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PHIPPS (CONSTANTINE JOHN), Lord Mulgrave. A voyage towards the North Pole, 1773. 4° London, 1774.

PICTET (MARC-AUGUSTE). Voyage de trois mois, en Angleterre, en Ecosse, et en Irlande pendant l'été de l'an 1x (1801). 8° Génève, an XI (1802).

PIGAFETTA (PHILIPPUS). Vera descriptio regni Africani quod Congus appellatur; ex E. Lopez acroamatis; iconibus opera S. T. et J. J. de Bry exornata. fol. Francofurti, 1598.

PILLER (MATHIAS) et MITTERPACHER (L.). Iter per Poseganam Sclavoniæ provinciam mensibus Junio et Julio anno 1782 susceptum. 4° Buda, 1783.

PINGRE (ALEXANDRE-GUI). See Verdun de la Crenne (-
Pingré. Voyage. 4° 1778.

Borda et PITTAKYS (K. S.). L'ancienne Athènes, ou la déscription des antiquités d'Athènes, et de ses environs. 8° Athènes, 1835.

PIZZARRO (FRANCESCO). See Ramusio (G. B.). Delle navigationi, &c.; vol. III. fol. 1565.

POCOCKE (RICHARD). A description of the East and some other countries; vol. I, Observations on Egypt; vol. 11, Observations on Palastine, Syria, Mesopotamia, Cyprus and Candia; 3 vols. fol. London, 1743-1745.

POIRET (—). Voyage en Barbarie pendant les années 1785 et 1786; avec un essai sur l'histoire naturelle de ce pays; 2 vols. 8° Paris, 1789.

POLO (MARCO). See Ramusio (G. B.). Delle navigationi, &c.; vol. 11. fol. 1583.

The travels; being a description, by that early traveller, of remarkable places and things in the Eastern parts of the world; translated from the Italian, with notes, by W. Marsden. 4o London, 1818.

PORTLOCK (NATHANIEL). A voyage round the world, performed in 1785-1788. 4° London, 1789.

POUGENS (CHARLES). See Forster (J. G. A.). Voyage philosophique et pittoresque. 8° [1796.]

PRINS (JEURIAN). Journael ofte Dag-register van de Reyse die gedaen is door's Landts Vloot onder den Manhaften Heer Admirael Michael A. de Ruyter; bevattende al't gunt voorgevallen in de Middelandtse Zee, Cabo Verde, de Kust van Guinea, Carabise Eylanden in Terra Nova, tot hare widerkomst in 't Vaderlandt. 4o Amsterdam, 1666. PROME (JEAN). See Deshayes (L. de C.). Les voyages en Dannemarc. 12° 1664.

PURCHAS (SAMUEL). His pilgrimes; vol. 1st, pt. 1 in 5 books; the first contayning the voyages and peregrinations made by ancient kings, patriarkes, apostles, philosophers, and others, enquiries also of languages and religions, &c.; the 2nd a description of the circum-navigations of the globe; the 3rd navigations and voyages of English-men along the coasts of Africa to the Cape of Good Hope, and from thence to the Red Sea, the Abassine, Arabian, Persian, Indian shoares, &c.; the 4th English voyages beyond the East-Indies, to the islands of Japan, China, Cauchinchina, the Philippine with others, and the Indian navigations further prosecuted, their commerce vindicated, &c.; the 5th navigations, traffiques, discoveries of the English nation in the Easterne parts of the world, continuing the English occurrents, and contayning the English affaires with the great Samorine in the Persian and Arabian Gulfes, &c. Part II in five bookes [more], the 6th contayning naviga

tions and land discoveries of Africa; the 7th navigations and discoveries of Ethiopia; the 8th peregrinations and travels by land in Palestina, Natolia, Syria, Arabia, Persia, and other parts of Asia; the 9th peregrinations and discoveries by land of Assyria, Armenia, Persia, India, Arabia, and other inland countries of Asia; the 10th præteritorum, or discoveries of the world such as in the other bookes are omitted.

