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Of tithes.

DEUTERONOMY, XV. Of the year of release. 16 The little owl, and the great B. C. 1451. in all the work of thine hand which owl, and the swan,

thou doest. 17 And the pelican, and the gier- k Lev. 17.15.

CHAPTER XV. eagle, and the cormorant,

22.8. i The seventh year a year of release 18 And the stork, and the heron Eze, 4, 14. for the poor: 7 it must be no let of after her kind, and the lapwing, 12 ver.2. iending or giving. and the bat.

m Ex.23.19. A Tathe end of every seven years 29 And every creeping thing that 34.26, A thou shalt make a release. i fieth is unclean unto you: they in ch.12.6,17. | 2 And this is the manner of the shall not be eaten.

Lev.27.30. release : Every 1 creditor that lend20 But of all clean fowls ye may Nu.18.21. eth aughi unto his neighbour shall eat.

Ne.10.37. release it; he shall not exact it of 21 Ye shall not eat of any thing o ch. 12.5.&c. his neighbour, or of his brother; that dieth k of itself: thou shalt Pch. 15. 19,20. because it is called the LORD's regive it unto the stranger that is in

19 ch.12.21.


asketh of thy gates, that he may eat it; or

3 Of a foreigner b thou mayest ex

thee, thou mayest sell it unto an alien:

r ch.12.7,18.

act it again : but that which is thine of forl thou art an holy people untos Ec.9.7.

with thy brother thine hand shall the LORD thy God. Thoum shalt t ch.18.1,2,

release : not seethe a kid in his mother's Nu.15.20. 42 Save when there shall be no milk.

uch.26.12. poor among you; for c the LORD 22 Thou shalt truly tithen all the Am.4.4. shall greatly bless thee in the land increase of thy seed, that the field o ver. 27. which the LORD thy God giveth bringeth forth year by year.

ch. 12.12. thee for an inheritance to pos23 And o thou shalt eat before the w Ex. 22.21

sess it: LORD thy God, in the place which

24. 5 Only if thou carefully hearken he shall choose to place his name

Job 31.16

unto the voice of the LORD thy there, the tithe of thy corn, of thy


God, to observe to do all these wine, and of thine oil, and the

commandments which I command av firstlings p of thy herds and of thy

Heb, 13.2.

thee this day. flocks; that thou mayest learn to z ch.15.10.

6 For the LORD thy God blesseth it fear the LORD thy God always. Pr. 3.9.10. thee, as he promised thee: and

21 And if the way be too long for 19.17 thou shalt lend d unto many naNee, so that thou art not able to Mal.3.10. tiolis, but thou shalt not horrow; carry it; or if the place be too farm i

and thou shalt reign over many naIrom thee, which the LORD thy

16tions, but they shall not reign over God shall choose to set his name Here, when the LORD thy Goda Ex.23. 10, 7 TIf there be among you a poor hath blessed thee:

11. 25 Then shalt thou turn it intoj,


man of one of thy brethren within i master of

any of thy gates in thy land which money, and bind up the money in the leader the LORD thy God giveth thee, thine hand, and shalt go unto the of his hand

na thou e shalt not harden thine heart, place which the LORD thy God ch.23.20.

nor shut thine hand from thy poor

2 or, to the brother; 26 And thou shalt bestow that end that

8 But f'thou shalt open thine hand money for whatsoever thy soul there le. wide unto him, and shalt surely fasteth after, for oxen, or for sheep, c ch.28.1-8, lend him sufficient for his need, in or for wine, or for strong drink, or

&c. that which he wanteth. for whatsoever thy soul2 desireth : d ch.28. 12,44. 9 Beware that there be not a and thour shalt eat there before

le 1Jno.3.17.

3thought in thy 4 wicked heart, the LORD thy God, and thou shalt

f Lev.25.35

saying, The seventh year, the year rejoice, s thou, and thine house


of release, is at hand; and thine Gal.2.10.

eye g be evil against thy poor bro27 Aud the Levite that is within 4 Belial.

3 word.

ther, and thou givest him nought; thy gates; thou shalt not forsake 18 ch.23.54

and he cry h unto the LORD against hin: for het hath no part nor in

56. thee, and it be sini unto thee. heritance with thee.

| Pr. 23.6. | 10 Thou shalt surely give him, and - 1 And at u the end of three Mat.20.15. I thine heart shall not be grieved k years thou shalt bring forth all the h ch.24. 15.

when thou givest unto him; bee of thine increase the same Ex.22.23. cause that for this thing the LORD year, and shalt lay it up within thy

thy God shall bless 1 thee in all bates :

: thy works, and in all that thou 29 And the Levite, (because v he

k 2Cor.9.5-7.1

I puttest thine hand unto. muth no part nor inheritance with

I ch.21.19.

