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CLOQUET (HIPPOLITE). See Journals, &c. Nouveau journal de médecine. 8° 1818, &c.

- Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme, comparée à celle des animaux; vol. 1. 4° Paris, 1826.

CLOQUET (JULES). See Journals, &c. Nouveau journal de médecine. 8° 1818, &c.

Anatomie de l'homme, ou déscription et figures lithographiées de toutes les parties du corps humain, publiée par C. de Lasteyrie; tom 1, ostéologie; tom. 11, myologie; tom. III, névrologie; tom. Iv, angiologie; tom. v, splanchnologie et embryotomie; 5 pts. fol. Paris, 1821-1831. CLUSIO (CARLO). See Horto (G. dell'). Due libri dell' historia dei semplici, &c. 8o 1582.

COCCHI (ANTONIO). De usu artis anatomicæ oratio. 4o Florentiæ,


The Pythagorean diet of vegetables only conducive to the preservation of health and the cure of diseases; a discourse translated from the Italian. 8° London, 1745.

Veterum medicorum chirurgica quædam antehac desiderata, Græca et Latina; [viz.] Sorani de fracturarum signis. Oribasius de fractis et de luxatis. fol. Florentiæ, 1754. COCKBURN (WILLIAM).

An account of the nature, causes, symptoms and cure of the distempers incident to seafaring people; with observations on the diet of the seamen of His Majesty's navy. 12° London, 1696.

A continuation of the account of the nature, causes, symptoms and cure of the distempers that are incident to seafaring people; to which is prefix'd an essay concerning the quantity of blood that is to be evacuated in fevers. 12° London, 1697.

Profluvia ventris; or the nature and causes of loosenesses plainly discovered. 12° London, 1701.

Sea diseases; or a treatise of their nature, causes and cure; also an essay on bleeding in fevers. 8° London, 1706.

CODDINGTON (HENRY). A treatise on the eye. See Coddington (H.). A treatise on the reflexion......of light, &c. 8o 1829, &c. (Optics.) COITER (VOLCHER). Externarum et internarum principalium humani corporis partium tabulæ atque anatomicæ exercitationes observationesque variæ. fol. Norimberga, 1572.

COLLADON (L. THÉOD. FRÉDÉRIC). Histoire......médicale des casses, &c. See Colladon (L. T. F.). Histoire naturelle et médicale, &c. 4o 1816. (Botany.)


ACTA medicorum Berolinensium; 10 vols. 8° Berolini, 1719-1722. COLLECTION (a) of the yearly bills of mortality. See Collections. Collection, &c. 4° 1759. (Miscellaneous.)

LONDON'S dreadful visitation; or, a collection of all the bills of mortality for 1665. 4° London, 1665.

MEDICAL facts and observations [edited by S. F. Simmons]; 8 vols. 8° London, 1791-1800.

Intended as a sequel to the London Medical Journal.

OPUSCULA omnia actis erud. Lips. inserta quæ ad......physicam...... pertinent. See Collections. Opuscula omnia, &c. 4o 1740. (Miscellaneous.)

COLLINGNON (CHARLES). Medical and moral tracts; (structure of the human body, 1771; introduction to anatomy, 1763; reflections on

the art of physic inseparably connected with the prosperity of the State, 1765; moral and medical dialogues, 1769;) 4 vols. 80 Cambridge,


COLLINSON (PETER). Memoirs. See Lettsom (J. C.). Memoirs of S. Fothergill, &c. 8° 1786.

COLOMBIER (JEAN). See Anonymous. Préceptes sur la santé des gens de guerre. 8° 1775.

Code de médecine militaire pour le service de terre, en 3 parties; la prém. traite de la santé des gens de guerre; la 2de des hopitaux militaires; et la 3me des maladies des gens de guerre; 5 vols. 12° Paris, 1772.

