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Vol. 64.-Weatherhead (G. H.) An Account of the Beulah Saline
Spa, 1833.

Hancock (J.) Observations on the Climate, &c., of British
Guiana, 1835.

Tradescant Lay (G.) Trade with China, a Letter addressed
to the British Public, 1837.

Bowring (J.) Observations on the Oriental Plague and on
Quarantines, 1838.

Couch (J.) A Cornish Fauna, 1838.

Johnston (C.) The History and Antiquities of Stepney, 1839.
Dillwyn (L. W.) Contributions towards a History of
Swansea, 1840.

Holdsworth (A. H.) Dartmouth; the Advantages of its
Harbour as a Station for Foreign Mail Packets, 1841.
Vivian (E.) The Climate of Torquay, 1846.

Bullock (Capt.) The Chinese Vindicated, 1847.

Vol. 65. Lawrence (W.) Two Introductory Lectures on Comparative Anatomy and Physiology, 1816.

Ferrall (J. M.) Observations on the Treatment of Varicose
Veins, 1835.

Bennett (J. H.) An Address to the Members of the Royal
Medical Society, Edinburgh, 1836.

James (J. H.) The Retrospective Address in Surgery, from
July, 1836 to July, 1839, delivered before the Meeting
of the Provincial Medical Association at Liverpool, 1839.
Budd (G.) On the Increased Thickness of the Parietes of one
of the Ventricles of the Heart, 1838. Report of Twenty
Cases of Malignant Cholera in the Dreadnought, 1838.
Shapter (T.) The Retrospective Address delivered at the
Eleventh Anniversary Meeting of the Provincial, Medical,
and Surgical Association at Leeds, 1843.

A Statement by the Society of Apothecaries on their Admin-
istration of the Apothecaries' Act, 1844.

Hilton (J.) An Introductory Lecture, delivered at Guy's
Hospital, 1845.

Shapter (T.) Health of Towns Commission Report on the
State of Exeter, 1845.

Lawrence (W.) The Hunterien Oration, 1846.

Paget (Jas.) The Motives to Industry in the Study of
Medicine, 1846.

Vol. 65.-Budd (G.) An Introductory Lecture read to the Middle Classes in King's College, 1847.

Shapter (T.) Medicine an Art, and its Truths to be attained, 1848.

Guggenbühl, Rapport sur le Traitement du Crétinisme dans l'Etablissement de l'Abendberg, 1848.

Budd (W.) Malignant Cholera: Its Mode of Propagation and its Prevention, 1849.

Vol. 66.-Directions for forming a Library, 1766.

Tucker (A. G. C.) Remarks on the opinion of three of the
Judges in Lord Clinton's case; and An Analysis of the
principal arguments adduced by Mr. Shadwell, 1819. An
Answer to the principal arguments adduced by the Attorney
in the same case, 1820.

Substance of Dr. Tucker's Speech on the Claims of the
Princess of Cumberland, 1823.

An Address to the Members of the Literary and Philosophical
Societies of Cornwall and Devon, 1835.

Bacon (J.) A Letter to Sir Robert Peel on the Cultivation
and Improvement of the Fine Arts, 1843.

Herschel (Sir J. F. W.) Instructions for making and
registering Meteorological Observations in Southern Africa.
Edwards (E.) A Letter to Benjamin Hawes, Esq., being
strictures on the "Minutes of Evidence" taken before the
Committee of the British Museum, 1836.

Cruttwell (R.) The unequal distribution of National Wealth,
Pauperism, &c., 1836.

The Stepney Union, 1838.

Scott (R.) The Athenian Ballot, and Secret Suffrage, 1838.
Gidley (J.) An Argument on the Triennial Election of
Aldermen, 1840.

Reply to the Same, 1840.

Brodie (W. B.) A Letter to Sir Robert Peel on the sup-
pression of the Country Banks of Issue, 1840.

Moore (W. D.) An Address to the Members of the Western
Annuity Society, 1841.

The Nature of Currency demonstrated, 1842.

French Claims.-Appeal of the Baron de Bode to the House
of Commons, 1836.

Billet (Jas.) Institutes of Political Economy, adapted to all
Nations, 1848.

Vol. 67. Twanley (J.) Dairying Exemplified, 1784.

Rumford (Count) An Essay on the construction of Kitchen
Fire-places, 1800.

Grant (J.) Remarks on the Large Hedges and Small
Enclosures of Devonshire, 1844.

Tanner (H.) Prize Report on the Farming of Devonshire,

Caird (Jas.) High Farming, under liberal covenants, the best substitute for Protection, 1849.

The Position and Prospects of Steam Navigation in 1840.
Remarks on the projected Plymouth and Exeter Railway,

Reply to "Observations of the Great Western Railway
Company on the Report of the Gauge Commissioners,


Lushington (H.) The Broad and Narrow Gauge, 1846.
Gamble (D. P.) A Statement of Facts on the subject of the
Electric Telegraph, 1847.

