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Vol. 35.-Subscription no Bondage, or the Practical Advantage of the

Thirty-Nine Articles as Guides in Academical Education,

1835. Cooper (C. P.) Speech respecting Lady Hewley's Foun

dations, 1834.
Yates (Jas.) Observations on Lord J. Russell's Bill for

Registering Births, Deaths, and Marriages, &c., 1836.
Charge of the Bishop of Exeter, 1836.
Bartholomew (C. C.) Sermon on leaving Hampstead, 1836.
Walsh (Sir J.) Chapters of Contemporary History, 1836.
Gurdon (T.) An Essay on the Antiquity of the Castle of

Norwich, 1834.
Vol. 36.- Reports, &c., of the Record Commissioners, 1837.
Vol. 37.-Pickering (P. A.) Remarks on the Report of the Select

Committee on the Publication of Printed Papers, 1838.
Peel (Sir R.) In Vindication of the Privilege of the House

of Commons to publish its Proceedings, 1837.
Pemberton (T.) A Letter to Lord Langdale on the Same, 1840.
Hill (M. D.) A Letter to Pemberton on the Same, 1838.
Manning (Jas.) A Letter to Lord Fitzwilliam on compelling

Assessment, 1837.
Fane (C.) A Letter to Lord Melbourne, 1836.
Field (E. W.) Observations of a Solicitor on the Equity

Courts, 1840.
Merivale (J. H.) Letters to a Chancery Reformer, 1841.
Facts and Suggestions respecting the Masters' Offices, 1841.
Burge (W.) Observations on the Appellate Jurisdiction,

1841. Vol. 38.-Langdale (Lord) Speech on the Administration of Justice

Bill, 1836.
Montagu (B.) A Letter to Lord Cottenham on the Sepa-

ration of the Chancellor's Office, 1836.
Spence (G.) An Address on the State of the Court of

Chancery, 1839.
Field (E. W.) Observations on Costs of the Equity Courts,

Pemberton (T.) Speech on the Re-commitment of the ad-

ministration of Justice Bill, 1840.
Lynch (A. H.) Speech on the Same, 1840.

Vol. 38.-Wainewright (J.) A Letter to Lord Cottenham on the

Duties of the Sworn Clerks, 1840.
Merivale (J. H.) Letters to a Chancery Reformer, 1841.
Facts and Suggestions respecting the Masters' Offices, 1841.
Fane (C.) Letters to Lord Melbourne on the Jurisdiction

of the Court of Bankruptcy, 1836–7. A Letter to the
Attorney-General, 1837. Bankruptcy Reform, in a Series

of Letters to Sir R. Peel, 1838. Vol. 39.—Miller (J.) On the State of the Law and its Adminis

tration, 1839. Sugden (Sir E.) On the Appellate Jurisdiction, 1835. Merivale (H.) An Introductory Lecture on Political Eco

nomy, 1837.

Burge (W.) On the Appellate Jurisdiction, 1841.
Merivale (H.) Five Lectures on Irish Poor Law, 1838.
Revans (J.) Evils of the State of Ireland, 1837.
Lynch (A. H.) An Address to the Electors of Galway, 1838.
Torrens (R.) A Letter on Currency and Bank Reform,

Vol. 40.-Smith (Sydney) Ballot, 1839.

Denison (S. C.) Is the Ballot Mistake ? 1838.
Hunter (Jos.) A Letter to P. F. Tytler, Esq., on his

Evidence before the Record Commission, 1837.
Montagu (B.) A Letter to C. P. Cooper, Esq., on the

Report of the Record Committee, 1837.
Neate (C.) A few Parting Words to the Election Com-

mittees of 1838.
A Brief Exposure of the Custody of Infants’ Bill, 1838.
Acland (A.) A Letter to the Bishops of Exeter and Salis-

bury on the State of Religious Societies, &c., 1839. Hull (J. and W..W.) Observations on a Petition for a

Revision of the Liturgy, 1840. Observations on the

Abolition of Consistory Courts, 1840.
Ashurst (W. H.) Facts and Reasons in support of a Penny

Postage, 1838.
Merivale (H.) Introduction to a Course of Lectures on

Colonization, 1839.
Merivale (C.) Sermons—“ The Church of England a

Faithful Witness, 1839.

Vol. 41.-Documents for the Formation of an Administration, 1812.

Lauderdale (Earl of) On Paper Currency, 1812.
Vansittart on Finance, 1813.
Project of a Constitution for the Netherlands, 1814.
Lauderdale (Earl of), Malthus (T. R.), and Rose (G.) On

the Corn Laws, 1814. Vol. 42.-Inquiry into the Pretensions of Bonaparte to the Appel

lation of “ Great,” 1812. Narrative of Events near Leipzig, 1814. Intercepted Letters from Bonaparte's Officers at Paris to

him at Dresden, 1814.
Vol. 43.-On the Game Laws, 1815.

