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north, and has since that time resided, in the midst of the throne shall feed his
for the most part, near Hexham. After servants, and shall lead them unto liv-
his return, he preached once, and only ing fountains of waters : and God shall
once, in the place of worship where he wipe away all tears from their eyes."
formerly administered the word of life. You have been refreshed in the house of
His discourse was founded on the words, mourning with the streanis of these liv.
“Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to- ing fountains,-may they follow you all
day, and for ever;” and was, as one the way to your journey's end ! and then
of his hearers observes, "rich in evan- may the weary traveller be conducted
gelical truth and spiritual unction." to Canaan's happy land, where no evil
For some time he preached regularly at is suffered, no pain is felt, no sorrow is
his own house at Quatre Bras, but his endured, but all is peace, and joy, and
declining strength and growing infirmi- praise for evermore!
ties would not permit him to engage in You, the children of such a father,
the onerous duties of a stated pastor; will, I am sure, cherish the memory of
indeed, for the last year of his life, in your dear and honoured parent with the
addition to other afflictions, he was most affectionate reverence.
almost totally deprived of the power of children of parents, both of whom I long
vision. He was seized with paralysis knew and highly esteemed, for their emi-
on the evening of Monday, the 19th nent piety and excellence of character.
January, and lingered for the most part You were “trained up in the way you
in an unconscious state till about three should go,” and I sincerely hope you
o'clock on the following Sabbath morn- will never “depart from it.”
ing, when his happy spirit took its flight father's house you witnessed the daily
“ To fairer worlds on liigh,"

sacrifice of prayer and praise, you heard

the instructions of wisdom from the into be associated with the general as. spired volume, you were early taught to sembly and church of the firstborn, keep holy the Sabbath-day, and attend and with the spirits of just men made its sacred services. All the lessons of pierfect, “ to be for ever with the Lord.” morality and religion were enjoined

It is but justice to say that in Mrs. upon you with all the tenderness and Scott, the bereaved widow, the subject ansiety of parental intreaty and love. of this brief sketch found a suitable I need not tell you that great obligations helpmeet to minister to his wants and grow out of these instructions and excomforts when his strength began to amples. I trust you are already parfail, one who most faithfully, tenderly, takers of the common salvation ; or, if and assiduously did all that was in her there be any wavering in your minds, power to lighten the cares and alleviate that you will without delay decide for the sufferings of him who is now be God and heaven, and then labour to yond the need of any earthly comforter. hold fast and diffuse the great principles She has the happy consciousness of of the gospel. The church has need of having performed the part of a dutiful you, that you may be helpers of the and affectionate wife to a faithful ser- truth; the world has need of you, that vant of Jesus Christ. She will remem- you may shine as lights therein. May ber, with thankfulness to Almighty God, you live to promote that cause in which the wise counsels, the ferrent prayers, the excellent of the earth have laboured the holy example of her now departed and suffered, the success of which occafriend and husband; and I trust that sions a new thrill of joy among the reshe will feel more powerfully the attrac- deemed above, and which is destined to tion of a Saviour's love, and the giories fill leaven and earth with the praises of of that world where “the Lamb which is God and the Lamb! May your father's

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God be your God-your portion and ple before the Lord, that they strive not exceeding great and eternal reward ! about words to no profit, but to the

The removal of the faithful servants subverting of the hearers. Hold the of Christ from their warfare on earth to truth, and hold it firmly, but hold it in their triumph in heaven, should teach faith and love; hold it so as to purify us the value of life, and our obligation the heart and direct the life. Were all to employ it in serving our generation, the churches to live the gospel as well as according to the will of God. How de profess it, they would do more to consirable that Christians should have the vince gainsayers that it is from God, Spirit of Christ; that they should walk than all its enemies could do against it. in the Spirit, and live in the Spirit, and Let us apply to ourselves the solemn be filled with the Spirit, that they should admonition to the church at Ephesus,shine in the beauties of holiness! If we "Repent; or else I will come unto thee give way to vain jangling and bitter quickly, and will remove thy candlestick contention, it will eat out the comfort, out of his place, except thou repent.” the life, the peace, and even the very

J. H. knowledge which we may possess. Timo- Alston, February 22, 1851. thy was commanded to charge the peo



Tuirty-six years ago, the writer left society, discussed all the great questions college with a deep and settled-not to which had sprung up in connexion say enthusiastic-conviction that Mis- with the rise and progress of the Lonsionary operations were the great de don Missionary Society. They exmand of the age. That conviction had pected holidays on all great anniversary originated in early training and asso- occasions; and their Professors, withciation, in acquaintance with the strik- out establishing any express law, let ing origin and working of the London their pupils distinctly understand that Missionary Society, and in a most pleas- it would be gratifying to them that ing and profitable intimacy, during his Missionary festivals should be attended college life, with Mr. (now Dr.) Philip, by those committed to their care. The that champion of the Missionary cause, writer blesses God for these gratifying then pastor of the Congregational reminiscences; and can truly say, that Church, George-street, Aberdeen. he and his beloved brethren did not

