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etry, 8vo.

Parnell (Sir H.) A Treatise on Roads, 8vo.

Lond. 1833 Pasley (C. W.) A Course of Elementary Fortification, 2 v. 8vo.

1822 Pasley (C. W.) A Complete Course of Practical Geom

1822 * Peacock (D. M.) A System of Conic Sections, 8vo. 1810 * Pearson (G.) Chemical Nomenclature, 4to.

1799 Pemberton (H.) A View of Sir I. Newton's Philosophy, 4to.

1728 Perspective Pratique, par un Religieux de la Compagnie de Jesus, 3 t. 4to.

Paris 1679 * Petty (Sir W.) An Account of New Inventions and Improvements, 12mo.

Lond. 1691 * Philosophical Magazine, from the commencement, 114 v. 8vo.

1798-1849 * Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, from

1665 to 1800, abridged by Hutton, Shaw, and Pearson, 18 v. 4to.

1809 Philosophical Transactions, from the commencement 1665, 140 v. 4to.

1665 - 1849 +* Philosophical Transactions, Maty's Index to, 4to.

1787 + Philosophical Transactions, Index to the Anatomical,

Medical, Chirurgical, and Physiological Papers contained in the first 88 v. of,

1818 Pingré (A. G.) Cometographie, ou, Traite Historique et Theorique des Cometes, 2 t. 4to.

Paris 1749 * Pitot (H.) Theory of the Working of Ships, translated from the French by Stone, 8vo.

Lond. 1743 * Playfair (J.) Elements of Geometry, 8vo.

Edin. 1795 Playfair (J.) Outlines of Natural Philosophy, 2 v. 8vo. 1814 Playfair (J.) The Works of, 4 v. 8vo.

1822 * Pleydell (J. C.) An Essay on Field Fortification, 8vo. Lond. 1768 * Price (R.) Observations on Reversionary Payments, 8vo.

1772 Price (R.) Observations on Reversionary Payments, by Morgan, 2 v. 8vo.

1792 * Priestley (Jos.) The Doctrine of Phlogiston established, 8vo.

Northum. 1803 * Priestley (Jos.) The History of Electricity, 4to. Lond. 1769

Priestley (Jos.) The History of Vision, Light, and
Colours, 4to.

Lond. 1772
Prony (R.) Architecture Hydraulique, 2 t. 4to. Paris 1790

Raspail (F. V.) A New System of Organic Chemistry,

translated from the French, with Notes, by Henderson, 8vo.

Lond. 1834 + Rees (A.) The Cyclopædia, 39 v. 4to.

1819 + Rees (A.) The Cyclopædia, Plates to, 6 v. 4to.

1819 *Reports of the Cornwall Polytechnic Society, 1803-6, 8vo.

Falmouth 1833 * Rios (Jos. de M.) A Complete Collection of Tables

for Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, 4to. Lond. 1805 * Robertson (J.) The Elements of Navigation, 2 v. 8vo.

1796 Robison (J.) A System of Mechanical Philosophy, with Notes by Brewster, 4 v. 8vo.

1822 * Robson (Jos.) The British Mars, 8vo.

1763 * Romme (C.) l'Arte de la Marine, 4to.

Paris 1787

Saunderson (R.) The Elements of Algebra, 2 v. 4to. Camb. 1741
*Savarien, l’Art de Mesurer sur Mer le Sillage du
Vaisseau, 8vo.

Paris 1750
Scientific Memoirs, selected from the Transactions of

Foreign Academies of Science and Learned Societies, edited by Taylor, 5 v. 8vo.

Lond. 1837-49 *Scoresby (W.) Essays on Magnetism, 8vo. Edin. 1832–3 * Seamanship, a Treatise on the Theory and Practice of, by an Officer, 8vo.

Lond. 1793 *Sigaud de la Fond (J. R.) Description et Usage d'un Cabinet de Physique Experimentale, 2 t. 8vo.

Paris 1778 * Skrimshire (F.) A Series of Chemical Essays, 12mo. Lond. 1804 Small (R.) An Account of Kepler's Astronomical Discoveries, 8vo.

1804 Smeaton (J.) Reports as a Civil Engineer, 4 v. 4to.

1812 Smith (R.) Harmonics, or, the Philosophy of Musical Sounds, 8vo.

1759 Smith (R.) A Compleat System of Opticks, 2 v. 4to. Camb. 1738 Somerville (Mrs. Mary) Mechanism of the Heavens, 8vo.

Lond. 1832

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Somerville (Mrs. Mary) The Connexion of the Physical
Sciences, 8vo.

Lond. 1834 Somerville (Mrs. Mary) Physical Geography, 2 v. 8vo. —

1848 *Steel (D.) Elements and Practice of Rigging and Seamanship, 2 v. in 1, 4to.

1794 *Sutherland (W.) Britain's Glory, or Ship Building unveiled, fol.


