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Vol. 17.-Huyshe (F.) A Specimen of an Intended Publication,

being an examination of the first six pages of Professor

Porson's Fourth Letter to Archdeacon Travis, 1827.
Vol. 18.—Hare (J. C.) The Children of Light, a Sermon, 1828.

Scott (Sir W.) Religious Discourses, 1828.
Maltby (E.) On the Bible Society, 1812.
Evans (W.) An Inaugural Discourse, 1828.
Foscolo (H.) Narrative of the Fortunes of Parga.
Hare (J. C.) A Vindication of Niebuhr's History of Rome,

Card (H.) The Uses of the Athanasian Creed explained

and vindicated, 1825.

Collins (C.) A Visitation Sermon, 1828.
Vol. 19.-Strictures on the Orders in Chancery, 1829.

Spence (G.) Evils and Abuses of the Court of Chancery,

Propositions as to Chancery Reform, 1830.
Spence (G.) A Letter on the Judges of the Court of

Chancery, 1829.
Cullen on Reform of the Bankrupt Court, 1829.
Montagu (B.) Letters to Sugden on Bankrupt Laws, 1829.
Gregg (F.) Suggestions on Bankrupt Law, 1831.
Sugden (Sir E.) A Speech on the Court of Chancery, 1831.
Observations on the Office of Master, 1831.
Nicolas (Sir H.) On Peers for Life, 1830.
Tenterden (Lord) Speech on Prescription, 1831.
Denman (T.) Considerations addressed to the Law Com-

missioners, 1828.
Vol. 20.—Walters (R.) On the Law of Real Property, 1829.

Humphrey (W. W.) On a General Registry, 1830.
Ker (H. B.) Registry or no Registry considered, 1830.
Walters (R.) On a General Register, 1829.
Wood (W. P.) Vindication of a General Register, 1829.
Coote (R. H.) On a General Register, 1829.
Hodgkin (J.) On the same, 1829.
Duval's Reply to a Letter from North Allerton, and Extracts

from the Register Bill, 1831.
Bentham (G.) On the Registration Bill, 1831.



Vol. 21.-Senior (N. W.) On the Cost of obtaining Money, 1830.

Taylor (Jas.) On the Currency, 1830.
Humphreys (Jas.) On the Stamp Duties, 1830.
Correspondence (Case of Rev. Robert Hall), 1831.
Palgrave (F.) Remark on Nicolas' Pamphlet, 1831.
Taylor (Jas.) On the Money System, 1828.

Senior (N. W.) On Population, 1829.
Vol. 22.-Speeches and Letters on the Catholic Question, 1829.

Letter to Lord Winchelsea on the King's College, 1829.
Short (T. V.) On the state of Public Examinations.
Lewis (G. C.) An Examination of some passages in

Whately's Elements of Logic, 1829.
Remarks on reprinting part of the Preface to Whately's

Logic, 1829.
Apology for the Moral and Literary Character of the

Nineteenth Century, 1830.
Bostock (J.) Specimen of a proposed Translation of the

1st and 33rd Books of Pliny's Natural History, 1828.
A Letter to the Earl of Aberdeen, on the Expediency of

attaching a Museum of Antiquities to the Institution of

the Society of Antiquaries, 1828.

Statements respecting the London University, 1830.
Vol. 23.-Statements respecting, and Lectures delivered at, the

London University, 1827–31.
Reports of the Society for Diffusion of Useful Knowledge,

1829. Vol. 24.-Beames (J.) On Commitments in Bankruptcy, 1827. On

the Writ of Ne exeat Regno, 1812.
Blayney (F.) On Life Annuities, 1817.
Disney (J.) Laws of Gaming, 1806.
Pratt (J.T.) Abstract of Acts relating to Courts of Requests,


Lyndhurst (Lord) Orders in Chancery, 1828.
Vol. 25.-O'Brien (W. S.) On the Poor Laws in Ireland, 1830.

A Letter on the Belgic Revolution, 1831.
Burke (E.) Letter on his Pension, and Speech on Reform,

Gunning (H.) Cambridge Poll, 1829

Vol. 25.—Tancred (H. W.) Review of the Representation, 1831.

Coleridge (H. N.) Notes on the Reform Bill, 1831.
Statement of Arguments for and against Reform, 1831.

Butler (G.) Sermon on Christian Knowledge, 1830.
Vol. 26.-Savigny (F. C. Von) The Vocation of our Age for Legis-

lation and Jurisprudence, translated from the German by

Reports of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Know-

ledge, 1829.
Horner (L.) Letter to the Council of the University of

London, 1830.
Tancred (H. W.) Review of the System of Representation,


Merivale (J. H.) Letter on Chancery Commission, 1827. Vol. 27.-Hayward (A.) 'Translation of Savigny's Vocation of our Age.

