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*Vol. 1.—Oates (Titus) and others, Tracts relating to the Popish Conspiracy, 1679.


*Vol. 1.-NAVAL.-West (Capt.) Naval Signals, 1788.

M'Arthur (J.) Thoughts on a System of Universal Signals, 1799.

Narrative of the Proceedings of the Fleet under Earl Howe, 1796.

Vol. 2.-FRENCH.-On Finance, 1787.


*Vol. 1.-Kenrick (T.) A Collection of Prayers for the use of Families, 1797.

Furneaux (P.) Letters to Blackstone, on the Act of
Toleration, &c., 1770.

Claparede (D.) Answer to Rousseau on the Miracles, 1757.

Vol. 2.-Plymley (P.) Letters on the Catholics of Ireland, 1808. Jackson (J. M.) A View of the Province of Upper Canada, 1809.

Corruption and Intolerance, two Poems, with Notes, 1809.
The Sceptic, a Philosophical Satire, 1809.

Vol. 2.-Cobbett (W.) Elements of Reform, 1809.

Kekewich (G.) A Letter to Lord H. Petty, 1809.
The Trial of Mary Ann Clarke, &c., for a Conspiracy against

Colonel Wardle, 1809.
Wardle (Col.) A Letter to Lord Ellenborough on his Charge

to the Jury, 1809.
Vaughan (C. R.) Narrative of the Siege of Zaragoza, 1809.
Fladgate (Francis) A Letter from a Lottery Subscriber.

Unfortunate Old Clobery, a Song.
Vol. 3.—History of New Holland, with Eden's (Lord Auckland)

Discourse on Banishment, 1787.
A Narrative of what passed at Killala in the Summer of

Conjectures on Original Composition, 1759.
Gibbon (E.) Critical Observations on the Sixth Book of

the Æneid, 1770. Vol. 4.-Belsham (T.) A Summary View of the Evidence of the

Christian Revelation, 1807. A Sermon on the Death of
Priestley, 1804. A Sermon on the Death of Lindsey,

1808. A Sermon on the Jubilee, 1809.
Wyvill (C.) A more extended Discussion in favour of

Liberty of Conscience, 1809. Intolerance the disgrace

of Christians, 1809.
Jervis (T.) A Sermon on the Christian Name, 1809.
Buchanan (C.) A Sermon on “ The Star in the East."
Ryder (H.) A Visitation Sermon preached at Leicester,

May 20, 1807. 1808.
Vol. 5.-Lancaster (J.) System of Education, 1810.

Fox (Jos.) A Comparative View of Bell and Lancaster, 1809.

Scriptural Education the Glory of England, 1810. Harrison (G.) Education proposed and recommended as the

surest means to diminish Crimes, 1810.

Fox (Jos.) An Appeal to the Missionary Society, 1810.
Vol. 6.-Priestley (Jos.) On Church Discipline, 1770. On the

Lord's Supper, 1779. Remarks on Blackstone, 1779.
Considerations on Church Authority, 1779.

Letters con-
cerning the Dissenting Interest, 1770.
Jervis (T.) A Sermon preached at Leeds on the day

appointed for a General Fast, 1810. Sermon for the

benefit of the Leeds Infirmary, 1809. Tayler (T.) A Funeral Sermon.

Vol. 7.-Huskisson (W.) On the Depreciation of Currency, 1810.

Fonblanque (J.) On the Bullion Committee, 1810.
Montagu (B.) Inquiry as to the Creditor's Power to refuse

a Bankrupt's Certificate, 1809. Enquiries respecting
the Administration of Bankrupts' Estates by Assignees,

Wyvill (C.) An Apology for the Petitioners for Liberty of

Conscience, 1810.
Belsham (T.) A Funeral Sermon on the Death of the

Duke of Graston, 1811. Letter to Lord Sidmouth on

his Bill respecting the Toleration Act, 1811. Vol. 8.—Letters on the Genius of the French Government, by an

American, 1810.
Foskett (H.) The Rights of the Army vindicated, 1810.
Maddock (H.) A Vindication of the Privileges of the House

of Commons, 1810. Vol. 9.—Merivale (J. H.) A Brief Statement of the Proceedings in

Parliament on Sir S. Romilly's Bills, 1811.
Hints for a Reform of the Criminal Law, 1811.
Disney (J.) Five Letters on the Penal Laws, 1810.
Montagu (B.) Debates on the Bills for Abolishing the