Holdsworth (A. H.) On the Situation of the Country, 1816.
A Speech on Army Estimates, 1816.
Vanderstraeten (F.) Analysis of the Views contained in a

Work on Improved Agriculture, &c., 1816.
Edye (J.) On the State of the Country, 1817.
Banfill (S.) On the Poor Laws, 1817.
Courtenay (T. P.) On the Poor Laws, 1818.
Holdsworth (A. H.) On Country Bankers, 1818.

Barnes (R.) On a Bill in respect of a Modus for Tithes, 1818.
Vol. 44.-On the Slave Registry Bill, 1816.
Vol. 45.--Brougham (H.) Letters on Charities, 1818.

Ireland (J.) Letter to Brougham, 1818.
Reply to Wilson Croker's Speech on the Catholic Question,

Holdsworth (A. H.) Letters on the Situation of the Coun-

try and Country Bankers, 1816.
Letters on the Circulating Medium, 1819.
Davison (J.) On the Poor Laws, 1818.
Observations on the means of deriving from Flax and

Hemp Manual Employment for Labourers of every Age,

1819. Vol. 46.—Two Letters to Peel on a variable Standard of Value, and

the Increase of Pauperism, 1819.
Liverpool (Farl of) On Foreign Trade, 1820.
Grenville (Lord) On the State of the Country, 1820.

Vol. 46.- Pinsent (Jos.) Letters to Lord Liverpool, 1820.

Heathfield (R.) On the Public Debt, 1820.

Bentham (J.) On the Restrictive Commercial System, 182) Vol. 47.-State of the Nation at the commencement of 1822.

Bassett (Jos. D.) On Currency and Wealth.
Milford (J.) Observations on Country Bankers, 1826.
Would Reform in Parliament be a benefit to the Country ?

Notices on Political Economy, 1821.
Truro Election Proceedings, 1832.
Peel (Sir R.) Speech, Address to His Majesty, 1835.
Robinson (Hon. F. J.) Speech on the Financial Situation of

the Country, 1826.
Vol. 48.- A View of Negro Slavery, 1823.

Wilberforce (W.) An Appeal in behalf of Negro Slaves,

Hodgson (A.) A Letter to Jean B. Say on the comparative

Expense of Free and Slave Labour.
Clarkson (T.) On the Necessity of improving the Condition

of Slaves, 1823.
Leigh (W.) Letter on the Catholic Claims, 1829. Letter

to the Rev. G. Townsend on the Catholic Claims, 1829. Wyse (T.) Political Catechism on the Civil Disabilities of

the Catholics of Ireland, 1825. Vol. 49.—Letters regarding the Shipping Interest, 1817.

Buxton (T. F.) Speech on the Severity of Punishment,

The Contractor Unmasked, with a Postscript on the New

Loan Hoax, 1823.
Letters to the Contractors of the Columbian Loan, 1823.
Brougham (H.) Speech upon the War with Spain, 1823.
Rawson (Sir W.) A Letter to Canning on the Mexican

Mine Associations, 1825.
Huskinson (W.) Speech on the Shipping Interest, 1827.
The true Interests of the European Powers in the Affairs of

Portugal, 1829.
A Naval Officer on the Impressment of Seainen and Cor-

poreal Punishment, 1829.

Vol. 50.-Evans (W. D.) Letter to Sir S. Romilly on the Bank

rupt Law, 1810. Haydon (B. R.) on Painting, 1818. Tentamen; or an Essay towards the History of Whittington,

A Letter to Brougham on his Durham Speech, and Three

Articles in the Edinburgh Review, 1823.
Brougham (H.) On the Education of the People, 1825.
Prospectus of the Mount Radford College School, 1828.
Burrow (E. W.) Reply to the Directors of the Institution

at Mount Radford, 1828.
A Statement by the Directors respecting the Rev. E. L.

Burrow, D.D., 1828.
Speech of the Bishop of Exeter on the New Plan of National

Education in Ireland, 1832.
Ridolfi's Critical Letters on the Style of Etty, by Carey,


Marshall (J.) On Emigration to Australia, 1834. Vol. 51.-Northmore (T.) Quadruplet of Inventions.

Newton (T.) Illustration of Sir I. Newton's Method of

Reasoning, 1805.
Paris (J. A.) On the Soils of Cornwall.
Sabine (Capt.) Remarks on Ross's Voyage to Baffin's Bay,

Ross (Capt.) Explanation of Capt. Sabine's Remarks, 1819.
Cagnoli (A.) Method of Ascertaining the Figure of the

Earth, with Notes by Baily, 1819.
Wingrove (B.) Remarks on Turnpike Roads, 1821.
Stephenson (A.) On the Culture of Silk, 1826.
Pasley (Lt. Col.) On Weights, Measures, and Money, 1831.

Holdsworth (A. H.) On the Revolving Rudder.
Vol. 52.-Green (Jas.) On the Turnpike Road between Exeter and

Holdsworth (A. H.) Speech at Dartmouth on Moving the

Address to the King, 1821.
Copy of a Correspondence between S. Sweetland, E. Woolmer,

and W. Tucker, respecting a Trial, 1824.
Holdsworth (A. H.) On the Monopoly of the Landed

Interests, 1826.

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