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1136 The Upper Ferry Bridge Over the River Schuylkill, near Morris Street, Philadelphia. Painted by Thos. Birch. Engraved by J. J. Plocher.

1137 View of the Water Works at Centre Square, Philadelphia. Drawn by Barralet. Engraved by C. Tiebout.

1138 Commissioners' Hall. Colored Lithograph.

1139 Commissioners' Hall. Spring Garden. graph by P. S. Duval.

Colored Litho

1140 The Grand Procession in Honor of the Fenian Exiles of New York City. Feb. 9, 1871. Colored Lithograph.

The Procession of Victuallers, of Philadelphia, on the 15th of March, 1821. Conducted under the Direction of Mr. Wm. White. Drawn by Krimmel. Engraved by J. Yeager. Colored Aquatint.

1142 Burning of the Frigate Philadelphia in the Harbour of Tripoli 16th Feb., 1804, by Seventy Gallant Tars of Columbia, Commanded by Lieut. Decatur. Colored Aqautint.

1143 A Perspective View of the Loss of the U. S. Frigate Philadelphia, in which is Represented Her Relative Position to the Tripolitan Gun-Boats when during their furious Attack upon Her She was unable to get a single gun to bear upon them. Drawn by C. Denoon. Colored Engraving.

1144 The Battle of New Orleans and Death of Maj.-Gen. Packenham. On the 8th of Jan., 1815. Drawn by West. Engraved by J. Yeager. Colored.

1145 Battle of New Orleans and Defeat of the British Army under the Command of Sir Edward Packenham, by Gen. Andrew Jackson, 8th of Jan., 1815. Drawn by S. Seymour. Engraved by J. W. Steel.

1146 New Masonic Hall, Philadelphia. (Chestnut, below Eighth) Colored Lithograph by Friend and Aub.

1147 Another copy.

1148 Hibernia Engine Co., No. 1, of Philadelphia, Assembling for Parade Oct. 5, 1857. Colored Lithograph by Duval. 1149 Philadelphia in the Olden Time. A View from Camden, showing Smith's and Windmill Island. Colored Lithograph by Wade.

1150 Battle of the Thames. Gained by Gen. Wm. H. Harrison, Oct., 5 1813. Lithograph by Sinclair,

1151 The Second Great Match Game for the Championship, between the Athletic Base-Ball Club of Philadelphia and the Atlantics of Brooklyn, on the Ground of the Athletics, Fifteenth and Columbia Avenue, Philadelphia, Oct. 22, 1866. Colored Lithograph.

1152 Wissahickon Paper Mills, Philadelphia. Colored Lithograph.

1153 Valley Forge Mansion. Head Quarters of Genl. Washington in 1777-1778. Colored Lithograph by Rosenthal.

1154 Daniel Webster. Oval Miniature, Supported by a Figure of Diogenes. Engraved by Woodcock and Harvey.

1155 Bird's Eye View of Philadelphia. Published by John Wiek. Lithograph by Duval.

1156 America's National Monument of Memorials. With a View of the State House.

1157 Martel's New York Central Park. Colored Lithograph by Henry C. Eno.

1158 The Floating Church of the Redeemer, Philadelphia. Lithograph by Endicott.

1159 The Eastern Penitentiary. Lithograph by Bowers.

1160 View from the Inclined Plane, near Philadelphia. Lithograph by Bowers.

1161 Merchants' Exchange, Philadelphia. Lithograph by Bowers. 2 copies.

1162 Fairmount. Lithograph by Bowers. 3 copies.

1163 U. S. Naval Asylum, Philadelphia. Lithograph by Bowers. 3 copies.

1164 Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia. Lithograph by Bowers. 3 copies.

1165 Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. Lithograph by Bowers. 3 copies.

1166 Pennsylvania Hospital. Lithograph by Bowers. 2 copies. University of Pennsylvania. Lithograph by Bowers. 3 copies.


1168 Moyamensing Prison. Lithograph by Bowers. 4 copies. 1169 Centre Square. Philadelphia. Engraved by A. B. Walter, 3 copies.

1170 Roberts' Old Mill, Germantown. Lithograph by Hart. 1171 William Penn Cottage, Letitia Court, Philadelphia. 2 copies.

