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The Books forming this Collection have been selected with great care as to their condition, and comprise some of the choicest specimens of binding by Bedford, Riviere, Hayday, Matthews, Pawson and Nicholson, and other eminent Binders.

No Books have been admitted from my stock, or from any other source, and with the exception of a few volumes, none have ever been offered by me at private sale.

All are warranted perfect, unless otherwise described, and are offered without any reservation whatever.

The quotations of prices affixed to a large portion of the books, have been taken from priced Catalogues of the most prominent sales that have occurred in this city, and elsewhere, within the past ten years, and apply to copies similar in condition, unless otherwise stated.

The comparison of the fluctuations in the prices of many of the volumes, together with the uniformity of those realized by others, will it is hoped, be of interest to the Collector.


New York, December 28th, 1868.


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DAMS, JOHN. Letters Addressed to his Wife. Edited
by his Grandson, Charles Francis Adams. Portrait.-
2 vols., 12mo, cloth, uncut.

Boston, 1841

2. ADAMS, MISS. Journal and Correspondence of, Daughter of John Adams, Second President of the United States. Written in France and England, in 1785. Edited by her Daughter. Portrait, etc. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth. New York, 1841-2

3. ALDEN, Rev. TIMOTHY. Collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions, with occasional Notes.

12mo, boards uncut, rough edges.

Very Rare.

Portraits. 5 vols.,

Fine clean copy.

New York, 1814

Whitmore, $4.75 per vol.; Morrell, $4.75 per vol.; Roche, $4.124
per vol.


Tale of the War of Independence. Compositions from
Campbell's Gertrude of Wyoming, by G. E. Hicks.
With Introduction and Historical Notes. 13 Beautiful
Outline Engravings. Oblong, 4to., cloth, gilt. Scaree.
Art Union of London, 1846

5. ALLEN, ETHAN. Narrative of the Capture of Ticonde
roga, his Captivity and Treatment by the British.
Written by Himself. Fifth Edition, with Notes. 8vo.,



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Burlington, 1854


Natural and Political History of the State of Vermont, one of the United States of America.

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To which is added an Appendix containing answers to
Sundry Queries, addressed to the Author. 8vo, pp.
300, boards, uncut, rough edges. Fine clean copy.
Very scarce.
London, 1798

with an Elegiac Frontispiece, and a reconciliatory
Tailpiece. In this Research, the present Dissention
between the Mother Country and her Colonies is con-
sidered in a NEW Light, and supported by Arguments
quite different from those held forth by the parliamen-
tary Speakers and polemical Writers on either Side of
the Question. By P-oplicola H-istoricus. Curious
Emblematical Frontispiece and Tailpiece. 4to, pp. 40,
half morocco.


London, Printed for the Author, [1776.]

20 8 AMERICAN MARINERS; or the Atlantic Voyage, a Moral Poem. Prefixed is a Vindication of the American Character,

from the Aspersions of the Quarterly Review. To which are added Naval Annals, etc. Copious Notes and Illustrations. Thick post 8vo, uncut.

London, n. d.

Hoo. 9 ANBUREY, THOMAS. Travels through the Interior Parts of


America. In a series of Letters. By an Officer. Plates

and maps.

2 vols. 8vo, boards uncut, rough edges. Fine copy, and very scarce in this condition.

London, 1789

This copy contains the plates of the Continental Money, Vol. 2, p. 400, frequently wanting. "The Author was an Officer in Burgoyne's Army, and was taken prisoner by the Americans when that wing of the British Army fell into their hands. A graphic personal narrative."

Whitmore, $7. per vol.; Morrell, $5. per vol.

10 ANDRE, MAJOR JOHN. Cow-Chace, in Three Cantos, Published on Occasion of the Rebel General Wayne's at

tack of the Refugees' Block-House on Hudson's River,

on Friday, the 21st of July, 1780. Rare and beautiful
Portrait of Major Andre, inserted. 8vo, pp. 69.
Full green crushed levant morocco, rich gilt back and
sides, with inside borders, elaborately tooled, gilt top,
uncut, by Matthews.

New York, Printed by James Rivington, MDCCLXXX
The FIRST EDITION of this celebrated Revolutionary lyric, a fine copy,
perfect, and one of the rarest works ever offered for sale, It contains
besides "THE AMERICAN TIMES, a Satire in Three Parts. In which
are delineated the Characters of the Leaders of the American Rebel-
lion, etc. By Camillo Quemo, Poet-Laureat to the Congress."

11 ANDRE. A representation of Major John Andre, Adjutant General to the King's Forces in North America, going from the Vulture Sloop of War to the Shore of Haverstraw Bay in the Hudson's River the night of the 23d of September, 1780, in a Boat which was sent for him (accompanied by a Mr. Smith,) under the Sanction of a Flag of Truce by Major General Arnold, who then commanded the Rebel Forces in that District. Neatly mounted. Small folio, and bound in full crimson "J. A. fec., 1st Oct., 1780."



The above is an exact copy of a drawing, sketched with a pen by
Major Andre on the morning he was to have been executed, with
a desire (it is supposed) of perpetuating a transaction which ter-
minated fatally for him. The drawing was found upon his table,
with other papers, the next day (being that of his decease,) by his
servant, and delivered by him, on his arrival in New York, to
Lieut. Colonel Crosbie, of the 22d Regiment, who caused this on-
graving to be taken, as a mark of his friendship for that unfortu-
nate officer.

There is also inserted, a rare and beautiful Portrait of Major Andre,
engraved by D. Berger, 1783.

12 ANDRE. ANDREANA. Containing the Trial, Execution and various matter connected with the History of Major JOHN ANDRE, Adjutant General of the British Army in America, A. D., 1780. 12 Fine plates, consisting of



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