Vol. 2, pt. 1, in five books; the first contayning peregrinations and discoveries in Tartaria and China; the 2nd peregrinations, voyages, discoveries of China, Tartaria, Russia; the 3rd voyages and discoveries of the north parts of the world in Asia, Europe, the polare regions, and the north-west of America; the 4th English northern navigations, relations of Greenland, Groenland, &c.; the 5th voyages and travels to and in America: Part II in five bookes [more]; the 6th contayning English voyages to America, invasions and victories of the Spaniards in those parts, plantations in Guiana, &c.; the 7th voyages to and about the Southerne America; the 8th voyages and land-travels in Florida, Virginia, and other parts of the Northern America and to the islands Azores; the 9th English plantations, acts and occurrents in Virginia and Summer islands since 1606 till 1624; the 10th English discoveries and plantations in New-England, New-found-land, with the patent and voyages to New-Scotland, relations also of the fleets sent forth by Queen Elizabeth against the Spaniards.

Vol. 3. Relations of the world and the religions observed in all ages and places discovered, contayning a theologicall and geographicall historie of Asia, Africa and America; and three whole treatises annexed, one of Russia and other northeasterne regions by Sir J. Horsey; the 2nd of the Gulfe of Bengala by W. Methold; the 3rd of the Saracenicall Empire, translated out of the Arabike [of G. Elmacin] by T. Erpenius; 3 vols. in 5 pts. fol. London, 1625 and 1626.


QUETELET (A.). Notes extraites d'un voyage scientifique fait en

Allemagne pendant l'été de 1829. 8° Bruxelles, 1830.

Notes extraites d'un voyage en Angleterre aux mois de Juin et de Juillet 1833. 8° Bruxelles, 1833.

QUIRINO (PIETRO). See Ramusio (G. B.). Delle navigationi, &c.; vol. II. fol. 1583.


RAMOND (L.), Voyages au Mont-Perdu, et dans la partie adjacente RAMUSIO (GIO. BATTISTA). Primo (secondo e terzo) volume dell' navigationi et viaggi; vol. 1 (terza edizione) nel quale si contengono la descrittione dell' Africa e del paese del Prete Janni, con viaggi da Lisbona e dal Mar Rosso a Calicut, alle Molucche, con la relatione del Giapan estratti dall' istoria del S. G. di Barros; vol. II l'historia de' Tartari da Marco Polo e da Hayton; varie descrittioni, dell' Indie Orientali; della Tartaria, della Persia, dell' Armenia, Mongrelia, Zorzania, nelle quali si raccontano molte imprese d'Ussuncassan, d'Ismael Soffi, di Selim, &c., et il viaggio della Tana, il naufragio di P. Quirino, aggiuntovi la descrittione dell' una e dell' altra Sarmatia; vol. III, le navigationi all' Indie Occidentali di C. Colombo, F. Cortese, F. Pizzarro ; con lo scoprire Temistitan nel Mexico ora detto Nuova Spagna, la gran provincia del Perù, il fiume Maragnon; le navigationi fatte dipoi alle

des Hautes-Pyrénées. 8° Paris, an Ix-1801.

dette Indie nella parte verso Maestro Tramontana dette ora Nuova Francia da G. da Verrazzano e J. Carthier; 3 vols. fol. Venetia, 1563, 1583, 1565.

RAMUSIO (GIO. BATTISTA). Delle navigationi et viaggi, &c.; 3 vols. fol. Venetia, 1563, 1574 & 1565.

RAUWOLFF (LEONH.). Aigentliche Beschreibung der Raiss inn die Morgenländer, fürnemlich Syriam, Judæam, Arabiam, Mesopotamiam, Babyloniam, Assyriam, Armeniam, &c. 4° Laugingen, 1582. RAY (JOHN). A collection of curious travels and voyages, in two tomes: the first containing Rauwolff's itinerary into the Eastern countries, as Syria, Palestine, &c.; the second taking in many parts of Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, &c. from the observations of Belon, Vernon, Spon, &c.; to which are added, three catalogues of such trees, shrubs and herbs as grow in the Levant; 3 pts. in 2 vols. 8° London, 1693.

Observations made in a journey through part of the Low Countries, Germany, Italy, and France; with a catalogue of plants, not native of England, found spontaneously growing in those parts, and their virtues; whereunto is added, a brief account of F. Willughby's voyage through Spain; 2 pts. in 1 vol. 8° London, 1673.

REYNOLDS (J. N.). Address on the subject of a surveying and exploring expedition to the Pacific Ocean and South Seas.

RHYNE (WILHELMUS TEN). Schediasma de promontorio Bonæ Spei, ejusve tractus incolis Hottentottis, notas addente H. S. S. a Zavorziz. 8° Scafusii, 1686.

RICHARDSON (JOHN). See Franklin (Sir J.).

