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By a Perfon of Honour.

Printed for 7. H. in the Year


Disquisition to the Dying Christian."






[See No. 14.]





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I DAVENANT's (Sir William) WORKS, published out of the Author's originall copies, first collected edition, fine portrait engraved by Faithorne (cut round and mounted), INSERTED IS A FINE MEZZOTINT PORTRAIT OF A LADY, thk. folio, russia, binding broken, a very large clean copy, £5 1673

2 DAVENANT's (Sir Wm.) DRAMATIC WORKS, with prefatory memoir and notes by James Maidment and W. H. Logan, ONE OF ONLY FOUR COPIES PRINTED ON VELLUM, 5 vols bound in 6, 8vo, vellum, uncut, £5 10s Edinb., Paterson, 1872-74 3 DAVENANT's (Sir William) THE IUST ITALIAN, lately presented in the priuate house at Blacke Friers by His Maiesties Seruants, FIRST EDITION, RARE, sm. 4to, half calf, two leaves very slightly defective and a few headlines shaved, £4 4s

Thomas Harper for Iohn Waterson, 1630 From the Mitford, Kershaw, and Huth libraries. 4 DAVENANT's (Sir William) MADAGASCAR, WITH OTHER POEMS, THE FIRST EDITION, EXTREMELY RARE, 12mo, crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, bound by Riviere, £10 10s John Haviland for Thomas Walkly, 1638

With commendatory poems by Sir J. Suckling, T. Carew, W. Habington, and Endimion Porter. Pp. 37-8 contain the verses, In Remembrance of Master William Shakespeare."

5 DAVENANT's (Sir William) Gondibert: an heroick poem, FIRST EDITION, 4to, A VERY LARGE COPY IN THE ORIGINAL CALF, £3 10s Tho. Newcomb for John Holden, 1651 Another copy of the above edition, A VERY FINE COPY, polished calf extra, gilt edges, bound by F. Bedford, with autograph "Edmond Waller" on fly-leaf, £3 5s


ib. 1651 With preface by Thos. Hobbes and commendatory poems by Edmond Waller and Abraham Cowley. This poem on its appearance was attacked by the wits of the day, to which the Author replied. Butler quizzes it in his argument to the first canto of Hudibras.

7 DAVENANT's (Sir Willlam) GONDIBERT: an heroick poem. THE 12MO EDITION, calf, £1 1s Printed for John Holden, 1651

With errata leaf and the last page of the postscript in duplicate.

8 DAVENANT's (Sir William) Gondibert: an heroick poem, 12mo, original calf, No name or place, 1651

£2 2s

This copy has the very rare variant of the title-page (see facsimile opposite). It has not got the leaf of errata, but has, as usual, the last page of the postscript in duplicate.

9 DAVENANT's (Sir William) THE SIEGE OF RHODES, made a representation by the art of prospective in scenes, and the story sung in recitative music, at the Cock-Pit in Drury Lane, sm. 4to, sewn, one or two headlines slightly shaved, RARE, £2 10s

J. M. for Henry Herringman, 1659

The first part, the original version before it was enlarged.

10 DAVENANT's (Sir William) THE SIEGE OF RHODES, the first and second part, as they were lately represented at His Highness the Duke of York's Theatre in Lincolns-Inn Fields, the first part being lately enlarg'd, FIRST COMPLETE EDITION, 4to, sewn, good copy, scarce, £3 3s Henry Herringman, 1663

11 DAVENANT's (Sir William) THE SIEGE OF RHODES, the first and second part, as they were lately represented at His Highness the Duke of York's Theatre in Lincoln's Inne Fields, the first part being lately enlarged, sm. 4to, half calf, slightly stained, 12s 6d Henry Herringman, 1670 12 DAVENANT's (Sir William) Two EXCELLENT PLAYS: The Wits, a comedy; The Platonick Lovers, a tragi-comedy, 8vo, old calf, rebacked, scarce, £2 5s 13 DAVENANT's (Sir William) THE MAN'S THE MASTER, a comedy, FIRST EDITION, sm. 4to, half calf, a few headlines slightly cut, 18s Henry Herringman, 1669 14 [DAVENANT's (Sir William)] THE RATIONAL SCEPTIST, by a Person of Honour, 12mo, sewn, four catchwords slightly cut into, £6 6s

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1690 Twelve leaves (A to C in fours, A 1 blank). See facsimile of title opposite. THIS IS AN HITHERTO UNKNOWN AND UNDESCRIBED EDITION OF DAVENANT'S POEM, 'The Philosophers Disquisition directed to the Dying Christian." It is difficult to understand why it should have been printed at this time without the Author's name, unless it was that the publisher printed it from an unsigned manuscript, and was equally unaware of the fact that it was the work of Sir Wm. Davenant, and that it had already been printed in the folio of 1673.

MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS: Ancient and Modern.

