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The centurion's confession. MARK, XVI. Christ riseth from the dead. 34. And at the ninth hour Jesus A. D. 33. Mary the mother of James, and Sacried with a loud voice, saying,

lome, had bought sweet spices, Eloi, s Eloi, lama sabuchthani ?


that they might come and anoint which is, being interpreted. My God, my God, why hast thou forsa-t Ps.42.9.

2 And very early in the morning, ken met


the first day of the week, they 35 And some of them that stood by. La.1. 12. came unto the sepulchre at the when they heard it, said, Behold,

rising of the sun. he calleth Elias.

u Ps.69.21. 3 And they said among themselves, 36 And one ran and filled a sponge

Who shall roll us away the stone full of vinegar, and put it on a reed, U Mat.27.50. from the door of the sepulchre? and gave u him to drink, saying,

Lt.23.46. 4 And when they looked, they Let alone : let us see whether et us see whether Jno. 19.30.

saw that the stone was rolled Elias will come to take him down.

away, for it was very great. 37 And v Jesus cried with a loud

i w Ps.38.11.

| 5 And entering into the sepulchr?, voice, and gave up the ghost. 1x Lu.8.2.3. they saw a young man sitting on the 38 And the veil of the iemple was

right side, clothed in a long while rent in twain, from the top to the y Lu.2.25.38. garment; and they were alrighted trttom.

| 6 And he saith unto them, Be not 39 T And when the centurion, z ch.16.3,4. aflrighted: Ye seek Jesus of Nazawhich stood over against him, saw

reth, which was crucified: he is that he so cried out, and gave up (CHAP. 16.) risen; c he is not hero: behold the the ghost, he said, Truly this man

place where they laid him. was the Son of God.

a Mat.28.1, 7 But go vour way,tell his disci40 There were also women look

&c. ples and Peter that he goeth beingon afarw off: among whom was Lu.24. 1.&c. fore you into Galilee: there shall Mary Magdalene, and Mary the

ye see him, as he said unto you. mother of James the less and of

8 And they went oui quickly, and Joses, and Salome;

fled from the sepulchre ; for they 11 (Who also, when he was in

trembled and were amazed : Galilee, followed him, and minis- b Lu.23.56. neither said they any thing to any crede unto him;) and many other

man; for they were afraid. women whuch came up with him ic Ps. 71.20. 99 Now when Jesus was risen into Jerusalem.

early the first day of the week, he 42 T And now when the even was d Lu.24.13. appeared first to Mary Magdalene, come, because it was the prepara

out of whom he had cast seven tion, that is, the day before the

Vele Lu.21.36.


1 1Co.15.5. salbath,

10 And she went and told them 43 Joseph of Arimathea. an ho- 1 or

that had been with him, as they

14 or, together. nourable counsellor, which also

mourned and wept. waited y for the kingdom of God, f Lu.24.25. Il And they, when they had heard came, and went in boldly unto :

that he was alive, and had been Bilate, and craved the body of 6 Mat.28.19. seen of her, believec not. Jesus.

Jno.20.21.1 12 T After that he appeared in 41 And Pilate marvelled if he were..

another form unto two d of them, aiready dead; and calling unto h Ro.10.18.

as they walked, and went into the him the centurion, he asked him Col.1.23.

country. whether he had been any while: nad been any white i Jno.3.18.36.

| 13 And they went and told it unto dead.

Ac. 26.31. the residue; neither believed they 15 And when he knew it of the

33. them. centurion, he gave the body to Ro. 10.9. 14 1 Afterward hee appeared unJoseph.

1 Pe.3.21. to the eleven as they sat lat meat, 46 Anil he bought fine linen, and

and upbraided them with their antook him down, and wrapped him k Jno. 12.48. belieff and harduess of heart, bein the the linen, and laid him in a 2 Th.2.12. cause they believed not thero which sepulchre which was hewn out of

had seen him after he was risen. a rock, and rolled a stone z unto 'l Lu.10.17.

15 And he said unto them, Gog ye the door of the sepulchre.

Ac.5. 16.

into all the world, and preach the .

8.7. 17 And Mary Magdalene and Mary! e mother of Joses beheld where


gospel to every creature.h

16 He i that believeth, and is he was laid.

baptized, shall be saved; but CHAPTER XVI.

im Ac.2.4. Thek that believeth not, shall be 1 An angel declareth the resurrection

10.46. damned. of Christ to three women: 9 he ap- iC0.12.10 17 And these signs shall follow Deareth to Mary Magdalene, ctc.,

28. them that believe : In my l name 19 his ascension into heaven; the

shall, they cast out devils; they gospel is preached, etc.

shall speakm with new tongues ; ND when the sabbath was

1 18 They shall take up serpents; n A past, Mary Magdalene, and

and if they drink any deadly thing,

es und dead iion, hen any"


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19 his asovary momen; I helion" 10.2.4.

