Catalogue of Monkeys, Lemurs, and Fruit-eating Bats in the Collection of the British Museum

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order of the Trustees, 1870 - Bats - 137 pages
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Page 86 - The general color is a rusty yellow, with a lighter head, almost whitish throat, and dark tints on...
Page 10 - Sumatra. The first phalanges of the index and middle toes are in some individuals of either sex partially or entirely united by a web. Sometimes the first phalanx of the middle toe is partially united to the fourth. An adult male examined had thirteen pair of ribs (6 4- 7), an adult female fourteen (7 + 7), a young male on the left side thirteen (7 + 6), on the right twelve (745).
Page 96 - Q _ g j between the canines; grinders, - — -. The fingers and toes free, well developed ; the first and second hind-toes shorter, each with an elongate curved claw. Head short. Eyes and orbits very large. Limbs free, elongate. Foot very long, as long as the shin. Tail elongate, hairy. 17. Tarsius. Family III.
Page 40 - Black brown ; hair of the middle of the back and upper part of the sides yellow brown, with black tips ; of the lower part of the sides elongate brownish yellow, forming a kind of mantle on each side. Hab. Caraccas. The hair of the forehead short, reflexed, forming a slight crest across the middle of the head ; of the back of the head rather longer ; of the cheeks few, scattered, short and greyish ; of the hinder...
Page 6 - Gardens differed in the size of the head and colour of the face. Male head small, face blacker, more hairy. Female head and face larger, flesh-coloured. They may be from different localities.

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