COLUMBUS (REALDUS). De re anatomica libri xv. fol. Venetiis, 1559. COMBE (GEORGE). Case of Mr. N. presenting disease in the organs of combativeness on the left side. 8° London, 1836. COMPARETTI (ANDREAS). Observationes......anatomicæ oculo. See Comparetti (A.). Observationes dioptricæ, &c. 4° 1798. (Optics.) Osservazioni sulla......China. See Comparetti (A.). Osservazioni, &c. 8° 1794. (Botany.)

Observationes anatomicæ de aure interna comparata. 4° Patavii,


Occursus medici de vaga ægritudine infirmitatis nervorum. 8° Venetiis, 1780.

Riscontri medici delle febri larvate periodiche perniciose; 2 pts. 8° Padova, 1795.

Saggio della scuola clinica nello spedale di Padova. 8° Padova,


CONDAMINE (CH. MARIE). A discourse on inoculation. 8° London, 1755.

CONNOR (BERNARDUS). De stupendo ossium coalitu; de immani hypogastrii sarcomate. See Connor (B.). Dissertationes medico-physicæ, &c. 80 1695. (Geology)

Letters relating to physick. See Connor (B.). The history of Poland. 8° 1698. (Miscellaneous.)

Evangelium medici; seu medicina mystica; de suspensis naturæ legibus, sive de miraculis. 12° Londini, 1697.

COÑOLLY (JOHN). See Forbes (J.), Tweedie (A.), and Conolly (J.). The cyclopædia of......medicine. 8° 1832.

CONRADI (JOHANNES FRIDERICUS). De passione iliaca; præside F. Hoffmanno. 40 Hale Magdeburgi [1716].

CONWELL (W. E. E.). Recherches sur les propriétés médicinales et l'emploi en médecine de l'huile de croton tiglium, et quelques propositions sur les maladies de l'Inde. 4° Paris, 1824.

COOKE (JAMES). Mellificium chirurgia: or, the marrow of chirurgery; to which is added anatomy, and also the marrow of physick. 8° London, 1676.

COOKE (JOHN). A treatise on nervous diseases; vol. I, on apoplexy, including water in the head; vol. II, pt. 1st, history and method of cure of the various species of palsy; pt. 2, of epilepsy; 3 vols. 8° London,


COOPER (Sir ASTLEY). A treatise on dislocations, and on fractures of the joints. 4° London, 1822.

Illustrations of the diseases of the breast; pt. 1. 4° London, 1829. The anatomy and surgical treatment of inguinal and congenital hernia; 2 vols. fol. London, 1804 & 1807.

COOPER (Sir ASTLEY). The anatomy of the thymus gland. 4° London, 1832. COOPER (Sir ASTLEY) and TRAVERS (B.). Surgical essays; 2 vols. 8° London, 1818 & 1819.

A third volume or part was promised, but I doubt whether it has ever been published.


Lectures on anatomy, interspersed with cri

tical remarks; 4 vols. 8° London, 1829-1832.

Surgical essays, the result of clinical observations made at Guy's Hospital. 8° London, 1833.

COOPER (GUILIELMUS). Catalogus librorum medicorum. 4o [London, 1686].

COOPER (SAMUEL). A dictionary of practical surgery. 8° London,


Illustrations of [S. C.'s] surgical dictionary published monthly; No 1-6. 8° London, 1830 & 1831.

The Hunterian oration; delivered in the theatre of the Royal College of Surgeons in London on the 14th of Feb. 1832. 8° London, 1832.

CROIX (FRANÇOIS BOISSIER de SAUVAGES de la). See Sauvages de la Croix (F. B. de).

CONSEIL D'ÉTAT. Arrêt, qui fixe l'établissement de quatre nouveaux hôpitaux pour la ville de Paris, à l'hôpital Saint Louis, à l'hôpital SainteAnne, aux hospitalières de la Roquette, et à l'Abbaye Royale de SaintPérine à Chaillot, du 22 Juin 1787. 4° Paris, 1787.

COPLAND (JAMES). A dictionary of practical medicine; pt. 1. 8o London, 1832.

Of pestilential cholera, its nature, prevention and curative treatment. 12° London, 1832.

