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Rehearsal of rebellions. DEUTERONOMY, X. Exhortation to obedience. 20 And the LORD was very angry B. C. 1451. Tup into the mount, having the two with Aaron to have destroyed him:

tables in mine hand. and I prayed for Aaron also the d Ex.32.20. 14 And he wroted on the tables,

e Is.31.7. according to the first writing, the 21 And d I took your sin, e the f Nu.11.1-4. ten 1 comma

ten 1 commandments, which e the
calf which ye had made, and burnt
it with fire, and stamped it, and!

LORD spake unto you in the mount
h Nu.11.34.
i Nu.XII.

out of the midst of the fire, in the ground it very small, even until it


day of the assembly: and the LORD was as small as dust: and I cast k Ps.78.22.

gave them unto me. the dust thereof into the brook that " 106.24.25. 5 And I turned myself and came descended out of the mount. ich.31.27. down froin the mount, and put the

22 And at Taberah, f and at g/m ver.18. tables in the ark which I had Massah, and at Kibroth-hattaayah, 22 Ex,32.11, made; and f there they be, as the h ye provoked the LORD to wrath. 1

&c. LORD commanded me. 23 Likewise when į the LORD OIKi 8,51. 1 6 And the children of Israel sent you from Kadesh-barnea, say-P

took their journey from Beeroth of ing, Go up and possess the land!

the children of Jaakan to Mosera: which I have given yon; then yel.

Mr Mi.7.18. es Ex.6.6-8.

there Aaron died, and there he rebelled against the commandinst the command. It Nu, 14.16.

was buried; and Eleazar his son ment of the LORD your God, and ki, ORD your God, and nu ver. 26.

ministered in the priest's office in ve believed him not, nor hearkened Ne. 1.10.

his stead. to his voice.

Ps. 100.3. | 7 From thence they journeyed 24 Ye have been rebellious 1

unto Gudgodah; and from Gudgeagainst the LORD from the day that

10.) dah to Jotbath, a land of rivers of I knew you.

a Ex.31.1,&c. waters. 25 Thus m I fell down before the b Ex.25.10. 8T At that time h the LORD seLORD forty days and forty nights, as Heb.9.4. parated the tribe of Levi, to bear I fell down at the first; because the c Ex.37.1. the ark of the covenant of the LORD had said he would destroy ww

LORD, to stand k before the LORD you.

d Ex.34,23. to ministerl unto him, and to 26 I prayed n therefore unto the i nords. bless m in his name, unto this day. LORD, and said, O Lord God, de-le Ex.20.1-17. 1 9 Wherefore n Levi hath no par stroy not thy people, and othine f Ki.8.9. nor inheritance with his brethren; inheritance, which thou hast re-g Nu.33.31- the LORD is his inheritance, &c deemed through thy greatness, | 38. cording as the LORD thy God pro

38. ! which thou hast brought forth outh Nu.3.6-9. mised him. of Egypt with a mighty hand. i Nu.4.15. 10 And I stayed in the mount, ac27 Remember thy servants, Abra-1k Ps. 135.2.

cording to the 2 first time, forty ham, Isaac, and Jacob; look not

of 1 ch.18.5.
1 2Chr. 29.11.

1 days and forty nights; and the unto the stubbornness p of this

LORD hearkened o unto me at that people, nor to their wickedness,

time also, and the LORD would not nor to their sin: 7

1 Nu.6.23. destroy thee. 28 Lest the lands whence thou n Nu.18.20. | 11 And the LORD said unto me, broughtest us out say, Because t

24. Arise, take thy journey before the LORD was not able to bring! Eze.44.28. the people, that they may go them into the land which he pro-lor, former and possess the land which I sware mised them, and because he hated days. unto their fathers to give unto them, he hath brought them out to o Ex.32.14. them. slay them in the wilderness.

3 go in,

12 And now, Israel, what p doth 29 Yet u they are thy people and journey.

the LORD thy God require of thee, thine inheritance, which thou P1

but to fear the LORD thy God, broughtest out by thy mighty?


tor walk in all his ways, and to power, and by thy stretched-out!

our ch.5.33. loves him, and to t serve the arm. CHAPTER X.