11 For the poor m shall never cease thee,) and the stranger, w and the


out of the land : therefore I comfatherless, and the widow, which

w, which

22.9. are within thy gates, shall come,

and thee, saying, Thou shalt open

Heb, 13,16. thine hand wide unto thy brother, e LORD thy God may bless theel be satisfied; that m Mat.26.11. to thy poor, and to thy needy, in

lthy land.

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shall choose :

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and shall eat and be satisfied; that


Of a Hebrew servant. DEUTERONOMY. XVI. The feast of the passover. 12 And if n thy brother, an He- B. C. 1451. placed which the LORD shall choose brew man, or an Hebrew woman,

to place his name there. be sold unto thee, and serve thee in Ex 212 I 3 Thou e shalt eat no leavene six years, then in the seventh year Le.25.39– bread with it: seven days shal thou shalt let him go free from thee.

41. thou eat unleavened bread there13 And when thou sendest him Jer.31.14. with, even the bread of attliction: out free from thee, thou shalt not o Ps.68.10.

(for thou camest forth out of the let him go away empty:

p Pr.10.22.

land of Egypt in haste;) that thou 14 Thou shalt furnish him libe

Acts 20.35.
35. mayest remember the day when

yesu remember rally out of thy flock, and out of

thou camest forth out of the land thy floor, and out of thy wine-press :

of Egypt all the days of thy life.

16.12. of that wherewith o the LORD thy

| 4 And there shall be no leavened God hath p blessed thee thou shalt


bread seen with thee in all thy give unto him.

r Ex.21.5,6. coast seven days; neither f shall 15 And thou shalt remember als ver. 10. there any thing of the flesh, which that thou wast a bondman in the t Ex. 13.2.

thou sacrificedst the first day at land of Egypt, and the LORD thy Nu.3.13.

even, remain all night until the God redeenied thee: therefore I


morning. command thee this thing to day.

5 Thou mayest not 1 sacrifice the 16 And it shall be, ifr he say unto"

u ch.12,5,6,

passover within any of thy gates, thee, I will not go away from thee,

which the LORD thy God giveth (because he loveth thee and thine

v ch.17.1.


Lev.22.20. house, because he is well with

6 But at the place which the LORI

Mal. 1.7,8. thee:

thy God shall choose to place ha 17 Then thou shalt take an awl, w ch.12.15, name in, there thou shalt sacrific and thrust it through his ear into

&c. the passover g at even, at the gom the door, and he shall be thy ser-CHAP 16 down of the sun, at the season thu vant for ever. And also unto thy

thou camest forth out of Egypte maidservant thou shalt do likewise. a Ex.31.18. 7 And thou shalt roast h and es

18 It shall not seem hard s unto Ex.12.31 it in the place i which the LOR thee, when thou sendest him away


thy God shall choose and the free from thee; for he hath been c Nu.28. 16

shalt turn in the morning, and worth a double hired servant to


onto thy tents. thee, in serving thee six years : and

8 Six days thou shalt eat unlea the LORD thy God shall bless thee www vened bread: and on the seventh in all that thon doest.

4 ch.15.20.

day shall be a 2 solemn assembly 19 T All the firstlingt males that

the LORD thy God: thou shalt come of thy herd and of thy flock e Ex. 13,6,7.

no work therein. thou shalt sanctify unto the LORD Ex. 12.10. | 9 9 Seven/ weeks shalt thou nuk thy God: thou shalt do no work


ber unto thee: begin to number with the firstling of thy bullock, 1 or, kill. seven weeks from such time as the nor shear the firstling of thy sheep. Ex.12.6-9. beginnest to put the sickle to 20 Thou u shalt eat it before the

corn. LORD thy God year hy year in the

10 And thou shalt keep the fut place which the LORD shall choose, i 2Ki.23.23. of weeks into the LORD thy thou and thy household.

Jno.2.13,23. with 3 a tribute of a freewill on 21 And if v there be any blemish 11.55. ing of thine hand, which thouse therein, as if it be lame, or blind, or k Lev.23.8. give unto the LORD thy God hare any ill blemish, thou shalt not 2 restraint. cording m as the LORD thy God he sacrifice it unto the LORD thy Lev. 23.26. blessed thee: God.

