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The glory of the church.


The birth of Christ. the law shall go forth of Zion and the B. C. 750. N OW gather thyself in troops, 9 word of the LORD from Jerusalem. 31 And he shall judge among 1 or, scythes. I laid siege against us:

laid siege against us they shall many people, and rebuke strong op

smite a the judge of Israel with a nations afar oft; and they shall

rod upon the cheek. beat their swords into plough-ek 1.4.25. | 2 Butb thou, Beth-lehem Ephrashares, and their spears into l prun


tah, though thou be little among the ing-hooks: nation shall not hit up f Je.2.11. thousands of Judah, yet out of the

sword against nation, neither dig Zee. 10.12. shall he come forth unto mne that is shall they learn war any more. Col.2.6.

to be rulerc in Israel, whose 4 But they shall sit every man

goings forih hale leen from of old, under his vie, and under his rig.


from leverlasting.d treeand none shall make them ne shat make them Zep.3.19.


3 Therefore will he give them up, afraid : for the mouth of the LORD

until the time that she which of hosts hath spoken it.

1 Ps.38.17.

travaileth hath brought forth: then 5 For all f people will walk every He. 12. 12,

the remnant of his brethren sha!!

13 one in the name oi his yod, and

return unto the children of Israel. we o will walk in the name of the k Ps. 147.2. 4 TAnd he shall stand and 2 feel LORD our God for ever and ever. I Is.9.6.7. in the strength of the LORD, in the

6 In that day, saith the LORD, will Da.7.14.27. majesty of the name of the LORD I assembleh her that halteth,i and Lu. 1.33. his God; and they shall abide : for I will gather k her that is driven Re.11.15. now shall he be great unto the out, and her that I have afflicted; Ps.18.12, 13. ends of the earth.

7 And I will make her that halted 2 or, Edar. | 5 And this man shall be the e a remnant, and her that was cast Ge.33.21. peace, when the Assyrian shall far off a strong nation; and the n Re.22.5.

and tie In Re 22.5

come into our land : and when he

come into our lan LORD shall l reign over them in o Je.8.19.

shall tread in our palaces, then mount Zion from henceforth, even

p Is.66.7,8.

shall we raise against him SEVED for ever.

shepherds.and eight3principalmen STAnd thou. O tower m of 2 the 9 Ho.l.10. 16 And they shall 4 waste the land flock, the strong hold of the daugh-r La.2.16.

of Assyria with the sword, and the ter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, s ob.12. land of Nimrod 5 in the entrancts even the first dominion ; n the t Is.55.8. thereof: thus shall he f deliver 145 kingdom shall come to the daugh- Je.29.11. from the Assyrian, when he cometi ter of Jerusalem.

| Ro.11.33, into our land, and when he tread9 Now why dost thou cry out

34. eth within our borders. vre no king in thee? u Lu.3.17. 17 And the remnant of Jacob sha! is thy counsellor perished ? for v Is.41.15,16. be in the midst of many people. as pangs have taken thee as a wo- w De.33.25.

20 ag dew from the LORD, us the

! man in travail.

showers upon the grass, that

1. Da. 2.44. 10 Be in pam, and labour to bring p

tarrieth not for man, nor waitetli forth, O daughter of Zion, like a n ew for the sons of men. woman in travail : for now shalt (CHAP.5.) 8 1 And the remnant of Jacob thou go forth out of the city, and

a Mat.27.30. She

shall be among the Gentiles in the thou shalt dwell in the field, and

midst of many people, as a lion

Mat.2.6. thou shalt go even to Babylon;

among the beasts of the forest, as a

! Ic Ge.49.10. there q shalt thou be delivered ;

young lion among the flocks of there the LORD shall redeem thee the days of 16 sheep: who, if he go through, from the hand of thine enemies. I eternily both treadell down, and teures in

U Now r also many nations are d Ir.8.22.23. pieces, and none can deliver gathered against thee, that say, no... 9 Thine hand shall be hted up Let her be detiled, and let our eye

Col.1.17. lupo thulie adversaries, and a look s upon Zion.

2 or, rule. thine enemies shall be cut oil 12 But they know not t the e Zec.9.10. 10 And it shall come to pass 10 thoughts of the LORD, neither un-1 Ep.2.14. that day, saith the LORD, that I derstand they his counsel: for he 3 princes of. will cut off thy horses out of the shall gather u them as the sheaves 4 eat up.

midst of thee, and I will destru into the floor.

sor, with her

thy chariots : 13 Arise and thresh, v O daughter wated ll And I will cut off the cities ex of Zion : for I will make the horn swords.

thy land, and throw down all thy iron, and I will make thy hoofs flu. 1.74.

strong holds: brass : w and thou shalt beat in

12 And I will cut off witchcrafts pieces x many people : and I will

out of thine hand; and thou shalt consecrate their gain unto the or, Boats. have no more soothsavers LORD, and their substance unto h Is.2.0.0, 13 Thy graven images also I will the LORD of the whole earth.

Re.22.15. I cut off, and thy 7 standing in aces CHAPTER V.

i Zec. 13.2. Tout of the midst of thee: and thos 1 The birth of Christ. 4 His kino-11 or, statues. Ishalt no more worship the work dom: 8 His conquest.

-Ithine hancis.

... MICAH, V, Tow calope birth of credit

The glory of the church.



The birth of Christ. .!

O INTOW gather thyself in troops,

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