8 ch.6.5. LORD thy God with all thy heart

1 11,13. God's mercy in restoring the two

and with all thy soul,

30.16,20. 13 To keep the commandments

Ps.18.1. of the LORD, and his statutes,
AT that time the LORD said un-
A to me, Hew a thee two tables! Mat.22.37. for u thy good?

which I command thee this day,
of stone like unto the first, and t Job 36.11.
come up unto me into the mount.! Zep.3.9.

14 Behold, the v heaven and the and make thee an ark b of wood.1 Rom. 1.9.

heaven of wheavens is the LORD'S 2 And I will write on the tables

He. 12.28.

thy God, the earth 2 also, with all the words that were in the first

that therein is. tables which thou brakedst, and

v Ps. 115.16. 15 Only the LORD had a delight thou shalt put them in the ark.

of thy fathers to love them, and he 3 And I made an ark of c shittim

* Ge.14.19. chose their seed after them, even wood, and hewed two tables of

Ps.24.1. you above all people, as it is thus stone like unto the first, and went!

50. 12. day.

- 16 Circumcise therefore the fore

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Exhortation to obedience. DEUTERONOMY, XI.

Promised rewards. mann barely skin of your heart, y and be no B. C. 1451. Iyon this day, that ye may be strong, more still-necked.

and go in and possess the land, 17 For the LORD your God is zu Jer.4.4. whither ye go to possess it : God of gods, and Lord a of lords, a Ro.2.23, 29. 9 And that ye may prolong your great God, a mighty, b and a terri-z Jos.22.22.

days in the land, which the LORD ble, which c regardeth not persons, Dan.2.47.

sware unto your fathers to give nor taketh reward :

| unto them and to their seed, a land 18 Hed doth execute the judg

that floweth with milk and honey. ment of the fatherless and widow,


10 For the land whither thou and loveth the stranger, in giving b Ne.9.32. Igoest in to possess it, is not as the him food and raiment.

c 2Chr. 19.7.

land of Egypt, from whence ye 19 Lovee ye therefore the stran- Job 34.19.

came out, where c thou sowedst

came out, ger: for ye were strangers in the Ep.6.9.

thy seed, and wateredst it with land of Egypt. 20 Thou shalt fear the LORD thy

thy foot, as a garden of herbs : a Ps.68.5.

11 But the land, whither ye go to God; him shalt thou serve, and e Lev. 19.33. possess it, is a land of hills and to him shalt thou cleave, f and f Acts 11.23.

valleys, and drinketh water of the swear g by his name.

rain of heaven: 21 He is thy praise, h and he is 5 Is.45.23. 12 A land which the LORD thy thy God, that hath done for thee Jer. 17.14.

God 3 careth for: the eyes d of these great and terrible things,

the LORD thy God are always upon which thine eyes have seen.

it, from the beginning of the year 22 Thy fathers went down intoi

even unto the end of the year. Egypt with threescore and ten (CH

ten I(CHAP. 11.) 13 And it shall come to pass, if persons; and now the LORD thy a ch.8,5. ye shall hearken diligently e unto God hath made thee as the stars

my commandments which I comof heaven for multitude.


mand you this day, to f love the CHAPTER XI.

(LORD your God, and to serve him 1 An exhortation to obedience. 26 1 or, living with all your heart and with all A blessing and a curse is set before

your soul, them.

which fol. 14 Thatg I will give you the rain THEREFORE thou shalt love


of your land in his due season, the h I the LORD thy God, and keep


first rain and the latter rain, that his charge, and his statutes, and

a 2 was at thou mayest gather in thy corn, his judgments, and his command- their feet. and thy wine, and thine oil. ments, always.

15 And i I will 4 send grass in thy 2 And know ye this day: for

fields for thy cattle, that thou speak not with your children which c Zec, 14.18. mayest eat k and be full. have not known, and which have 3 seeketh.

16 Take heed l to yourselves, pot seen the chastisement a of the Ki9.3.

that your heart m be not deceived, LORD your God, his greatness, his

and ye turn aside, and serve other mighty hand, and his stretched-e ver.22. gods, and worship them; out arm,

1 ch.6.17.

