S.

General Secretary.
Dr. Harichand Shastri, D. Litt., I E. S.

Joint Secretary, Professor G. S. Bhate, 'M.A., I.E.S.

Treasurer. Professor J. N. Samaddar, B.A.

Journal Committee. Trofessor G. S. Bhate, M.A., I.E.S. (Convener). History.-Professor J. N. Sarkar, M.A., I.E.S. (Member). Archæology.—Mr. V. H. Jackson, M.A., I.E.S.

Mr. K. P. Jayaswal, M.A., Bar-at-Law. Numismatics.—The Hon'ble Justice Sir John Buckpill, kt.,

K. O.
Anthropology and Folk-lore.-Rt. Revd. A. Wood.

Rai Bahadur Sarat Chandra Roy, M.A., B.L.
Philology.- Dr. Harichand Shastri, D. Litt., I. E. S.

Professor S. N. Mazumdar, M.A.

Dr. Azim-ud-din Ahmad, Ph. D. Other members of the Council besides the President, the

General Secretary and the Treasurer.
The Hon'ble Justice Sir B. K. Mullick, Kt.-- (Vice-Presi.

The Hon'ble Mr. McPherson, C.S.I., I.O.S.
G. E. Fawcus, Esq., M.A., I.E.S.
The Hon'ble Mr. S, Sinba, Bar-at-Law.
Professor Jadunath Sarkar, M.A., I.E.S.
Rai Bahadur Sarat Chandra Roy, M.A., B.L., M.L.C.
Professor G. S. Bhate, N.A, 1.E.S.
Dr. Azimuddin Ahmad, Pb, D.
H. Lambert Esq. M.A., I.E.S.
V. H. Jackson, Esq, M.A., I.E.S.
D. N. Sen, Esq., M.A, I.E.S.
The Hon'ble Justice Sir John Bucknill, Kt., K.C.
Professor S. N. Mazumdar, M.A.
K. P, Jayaswal, Esq., M.A., Bar-at-Law.
Rai Sabib Ram Gopal Singh Chaudhari.

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3. His Excellency the President delivered his address. 4. Professor Sylvian Lévi read a paper on " Eastern Human


5. Mr. V. H. Jackson proposed a vote of thanks to Prof. Sylvian Lévi for his address * and also proposed a vote of thanks to the chair.

*The copy of his address is still with the Professor and it is not yet available for publication in the Journal.

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Pablished by the Bihar and Orissa Research Society.

Printed by the Superintendent, Government Printing, Bihar and Orissa.

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