Vining (J. T.) A Letter to the Inhabitants of Yeovil on the
importance of the South Western Railway Schemes, 1847.
An Address to the Proprietors of the South Devon Railway,

A Short Review of the History of the Navigation Laws of
England, 1849.

Vol. 68.- Halifax (S.) An Analysis of the Roman Civil Law,


Harford (J. S.) An Account of the Life, Death, and Prin-
ciples of Thomas Payne, 1819.

Davison (J.) A Reply to an Article in the Edinburgh
Review, entitled "Parliamentary Inquiry," 1820.
Leigh (W.) Lady Hewley Rediviva, in Vindication of the
Rev. R. B. Bradley against Mr. M. Montgomery, 1837.
Macnamara (Maj.) The Condition of the British Army,

Collier (J. P.) Reasons for a New Edition of Shakespeare's
Works, 1841.

Bird (C.) Letters on the Laws and Constitution of Great
Britain and Ireland, 1844.

The Adventures of a £1000. Note; or, Railway Ruin
Reviewed, 1848.

Vol. 69.-Batailles de Leipsick, 1814.

Mémoires sur l'état des Israélites, 1819.

Macaulay (T. B.) Pompeii, A Poem, 1819.

Chateaubriand (Le Vicomte de) De la Censure que l'on vient d'établir, 1824.

Walker (D. F.) An Epitome of Astronomy, 1830.

Graves (J. T.) Abstract of a Memoir on the Theory of
Exponential Functions.

Pellegrini (G.)

Segato, 1835.

Relazione della Scoperta da Girolamo

Two Numbers of the Mechanic's Magazine, 1846-7.

Gisela: A Tragedy, 1839.

Barham (F.) The Adamus Exul of Grotius, or, The Prototype of Paradise Lost, 1839.

Thomson (Lt. Col.) The Theory of Parallels, 1840.

Croll (A. A.) On the Construction and Use of Gas Meters, 1845.

Recherches sur les Iles du Contentin, &c., 1846.

Tutschek (C.) A Grammar of the Galla Language, 1845. Vol. 70.-Marsh (H.) An Appendix to the "Comparative View of the Churches of England and Rome," 1816.

Forster (C.) A Vindication of the Theory of Mahometanism unveiled, 1830.

Ecclesiastical Legislation, 1836.

Presbyterian Rights asserted, 1839.

Barnes (R. W.) The Authority due to the Opinions of the
Rev. H. E. Head on Apostolic Succession considered,

Marriott (C.) A Lecture delivered at the Diocesan College,
Chichester, 1840.

Considerations on Marriage with a deceased Wife's Sister,
by a Barrister, 1840.

Observations on the Prohibition of Marriage in certain. degrees, 1841.

The Marriage Law Considered, by Phinehas Philogamos,

Reynolds (H. R.) A Letter to the Bishop of London on the
Law of Marriage, 1841.

Billet (Jas.) A Brief Eulogy of Calvin, 1844.


Vol. 70.-A Letter from an Irish Proprietor to the Ministers of Religion of the District, 1847.

Vol. 71.-Morres (R.) An Address to his Parishioners, 1799. Questions answered connected with the Irish Church Bills, 1835.

Selwyn Are Cathedral Institutions useless? 1838.

Remarks on Mr. Head's Letter on Apostolic Succession, and on Mr. Neville's Answer, 1839.

Blunt (W.) Dissenter's Baptisms and Church Burials, 1841.
Holmes (J. I.) A Vindication of the Church of England
against the Errors of the Plymouth Brethren, 1842.

Barter (W. B.) A Word in Defence of our Altars and
Catholic Church, 1843.

Benson (C.) The Rubrics and Canons of the Church of
England considered, 1845.

Hardy (C. le) Reasons for the Restoratiou of the Order of
Deacon, 1845.

Walkey (C. E.) The Church and the Universities, 1847.
A Correspondence between the Rev. W. Maskell and the
Rev. H. Jenkyns, 1846.

Are not the Clergy arraying themselves against the Church
and Queen? A Question by M. A., 1848.

Vol. 72.-Huyshe (F.) Brief Notices of Carne's Reasons for withdrawing from the National Establishment, 1820.

Sandford (D. K.) A Letter to the Rev. P. Elmsley, 1822.
Grinfield (E. W.) Vindicia Analogicæ, 1822.

Gathercole (M. A.) A Letter to the Bishop of Bath and
Wells, 1837.

Six Tracts of the Anglican Fathers, 1838.

Sorelli (G.) Answer to Mr. Lucas' Reasons for becoming a
Roman Catholic, 1839.

Tracts for the Times, No. 90, 1841.

A Letter addressed to the Rev. R. W. Jelf, in explanation
of No. 90 of Tracts for the Times, 1841.

Richards (S. C.) A Reply to the Letter of Humphrey
Price to the Bishop of Exeter, 1841.

The Ball, the Mayor, and the Bishop, by Clericus Ignotus,

Ingle (J.) A Letter to the Mayor of Exeter, 1848.

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