17 And then the LORD's wrath n 3 And his miracles and his acts, f ch.10.12. be kindled against you and he which he did in the midst of Egypt Lev.26.4.

shut o up the heaven, that there unto Pharaoh the king of Egypt, In Joel 2.23.

be no rain, and that the land yield and unto all his land;

not her fruit, and lest ye perish

Jam.5.7. 4 And what he did unto the army

quickly from off the good land of Egypt, unto their horses, and to i Ps. 104.14, which the LORD giveth you. their chariots. how he made the Hos. 2.21,22. 18 T Therefore shall ye lay upp waterb of the Red sea to overflow 4 give. these my words in your heart and them as they pursued after you, lk Joel 2.19.

in your soul, and q bind them for a and how the LORD hath destroyed

sign upon your hand, that they may them into this day;

1 Jos. 23. 11-16 be as frontlets between your eyes. 5 And what he did unto you in m ch.29.18. 119 Andr ye shall teach them the wilderness, until ye came into

your children, speaking of them this place;

|m ch6.15. when thou sittest in thine house, 6 And what he did unto Dathan Ki.8.35.

and when thou walkest by the and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, the 2Chr.7.13.

way, when thou liest down, and son of Reuben : how the earth

when thou risest up.

Ip ch.6.6-9. opened her mouth, and swallowed (P

20 And thou shalt write them them up, and their households, and

Pr.3.1. upon the door-posts of thine their tents, and all the 1 substance . Pr.3.3. house, and upon thy gates : that was in their possession, inr ch.4.9, 10.

| 21 Thats your days may be multhe midst of all Israel:

tiplied, and the days of your chil7 But your eyes have seen all the eves have seen all thos Pr.4.10.

dren, in the land which the LORD

9.11. great acts of the LORD which he did.

sware unto your fathers to give 8 Therefore shall ye keep all the

them, as the days t of heaven upon commandments which I command!

Ithe earth.


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Blessing and curse proposed. DEUTERONOMY, XII. Idols must be destroyed. 22 For if ye shall diligently, B. C. 1451. I their gods, upon the high mounkeep all these commandments

tains, d and upon the hills, and un which I command you, to do them, u ch.10.20. der every green tree: to love the LORD your God, to 30.20. 3 And ye shall 2 overthrowe their walk in all his ways, and to v ch.9.5.

altars, and break their pillars, and cleave u unto him ;


burn their groves f with fire, and 23 Then will the LORD drive v

ye shall hew down the graven out all these nations from before"

w Jos.1.3.

images of their gods, and destroy vou, and ye shall possess greater Ge. 15.18.

the names of them out of that nations and mightier than your- Nu.34.3. place. selves.

y ch.7.24. 14 Yey shall not do so unto the 24 Every place whereonw the

LORD your God. soles of your feet shall tread shall

5 But unto the place h which the be your's : from the x wilderness"

LORD your God shall choose out and Lebanon, from the river, the b ch.30.1. of all your tribes to put his name

ver supirates, even unto the 16,19. there, even unto his habitation uttermost sea, shall your coast be. c ch.28.2-13. shall ye seek, and thither thou

25 There y shall no man be able d ch.28. 15 shalt come: to stand before you for the LORD

68. 16 And thither i ye shall bring your God shall lay the fear z of

e 1 Sa, 12 21. your burnt offerings, and your you and the dread of you upon all

sacrifices, and your tithes, k and the land that ye shall tread upon,

If ch.27.12, 13.

heave offerings of your hand, and as he hath said a unto you.

" Jos.8.33.

your vows, and your freewill of 26 9 Behold, I set before you s ch, 12.32 ferings, and the firstlings of your this day a blessing and a curse: LICHAP 10 herds, and of your flocks : 27 A blessing, c if ye obey the

7 And there ye shall eat before commandments of the LORD your a ch.6.1. the LORD your God, and ye shall God, which I command you this b ch.4.10. rejoice in l all that ye put your day;

hand unto, ye and your house28 And a curse, d if ye will not

holds, wherein the LORD thy God obey the commandments of the 1 or, inherit. hath blessed thee. LORD your God, but turn aside e


8 Ye shall not do after all the out of the way which I command

things that we do here this day, you this day, to go after other d 2Ki. 17.10. every m man whatsoever is right gods, which ye have not known.

