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6. Enarratio plenior Scholii præcedentis. 7. Mens Scholii præcedentis.

An account of the Commercium Epistolicum (several varying copies).

9. Papers relating to the origin of the Dispute.
10. Collations for the History of the Infinitesimal Analysis.

11. Fragment of “An account of the Differential Method from the year 1677 inclusively."

12. History of the Method of Fluxions. (Several copies with varying Titles.)

13. “Historia Methodi Infinitesimalis” (several varying copies), with Corrigenda to the English copy of the “Recensio" published in Phil. Trans. Jan., Feb., 1714-5.

14. Annotationes in Commercium Epistolicum.

15. Appendix containing Newton's proofs of his priority to Leibnitz, &c. (A fragment.)

16. Newton's Statement of the case in dispute between Leibnitz and himself.

17. Draft (holograph) of Newton's Letter to the Editor of Memoirs of Literature, May, 1712 (never published). (See Brewster, ii. 283.)

18. Copy in Newton's hand of Leibnitz's letter to Hans Sloan, 29th Dec., 1711.

19. References to the original letters contained, or intended to be contained, in the Commercium Epistolicum.

20. Latin translation (copy) of the Recensio given in Phil. Trans. No. 342, differing from that given in the Second Edition of the Commercium Epistolicum.

21. "Ad Lectorem,' prefixed to the 2nd Edition of the Commercium Epistolicum. (Several drafts.)

22. Latin letter (copy) of John Keill to Hans Sloan. May, 1711.

23. Keill's letter (copy) to John Bernouilli, translated into French after July, 1716, with some notes on it in Newton's hand.

24. Extract from a letter of Leibnitz complaining of an attack on his “bonne foi."

25. Bernouilli's problem in the Acta Eruditorum for Oct. 1698. 26. Historical Annotations on the Elogium of Leibnitz.


27. Several drafts of letters of Newton to Des Maizeaux after the death of Leibnitz. (Holograph.)

28. Remarks on Leibnitz's first Letter to the Abbé Conti.

29. Proposed addition to the “Remarks” on Leibnitz's second Letter to the Abbé Conti—after Leibnitz's death. (Des Maizeaux, Vol. 2, pp. 82-106.)

30. Drafts of a letter to a friend of Leibnitz (probably Chamberlayne), defending Keill. Also copy of English translation of Leibnitz's letter to Chamberlayne (in Newton's hand).

31. Copy by Newton of Leibnitz's letter of 9th Ap. 1716, to De Monmort, and draft of Newton's Observations upon it given in Raphson's Hist. of Fluxions, App. p. 111.

32. Newton's observations on the Synopsis given in the Leipzic Acts of Jones's "Analysis per quantitatum Series," &c. (Lond. 1711).

33. Animadversions on Monmort's letter to N. Bernouilli, dated 20th Aug. 1713, and printed in the 2nd Edition of his Analysis upon the play of Hazard.

34. John Bernouilli's letter of 7th June, 1713, with Newton's Observations upon it.

35. Extract from Bernouilli's Notice of July, 1713 (the Charta Volans), and “Remarques sur la dispute entre Mons. Leibnitz et Mons. Newton,” &c., with Newton's Observations upon them.

36. Contents of Des Maizeaux's Recueil, &c. Copies of letters which are published in Des Maizeaux's Recueil.

37. Several drafts of an intended Preface to the Commercium Epistolicum.

38. Letter of Newton to the Abbé Conti in reply to the Postscript of Leibnitz to the same. This letter refers to the 1st Postscript given in Des Maizeaux.

39. Draft of part of the “Account of the Commercium Epistolicum,” &c., inserted in the Phil. Trans.

40. Errata in Raphson's History of Fluxions.

41. Unarranged fragments relating to the dispute with Leibnitz.

42. Drafts of Letters of Newton to Varignon and others, relating to Bernouilli's Letter of 7 June, 1713, which had been disavowed by the writer.

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1. Astronomical communications from Flamsteed, including longitudes and latitudes of stars for 1686, and of 21 stars compared with the comet of 1680.

2. Lunar distances in 1677 and in 1685, by Flamsteed, with copies of these two papers, one by Newton.

3. Equations of Moon's Apogee. Table by Newton for Flamsteed.

Elements of the Comets of 1472, 1580, 1585, 1652, 1661, 1665, 1672, 1677, and 1686, as calculated by Halley.

4. Eclipse Tables for a period of 18 years, by Halley.

5. Observations of Eclipses, sent to Newton from various quarters, with a diagram of the annular eclipse of 1686 by E. de Louville (Paris).

6. Transits of Satellites of Jupiter and of their shadows across the disc of the planet, observed by Pound at Wanstead.

7. Table of Declinations of every 5th degree of the Zodiac.

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1. A treatise, with a table, on the Division of a Monochord. Not in Newton's hand, but apparently of his composition. Followed by an extract in his hand “out of Mr Sympson's Division Violist.”

2. Scrap relating to the velocity of sound; also on the back a

2 note on the proportionality of mass to weight.

3. Manuscript copy of Newton's Optical writings, and of controversies about them.

4. Latin draft of the Opticks, Book I., Part I. (1 sheet). 5. Answer to objections made to Newton's Optical Theories. Also a scrap with memoranda about the Newtonian telescope.

6. Scrap. Memorandum of observations on the colours of thick plates.

7. Fragments on Light and Heat.
8. Proposed addition to Newton's Opticks.

On the Refraction observed in Iceland Spar, and Note “to the Reader" relating to it.

9. Fragments on Opticks. 10. Optical experiments.

11. Figure and description of a sheep's eye. Printed by Brewster i. 420.

12. Speculations as to the constitution of matter and the nature of the action of heat.


1. Copies of Letters from Leibnitz, Slusius, &c. to Oldenburgh.

2. Copies of various Mathematical papers by Tschirnhausen, Leibnitz, Slusius, &c.

3. “Sur la Cubature du coin Spherique” par M. de Lagny.

4. Fragments on Mathematical subjects by Cassini, Craig, and Morland.


1. Various proposals for finding the Longitude at Sea.

2. Several drafts of a Report by Newton to the Lords of the Admiralty on the different projects for determining the Longitude at Sea.

3. Draft of a letter by Newton on the same subject. 4. Two shorter drafts of the same letter.




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(1) 1. Notes out of Philalethes.

On Ripley's Vision; "Sir G. Ripley his letter to K. ED. IV. unfolded.'

3. 3 tracts. De metallorum metamorphosi, Brevis manductio ad rubinum cælestem, Fons Chemicae Philosophiæ.

4. Extracts from Raymond Lully. 5.

an author unnamed. 6.

various authors. 7. "Artephius, his secret book."

8. Basil Valentine; on the minerals of Hungary, Carinthia &c., and the conditions of their formation, and on the transmutation of metals and the separation of the three principles, and of vitriol.

Jodochus a Rehe; Processes for preparing the Philosopher's stone from MSS. in possession of Dr Twysden. Copies of 4 letters from Faber to Dr Twysden, 1673—4, recounting success of experiments in preparing spirits of mercury.

Notes on Faber's work.
9. Hermes. Tabula smaragdina et commentarium.
10. The same in English.

11. “The Epitome of the treasure of health written by Edvardus generosus Anglicus innominatus, who lived A. D. 1562.”

12. Hadrian Mynsicht. Aureum seculum redivivum. Testamentum de philosophorum lapide. Both in hexameters.

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