Narrative of a second

expedition to the shores of the Polar Sea. 4° 1828. RIEDESEL (JOSEPH-HERMAN). Travels through Sicily and that part of Italy formerly called Magna Græcia (translated from the German); and a tour through Egypt (by Granger, translated from the French), by J. R. Forster. 80 London, 1773.

RIKORD (—). An account of voyages to the coasts of Japan. See Golownin (W.). A narrative of my captivity in Japan. 8° 1818. ROLAND de la PLATIÈRE (JEAN-MARIE). See Anonymous. Lettres écrites de Suisse, &c. 12° 1780.

ROSS (JOHN). An explanation of Captain Sabine's remarks on the late voyage of discovery to Baffin's Bay. 8° London, 1819.

Narrative of a second voyage in search of a North-west passage and of a residence in the arctic regions during the years 1829-1833; including the reports of J. C. Ross, and the discovery of the Northern magnetic pole. 4° London, 1835.

Appendix to the narrative of a second voyage, &c. 4° London,


Explanation and answer to Mr. John Braithwaite's supplement. 4° London, 1835.

ROSTAGNO (GIOVAN BATTISTA). Viaggi, &c. See Anonymous. Mémoires (les) du voyage de Mr. le Marq. de Ville, &c. 12o 1670. RÜPPELL (EDUARD). Reisen in Nubien, Kordofan, und dem peträischen Arabien. 8° Frankfurt am Main, 1829.

RYE (PETER). An excursion to the Peak of Teneriffe in 1791. 4° London, 1793.


SABINE (EDWARD). Remarks on the account of the voyage to Baffin's Bay, published by J. Ross. 8° London, 1819.

SAGE (Mrs.). A letter describing her expedition in Mr. Lunardi's balloon accompanied by G. Biggin. 8° London, 1786. SAINTE-CROIX (-). Extrait du rapport de la Société Française de statistique universelle (livr. d'Oct. 1830); rapport de la commission à la quelle à été renvoyé l'examen du projet de souscription proposé par J. S. Buckingham pour un voyage de circumnavigation et de découvertes. 4° Paris, 1831. SAINT-MAURICE (— de). Rélation de l'état et du gouvernement [de l'Espagne]. See Anonymous. Voyage d'Espagne. 12° 1666. SALT (HENRY). A voyage to Abyssinia, and travels into the interior of that country, executed in the years 1809 and 1810; in which are included an account of the Portuguese settlements in the coast of Africa; a narrative of late events in Arabia Felix, and some particulars respecting the aboriginal African tribes from Mosambique to the borders of Egypt, together with vocabularies of their languages. 4° London, 1814. SAMWELL (DAVID). A narrative of the death of Captain Cook; to which are added particulars concerning his life and character, and observations respecting the introduction of the venereal disease into the Sandwich Islands. 4° London, 1786.

SANDWICH, Earl of. See Montague (J.).

SANDYS (GEORGE). A relation of a journey begun an. Dom. 1610; foure bookes containing a description of the Turkish empire, of Egypt, of the Holy Land, of the remote parts of Italy, and islands adjoining. fol. London, 1615.

SAUSSURE (HORACE-BÉNÉDICT de). Rélation d'un voyage à la cime du Mont-Blanc. 8° Génève, 1787.

Voyages dans les Alpes, précédés d'un Essai sur l'histoire naturelle des environs de Génève; 4 vols. 4° Neuchatel, 1803 1804 & 1796. SCHEUCHZERUS (JOHANNES JACOBUS). Ouperporns Helveticus; sive, itinera alpina tria, in quibus incolæ, animalia, plantæ, montium altitudines barometricæ, temperies, aquæ medicatæ, mineralia et quidquid insuper per alpes Helveticas et Rheticas rarum sit exponitur; 3 pts. in 1 vol. 4o Londini, 1708.

SCHMIDEL (HULDERICUS). Vera historia admirandæ cujusdam navigationis, quam ab anno 1534 usque ad 1554 in Americam vel novum Mundum, juxta Brasiliam et Rio della Plata, confecit; ab ipso Germanicè descripta; nunc in hac forma reducta. 4° Noribergæ, 1599. SCHOOLCRAFT (HENRY R.). Narrative journal of travels through the north-western regions of the United States, extending from Detroit through the great chain of American lakes to the sources of the Mississippi river in the year 1820. 8° Albany, 1821.