11. in his own eyes. 29 And it shall come to pass, Jer.3.6. 9 For ye are not n as yet come to when the LORD thy God hath 2 break the rest and to the inheritance, brought thee in unto the land down. which the LORD your God giveth whither thou goest to possess it, e Nu.33.52. that thou shalt put f the blessing Ju.2.2. 10 But when ye go over Jordan, o upon mount Gerizim, and thel 2Chr.31,1. land dwell in the land which the curse upon mount Ebal.

fiKi. 15.13. LORD your God giveth you to in30 Are they not on the other side

Og ver.31.

herit, and when he giveth you rest Jordan, by the way where the sun

from all your enemies round about, goeth down, in the land of the h ver. 11.

so that ye dwell in safety: Canaanites, which dwell in the


11 Then there shall be a place? champaign over against Gilgal,


which the LORD your God shall beside the plains of Moreh ? i Ler, 17.3,4. choose to cause his name to

31 For ye shall pass over Jordan/k ch.14.22-26. dwell there; thither shall ye bring to go in to possess the land which

all that I command you; your the LORD your God giveth you,

ch.16.11.16. burnt offerings, and your sacriand ye shall possess it, and dwell

26.U. fices, your tithes, and the heave therein.

Lev.23.40. Offering of your hand, and all 32 And ye shall observe g to do

3 your choice vows which ye vow all the statutes and judgments m Ju. unto the LORD: which I set before you this day.


12 And ye shall rejoice g before CHAPTER XII.

in Heb.4.9.

the LORD your God, ye, and your 2 Monuments of idolatry are to be de- o Jos.3.17. stroyed. 16, 23 Blood is forbid

sons, and your daughters, and your,1. men-Servants, and your maid-servden. THESE a are the statutes and 3 the choice

lRi.8.29. ants, and the Levite that is within I judgments which ye shall ob-!

your gates : forasmuch as he hath serve to do in the land which the

0- of your nor part nor inheritance with you.

vows. LORD God of thy fathers giveth a ver

13 Take heed to thyself that thou thee to possess it, all b the days

ofler not thy burnt offenugs in that ye live upon the earth.

days r ch.14.29. Te

every s place that thou seest: 2 Ye shall utterly destroy c all s Lev. 17.2-5.

|_14 But in the place which the the places wherein the nations t ver.11.

LORD shall choose in one of thy which ye shall I possess served

tribes, there t thou shalt offer thy

Iburnt offerings, and there thou 192

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Blood is forbidden. DEUTERONOMY, XIII.

Of idolatry the hit shalt do all that I command thee. B. C. 1451. offerings, the flesh and the blood, on the hile 15 Notwithstanding thou mayest

- upon the altar i of the LORD thy kill and eat flesh in all thy gates, ch, 14.26. God: and the blood of thy sacrifices whatsoever thy u soul lusteth af. U ver.22. shall be poured out upon the altar ter, according to the blessing of ch.15 22. of the LORD thy God, and thou shalt

the LORD thy God which he hath w Ge.9:4. eat the fesh. e given thee: thev unclean and the

1 Lev.7 26.

| 28 Observe k and hear all these

09Observek and h
clean may eat thereof, as of the I ver. 11, 12,
roebuck, and as of the hart.

words which I cominand thee, that be ch.14.23.

it may go well with thee, and with 16 Only ye shall not eat the blood; 2 ch.14.27.

thy children after thee for ever, u ye shall pour it upon the earth 4 a'l thy

when thou doest that which is good as water.


and right in the sight of the LORD 17 Thou mayest not eat within a Chr.4.10. thy God. thy gates the tithe of thy corn, or b Ge.25.14. 29 T When the LORD thy God of thy wine, or of thy oil, or the Ex.31.24. shall cut off l the nations from be

firstlings of thy herds or of thyc ver. 15, 16. fore thee, whither thou goest to tutab tlock, nor any of thy vows which strong possess them, and thou 6 succeed

thou vowest, nor thy freewill of-d Lev. 17.11, est them, and dwellest in their ferings, or heave offering of thine.

land; band:

| 30 Take heed to thyself, that thou 18 But thou must eat them be

If Ex. 15.26.

be not shared by following m

iki. 11.38. 100 NOU Smareu Dy # fore the LORD thy God in the place

ny uod in the pace E2 26. them, after that they be destroved wuch the LORD thy God shall Nu 5.9 in. from before thee; and that thou choose, thou, and thy son, and thy h Lev.22.18, enquire not after their gods, saydaughter, and thy man-servant, and