1 Ex.23.16. La

16 11 And n thou shalt rejoice bef 22 Thou shalt eat it within thy 992: the LORD thy God, thou, and gates: thew unclean and the clean Lev.23.15. son, and thy daughter, and the person shall eat it alike, as the roe- Acts 2.1. servant, and thy maid-servant, buck, and as the hart.

3 sufficiency.

the Levite that is within thy gale 23 Only thou shalt not eat the blood

and the stranger, and the fathe thereof; thou shalt pour it upon the

m ver. 17.

less, and the widow, that are amo ground as water.

iCor. 16.2.

you, in the place which the lo CHAPTER XVI. nch. 12.7, 12, ily God hath chosen to place 1 The feast of the passover, 9 of

18. name there. weeks, 13 of tabernacles. loch.15.15. 12 And o thou shalt remembergs BSERVE a the month of Abib, L.3.19.20 thou wast a bondman in Egypt :

and keep the passover unto the lo Lev 93 24 thou shalt observe and do thit LORD thy God for in the month of

statutes. Abib the LORD thy God brought

* floor, and

13 T Thou shalt observe the fer thee forth out of Egypt by night. my

of tabernacles p seven days, au 2 Thou shalt therefore sacrifice the press.

that thou hast gathered in thy passover unto the LORD thy God. 9 Ne.8.9-12. and thy wine : of the c flock and the herd, in the

- 14 And thou shalt rejoice in

the Lords

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Of judges and justice. DEUTERONOMY, XVII. Idolaters must be slain. feast, thou, and thy son, and thy B. C. 1451. : 4 And it be told thee, and thou daughter, and thy man-servant, and

hast heard of it, and inquired diliAt thy maid-servant, and the Levite, Ir Le.23,39, gently, and behold, it be true, and

the stranger, and the fatherless, 40. the thing certain, that such abomimed deres and the widow, that are within thy EX.25. 1. nation is wrought in Israel : a vall gates.


| 5 Then shalt thou bring forth that ar 15 Seven r days shalt thou keep a

t Ex.23, 15. as according

man or that woman, which have solemn feast unto the LORD thy God

to the gift

committed that wicked thing, unto ther in the place which the LORD shall ce which the LORD shall of his

thy gates, even that man or that choose: because the LORD thy God hand. woman, and shalt stone them with sahes shall bless thee in all thine in- u Mar, 12.41- stones, till they die. crease, and in all the works of thine

44.) 6 At d the mouth of two witnesses. hands, therefore thou shalt surely 2Cor.8.12. or three witnesses, shall he that is

v ver. 10. worthy of death be put to death, Baka 6 Three s times in a vear shall wch, 1.15-17. but at the mouth of one witness he ping to all thy males appear before the

Ex. 18.25, shall not be put to death.
LORD thy God in the place which

26. 1 The hands e of the witnesses lie shall choose; in the feast of


shall be first upon him to put him

2Chr. 19.5olmub unleavened bread, and in the feast


to death, and afterward the hands w these of weeks, and in the feast of taber

I Lev. 19.15,

of all the people. So thou shalt und nacles: and they shall not appear Pr. 24.23. put the evil away from among you. before the LORD empty:t

Pe 17.23 18 If there arise a matter too chichte 19 Every man shall give 5 as he is 6 or, matters. hard for thee in judgment, between

potable, u according v to the blessing 7 Justice, blood f and blood, between plea este of the LORD thy God which he hath justice. and plea, and between stroke and ! given thee.

a Mi.6.8. stroke, being matters of controversy po 18 1 Judges 20 and officers shalt Phi.4.8. within thy gates: then shalt thou pt thou make thee in all thy gates,

arise, and get thee up into the g B which the LORD thy God giveth

Wc Ki, 14.15.

place which the LORD thy God

d Lev.26.1. thee, throughout thy tribes: and

shall choose ;

8 statue, or, so they shall judge the people with

| 9 And thou shalt come unto the h

pillar. just judgment.

priests the Levites, and unto the 19 Thou r shalt not wrest judg-iCHAP. 17.) I judge i that shall be in those days, ment; thou shalt not respect y per-li or, goat and enquire ; and they shall shew sons, neither take a gift : for 2 a a Mal. 1.8. thee the sentence of judgment. gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, 13, 14. | 10 And thou shalt do according to and pervert the 6 words of the b ch.13.6,&c. the sentence, which they of that righteous.