SCHWEIGGER (SALOMON). Ein newe Reiss Beschreibung autz Teutschland nach Constantinopel und Jerusalem. 4° Nurnberg, 1639. SCORESBY (WILLIAM). An account of the Arctic regions, with a history and description of the northern whale-fishery; 2 vols. 8° Edinburgh, 1820.

Journal of a voyage to the northern whale-fishery. 8° Edinburgh,


SCOTO (ANDREA). Itinerario, overo nova descrittione de 'viaggi principali d'Italia; 3 vols. 8° Padova, 1629.

SCRETA S. a ZAVORZIZ (HENRICUS). See Zavorziz (H. S. S. a). SERRES (MARCEL de). Voyages dans l'empire d'Autriche pendant 1809 et 1810; [or] essai sur les arts et les manufactures de l'empire d'Autriche; 3 vols. 8° Paris, 1814-1815.

SHAW (THOMAS). Travels or observations relating to several parts of
Barbary and the Levant. fol. London, 1738.

A supplement to a book intituled Travels, &c. wherein some objections lately made against it are fully considered and answered; with several additional remarks and dissertations. fol. Oxford, 1746.

A further vindication of the book of Travels and the supplement to it. 4o [Oxford, 1747.]

SHORTLAND (JOHN). Route of the Alexander from the Cape of Good
Hope to Botany Bay. See Philip (A.). The voyage to Botany Bay.

4o 1789.

SHRINE (HENRY). Three successive tours in the North of England and great part of Scotland. 4° London, 1795.

SILVA FIGUEROA (GARCIAS de). See Figueroa (G. de S.). SLOANE (Sir HANS). À voyage to the islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, St. Christopher's, and Jamaica, with the natural history of the last of those islands; to which is prefix'd an introduction, wherein is an account of the inhabitants, air, waters, diseases, trade, &c. of that place, with some relations concerning the neighbouring continent and islands of America; 2 vols. fol. London, 1707 & 1725.

SMITH (CHRISTIAN). Journal, &c. See Tuckey (J. K.). Narrative of an expedition to explore the river Zaire. 4o 1818.

SMITH (Sir JAMES EDWARD). A sketch of a tour on the Continent in the years 1786 and 1787; 3 vols. 8° London, 1793.

; with additions and corrections; 3 vols. 8° London, 1807. SMITH (WILLIAM). A new voyage to Guinea. 8° London, MDCCXLIV. [1744].

SMITH (A.). Report of the expedition for exploring Central Africa from
the Cape of Good Hope, June 23, 1834.
SONNERAT (PIERRE). Voyage à la Nouvelle Guinée, dans lequel on
trouve la déscription des des détails rélatifs à l'histoire natu-
relle dans le règne animal et le règne végétal. 4o Paris, 1776.

Voyage aux Indes Orientales et à la Chine, fait depuis 1774 jusqu'en 1781; dans lequel on traite des mœurs, de la réligion, des sciences et des arts des Indiens, des Chinois, des Pégouins et des Madégasses; suivi d'observations sur le Cap de Bonne-Espérance, les isles de France et de Bourbon, les Maldives, Ceylon, Malacca, les Philippines et les Moluques; 2 vols. 4o Paris, 1782.

SONNINI (C. S.). Voyage en Grèce et en Turquie. 8° Paris, an XI (1803).

SORBIERE (SAMUEL). Rélation d'un voyage en Angleterre. 12° Paris,


SPALLANZANI (LAZZARO). Voyages dans les deux Siciles et dans quelques parties des Apennins, traduit par G. Toscan, avec des notes de Faujas-de-Saint-Fond; 6 vols. 8° Paris, an VIII [1800].. SPARRMAN (ANDERS). Resa till Goda Hopps-Udden, Sådra Pol-kretsen och Omkring Jordklotet, samt till Hottentott-och Caffer-Landen, Åren 1772-1776; forst. del. 8° Stockholm, 1783.

SPIX (JOH. BAPT. von) und MARTIUS (C. F. P. von). silien in den Jahren 1817 bis 1820; 3 vols. 4° 1831.

Reise in Bra-
München, 1823-

SPON (JACOB). Voyage d'Italie, de Dalmatie, de Grèce et du Levant;
fait és années 1675 et 1676; 3 vols. 12° Lyons, 1678.
SPRAT (THOMAS). Observations on M. de Sorbier's voyage to En-
gland. 12° London, 1668.


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