Letters of Eunomus, 1830.
Lascelles (R.) The Ultimate Remedy for Ireland, 1831.
Reform with or without the Lords, 1831.
Courtenay (W.) On the Court of Chancery, 1828.
Montagu (B.) On Emancipation of the Jews, 1833.
Nicolas (Sir H.) On Grants of Precedency. On the Record

Commission, 1832.
Vol. 28.-Eighth Report on Improvement of Prison Discipline,

Merivale (J. H.) Brief Statement of the Proceedings in

Parliament, 1811.
Henley (Lord) On Church Reform, 1832. A Plan for

Increase of Dioceses, 1834.
Drury (C.) On Ecclesiastical Taxation, 1832.

Yates (J.) Letter to the Vice-Chancellor, 1834.
Vol. 29.-Character, &c., of Trades' Unions, 1834.

On the Law of Debtor and Creditor, 1833.
Observations on the New Bankruptcy Court Act, 1835.
Montagu (B.) Letters on the Emancipation of the Jews, on

the Bankruptcy Court, and Address to the Electors of

Finsbury, 1834.
Brande (W. T.) An Introductory Discourse at the London
Institution, 1819.


Vol. 29.—Butler (C.) Inaugural Oration at the Same, 1816.

Vaughan (R.) Introductory Lecture on the Study of General

History, 1834.
Peel (Sir R.) Speech on the Irish Church Establishment,

Skinow (W.) A Letter to Lord Stanley on the State of

Politics, 1834. Vol. 30.—Charge of the Bishop of Chichester at his Primary Visi

tation at Lewes, May, 1834. Ditto, in September, at

Chichester, 1834.
Charge of the Bishop of Exeter, 1833.
Charge of Dr. Dealtry at the Visitation in Hampshire,

1838. Sermon preached at Ampton—"Faith explained

and enforced. Tayler (C.) Sermons preached in Bethel Chapel, Guernsey,

Thirlwall (C.) A Letter to Professor Turton on the Admis-

sion of Dissenters to Academical Degrees, 1834.
Whewell (W.) Remarks on Ditto, 1834.
Thirlwall's Second Letter on Ditto, 1834.
Turton (T.) Thoughts on Ditto, 1834.
Dennison (E.) A Review of the State of the Question,


Parry (F. C.) The Dissenters and the University, 1835.
Vol. 31.-Tayler (E.) History, Opinions, and Legal Position of

English Presbyterians, 1834.
Tottie (T. W.) A Plain Statement of the Administration of

Lady Hewley's Charities, 1834.
Speech of C. P. Cooper, Esq., in the case of the Attorney-

General versus Shore, 1834.
Yates (Jas.) Church Reform.
A Sermon preached at Carter Lane, 1833.

The English Presbyterian, 7 Nos., 1834.
Vol. 32.—Spankie (Mr. Serjeant) Two Letters to his Constituents,

1834. Address to the People in behalf of Peel's Administration,

1834. Sykes (A. A.) An Humble Apology for St. Paul and the

other Apostles, 1835.

Vol. 32.-A Letter to the Electors of Great Britain, 1834.

Mardon (B.) The Apostle Paul an Unitarian, 1830.
Yates (Jas.) Sermon preached, July 28th, 1822, before the

Unitarian Association, Glasgow, 1835.
Halford (Sir H.) On the Education and Conduct of a Phy-

sician, 1834.
Croly (D. O.) An Essay on Ecclesiastical Finance, as

regards the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, 1834. Baring (C.) Thoughts on Final Universal Restoration, 1823. Carpenter (L.) A Discourse delivered before the Supporters

of the Unitarian Fund, 1810. Jennings (D.) An Introduction to the Knowledge of Medals,

1764. Vol. 33.-Denman (T.) First and Second Legal Argument on the

Toleration Act, 1812.
Butler (C.) An Address to the Protestants on Catholic

Emancipation, 1813.
Merivale (J. H.) Ode on the Deliverance of Europe, 1814.
Canning (S.) “Buonaparte," a Poem, 1814.
Byron (Lord) Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte, 1814.
Schlegel, Reflexions sur l'état de la Norvège, 1814.
Chateaubriand (F. A. de) De Buonaparte et des Bourbons,

Simonde de Sismondi (J. C. L.) De la Traite des Négres,

et Considérations sur Genève, 1814.
A Catalogue of the Library of James Edwards, Esq., 1815.
Newnham (G. L.) A Review of the Evidence on the Corn

Laws, 1815.
The Right and Practice of Impressment, 1814.
Belsham (T.) Three Sermons, 1812–13–14.
Kenrick (J.) A Serinon on the Necessity of Revelation,

Vol. 34.-Farmer (R.) An Essay on Shakespeare, 1767.

Kenrick (W.) A Review of Johnson's Edition of Shakespeare,


Criticisms on several of Shakespear's Plays. Vol. 35.—Burton (E.) An Attempt to ascertain the Chronology of

the Acts of the Apostles, 1830.

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