Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Containing papers of a Biological character. Series B, Volume 79

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Royal Society and sold, 1907 - Biology
Publishes refereed research papers in all aspects of the biological sciences. As a fast track journal, it specialises in the rapid delivery of the latest research to the scientific community.

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Page 91 - Rowland and other experimentalists on the specific heat of water, and the mechanical equivalent of heat, had shown that grave uncertainties affected the value of this most fundamental physical constant, which could not be removed satisfactorily without a complete investigation of the variation of the specific heat of water between 0° and 100° C. Professor •Callendar devised a continuous electrical method of attacking this problem, possessing many important advantages as compared with older methods....
Page 90 - ... physiological and protective reaction of the organism against infection. The study of the infection of Daphnia by Monospora bicuspidata entirely justified this prediction. The account of the phenomena of infection as seen in this transparent Crustacean was published in ' Virchow's Archiv ' (vol. 96) in 1884, while, later in the same year, Metchnikoff published another paper extending these observations to Vertebrates, and showing the universal applicability of his generalisation as to the essential...
Page 187 - Royal 4to. 428 pages, with numerous Plates and Diagrams, and Separate Portfolio of Geological Maps and Sections. THE ATOLL OF FUNAFUTI, BORINGS INTO A CORAL REEF AND THE RESULTS. Price 30s. To Fellows of the Royal Society, 20s.
Page 200 - A large part of the expenses of the present investigation were covered by a grant from the Government Grant Committee of the Royal Society, to whom I am much indebted for the help thus afforded to me.
Page 266 - Specific bacteria present in sewage may be ejected into the air of ventilation pipes, inspection chambers, drains, and sewers by (a) the bursting of bubbles at the surface of the sewage, (I) the separation of dried particles from the walls of pipes, chambers, and sewers, and probably by (c) the ejection of minute droplets from flowing sewage.
Page xliv - Clarke was appointed to officiate as Director of Public Instruction in Bengal, and...
Page 9 - SYPHILIS. THE difficulties in the early diagnosis of syphilis have been materially lessened by bacteriological examinations of the secretion of the suspected chancre, since the presence or absence of the Treponema pallidum will enable the surgeon to arrive at a definite conclusion as to the nature of the sore and to commence the treatment at the earliest possible opportunity. The chancre, or initial lesion of the disease, requires local treatment, but tends to heal directly the patient is placed...
Page 410 - ... by Hardy has shown that this body forms adsorption combinations with acids, alkalies, or neutral salts. With acids and alkalies the globulin forms ' salts ' which ionise in solution so that in an electric field the entire mass of protein moves. These salts cannot be precipitated by dialysis. In them the globulin acts much more strongly as an acid than as a base, so that a weak acid, such as acetic acid, has a much smaller dissolving power over globulin than has the equivalent amount of hydrochloric...
Page 187 - A. 409. DETERMINATIONS OF WAVE-LENGTH FROM SPECTRA OBTAINED AT THE TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSES OF 1900, 1901 AND 1905. By FW DYSON, MA, FRS, Astronomer Royal for Scotland, Professor of Astronomy in the University of Edinburgh (Member of the Expeditions from the Royal Observatory, Greenwich). Pp. 50 ; 1 Plate. Price 2s. 6d. A. 410. RESEARCHES ON EXPLOSIVES-PART IV.
Page 187 - The energetic phagocytosis which accompanies the spontaneous absorption of transplanted tumours, and which occurs in absorption after exposure to radium, speaks strongly for the conclusion that the processes are the same in kind when blood or tumour cells, being absorbed, produce resistance. But we are as yet unable to determine the extent to which agencies directed against the tumour cells themselves may assist in determining their early death in protected animals.

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