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Physique et Mineralogique du Mont-Blanc et des Montagnes et Vallées qui l'avoisment, folded to 8vo, in slip case, 4s 6d Genève [1799] ALPINE.-Journal of Six Weeks' Adventures in Switzerland, Piedmont, and on the Italian Lakes, by W. L[ongman] and H. T., folding map, cr. 8vo, cloth, presentation copy from W. Longman, with autograph inscription signed, 6s ALPINE.-Souvenir du Mont-Blanc et de Chamouni, 24 lithographic plates, cr. 8vo, wrappers, 2s AMERICA.-Chalmer's (G.) Opinions on Interesting Subjects of Public Law and Commercial Policy arising from American Independence, 1784-Burke's (Ed.) Speech upon certain points relative to his Parliamentary Conduct, 1780-Anticipation, containing the substance of His M- -y's Speech to both H- -s of P-1-t, 1778— Three Letters to Ed. Burke on the state of Public Affairs, &c., by an Old Whig, 1796 -and another by W. Eden, no title-page, in one vol, 8vo, calf, 7s 6d AMERICA.-Wilson (Thos.) Brief Journal of the Life, Travels, &c., of, 12mo, calf, joints cracked, 3s 1784 AMERICA.-Watson's (R.) Apology for the Bible, in a series of letters addressed to Thomas Paine, 12mo, calf, 2s

15 AERONAUTICS.-A Collection of Twenty- 26 ALPINE. Raymond's (J. B.) Carte six Vauxhall Gardens Bills, all advertising balloon ascents, including A Race between Two Balloons conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Green and Mr. and Mrs. W. Green, illustrated, 1836-Ascent of the Nassau Balloon, illustrated, 1837 Race by Three Balloons, conducted by Mrs. Graham, the Celebrated Female Aeronaut; Mr. H. Bell; and a third Aeronaut of Celebrity, 1851Ascent of Mr. Van Amburgh, and a Bengal Tiger, in the Nassau Balloon, 1838-Night Ascent by Mr. Green-The Last Ascent but one by Mr. Green-&c., all in good condition, the lot, £1 1s 16 AERONAUTICS.-Sanson's (A. J.) L'Aéronautique des gens du monde, Paris, 1843 –David's (L.) Solution du problème de la Navigation dans l'Air, Paris, 1864-Tissandier (G.) Le Grand Balloon Captif a Vapeur de H. Giffard, numerous illustrations, Paris, 1878-Navigation Aérienne, système Debayeux, Paris, 1880-Aérostats et Aérostation Militaire, par G. Yon et E. Surcouf, folding plate, Paris, 1889-scarce collection of tracts, the lot, 12s 6d 17 AFRICA.-Bonaparte (Joseph L. M.) Sketch of the Life of, including a Journey to Africa, written by Himself, 50 pp., 8vo, bds., 2s 6d Privately printed, Perth, 1837 18 ALBEMARLE's (Duke of) Observations upon Military and Political Affairs, fine folding half-length portrait of the Duke of Albemarle in armour, folio, calf, 8s 6d 1671 32 19 ALETHEO (Theo.) Polygamia Triumphatrix, id est discursus politicus de Polygamia, cum notis A. Vincentii, sm. 4to, fine old red morocco, full gilt back, gilt edges, 7s 6d 1682 20 ALMANACH NOCTURNE, a l'usage du grand monde, seize centuries d'une historiette nocturne, prédictions nouvelles, &c., par Mme. la Marquise, D.N.N.C., 12mo, unbound, 2s 6d

Imprimé a Nuitz, 1741 21 ALMANACKS.—Collection of Eight Almanacks for 1791, in one vol, sm. 8vo, calf, 2s 6d Contains the Gentleman's Diary, the Ladies' Diary, Old Poor Robin, &c.

22 ALMANACS (Eight) for 1804, including
the Ladies' Diary, Moore's Vox Stellarum,
Partridge's Merlinus Liberatus, Poor
Robin's Almanack, Season's Speculum
Anni, &c., 12mo, morocco gilt, 2s 6d 1804
23 ALMANACS (Six), including Poor Robin,
F. Moore, and Gentleman's Diary, 1804 to
1807, in one vol, 12mo, calf, 2s 6d

24 ALMANACH DE GOTHA, 1819, two por-
traits and plates, 18mo, bds., 2s 6d 1819
25 ALPINE.-Schlagintweit (A. et H.) Obser-
vations sur la hauteur du Mont-Rose, 4to,
sewn, ls 6d
Turin, 1853



Reprinted at Lichfield by T. Collier, 1797 AMERICA.-Gridley's (Selah) Mill of the Muses, 12mo, calf, stained, 2s 6d Exeter [N.H.], 1828 33 AMERICA.—Perkins' (J. B.) France in the American Revolution, cr. 8vo, cloth, as 1911 new, 3s 34 AMERICAN POETS.-The Poets of the West: a selection of favourite American poems, with memoirs of their Authors, illustrated by F. O. C. Darley, J. Cropsey, J. H. Hill, Birket Foster, &c., 8vo, cloth, 3s 1859 35 ANECDOTES. - [Lemarié (Sr.)] Nouveau Dictionnaire d'Anecdotes, ou l'Art d'Éviter l'Ennui, &c., 2 vols, 12mo, half calf, 4s 6d Liege et Lille, 1781-89 Bon-mots, Jeu d'esprits, &c., MANUSCRIPT, neatly written on 95 pages, partly indexed, autograph signature on fly-leaf M. A. Hollings, inserted is An Essay towards a short Character of [Richard] Hollings but little different from what appeared in Publick soon after his Death, by A. B." sm. 4to, half bound, 4s 6d 1830



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R. Hollings married the eldest daughter of Lord Chief Justice Willes. 37 ANTHOLOGY.-Beeching (H. C., Editor) Lyra Sacra: a book of religious verse, cr. 1895 8vo, buckram, 3s

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