Ic Jos.7.11, 15. place which the LORD shall choose 27That which is altogether a just

Ju.2.20. shall shew thee; and thou shalt shalt thou follow, that thou mayest

2Ki. 18.12.

observe to do according to all that live, b and inherit the land which


they inform thee: the LORD thy God giveth thee.

d Nu.35.30. LI

| 11 According to the sentence of 21 1 Thou shalt not plant thee a no 8 17 the law which they shall teach grove c of any trees near unto thel Cor. 13. 1. thee, and according to the judgment altar of the LORD thy God, which iTi.5.19. which they shall tell thee, thou thou shalt make thee.

e Ac.7.58,59. shalt do: thou shalt not decline 22 Neither d shalt thou set thee / Ex.21.12, from the sentence which they shall up any & image, which the LORD

&c. shew thee, to the right hand, nor to thy God hateth.e

18 Ps. 122.4,5. the left. CHAPTER XVII.

h Jer. 18. 18. 12 And k the man that will do 1 The things sacrificed must be sound.


• presumptuously, 2 and will l not 2 Idolaters must be slain.


hearken unto the priest that standTHOU shalt not sacrifice unto

i ch.19.17.
k Nu, 15.30.

ethm to minister there before the the LORD thy God any bullock, Ezra 10.8.

LORD thy God, or unto the judge, or 1 sheep, wherein a is blemish, or Ho.4.4.

even that man shall die:n and o any evil-favouredness: for that is not to

thou shalt put away the evil from an abomination unto the LORD thy hearken.


11 Je.25.3.&c. 13 And p all the people shall hear, 2 If there be found among you,

m ch, 18,5,7. and fear, and do no more presumpwallin any of thy gates which the n Heb.10.28. tuously. LORD thy God giveth thee, man or

och.13.5. 14 T When thou art come unto the Woman, that hath wrought wickedhath wrought wicked Ip ch.13.11.

land which the LORD thy God give Hess in the sight of the LORD thy

I 1Sani.8.5,

eth thee, and shalt possess it, and God, in ctransgressing his covenant,

19.20. 1 Sam, 9.15

shalt dwell therein, and shalt say, 3 And hath gone and served other

Ig will set a king over me, like as gods, and worshipped them, either

16.12. all the nations that are about me; we sun, or moon, or any of the

Ch.22. 10. , or any of the


15 Thou shalt in any wise set him host of heaven, which I have not s Jer

king over thee, whom the LORD caven, which I have notis Jer 30.21.

I thy God shall choose : one from s

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sta. That his pethren, ancom

The duty of a king. DEUTERONOMY, XVIII. Christ the true prophet. among thy brethren shalt thou set | B. C. 1451. 7 Then he shall minister in the king over thee: thou mayest not

name of the LORD his God, as all set a stranger t over thee, which ist Jer. 2.25.

his brethren the Levites do, which not thy brother.

u IKi.10.26- stand there before the LORD. 16 But he shall not multiply u


18 They shall have like portionsin horses to himself, nor cause the

Ps. 20.7.

to eat, beside 1 that which cometh

Ho, 14.3. people to v return to Egypt, to the

of the sale of his patrimony. end that he should multiply horses : EX 18 19 9 T When thou art come into the town forasmuch as the LORD nath said| Ho. 115. land which the LORD thy God givunto you, Yew shall henceforth iKi.11.3,4. eth thee, thou shalt not learn to return no more that way.

y Jos. 1.8. do after the abominations of those 17 Neither shall he multiply wives Ps. 119.97. nations. to himself, that his heart a turn not z 1Ki. 15.5. | 10 There k shall not be found away : neither shall he greatly mul- a Pr. 10.27. among you am one that maketh his tiply to himself silver and gold

(CHAP. 18.)

son or his daughter to pass through 18 And it shall be when he sitteth

the fire, or that useth divination, or upon the throne of his kingdom, one of his kingdom a Nu, 18.20.

an observer of times, or an en

biCor.9.13, that he shall write him a copy of

chanter, or a witch. this law in a book out of that which

ar tochc Ps.16.5.

| 11 Or a charmer, or a consulter verore me priests une Levites: Lam.3.24. with familiar spirits, or a wizaru, 19 And y it shall be with him, and d Le. 7.30-31. or a necromancer. he shall read therein all the days e Ex.22.29. 12 For all that do these things are of his life: that he may learn to f Nu.3.10. an abomination unto the LORD: fear the LORD his God, to keep all g Nu.35,2,3. and because of these abominations

this law and these h Ps.84.5. 12 the LORD thy God doth drive them statutes, to do them:

out from before thee. 20 That his heart be not lifted up.