College-life had not quenched, but think the time lost which was devoted rather fanned the Missionary flame. to listening to the instructive appeals The Tutors were all Missionary men, of distinguished men, from the pulpit attached fervently to the plans and oper- and platform, in support of Missionary ations of the Society in which Bogue, claims. They always returned from and Burder, and Waugh, and Wilks, and such exercises with invigorated delight Ilill, and Hardcastle, and Shrubsole, and zeal to prosecute their studies for and other honoured men, were spend the Christian ministry. ing their best energies. Nine-tenths of Under such auspices, the writer of the Students, too, were earnest in the this paper left College for Pastoral life. Missionary cause. They read and con- He entered on a sphere of unusual versed about it; held their Missionary difficulty; with little to awaken hope associations; and, in their debating but the vast population by which he

was surrounded. Congregational Dis- | iliary was £15, and its last, £279 128.1ldi; sent was almost unknown; and preju- and of this latter sum nearly one-half dice ran high against everything except was realized in very small payments, a decent and quiet formalism. But his cheerfully contributed by the poor of Missionary predilections never forsook the flock. The Auxiliary is so comhim. He determined that if God gave pletely organized as to invite and secure him a church, by His blessing it should the contributions of all; and the writer be a missionary one. He had a chapel has pleasure in stating, that all the to raise, without any aid from a Chapel people, with one consent, in their difBuilding Fund ; and found himself and ferent spheres of life, without pressure his flock soon incumbered with a heavy or effort, are ready with their free-will chapel-debt, with but slender prospect offerings. The Sunday school Children of its being speedily liquidated. Many and Teachers make their regular weekly came to hear the word ; but, for a long contributions;- all the other schools time, they loved a cheap gospel, and connected with the chapel present their did but little to meet existing burdens. regular annual sums;—the collectors Those who were elected to office were are all at work continuously through somewhat timid for the future; and the whole year, some of them raising a expressed anxiety, when foreign objects sum exceeding £30;-Missionary boxes, were named and pressed by the youth to the number of more than fifty, are ful pastor, lest they should diminish distributed among the families of the the necessary supplies for home objects. congregation, which are called in at the No,” said he, “let us do something proper time ;-special contributions are noble for the perishing millions of the solicited for missionary objects peculirace far off from us, and God will help arly interesting to the congregation; us to meet our own domestic claims." and the Anniversary Meetings are always

A Missionary Auxiliary was formed. prepared for with the greatest care, and Its beginnings were indeed but small; advertized earnestly from the pulpit but it threw new life into all other plans weeks before their arrival; so that they of usefulness; the whole of the Chapel never have failed, in a single instance, receipts were literally increased by it; to be well attended and well sustained. and all the thoughtful of the people Though the last annual meeting was began to see that the best way to help held on a night of heavy rain, the themselves was to begin to help others. chapel was full, and the service most The Chapel

filled and impressive. enlarged; it was filled a second As an old friend of the Missionary and a third time, and a second and Society, the writer has thrown these third time enlarged, at a cost of not less hasty thoughts together for the encouthan £1000; the new and the old debts ragement of his brethren and the were all discharged; and the Mission churches at large; and bears this deliary Auxiliary continued steadily to pro. berate and willing testimony, that the gress side by side with numerous other Missionary cause has been fraught with charitable institutions; and is now, innumerable benefits to himself and his after the lapse of thirty years, in the flock. It has stimulated zeal, called zenith of its strength, affording shelter forth benevolence, and fanned all the and encouragement to every other best elements of a public spirit. “work of faith and labour of love" in

A PASTOR OF THE SAME Church which the congregation is engaged.

