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Conduitt to Fontenelle, 27th March, 1727. O.S.
Fontenelle to Conduitt, 14th April, 1727. N. S.
Conduitt to Fontenelle, No date given, but must be about 21st

July, 1727.
31st July, 1727.

5th October, 1727. 0. S. Fontenelle to Conduitt, 15 Nov. 1727. N. S. Conduitt to Fontenelle, 23rd Nov. 1727.

1st Jan. 1727-8.

The above are inclosed in a portion of Mists' Weekly Journal for Saturday, April 8, 1727, containing Reflections occasioned by the Death of Sir I. Newton.

II. Conduitt's Memoirs of Sir I. Newton, sent to Fontenelle for the Éloge. 1. English copy, containing 29 numbered pages, No. 21

repeated, and 1 page of corrections. 2. French copy, containing 27 pages. This includes a trans

lation of the account of Newton's funeral from the

London Gazette of 4th April, 1727. III. A copy of the London Gazette for 4th April, 1727, containing the account of Sir I. Newton's funeral.


Sir I. NEWTON. 1. 42 pages, giving an account of Newton's life to the time of his going to Cambridge.

2. 354 pages, containing a more finished copy of the same. [This was intended to be followed by an account of the state of Philosophy when Newton began his discoveries.)

3. Four copies of suggestions addressed to some one from whom Conduitt expected to obtain a popular account of the state of philosophy when Sir I. Newton first appeared, and also a similar account of his discoveries, and of the improvements that several persons have made in various parts of them. 71 pages.

4. 16 pages, relating to his life and work at Cambridge.
5. 17 pages of Miscellanea, containing anecdotes, &c.
6. 17 pages relating to Newton's character.

7. 2 copies, each about 1} page, on his love and gratitude to his mother.

8. 2 pages on Sir I. Newton's manual dexterity.

9. 2 copies of 2 pages, each on the same subject, illustrated by a custom in the house of Austria.

10. Paper with date 31st of August, 1726, containing 4 large and 4 small pages, containing anecdotes of Newton, relating to various times.

11. 2 pages, containing an account of a conversation of Conduitt with Newton, on Sunday the 7th March, 1724-5.

12. 2 pages, containing various scraps from Newton's note-books. 13. Scrap of 4 small pages, on Newton's dispute with Hook. 14. Scrap of 2 small pages, in glorification of Newton.

15. Scrap of 11 large pages, containing rough notes relating to Newton's last illness, and brief references to anecdotes.

16. A compliment on Pope, 17. Sketch of a preface.

18. Extracts from Journal books of the R. Soc. relating to the late Sir I. Newton with a letter from W. Rutty, R. S. Sec. to Conduitt.

Dates of what passed at the University (so endorsed by Conduitt). LETTERS AND MEMORANDA, RELATING TO NEWTON, AFTER HIS DEATH.

1. Thomas Mason to Conduitt, 13 March, 1726-7.

2. J. Craig to Conduitt, 7 Apr. 1727, partly printed by Brewster, ii. 315. 3. Wm. Stukeley to Conduitt, 26 June, 1727.

Wm. Stukeley to Dr Mead, 26 June, 1727-15 July, 1727 (four sheets written at intervals).

5. Dr Mead to Conduitt, 7 July, 1727.
6. Wm. Stukeley to Conduitt, 15 July, 1727.
7. Wm. Stukeley to Conduitt, 22 July, 1727.

8. Memoranda of Newton, given by A. Demoivre to Conduitt, Nov. 1727 (in Conduitt's hand).

9. Draft of a letter from Conduitt to A. Pope, 8 Nov. 1727, enclosing

10. The dedication to the Queen of Sir I. N.'s chronology, and 11. An account of the chief events of Newton's life.

12. A. Pope to Conduitt, 10 Nov. 1727, printed by Brewster, ii. 521.

13. Nicholas Wickins to Prof. Smith, 16 Jan. 1727-8, printed by Brewster, ii. 88.

14. W. Stukeley to Conduitt, 16 Jan. 1727-8.

15. Humphrey Newton to Conduitt, 17 Jan. 1727-8, printed by Brewster, ï. 91. 16. J. Conduitt to

6 Feb. 1727-8, printed by Brewster, i. viii.

17. W. Stukeley to Conduitt, 13 Feb. 1727-8.

18. Humphrey Newton to Conduitt, 14 Feb. 1727-8, printed by Brewster, ii. 95.

19. W. Stukeley to Conduitt, 29 Feb, 1727-8.
20. J. Conduitt to

4 June, 1729; see Brewster i. x. n'. 21. Bp. Sherlock to

10 June, 1731.
22. Note of Newton's elections at the Royal Society.

23. Nevil Maskelyne to Dr Horsley, with remarks on Horsley's ed. of Newton, by one Robison, 8 May, 1782.

Seward to Horsley, s. d.
25. W. Derham's account of conversations with Newton.

26. Account of Newton's mother, “ given me [Conduitt] by Mrs Hutton, whose maiden name was Aiscough.”

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1. Statement of Lord Halifax's legacy to Mrs Barton, and of the transfer from the Executor George Lord Halifax, giving the date of the trust, 26 October, 1706. With some notes on Miracles.

2. An account of what his majesty may lose by renewing for seven years the contract with Cornwall and Devonshire for Tynn.

3. An account of the gold and silver coined at the Mint, from 1713 to 1715, with some notes on Repentance at the back.

4. Draft of a letter to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury with this account, some notes on the Controversy on Fluxions at the back.

5. The accounts of Mr Ambrose Warren, Agent for the Trustees, &c., of the charity of his Grace Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury, founded at the Tabernacle by Golden Square, for the. quarter ending Christmas, 1700.

6. Paper of calculations, apparently for the Mint.

7. Proposal for a medal to commemorate the Union of England and Scotland.

8. Various letters and fragments on family matters.

9. Pedigree and papers relating to his family, all in Newton's hand excepting the pedigree, which is a copy.



1. Essaies and Meditations concerning morality and religion. The first part. A folio, with no author's name, written in the same hand throughout.

2. Sir C. Wren's cipher, describing three instruments proper for discovering the longitude at sea. In Halley's hand.

Printed by Brewster, ii. p. 263.


3. Drawing of the arms of the Swinfords of Swinford, with some notes. In Mrs Barton's hand.

4. Catherine Conduitt's will, 9 July, 1731.
5. Epitaph on F-8 Ch—is (Charteris).


Epigrammes écrites en vieux Gaulois en imitation de Clement Marot, per Mons. Rousseau. Copied at Geneva, 1709.

7. Problem in Spherical Trigonometry, in French.
8. A scheme of the Longitude, signed Laurans.

Several copies (printed) of Leibnitz's Charta volans. 29 July, 1713.

10. An abridgement of a Manuscript of Sir Robert Southwell's concerning travelling. Writt. 1658, Feb. 20. Written from the other end are “ Chansons Françoises."

11. A MS. of Cicero de Senectute, about 1480.

12. Treatise in French, on the Infinite Divisibility of Matter. No name; handwriting unknown.

13. Metaphysical Speculations on Astronomy. No name; hand unknown; of no interest.

14. Viaticum Nautarum, or the Sailor's Vade Mecum, by Robert Wright, B.A., formerly of Jesus College in Cambridge.

15. Edipus Sphingi, Auctore R. P. Nicolas Augustino Venetiis, 1709. (Incomplete.)

16. A MS. book on the Motions of the Secondary Planets, divided into six chapters.

17. Elementary calculations and figures relating to Spherical Trigonometry, possibly by St John Hare.


Complimentary letters to Newton from distinguished foreigners.


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