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The Library and Reading-Room are open from eight in the morning till ten at night.


The Librarian attends at the opening and closing of the Rooms: he continues in attendance from twelve till four in the afternoon, and from seven to nine in the evening, to deliver and receive Books. No Books are delivered nor received at any other time; nor on Saturdays after four. No Book is taken from the Institution without the knowledge of the Librarian.


The Librarian delivers no Book, except to a Proprietor, or his written order.


The Librarian transmits Books to resident Proprietors by a Messenger; to other Proprietors by such conveyance as they may direct.


The Librarian enters in a Book the Title of any Publication in the Reading-Room required by a Proprietor, with his name and the day of application, if requested to do so by a written order from

the Proprietor naming the Work. When a Country Proprietor has specified the regular days of conveyance, the Librarian does not make his entry of delivery until the first of the day's named following the return of the Book; if the period allowed for reading intervene, it is in the mean time sent to the next resident Proprietor applying. If a Country Proprietor neglect to give directions respecting the conveyance, it is delivered to the next in order.


The Librarian enters in a Book, under the name of each Proprietor, the Title of the Book delivered, the number of volumes, the time allowed for reading, the mode of conveyance, and the date of delivery; he notes also the date of the return.


The Librarian enters in another Book the Title of each Book delivered, with the date, and reference to that page in the Book which contains the account of delivery; and erases such reference on the return of the Book.


The Librarian inspects every Book returned; and, if damaged, reports to the Committee at their next Monthly Meeting. He reports also, at every Monthly Meeting, all Books which have been detained beyond the time allowed; the number of days they have been so detained; and the names of the Proprietors to whom or to whose order they were delivered.


The Librarian presents, at every Monthly Meeting, a List of Fines, with the names of the Proprietors incurring them; which, having been examined and approved by the Committee, is transferred to the Treasurer, and the Fines collected as the Committee direct. The Fines are paid to the Librarian, who collects quarterly all



The Librarian stamps on the Title-page of every Book

admitted into the Library, and on every Engraving, the words, "Devon and Exeter Institution."


The Librarian inserts within the cover of every Book, not restricted from circulation, a printed Label, containing the following particulars: the distinguishing mark of the volume, the time allowed for keeping it, the fine for detention, and such other regulations as are to be constantly observed by the Proprietor.


No Proprietor residing within three miles of Exeter has more than two volumes at the same time; nor any beyond that distance more than four, without special leave of the Committee; unless by paying a double Subscription, when he is entitled to double the number of volumes, provided that only two are New Publications.


A Book admitted into circulation from the Reading-Room, may be kept, if Folio, fourteen days--Quarto, ten days-Octavo, six days-Duodecimo, and below, and Pamphlets, four days. Proprietors not residing in Exeter are allowed four additional days. The days of delivery and return are considered as one day. The number of days allowed is doubled for all Books admitted into the Library, which have not been laid on the Table in the ReadingRoom; but not on the latter until they have completed their circulation according to the List of "Applications for Books." For every day of detention beyond the time, for the first week is paid sixpence a day; second week, one shilling; and for every following week, two shillings, Sundays excepted. No Fine exceeds the catalogue price of the Book.


Books are taken and returned at the expense of the Proprietor, and are not transferred to the name of another Proprietor, until they have been returned to the Library. The Proprietor in whose name they are entered is responsible for all Fines and Damages


previously to their return. In the event of two Country Proprietors being resident under the same roof, their names standing in succession in the "Register of Application for Books," the Book may be transferred to the second Proprietor, without being returned to the Librarian; the first Proprietor to whom the Book was sent being answerable for all Fines and Damages.


If any Damage or Defect be perceived, the Proprietor, on the return of the Book, informs the Librarian.


In all Books presented to the Library are inserted the name of the Donor and the date of the Donation. These Books are circulated-unless a special direction to the contrary is given by the Donor-and are not disposed of without the permission of the Donor, or his Representative.


The Library is inspected twice in each year by three Visitors appointed annually by the Committee.


The Librarian marks on every Book the day on which it was placed in the Reading-Room, and at every Monthly Meeting presents a List of Books then in the Room, with the dates of their admission. The Committee determine on those proper to be admitted into the Library, mark those that are to be restricted from circulation, and direct the manner of Binding.


Any Proprietor removing a Newspaper from the Reading-Room previously to its having been Filed pays a Fine of One Pound. After having been Filed, or Bound, Newspapers (being considered documents of Reference) cannot be removed from the Rooms.


I. The Transfer of Shares is registered by the Treasurer.


The Mode of Transfer is as follows:


Proprietor of a Share

in the Devon and Exeter Institution, do hereby transfer it to on his Signing the Rules, and paying the Sum of

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