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*Cooper (C. P.) Parliamentary Proceedings as to the

Court of Chancery, House of Lords, and Bankruptcy, 8vo.

Lond. 1828 +Crabb (G.) A Digest and Index, with a Chronological Table of all the Statutes, 4 v. 8vo.

1841 Craig (J.) Elements of Political Science, 3 v. 8vo. Edin. 1814 +*Cunningham (T.) A Law Dictionary, or, A General Abridgment of the Law, 2 v. fol.

Lond. 1764 Curran (J. P.) Speeches on State Trials, 8vo.


Dalrymple (J.) An Essay on Feudal Property, 8vo.

1758 De Lolme (J. L.) The Constitution of England, or, An Account of the English Government, 8vo.

1781 * Dickson (W.) The Mitigation of Slavery, 8vo.

1814 Digest of Evidence on Occupation of Land in Ireland, parts 1, 2, 8vo.

Dublin 1847 + Dugdale (Sir W.) Origines Juridiciales, fol.

Lond. 1680


* Erskine (T.) Speeches on Subjects connected with the

Liberty of the Press, and against Constructive Treason,

4 v. 8vo. +* Evans (W. D.) A Collection of Statutes, arranged

according to the Order of Subjects, with Notes, 8 v.

8vo. * Evans (W. D.) A View of Lord Mansfield's Decisions,

2 v. in 1, 4to. *Exeter Poor Laws, 8vo.


1801 1785

Fairman (W.) An Account of the Public Funds, 8vo.
Fleetwood (Bp.) Chronicon Preciosum, 8vo.
Fletcher (A.) The Political Works of, 8vo.
* Francklin (Major) Tracts, Political, Geographical, and

Commercial, on Ava and Hindustan, 8vo.

1816 1745 1737


+Gibson (E.) Codex Juris Ecclesiastici Anglicani, 2 v. fol.

Oxford 1761 *Gostling (G.) Extracts from the Treaties between

Great Britain and other Kingdoms, relative to the
Duty of the Commanders of Ships of War, 4to. Lond. 1792

*Grant (R.) The Expediency maintained of continuing

the System of Trade and Government of India as now regulated, 8vo.

Lond. 1813 *Gregor (F.) Political Tracts, 8vo.

Exeter 1816 Grotius (H.) The Rights of War and Peace, translated from the Latin by Campbell, 3 v. 8vo.

Pontefract 1814 Guizot (F.) A General History of Civilization in Europe, translated from the French, 8vo.

Oxford 1838

Hamilton (R.) An Enquiry concerning the National
Debt, 8vo.

Edin. 1813 *Hampden (J.) In the Nineteenth Century, or, Collo

quies on the Errors and Improvement of Society, 2 v. 8vo.

Lond. 1834 *Harper (S.) Practical Hints for Abstracting Title Deeds, 8vo.

1817 *Howard (J.) The State of the Prisons in England and Wales, 4to.

Warrington 1784 *Howard (J.) An Account of the Principal Lazarettos in Europe, 4to.


* Institutes of Hindu Law, or, Ordinances of Menu, translated from the Sanscrit, 4to.

Calcutta 1794

*Jersey, A Code of Laws for the Island of, 8vo.

1771 Justinianus (D.) Institutionum Libri Quatuor: The Four

Books of Justinian's Institution, with a translation into
English, with Notes, by Harris, 4to.

Oxford 1811

* Lauderdale (The Earl of) An Enquiry into the Nature and Origin of Public Wealth, 8vo.

Lond. 1804 +Laws of the Stannaries of Cornwall, 8vo.

1752 Leckie (G. F.) An Historical Research into the Nature of the Balauce of Power in Europe, 8vo.

1817 *Lee (Sir G.) Reports of Cases in the Ecclesiastical Courts, from 1752 to 1758, 2 v. 8vo.

1833 * Le Livre des Recompences et des Peines, en Chinois et

en Français, traduit par Stanislas Julien, 8vo. Paris 1835 Lyndwood (Gul.) Provinciale, seu Constitutiones Angliæ, fol.

Oxon 1679

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quer, fol.

M'Culloch (J. R.) The Principles of Political Economy, 8vo.

Edin. 1826 + M'Culloch (J. R.) A Dictionary of Commerce and Commercial Navigation, 8vo.

Lond. 1844 M'Culloch (J. R.) A Treatise on Taxation and the Funding System, 8vo.

1845 Madox (T.) The History and Antiquities of the Exche

1711 * Madox (T.) The Ancient Dialogue concerning the Exchequer, 4to.

1758 Malthus (T. R.) An Essay on the Principle of Population, 3 v. 8vo.

1807 * May (T. E.) A Treatise upon the Laws, Privileges, Proceedings, and Usages of Parliament, 8vo.

1844 *Merivale (H.) Lectures on Colonization and Colonies, 2 v. 8vo.

1840 Mill (J. S.) The Principles of Political Economy, 2 v. 8vo.

1848 * Molloy (C.) De Jure Maritimo et Navali, or, A

Treatise of Affairs Maritime and of Commerce, 8vo. 1772 Montesquieu (Baron de) de l’Esprit des Loix, 4 t. 12mo.

