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She was a kind young soul, and might in time
Be sued to by a loving man: no doubt,
Here was a jolly breakfast !

Lev. Uncles are privileged
More than our parents; some wise man in state
Hath rectified, no doubt, your knowledge, sir.
Whilst all the policy for public business
Was spent,-for want of matter, I by chance
Fell into grave discourse; but, by your leave,
I from a stranger's table rather wish
To earn my bread, than from a friend's by gift,
Be daily subject to unfit reproofs.

Mart. Come, come, to the point.

Lev. All the curses
Due to a ravisher of sober truth,

their graceless mouths !
Mart. Now you turn rampant,
Just in the wenches' trim and garb; these prayers
Speak your devotions purely.
Lev. Sir, alas !

[Weeps. What would


have me do? I have no orators, More than my tears, to plead my innocence, Since you forsake me, and are pleas’d to lend

An open ear against my honest fame.
Would all their spite could harry' my contents
Unto a desperate ruin! Oh dear goodness!
There is a right for wrongs.

Mart. There is; but first
Sit in commission on your own defects,

s Could barry my contents.] i. e. worry, torment, drive by violence, &c.

Accuse yourself ; be your own jury, judge, ,
And executioner; I make no sport

Lev. All the short remains
Of undesired life shall only speak
The extremity of penance; your opinion
Enjoins it too.

Mart. Enough; thy tears prevail
Against credulity.

Lev. My miseries,
As in a glass, present me the rent face
Of an unguided youth.

Mart. No more.

Enter TRELCATIO with an open letter.

Trelcatio! Some business speeds you hither.

Trel. Happy newsSignior Martino, pray your ear; my nephew, Auria, hath done brave service: and I hearLet's be exceeding private-is return'd High in the duke of Florence's respects; 'Tis said,but make no words that he has firk'd And mumbled the


Mart. Why would you

have His merits so unknown?“

Trel. I am not yet Confirm'd at full:—withdraw, and you shall read All what this paper talks. 6 Why would you have

His merits so unknown ?] The 4to. has, Why would you know, &c. A slighter alteration would be now; but the reading of the text gives, I think, the poet's meaning.



Mart. So !--Levidolche,
You know our mind, be cheerful.—Come, Trel-

catio, -
Causes of joy or grief do seldom happen
Without companions near; thy resolutions
Have given another birth to my contents.

[Exeunt Mart. and TREL. Lev. Even so, wise uncle! much good do ye.

Discover'd! I could fly out, mix

vengeance with


loveUnworthy man, Malfato !--my good lord, My hot in blood, rare lord, grows cold too! well, Rise dotage into rage, and sleep no longer; Affection turn'd to hatred threatens mischief.



An Apartment in Apurni's House.



Piero. In the next gallery you may behold Such living pictures, lady, such rich pieces,

, Of kings, and queens, and princes, that you'd think

They breathe and smile upon you. .

Amor. Ha they crownths,
Great crownths oth gold upon their headths ?

Piero. Pure gold;
Drawn all in state.

[blocks in formation]
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Amor. How many horthes, pray, Are ith their chariots?

Piero. Sixteen, some twenty.

Cast. My sister ! wherefore left we her alone ? Where stays she, gentlemen ?

Fut. Viewing the rooms;
'Tis like you'll meet her in the gallery :
This house is full of curiosities,
Most fit for ladies' sights.

Amor. Yeth, yeth, the thight
Of printhethes ith a fine thight.

Cast. Good, let us find her.
Piero. Sweet ladies, this way; see the doors sure.

[Aside to Fur. Fut. Doubt not.



Another Room in the same.--A Banquet set out.

Enter ADURNI and SPINELLA.-A Song within.
Pleasures, beauty, youth attend ye,

Whilst the spring of nature lasteth;
Love and melting thoughts [befriend] ye,
Use the time, ére winter hasteth.

Active blood, and free delight,

Place and privacy invite.
Do, do! be kind as fair.
Lose not opportunity for air.

She is cruel that denies it,

Bounty best appears in granting,
Stealth of sport as soon supplies it,
Whilst the dues of love are wanting.
Here's the sweet exchange of bliss,

When each whisper proves a kiss.
In the game are felt no pains,

For in all the loser gains.
Adur. Plead not, fair creature, without sense of

pity, So incompassionately gainst a service, In nothing faulty more than


obedience :
My honours and my fortunes are led captives
In triumph, by your all-commanding beauty;
And if

you ever felt the power of love,
The rigour of an uncontrolled passion,
The tyranny of thoughts, consider mine,
In some proportion, by the strength of yours ;
Thus may you yield and conquer.

Spin. Do not study,
My lord, to apparel folly in the weed
Of costly colours ;' henceforth cast off far,
Far from your noblest nature, the contempt
Of goodness, and be gentler to your fame,
By purchase of a life to grace your story.
Adur. Dear, how sweetly


to apparel folly in the weed Of costly colours.] This is the nearest approach which I can make to the expression in the old copy-steed. That it was the author's word, I cannot flatter myself ; but it may serve in the absence of stole, or garb, or some more fortunate guess.

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