CORBAUX (FRANCIS). On the natural and mathematical law concerning population, vitality and mortality, &c. See Corbaux (F.). On the natural, &c. 8° 1833. (Mathematics.)

CORNARIUS (JANUS). See Paulus Egineta. Opera medica. 8°


CORVISART (JEAN NICOLAS). See Journals, &c. Journal de médecine, &c. 12° an IX, &c.

COSTA CAETANO (CASIMIRUS da). Dissertatio inauguralis medica, de studio medico. 4° Lugduni Batavorum, 1767.

COULSON (WILLIAM). On the disease of the hip joint; with plain and coloured plates. 4° London, 1837.

COURT de GEBELIN (ANTOINE). Sur le magnétisme animal. See Court de Gebelin (A.). Lettre de l'auteur du monde primitif. 4° 1784. (Electricity.) COWPER (WILLIAM). Anatomy of human bodies, with figures drawn after the life and engraven in 114 copper plates, illustrated with explications containing chirurgical observations. fol. Oxford, 1698. - Glandularum quarundam, nuper detectarum, ductuumque earum excretoriorum descriptio; cui accessit Evxaptaria, (in qua dotes G. Bidloo celebrantur et ejusdem citationi respondetur;) 2 pts. in 1 vol. 4o Londini, 1702.

COX (-)? See Anonymous. Discourse (a) wherein the interest of the soberly debated. 8° 1669.

COXE (JOHN REDMAN). An inquiry into the claims of Doctor William Harvey to the discovery of the circulation of the which is

added an introductory lecture in vindication of Hippocrates. 8° Philadelphia, 1834.

COYER (GABR. FR.). gons. 12° 1767. CRAWFORD (ADAIR). Experiments and observations on animal heat, and the inflammation of combustible bodies; being an attempt to resolve these phænomena into a general law of nature. 8° London, 1779.

See Anonymous. Lettre......sur les géans Pata

8° London, 1788.

CREUTZ (CAROLUS FRIDERICUS). Dissertatio solennis de medicamentis infidis præside F. Hoffmanno. 4° Hale Magdeburgi, [1713]. CRICHTON (Sir ALEXANDER). Practical observations on the treatment and cure of several varieties of pulmonary consumption; and on the effects of the vapour of boiling tar in that disease. 8° London, 1823.

CRIVELLATI (CESARE). Trattato dell'uso et modo di dare il vino nelle malattie acute. 8o Roma, 1600.

CRUGERUS (HENRICUS CHRISTIANUS), Præside F. Hoffmanno, De usu respirationis in arte medica. 4o Hala Magdeburgi, [1714]. CRUSO (Jo.). Medicamentorum 'Evropiorŵr thesaurus, comprehendens ad omnes morbos remedia. 12° Londini, 1701.

CUBA (JOANNES). In disem Buch ist der Herbari.

In disem Buch, &c. fol. 1521.

See Anonymous,

CULL (RICHARD). Stammering considered, with reference to its cure, by the application of those laws which regulate utterance. 8° London, 1835.

CULLEN (WILLIAM). Life. See Thomson (J.). An account, &c. 8° 1832.

A treatise of the materia medica; 2 vols. 4o Edinburgh, 1789. First lines of the practice of physic; for the use of students; 2 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1777 & 1779.

; 4 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1784.

Primæ lineæ medicinalis praxeos; vertit A. B. Beerenboek. 8° Lugduni Batavorum, 1779.

CUMING (WILLIAM). Memoirs. See Lettsom (J. C.). Memoirs of J. Fothergill, &c. 8° 1786.

CURLING (THOMAS BLIZARD). A treatise on tetanus, being the essay for which the Jacksonian prize for the year 1834 was awarded by the Royal College of Surgeons in London. 8° London, 1836.

CURRIE (JAMES). See Haygarth (J.). A sketch of a plan to exterminate the small-pox. 8° 1793.

CURTIS (JOHN HARRISON). A lecture on the physiology and zoology of the ear in man and animal. 4° London, 1828.

An introductory lecture, as delivered 1816 at the Royal Dispensary for the diseases of the ear, to a course on the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of that organ. 8° London, 1818.