+* Tactique, La Grande, d'apres les nouvelles Decouvertes dans l’Art de la Guerre, MS. 2 t. fol.

N. D. * Thevenard (A.) Mémoires relatifs à la Marine, 4 t. 8vo.

Paris 1800 Thomson (T.) A History of the Royal Society, 4to. Lond. 1812 * Thomson (T.) A System of Chemistry, 4 v. 8vo. Edin. 1804 Thomson (T.) A System of Cheinistry, 4 v. 8vo. Lond. 1817 Thomson (T.) A SYSTEM OF CHEMISTRY, 7 v. 8vo.Sciences of Heat and Electricity, 1 v.

1830 In-Organic Bodies, 2 v.

1831 Outlines of Mineralogy and Geology, 2 v.

1836 Organic Bodies—Vegetables, 1 v.

1838 Animal Bodies, 1 v.

Edin. 1843 Thomson (A. T.) The Philosophy of Magic-Prodigies

and apparent Miracles, translated from the French, 2 v. 8vo.

Lond. 1846 Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy, from the commenceinent, 21 v. 410.

Dublin 1787-1848 Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, from the commencement, 18 v. 4to.

Edin. 1788–1849 *Transactions of the Society for the Encouragement of

Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, from the commencement, 55 v. in 49, 8vo.

Lond. 1806-45 Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, from the commenceinent, 7 v. and v. 8, pts. 1, 2, 4to.

Camb. 1821-42 Transactions of the Plymouth Institution, v. 1, 8vo. Plymouth 1830 Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 3 v. 4to.

Lond. 1836–42 Tredgold (T.) The Steam Engine, revised and edited by Woolhouse, I v. 4to., with Atlas of Plates,


*Vial de Clairbois (H. S.) Essai Géomètrique et Pratique sur l'Architecture Navale, 8vo.

Paris 1766 *Vince (S.) The Elements of Astronomy, 8vo. Camb. 1801 Vince (S.) A Complete System of Astronomy, 3 v. 4to.

1797 Vince (S.) The Principles of Hydrostatics, 8vo.

1816 *Vocabulary of Sea Phrases and Terms of Art used in

Seamanship and Naval Architecture, Eng. aud Fr., 2 v. 12mo.

Lond. 1799

*Waller (R.) Essays of Natural Experiments made in

the Academie del Cinento, translated from the Italian, 4to.

1684 *Watson (R.) Chemical Essays, 5 v. 12mo.

1800 Weld (C. R.) A History of the Royal Society, 2 v. 8vo. 1848 Whewell (W.) A History of the Inductive Sciences, 3 v. 8vo.

1837 Whewell (W.) The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences, founded upon their History, 2 v. 8vo.

1840 *Wood (Jas.) The Elements of Optics, 8vo.

Camb. 1801 * Wood (Jas.) The Eleinents of Algebra, 8vo.

1801 *Wood (Jas.) The Principles of Mechanics, 8vo.

1803 *Woodhouse (R.) An Elementary Treatise on Astronomy, 2 v. 8vo.

1812 *Woodhouse (R.) A Treatise on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, 8vo.

Lond. 1809 Woollaston (F.) Portraiture of the Heavens, fol.

1811 Worcester (Marquis of) The Century of Inventions, by Partington, 8vo.


** Young (T.) Lectures on Natural Philosophy, 2 v. 4to.



ACADEMIE des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, Histoire et

Mémoires de l', 50 t. 4to., avec les Notices et Extraits

des MSS. de la Bibliotheque du Roi, 14 t. 4to. Paris 1818–43 * Adagiorum Collectio, fol.

Frank. 1656 Addison (Jos.) The Works of, with Notes by Bishop Hurd, 6 v. Svo.

Lond. 1811 Adelung, An Historical Sketch of Sanscrit Literature, translated from the German, 8vo.

Oxford 1832 +Æschylus, Tragediæ, Græcè, ex recensione Schutzii, 2 t. 8vo.

Oxon. 1810 Æschylus, The Tragedies of, translated by Potter, with Notes, 8vo.

Oxford 1812 Æsop, The Fables of, with Designs on Wood by Bewick, 8vo.

Newcastle 1818 Aikin (J.) Letters on English Poetry, 8vo.

Lond. 1807 * All the Talents, a Poem, 8vo.

1807 +Anacreon, Carmina, e recens: Baxter, Gr. curâ Fischeri, 8vo.

Lips. 1793 Analecta Veterum Poetarum Græcorum, a Brunck, 3 t. 8vo.

Argent. 1776 * Anderson (R.) A Collection of British Poets, 14. v. 8vo.

Lond. 1795 +Anthologia Græca, ad fidem Codicis olim Palatini, cura

vit, Epigrammatum desiderata et Annotationem adjecit Jacobs, 4 t. 8vo.

Lips. 1813 Antijacobin, The Poetry of, 4to.

Lond. 1801

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