&c.' Jing, How did these nations serve hal thy maid-servant and the Levite 1Sa. 1.21,24 their gods? even so will I do like

that is within thy gates: and thou
shalt rejoice before the LORD thy

31 Thoun shalt not do so unto the God in all y that thou puttest thineli Le. LORD thy God: for every abominahands unto.

17. u. tion to the LORD, which he hateth, 19 Take z heed to thyself that k Ex.34.1]. have they done unto their gods, di thou forsake not the Levite 6 as 2Chr.7.17. for o even their sons and their

long as thou livest upon the earth./ Eze.37.24. daughters they have burnt in the
20 When the LORD thy God Juo, 15, 10,

fire to their gods.
shall enlarge a thy border, as he

32 What p thing soever I com

2 ch.19.1. proinised thee, and thou

mand you, observe to do it: thoug shalt say, I will eat flesh, (because


Jo 23.2 shalt not add thereto, nor diminish thy soul longeth to eat flesh, thou 6 inheritest,

from it.

" mayest eat flesh, whatsoever thy or, pos

CHAPTER XIII. soul Fusteth after.


1 Enticers to idolatry, 6 how near 21 If the place which the LORD 1 aft r them. soever, 10 are to be stoned to death, thy God hath chosen to put his m 2Ki. 17.15. etc. name there be too far from thee, Ps.106.34- ITF there arise among you a prothen thou shalt kill of thy herd and

38. I phet, or a dreamer a of dreams, of thy flock, which the LORD hath n Ex.23.2. and giveth thee a sign b or a wongiven thee, as I have commanded of.

der, thee, and thou shalt eat in thy gates

| 2 And the sign or the wonder whatsoever thy soul lusteth after.

1 Jer.32.35.
Eze 20.31.

comec to pass, whereof he spake 2 Even c as the roebuck and the


unto thee, saying, Let us go after hart is eaten, so thou shalt eat


other gods, which thou hast not them: the unclean and the clean

p Jos, 1.7.

known, and let us serve them; shall eat of them alike.

Rev.22. 18. 3 Thou shalt not hearken unto 23 Only be sure that thou eat not

the words of that prophet, or that the blood : ford the blood is the (CHAP. 12.) | dreamer of dreams: for the LORD life: and thou mayest not eat thela Zec. 10.2. your wou pro

your God proveth d you, to know life with the flesh.

b Mat. 24.24. Whether ye love the LORD your 2Thou shalt not eat it; thou 2 Th.2.9. God with all your heart and with shalt pour it upon the earth as Rev. 13. 14. all your soul

Tc ch.15.22. 14 Ye shall walk e after the LORD 25 Thou shalt not eat it: thate it! Jer. 28.9. your God, and fear him, and keep may go well with thee, and with Mat.7.22. This commandnients, and obey his thy children after thee, when f thou d I Cor.11.19. voice, and ye shall serve him, and shalt do that which is right in the

e 2Ch.34.31. Heave unto him. sight of the LORD.

f Jer. 7.23.

5 And h that prophet, or that

gch, 10.20. 25 Only thy holy g things which

dreamer of dreams, shall be put to holy I things which h Zec, 13.3. Thou hast, and thy vows, h thou i revolt

death; because he hath spoken to 1 shalt take, and go unto the place

against the turn you away from the LORD your luch the LORD shall choose :


God, which brought you out of the 27 And thou shalt offer thy burnt

e land of Egypt, and redeemed you

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Enticers to idolatry DEUTERONOMY, XIV.

are to be stoned. out of the house of bondage, to B. C. 1451. from the fierceness of his anger thrust thee out of the way which

- and shew v thee mercy, and have the LORD thy God commandedlich. 17.7. compassion w upon thee, and multhee to walk in. So shalt i thou Cor.5.13. tiply thee, as he hath sworn y put the evil away from the midst

unto tlıy fathers; of thee.

Pk ch.28.54.

18 When thou shalt hearken to 6 T If thy brother, the son of thy Mi.7.5.

the voice of the LORD thy God, io mother, or thy son, or thy daugh-1 i 1Sam. 20. 17. keepz all his commandments which ter, or the wifek of thy bosom, or

I command thee this day, to do thy friend, l which is as thine own

15m Pr.1.10.

fil. that which is right in the eyes of the soul, entice thee secretly, saying, in ch.17.7. LORD thy God. Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou,

2 bondmen.