Luke's preface.

LUKE I. Conception of John Baptist. it shall not hurt them; ther o shail A.D. 33. 1 sat on the right hand of God. lay hands on the sick, and they

- 20 And they went forth, and shall recover.

" O Ac.5. 15, 16. preached every where, the Lord 19 T So then p after the Lord p Ac. 1.2,3. Working with them, and confirmhud spoken uito them, he was a Ps. 110. l. ling the word with signs following received up into heaven, and".

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The GOSPEL according to ST. LUKE.

A. M. 3998.... B. C. 6...Julian Period, 4708....Cycle of the Sun, 4.... Moon, 15...Do

minical Letter, C.

Is heard ; and thy wife Elisabeth

are 31

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hoerstanding to

sight of the Lord, and shall drink
4.11,12. neither wine nor strong drink; and

he shall be filled with the Holy
Ghost, even s from his mothers


AC: 20.31.

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16 And all lie tu

shall lie turn to the Lord


17 And he t shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to

earts of the fathers to the Chuldren, and the disobedient tu



4. M. 3998, 12 And when Zacharias saw him, I Luke's preface. 5. The conception the sixth. The was troubled, 1 and feat

of John Baptist 26 and of Christ. year before upon him.
57 The nativity and circumcision the accounti3 But the angel said unto humil,
of Jonn. 67 The propriesy of Za-

called Anno Fear not. Zacharias: for by charius.

Domini. is heard : and thy Wile
HORASMUCH as many have tak-
ORASLA as many have a Jno. 15.27.

shall bear thee a son, and thou T en in hand 10 set forth in order“ 22

shait call his name John. O a declaration of those things which 1Pe 5.1.

1.14 And thou shalt have joy and are mest surely believed among us,

45, 2Pe. 1.16.

gladness; and many shall rejoice

gladness; an 2 Even as they delivered them iJno. 1.1. at his bir unto us, wbicu from the beginnjugal, 1516.

1.15 For he shall be great in the were eve-witnesses, and m isiers Ep.3.7. Si of the b word;

3 It seemned good to me also, hay ing had perfect understanding of

FC Ac. 11.4, all things from the very first, to a

Ad Ac.1.1. womb.. write unto thee in order, most e Jno.20.31. 16 And many of the chi exeellent Theophilus.d . f Mat.2.1. Israel shall lie turn to

4 Tuut thou mightest know e the g Ch.24.10. [their God. ceríainty of those things wherein Ne, 12.4, 17. 17 And he shall go Lhou hast been instrucied.

Get the spirit and power 54 THERE was, in the days 911 turn the hearts of the facile

1 of Herod f the kng Of 261.20.3. children, and the Judea, a certain priest named Zit- i 1Co. 11.2.

the wisdom il of the just to est nained Zilei 1Co.1.2.

the wisuo charias, of the course of Abia: Phi.3.6. ready a peuple y prep and his wife wus of the daughters h Ex.30.7,8.

Lord. of Aaron, and her name was Elisa-2 Le. 16.17. beth. < 6 And they were both righteous hm before God, walking in all the com

wife well stricken in years. mandments and ordinances i of the wa Lord, blameless..

And they had no child, 'because! Ju. 13.22. that. Elisabeth was barren, and o ver.60.63. Senty, they both were now well stricken p ver.58. in yea's. 8 And it came to pass, that while

sq ch.7.28. he executed the priest's ofice be

Er Nu.6.3. fore God in the order of his course,

s Je. 1.5. 9. According to the custom of the t Mal.1.5,6. not my words, W

sonce, his lot was k to burn Mat.11.14. olked in their season. incense when he went into the

bel Mar.9.12, 13. 21 And the people temple of the Lord.

io, by. Icharias, and man And the whole multitude of the 'u Ps. 111.10. people were praying withoui,l at w Ge. 17.17. the time of incense.

11 And there appeared unto him .Da.8.16.. they an angel of the Lord, standig, on y He: 1.14. the right side of the altar m of in- z Eze.3.20. 10 cerise.

people y prepared for the

1 18 And Zacharias said unto the
angel, Whereby shall I know this
for I am an old man, and my

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19 And the angel, auswening,
to him. Jan Gabriel, that stalu

le presence of God; and an
Seut y to speak into thee, and lo
Suow thee these glad tidings.
1 20 And, behold, thou shalt

and not able to speak, until
the day that these things shall be
performed, because thou believest

Words, which shall be ful

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the people waited for 2Tas, and marvelled that he tar

and we

ried so long in the temple.

22 And when he came out, he
could not speak unto them
they perceived that he had seeli il

haste, i

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Le rehuple, for he beckou



them. and renamed

41 Anu

ed unto speechless.

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