FOR THIRTY-SIX YEARS. The first annual payment of the Aux

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(To the Editor of the EvANGELICAL MAGAZINE.) Sir,-In your January publication I whom He chose as the representatives offered some general observations upon of this typical dispensation very soon the changes of opinion which are going lost sight of the object, and placed their on in the religious world, and the in- affections on the shadow instead of the fluences which are at work to produce substance; and their perceptions of a them; and I proceed now to particular. spiritual religion were so deadened, ise them under two specific heads; that, when He came in whom all was namely — Ritualism and Rationalism; | fulfilled, they could not discern their or a taste for what is showy and ex. promised Messiah, were offended at ternal, and gratifying to the senses, on Him, despised, persecuted, and put Him the one hand; or for what is speculative to death. Here we have one awful exand metaphysical, and gratifying to ample of bigotted attachment to Ritualthe intellect, on the other: the former ism and its consequences. attaching undue importance to circum- Let us pursue another :-The whole stantials, and merging the spiritual in system of typical and ceremonial obthe external, and that which works servances was now swept away; upon and excites the imagination; the better covenant was established on betlatter overstepping the bounds of legiti- ter promises;-the temple-worship was mate inquiry-intruding into those at an end;—the ritual and ceremonial things which are concealed from mortal was entirely superseded by the real, the vision, and attempting to bring within simple, and spiritual ;-sanctity of place the narrow compass of man's finite was no longer to be regarded—“Ye reason the infinite and deep things of shall neither in this mountain nor yet God. These two influences are very at Jerusalem worship the Father.”different in character and operation, They that worship Him must worbut both exercise a baneful effect upon ship Him in spirit and in truth." Upon the churches; and the issue is in both these principles, laid down by the Sa. cases similar: — loss of spirituality; viour, the apostles acted. All through God's word and the work of the Spirit the New Testament, we cannot fail to neglected and despised :-abject super- be struck with the disregard shown to stition in the one case, and avowed un- externals--to places of worship, and to belief in the other, are the final result. ritual. There is absolutely not the

I will briefly follow the course of the slightest allusion to either. I need not former to its deadly consequences. quote passages to prove that they were Ritualism exhibits itself in various held in utter disregard ; the diligent forms: it is adapted to our very nature, student of the New Testament cannot which clings to it as the end, and sub- | but be alive to it. Simple adaptation stitutes it for religion itself. Thus, of the means to the end in view -- tho when God was pleased, for the gradual preaching of the word of life, and the development of His own great purpose worship of God in spirit and in truthof eternal redemption through the work is the character of the apostolic proof His Son, to institute ritual observ. cedure; “not walking in craftiness, nor ances and a ceremonial law, prefiguring handling the word of God deceitfully, that better covenant which was after. but, by manifestation of the truth, comwards to take its place,—the people mending ourselves to every man's con

science in the sight of God.” Look at | efficacy residing in the ordinances the tenor of the entire Epistle to the which Scripture nowhere ascribes to Galatians, to discourage Ritualism and them; a superstitious sanctity assigned promote the spiritual worship of God; to persons and places; the establishand with regard to places for worship, ment of monastic institutions; the erecwe hear of an upper chamber, of a tion of magnificent churches, intended place where prayer was wont to be to correspond with the temple of Solomade-in the open air, if most suitable, mon, which Constantine introduced --and of the church in the house; all when he took the Church under his indicating perfect indifference as to protection : the encouragement given building. Nothing, then, could be by this Emperor to all that was ornamore complete than the total overthrow mental and sumptuous in public worof ritual, both local and circumstantial, ship was so excessive, that all the chawhich the gospel dispensation brought racteristics of the religion of the meek with it.

and lowly Saviour vanished, and before It is not much to be wondered at the end of his reign vitality was nearly that Jewish prejudice should continue extinct: vain pomp and ceremonial took to cling around a ritual system-espe- its place; and from this time ritualism cially as it bore with it the sanction of usurped the place of the simple truth God's original appointment, however as it is in Jesus. At this period, too, latterly overlaid with men's inventions vain speculation upon the person and -in preference to that which, in its Deity of Christ, which had shown itself lowliness and simplicity, offered to their already in a variety of forms, received unspiritual minds no outward attrac- its most powerful auxiliary in Arius of tions. It required the mighty agency Alexandria, whose opinion's gave rise of the Spirit of God to give this spi- to one of the most formidable controritual discernment. The wonder seems versies that ever agitated the Church of to be in the language of the apostle to Christ, and proved as corrupting to the the Galatians) that, after men had known African and Eastern churches as RitualGod, or rather were known of God, ism and superstition did to those of the they should turn again to the weak and West. New heresies arose from time beggarly elements whereunto they de- to time in botlı, producing confusion sired again to be in bondage, and of and every evil work; but external ob. such, however plausible appearances servances and vain superstitions were might be, the apostle, with prophetic | doing their work in bringing the discernment, adds, “I am afraid of churches under the power of Antichrist, you."

He foresaw the fatal conse which was growing apace in the fifth quences which were to arise from the century, and by the end of the seventh baneful effects both of Ritualism and had reached its maturity. The simple Rationalism. A reference to the pro- doctrines of justification by faith in the phetic language of the third chapter of work of Christ, and the all-sufliciency the Second Epistle to Timothy, and the of God's word and Spirit for the consecond chapter of the Second Epistle version of man, were lost sight of; and to the Thessalonians will suffice. a new species of idolatry was widely

The early history of the Church, im- spreading wherever the gospel had been mediately after the departure of the made known.

Ritualism and superapostles, presents to our view a gradual stition had triumphed. The apostasy unfolding of both these evil principles. was complete; and through a long and Undue exaltation of the ordinances of dreary period of the world's sad history, Baptism and the Lord's Supper, under at which Christianity, nay, humanity, the title of Sacraments, implying an shudders, the worship of the Queen of

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