Punishment of Death, 1811. Cases in illustration of the

Bradford (W.) An Enquiry into the Punishment of Death,

and Lownes (C.) Account of the Gaol and Penitentiary

of Philadelphia, 1795. Vol. 10.—Articles reprinted from the Supplement to the Encyclo

pædia Britanica, viz:-Government, Jurisprudence, Liberty of the Press, Prisons and Prison Discipline, Colony, Law

of Nations, Education.
Bell (G. J.) Examination of Objections against the Scottish

Judicature Bill, 1825.
Geldart (T. C.) Remarks on the Scotch Judicature Bill,


Mander (Jas.) The Derbyshire Miners' Glossary, 1824. Vol. 11.-Montagu (B.) Thoughts on the Abolition of the Punish

ment of Death in Bankruptcy, 1821. Eden (R. H.) Observations on the Bill for Consolidation,

&c., of the Bankrupt Laws, 1824. Fonblanque (J. S. M.) Observations on the same, 1824.

Vol. 11.-Montagu (B.) Inquiries respecting the Court of Com

missioners, &c., 1825.
'Twiss (H.) An Enquiry into the means of consolidating the

Laws of England, 1826.
Uniacke (C.) Letter to Horace Twiss, in answer to his

Inquiry, 1826.
Montagu (B.) Evidence in Bankruptcy before the Chancery

Commission, 1826.
Vol. 12.--Montagu (B.) Some Inquiries respecting the Punishment

of Death for Crimes without Violence, 1818. Rise and Progress of the Mitigation of the Punishment of Death,

A Vindication of Lancaster's System of Education, 1812.
A Letter to the Author of the Bank of England Case, under

Marsh's Commission, 1825.
Winn (T. S.) A Speedy End to Slavery in our West India

Colonies, 1825.
Vol. 13.—Articles reprinted from the Supplement to the Encyclo-

pædia Britanica. Brougham (H.) Practical Observations on the Education of

the Poor, 1825. Whitcombe (R.) An Enquiry into the Rules of Evidence,

1824. Vol. 14.-Brougham (H.) Speech on the present state of the Law,

Mill (Jas.) Review of Brougham's Speech in the Jurist, 1828.
The Life, Political and Official, of John, Earl of Eldon, 1827.
Beames (J.) Observations on the Parental Jurisdiction of

the Court of Chancery, 1828.
Denman (T.) Considerations addressed to the Commissioners

of Enquiry into proceedings at Law, 1828.
Long (G.) Reflections on certain parts of the Law of

England, 1827.
Lawes (E.) Suggestions for alterations of the Law on

Practice, Pleading, and Evidence, 1827.
Vol. 15.-Codification Proposal, addressed by Jeremy Bentham to

all Nations professing Liberal Opinions, 1822. Reddie (J.) A Letter to the Chancellor on the Expediency

of the proposal to form a new Civil Code for England, 1828.

Vol. 15.–Miller (J.) On the Adininistration of Justice in British

India, 1828.
Cawdor (J. F. Earl) A Letter to the Chancellor on the

Administration of Justice in Wales, 1828.
Disney (J.) Outlines of a Penal Code, together with a

Commentary, 1826.
Vol. 16.–Sugden (E. G.) A Letter to Humphreys on his proposal

to Repeal the Laws of Real Property, 1826.
Humphreys' Answer, 1827.
Sugden's Letter (second edition.)
An Article from the Jurist, Letter from Humphreys to

Reddie and Cooper, 1828.
Bentham (G.) On Humphreys' Property Code.
Christie (J. H.) A Letter to the Right Hon. R. Peel, on

the proposed changes in the Laws of Real Property, &c.,

Dixon (R.) Observations on the same, 1827.
Beaumont (G. D. B.) Observations on the same, 1827.
Swinburne (T.) A Letter respecting the English Law of

Inheritance, 1827.
Suggestions for the Improvement of the Laws of Real

Property, &c., by a Member of Lincoln's Inn, 1827.
Montagu (B.) Letters on the Report of the Chancery

Commissioners, 1826. Vol. 17.-Grenville (Lord) An Essay on the supposed advantages

of the Sinking Fund, 1828. Butler (C.) A Letter to Bishop Blomfield in vindication of

a passage in “ The Book of the Roman Catholic Church,”

1825. Dillon (Sir J.) Letters to Butler on the Act of Union

between Great Britain and Ireland, 1828.
The Safety and Expediency of conceding the Catholic

Claims, by Civis, 1827.
Phillpotts (Rev. Dr.) A Letter to Canning on the Bill of

1825, and a Short Letter on the present position of the

Roman Catholic Question, 1827.
Lane (C. T.) The Coronation Oath considered, 1828.
A Letter to Sir T. D. Acland, upon Mr. Wilmot Horton's

Statement respecting the claims of the Roman Catholics,

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