13 Thou shalt be a perfect with ahove his brethren, and that he

i 2Chr.31.4. the LORD thy God. turn z not aside from the command

y 14 For these nations, which thou nient, to the right hand, or to the

k Lev. 18.21,

"shalt 3 possess, hearkened unto left: to the end that he may pro

may pro

&c.' observers of times, and into long a his days in his kingdom, he, 2 Rev. 2016 viners: but as for thee, the LORD and his children, in the midst of 2 or, upright. thy God hath not suffered m thee so that Israel.

or, sincere. to do. CHAPTER XVIII. .

Ge, 17.1. 15 T The LORD thy God will raise 1 The Lord is the priests' and Le-l Job 1.1. up unto thee a Prophet n from the 18

vites' inheritance. 3 The priests' 3 or, inherit. midst of thee, of thy brethren, like due. 15 Christ the prophet is to be m Ge.20.6.

:20.6. unto me; unto him o ye shall

unto me.

| heard.

Ps. 147.19, hearken. THE priests a the Levites, and all

20. Acts 14.16.

16 According to all that thou I the tribe of Levi, shall have no

In Jno. 1.45.

desiredst of the LORD thy God in part nor inheritance with Israel:

Horeb in the day p of the assembly, They shall eat the offerings b of the

ne Ac.3.22,23. saying, Let me not hear again the

A LORD made by fire, and his in-lo Mat.17.5. voice of the LORD my God, neither heritance.

He.1.1.2. let me see this great fire any more, 2 Therefore shall they have no in 2.1-3. that I die not. heritance among their brethren: 1Jno.3.23. 17 And the LORD said unto me, the c LORD is their inheritance, asp Ex.20. 19. They have well spoken that which he hath said unto them.

q Is.9.6.

they have spoken. 3 [ And this d shall be the priest's Zec.6.12,13. 18

18 I q will raise them up a r Produe from the people, from them

phet from whether it her Lu.24.19. that offer a sacrifice, whether it be

among their brethren, s Nu.12,6-8.

like s. unto thee, and will put my ox or sheep; and they shall givel"Heh 296 words in his mouth: and he t shall unto the priest the shoulder, and no 4.26. speak unto them all that I shall the two cheeks, and the maw.

8.28. command him.. 4 The firstfruit e also of thy corn, 19 And it shall come to pass, the of thy wine, and of thine oil, and 15.15. whosoever u will not hearken unto the first of the fleece of thy sheep, 11 Mar. 16.16. my words which he shall speak shalt thou give him.

Ac.3.22,23. my name, I will require it of him. 5 For the LORD thy God hath cho- He.2.3.

20 But v the prophet which shall sen him f out of all thy tribes, to 12.25.

presume to speak a word in my stand to minister in the name of the v ch.13.1-5. LORD, him and his sons for ever.

name, which I have not command

Je. 14.14,15. 6 T And if a Levite come from

Zec, 13.3. 1

ed him to speak, or that shall speak any of thy gates out of all Israel,

25. 15.12 in the name of other gods, evell

w Je.28.15-17 10 where g he sojourned, and come

an Israel, Rev.19.20. that prophet shall die.

IJno.4.13.1 21 And if thou say in thine heart, with all the h desire of his mindy Is.41.22.23. How shall unto the place which the LORD | Jer. 28.9.

we know the woru shall choose;

which the LORD hath not spoken

22 When y a prophet speakech w 198

shalmers LOROLLA he Late furetele

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The cities of refuge. DEUTERONOMY, XIX, XX. Of a false witness, the name of the LORD, if the thing| B. C. 1451. | 12 Then the elders of his city shall follow not, nor come to pass, that

send and fetch him thence, and is the thing which the LORD hath Pr.26.2. deliver him into the hand of the not spoken, but the prophet hath

avenger of blood, that he may spoken it presumptuously: thou (CHAP. 19.) die. hare shalt not be afraid of him.z

12.29. 13 Thine eye shall not pity him, CHAPTER XIX.