1 God's children are not to disfigure

Co nor thy fathers ;

och.19.20. themselves in mourning. 3 What 7 Namely, of the gods of the peo

may be caten. ple which are round about you, p Jos. 22.11.

VE are the children a of the gh into thee, or far off from thee, 3 or. naugh

I LORD your God : ye shall not from the one end of the earth even tu men cut b yourselves, nor make any unto the other end of the earth; Ju.19.22. baldness between your eyes for the

8 Thou shalt not consent m untol Ki.21,10. dead : him, nor hearken unto him ; nei

13. | 2 For thou art an holy c people ther shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt

unto the LORD thy God, and the 17 9 Jude 19.

LORD hath chosen thee to be a pethou conceal him;

r Ex.22.20.

culiar d people unto himself, above 9 But thou shalt surely kill him; Jos.6.17-24. all the nat thine hand n shall be first upon.

earth, him to put him to death, and after-1

3 T Thou shalt not eat e any wards the hand of all the people.

abominable thing. 10 And thou shalt stone him with or, devoted. 4 These are the beasts which ye stones, that he die; because he he

shall eat: the ox, the sheep, and hath sought to thrust thee away Jos 6 is

the goat, from the LORD thy God, which

5 The hart, and the roebuck, and brought thee out of the land of

the fallow-deer, and the wild goat, Egypt, from the house of 2 bond- u Jos.7.26.


and the l pygarg, and the wild 02 age.

and the chamois. il And o all Israel shall hear, and

| 6 And every beast that parteth! fear, and shall do no more any such

the hoof, and cleaveth the cleft wickedness as this is among you.

v Ex 20.6. into two claws, and cheweta w 12 ST If thou shalt hear p say in w Lam.3.32. cud among the beasts, that ye shall one of thy cities, which the LORD Eze 37.26. eat. thy God hath given thee to dwell

7 Nevertheless these ve shall not

y Ge.22.17. Seat there, saying,

eat of them that chew the cud, of 13 Certain men, 3 the children of z Ps.119.6. of them that divide the cloven hool Belial, are gone out from among ,

as the camel, and the hare, and the you, and have withdrawn q the in

coney : for they chew the cud, but habitants of their city, saying, Leta Jer.3.19. divide not the hoof; therefore they us go and serve other gods, which Rom.8.16, are unclean unto you. . ve have not known;

1. 9.8,26. 8 And the swine, because 14 Then shalt thou enquire, and Gal.3.26. videth the hoof, yet cheweth no make search, and ask diligently: Lev. 19.28. the cud, it is unclean unto you: and behold, if it be truth, and the

th, and the Jer. 16.6.

Jer. 16.6. shall not eat of their flesh, nor thing certain, that such abomina-Ic Lev.20.26. I

such abomina-c Lev.20.26. touch g their dead carcase. tion is wrought among you;

9 T These h ye shall eat of all 15 Thou shalt surely smite the in

theind Pet.2.9. that are in the waters habitants of that city with the edge e Eze.4.14. have fins and scales shall yo of the sword, destroying rit utterly, Acts 10.12, 10 And whatsoever nath and all that is therein, and the cat

14. and scales ye may not bit. tle thereof, with the edge of the Cor. 10.28. unclean unto you. sword.

I dishon, or, 16 And thou shalt gather all the bison.

eat. spoil of it into the midst of the

f Lev. 11.3,4. street thereof, and shalt burn with

Ps.34.14. fire the city, and all the spoil there

Ossifrage, and the ospray, of every whit, for the LORD thy g Lev. 11.26, God: and s it shall be an heap for ever; it shall not be built again. 2 Lev. 11.9.

17 And there shall cleave nought of the 4 cursed thing t to thine hand : that the LORD may turn u!

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the waters: all that

terite that is within


5. 16.6.* the cure the hour and aus word, dest city with title in- d 1 Pet.2.9. / 9uch

oter Lot 1

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Ente el si three la forth all the

est the same

op within the


12 But these z are they of which ye
shall not eat : the eagle, and to
113 And the glede, and the

'the kite,
and the vulture after his k
14 And every raven after his kind,

15 And the owl, and the night
1.13. hawk, and the cuckow, au

hawk after his kind, 194

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