A treatise on the physiology and diseases of the ear. 8o London, 1826.

A treatise on the physiology and pathology of the ear. 8° London, 1836. CURTIUS (JOHANNES TOBIAS). Præside F. Hoffmanno: De remediorum benignorum abusu et noxa. 40 Hale Magdeburgi [1714]. CUVIER (GEORGE LEOPOLD CHR. FRÉD. DAGOBERT). Eloge. See Laurillard (C. L.). Eloge de, &c. 8° 1833. Eloge. See Pasquier (E. D.).

Chambre des pairs, &c. 8°

CUVIER (GEORGE LEOPOLD CHR. FRÉD. DAGOBERT). See Camper (P.). Observations anatomiques sur la plusieurs espèces de cétacées. 4o 1820.

Anatomie des mollusques. See Cuvier (G. L. C. F.D.). Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire, &c. 4° 1817. (Zoology.)

See Lacépède (B. G. E. Laville de). Histoire naturelle de l'homme. 8o 1827.

Leçons d'anatomie comparée, recueillies et publiées sous ses yeux par C. Dumérel; tom. 1. contenant les organes du mouvement; tom. 2. contenant les organes des sensations. 8° Paris, 1799.

Wants three volumes more.

Éloge historique, par M. Flourens. 4° Paris, 1835.

CUVIER (F.). Histoire naturelle des cétacés; ou recueil et examen des faits dont se compose l'histoire naturelle de ces animaux; accompagné de planches. 80 Paris, 1836. CYRILLUS (NICOLAUS). In ea, quæ actis eruditorum Lipsiensibus anno 1731, mense Maio, pag. 229, de Neapolitanâ operum M. Etmulleri editione publicata sunt, animadversio; Cal. Aug. 1732. 4° [Neapoli.]



ACOSTA (ALVARO TELLES). Disputatio medica inauguralis, de manducatione. 4o Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1734.

DAIGNAN (M. G.). Ordre du service des hôpitaux militaires. 8o Paris, 1785.

Tableau des variétés de la vie humaine; 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1786. DALE (SAMUEL). Pharmacologia, seu manuductio ad materiam medicam. 12° Londini, 1693.

Pharmacologiæ, seu manuductionis ad materiam medicam supplementum. 12° Londini, 1705.

DALECAMPIUS (JACOBUS). See Paulus Ægineta. Opera medica. 8° 1567.

DALMAS (ANT.). See Journals, &c. Journal hebdomadaire de médeine, &c. 8° 1828, &c.

DAMASCENUS (JOANNES). See Joannes Damascenus.

DARCET (JEAN). Rapport des commissaires chargés par l'Académie loyale des Sciences de l'examen du projet d'un nouvel Hôtel-Dieu; [igned by Lassone, D'Aubenton, Tenon, Bailly, Lavoisier, La Place, Gulomb, D'Arcet]. 4° Paris, 1786.

Rapport des commissaires chargés par l'Académie Royale des Scieres, des projets relatifs à l'établissement des quatre hôpitaux ; [signed by Lassone, D'Aubenton, Tillet, Bailly, Lavoisier, La Place, D'Arcet]. 4o Paris, 1787.

Troisième rapport des commissaires chargés par l'Académie, des præets rélatifs à l'établissement des quatre hôpitaux; [signed by Lasson, D'Aubenton, Tillet, Tenon, Bailly, Lavoisier, La Place, Coulomb, D'rcet]. 4° Paris, 1788. DASNEVES (ALEXANDRE ANTONIO). Compilação de reflexões de Sanhes, Pringle, Monro, Van-swieten e outros, a cerca das causas, prenções, e remedios das doenças dos exercitos. 12o Lisboa,


DAUIEBARD de FERUSSAC (AND. ET. JUST. PASC. Jos. Fr.). Bulletinles sciences médicales, &c. See Journals, &c. Bulletin général, &c. 5o 1823, &c. (Journals.)

DAVII (J. P.). Dissertation sur les effets du mouvement et du repos

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