but thou shalt put away the guill stato The cities of refuge.'16 The punish- ' inheritest, of innocent blood from Israel, that O alta m ent of a false witness.

or, pos it may go well with thee, WHEN a the LORD thy God

14 T Thou shalt not remove thy V hath cut off the nations, ch.4.41,42.5

149 neighbour's landmark, 9 which whose land the LORD thy God 01.13 they of old time have set in thine giveth thee, and thou 1 succeedest Nu.35.10. inheritance, which thou shalt inthem and dwellest in their cities, &c. herit in the land that the LORD thy and in their houses;

Jos. 20.2-7. God giveth thee to possess it. oploper 2 Thou shalt seperate three l

15 | One h witness shall not rise cities for thee in the midst of thy?

hy 2 from yes- up against a man for any iniquity,

terday the mies Beland, which the LORD thy God

or for any sin, in any sin that he giveth thee to possess it.

third day.

sinneth ; at the mouth of two wit3 Thou shalt prepare thee a way, 3 iron. . nesses, or at the mouth of three and divide the coasts of thy land

witnesses, shall the matter be eswhich the LORD thy God giveth | *w

tablished. thee to inherit, into three parts, 15 findeth. 16. 11 a false witness rise up that every slayer may flee thither..

against any man to testify against 1. 4 And this is the case of the smite him him that which is wrong;

Slayer which shall flee thither, in life. 17 Then both the men, between that he may live: Whoso killeth his

whom the controversy is, shall neighbour ignorantly, whom

7 from yes. he

stand before the LORD, before the

terday the hated not in time past;

third day.

priests and the judges which shall 5 As when a man goeth into the

be in those days; W wood with his neighbour to hewc Ex.34.24. | 18 And the judges shall make wood, and his hand fetcheth a Ge. 15.18.

diligent inquisition: and behold, if stroke with the axe to cut down


the witness be a false witness, and the tree, and the 3 head slippeth

hath testified falsely against his from the 4 helve, and 5 ligliteth e Jos. 20.7,8. brother; BY upon his neighbour, that he die;

19 Then i shall ye do unto him as he shall flee unto one of these cities,

f Ge.9.6.

he had thought to have done unto and live :

his brother: so shalt thou put the 6 Lest the avenger of the blood Pr. 29. 17.

evil away from among you. pursue the slayer, while his heart

20 And those which remain shall is hot, and overtake him, because 8 in life. hear, and fear, and shall hencethe way is long, and 6 slay him;

forth commit no more any such Whereas he was not worthy of death, wwwwwvevil among you. inasmuch as he hated him not 7 in H0.5.10.

21 And thine eye shall not pity; k time past.

but life shall go for life, eye for eye, 7 Wherefore I command thee, say-In 2Cor. 13.1. tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot ing, Thou shalt separate three

for foot. cities for thee.

or, falling

CHAPTER XX. 8 And if the LORD thy God cen-law

The priest's exhortation to encourage large thy coast, as he hath sworn i Pr. 19.5,9.

the people to batlle. unto thy fathers, and give thee all Dan.6.24, W HEN thou goest out to battle The land which he promised d to

V against thine enemies, and give unto thy fathers;

k Lev.24. 19,

seest horses, a and chariots, and a 9 If thou shalt keep all these

people more than thou, be not commandments to do them, which

afraid of them for the LORD thy

(CHAP. 20.) I command thee this day, to love

God is with thee, which brought LORD thy God, and to walk a Ps. 20.7. thee up out of the land of Egypt.. ever in his ways: then shalt thou 1 be tender. 1

uten snart thou i be tender. 2 And it shall be when ye are adde three cities inore for thee,

come nigh unto the battle, that the

% make haste. priest shall approach, and speak That innocent blood be not is.28.16. unto the people, shed in thy land, which the LORD b 15.51.7,8.

| 3 And shall say unto them, Hear, thy God giveth thee for an inherit

O Israel; ye approach this day unto ance, and so blood be upon thee. c ch. 1.30. battle against your enemies : let 11 T But f if any man hate his

not your hearts 1 faint, fear not, Deighbour, and lie wait for him,

Jos.23. 10. and do not tremble, neither be ye and rise up against him, and smite

2Ch. 18. 12. terrified b because of them; him & mortally that he die, and!

32.7,6. 1 For c the LORD your God is he Neeth into one of these cities:

that goeth with you, to fight for


es to


beside these three :

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unto the peopsay unto

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