1172 Fairman's Mansion and Treaty Tree. Engraved by Serz. 3 copies.

1173 Friends' Meeting-House and Academy, Philadelphia. Lithograph by Kennedy & Lucas.

1174 Wm. Penn's Meeting-House at Chester, Pennsylvania. Lithograph.

1175 Christ Church, Philadelphia. Engraved by Malcom. Original.

1176 First Methodist Protestant Chapel. Engraved by Humphreys.

1177 First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.

1178 View of Second Street, North from Market Street. Aquatint.

1179 The Castle of the State in Schuylkill (Old Schuylkill Fishing Co.) Lithograph. Large Paper. Very rare.

1180 Die Wasserwerke zu Fair-Mount, Philadelphia. C. Ermer, Sculptor.

1181 Upper Ferry Bridge, West View. Aquatint by C. G. Childs. 1182 Fairmount, from the Head Arches of the Forbay. Aquatint by C. G. Childs.

1183 Fairmount Water Works. Lithograph by J. C. Wild. 1184 Lansdown. The Seat of the Late Wm. Bingham, Penna. Engraved by Birch.

1185 Hamilton House, Woodlands, and Penn Pusey Carpenter House, Upland. Signed Proof Etchings by H. Ritchie. 2 pcs. 1186 Mansion House Hotel, South Third Street, Philadelphia. India Proof.

1187 Penny Pot Tavern and Landing, and Griscom's Academy, near Vine Street, Philadelphia. Lithograph. 2 copies.

1188 Bird's Eye View of Cherry Hill State Prison. Lithograph by Duval.

1189 The Jail, Philadelphia, Engraved by Malcom, Original,

1190 Barton's Panoramic Business Directory of Philadelphia, 1859. Colored. 8 pieces.

1191 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Several Hundred Prints for Illustrating, from the Delaware to Broad Street, including many interesting items.

1192 Schuylkill River and Park. Several Hundred Small Views for Illustrating.

1193 Business Houses of Philadelphia. Numerous Engravings of. 1194 Philadelphia Stock Companies, Banks, etc. Numerous Engravings of.

1195 Delaware River. Several Hundred Views on the.

1196 Financial Institutions of Philadelphia. Lot of Views.

1197 Educational Institutions of Philadelphia. Several Hundred Views of.

1198 Germantown, Philadelphia. Lot of Views in.

1199 Hospitals, etc., of Philadelphia. Lot of Views.

1200 Hotels of Philadelphia. Lot of Views.

1201 Market Street, Philadelphia. Lot of Views.
1202 Markets of Philadelphia. Lot of Views.

1203 Old Houses in Philadelphia. Several Hundred Views.
1204 Various Buildings in Philadelphia. Lot of Views.
1205 Theatres in Philadelphia. Several Hundred Views.
1206 Walks and Views in Philadelphia. Lot of Plates of.
1207 Fairmount Park and Schuylkill River. Lot of Views.
1208 Streets in Philadelphia. Lot of Views.

1209 Transportation Companies of Philadelphia. Lot of Views.
1210 Churches in Philadelphia. Several Hundred Views of.
1211 Mortuary Statuary in Philadelphia. Lot of Views.

1212 Events in Philadelphia. Lot of Views.

1213 Disasters, Crimes, Prisons, etc. Lot of Views. 1214 Richard M. Johnson, Lithograph by Newsam. 1215 Lot War Songs, Badges, etc.

1216 Caricatures on Abraham Lincoln. 6 pieces. 1217 Caricatures on Jefferson Davis. 9 pieces. 1218 Civil War Caricatures. 14 pieces.

1219 Miscellaneous Portraits. 45 pieces.

1220 Banknote Vignette Portraits. 24 pieces.

1221 Birch's Views in Philadelphia, reproduced on 32 Postal Cards.

1222 Lot of Prints.

1223 Several Hundred Engravings for Illustrating the Civil War. Privately Printed

1224 Large Lot of Views in Philadelphia. Half-tones, many Duplicates.

1225 25 Large Colored Posters issued by the Philadelphia Sunday Press.

1226 20 Large Colored Posters issued by The Sunday New York Journal.

1227 86 Large Colored Posters issued by Various Magazines and Newspapers.

1228 11 Large Colored Posters issued by Harpers' New Monthly Magazine.

1229 29 Large Colored Posters issued by The Philadelphia Sunday Press.

1230 84 Large Colored Posters issued by Various Magazines and Newspapers.

1231 2 Caricatures by Rowlandson.

1232 Custom House, Philadelphia. Lithograph by Deroy.

1233 Chestnut Street, East of Fifth.


Colored Lithograph by

1234 Scrap Book with Lot of Old Copper Plate Engravings.

1235 274 French Colored Fashion Plates.

1236 108 Portraits, Mostly Theatrical. Photogravures.

1237 170 Portraits, Mostly Theatrical. Photogravures. 1238 12 Portraits, Theatrical.


1239 230 Stereoscopic Views. Views in Philadelphia, Civil War Relics, etc.

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