1757 More (Sir T.) Utopia, with Notes, and a Biographical Introduction, by Dibdin, 4to.



* Nalson (J.) A True Copy of the Journal of tbe Trial

of King Charles I., fol. *Nield (Jas.) The State of the Prisons in England,

Scotland, and Wales, 4to.


Owen (R.) A New View of Society, or, Essays on the

formation of the Human Character, 8vo.


+ Pailliet (J. B.J.) Manuel de Droit Français, contenant les Cinq Codes, &c., 8vo.

Paris 1826 Pamphleteer, or, A Collection of the best Pamphlets, Political, &c., 29 v. 8vo.

Lond. 1813 Paris (J. A.) and Fonblanque (J. S. M.) Medical Jurisprudence, 3 v. 8vo.


* Parliamentary Proceedings on the Climbing Boy Abolition, fol.

Lond. 1818 + * Parliamentary Writs, and Writs of Military Summons, collected and edited by Palgrave, 2 v. in 4, fol.

1827 Parnell (Sir H.) On Financial Reform, 8vo.

1830 + Pearce (T.) The Laws and Customs of the Stannaries in the Counties of Cornwall and Devon, fol.

1725 Petty (Sir W.) Essays on Political Arithmetic, 8vo.

1697 + * Postlethwayt (M.) The Dictionary of Trade and Commerce, 2 v. fol.

1751 * Pothier (R. J.) A Treatise on the Law of Obligation

or Contracts, translated from the French by Evans, 2 v. 8vo.

1800 * Pufendorf (S.) The Law of Nature and Nations, translated from the Latin, fol.

Oxford 1710 Pufendorfius (S.) De Officio Honinis et Civis juxta Legem Natularem, libri 2, a Johnson, 8vo.

Lond. 1748

Raithby (J.) The Study and Practice of the Law, 8vo. 1816 Ramohun Roy (Rajah) An Exposition of the Judicial and Revenue Systems of India, 8vo.

1832 * Recopilacion de Leyes de los Reynos de las Indias, 4 t. fol.

Madrid 1774 Reeves (J.) A History of the English Law, 5 v. 8vo. Lond. 1814 * Reports of the Society for bettering the Condition of the Poor, 6 v. 8vo.

1805 Reports, General and Local, on the Sanitary Condition of

the Labouring Popnlation of Great Britain, with a Supplementary Report, by Chadwick, 4 v. 8vo.

1842 * Report on the Employment of Women and Children in Agriculture, 8vo.

1843 Report of the Metropolitan Commissioners in Lunacy, with a Supplemental Report, 2 v. 8vo.

1844 Ricardo (D.) The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, 8vo.

1816 * Robinson (C.) Reports of Cases in the High Court of Admiralty, 2 v. 8vo.

1810 Roscoe (W.) Observations on Penal Jurisprudence, 8vo. 1819 * Royer-Collard (P.) Lettres sur la Cour de la Chan

cellerie d'Angleterre, avec Notes et Appendices par Cooper, 8vo.

Paris 1830

* Sacheverell (H.) The Tryal of, before the House of Peers, 8vo.

Lond. 1710 +* Scotland, The Acts of the Parliaments of, v. 2 to 11, fol.

1814 Selkirk (The Earl of) Observations on Emigration, 8vo.

Edin. 1806 * Sidney (A.) Discourses on Government, 2 v. 8vo.

1756 Sinclair (Sir J.) The History of the Public Revenue of the British Empire, 3 v. 8vo.

Lond. 1803 Smith (A.) An Enquiry into the Wealth of Nations, by Buchanan, 4 v. 8vo.

Edin. 1814 State Trials, from 1163 to 1820, with Index, by Howell, 34 v. 8vo.

Lond 1814-28 +*Statutes of the Realm, from Original Records and Authentic M.S.S., v 1 to 9, in 10, fol.

1810 **Statutes of the Realm, Alphabetical Index to, fol.

1824 +*Statutes of the Realm, Chronological Index to, fol. 1828 +Statutes at Large from Magna Charta, 89 v. 8vo.

1762-1849 + Statutes at Large, Chronological Index to, by Lowndes, 8vo.

1831 * Statutes relating to the Admiralty, Navy, &c., 4to.

1768 *Stephens (Jas.) The Slavery of the British West India Colonies delineated, 2 v. 8vo.

1824 Steuart (Sir Jas.) The Works of, 6 v. 8vo.

1805 Strong (F.) Greece as a Kingdom, or, A Statistical Description of that Country, 8vo.


Taylor (J.) Elements of the Civil Law, 4to.

Camb. 1755 Taylor (W. C.) The Natural History of Society in the Barbarous aud Civilized State, 2 v. 8vo.

Lond. 1840 Tocqueville (A. de) Democracy in America, translated from the French by Reeve, 4 v. 8vo.

1836 +Tomlins (Sir T. E.) The Law Dictionary, 2 v. 4to. 1820 *Tucker (A.) Observations on the Case of the Marquis

Cholmondeley and Mrs. Damer, versus Lord Clinton, with the Report of the Case, by Merivale, 8vo.


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