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large numbers begged for the admission been an extensive spiritual awakening of their children to the schools. The amongst both children and adults, and throng, in short, was so great, that three a striking moral reformation in a very establishments like that in the Rue large number of families. The testi. Saint Maur, would not have furnished mony of the Police Commissary of the room for all the candidates for admis- arrondissement on this point is pecusion. Such was the commencement of liarly valuable:-“Since


have been this encouraging work in the Faubourg labouring amongst us,” said he to the du Temple. The Société Evangélique minister who has superintended the de France did not take it up till last mission for some years," it is certain year, and the Committee, before ren- that my duties have become much more dering an account of their own steward- easy; there have been fewer offences ship during the past year, gave a brief committed in the interior of families, summary of the operations of those and fewer evil actions to repress out of who preceded them in the direction of doors, amongst children and young the movement. The work, as has been people.” already stated, commenced in 1830, and This witness is true, and gives a new during the nineteen years that it re- proof of the inestimable benefits which mained under the control of its found the gospel confers on society at large, ers, they dispensed nearly £7120. They even where its influence is indirect only. calculate, that during that time many What must it be, then, when its full force thousands of adults have attended pub. is felt upon the heart, inculcating the lic worship, and that from fifteen thou- love of God and of our neighbour ! sand to sixteen thousand children have calming the violent passions of men, received instruction in the schools, of a rendering them better fitted to enjoy kind to lead them in the way of salva- and promote whatever happiness this tion. In the course of these nineteen present life affords, and preparing them years, twenty thousand copies of the for perfect happiness in the life to Holy Scriptures, and more than a mil. come! Well may we repeat the Divine lion and a half of tracts, bave been words, “ Righteousness exalteth a nacirculated amongst the families of the tion,” and without it, legislative meaquarter. Such means of evangelization, sures, and social regulations, will in if blessed as their promoters hoped, vain attempt to arrest the career of ought to have proportionate results. It either individuals, families, or commuis very difficult, however, to estimate nities, to inevitable ruin. The report the real effect of such efforts upon a of M. le Pasteur Burnier, who directs population continually fluctuating, com- this important work, is filled with facts posed of working people who are obliged of the most encouraging and interesting to change their residence continually, character; but it is thought prudent to to suit their employment. This is, abstain from publishing them, lest it doubtless, to be regretted; but it is not should be the means of attraeting to the so grave an inconvenience as it may at poor persons who are the objects of his first appear. The adults and children ministry the attention of the numerous who have been thus instructed, at dif- and active enemies of the gospel with ferent times, have in turn become evan- which Paris abounds, and of subjecting gelists themselves, and instructed others them to a painful and damaging perseat a distance from the original sphere cution. British Christians will rejoice of operations; and thus the effects really to be informed, that the Word of Life permanent and discernible in the Fau. is making secure and rapid progress bourg du Temple are of a highly amongst the lower and middle classes encouraging character. There has in this quarter of the French capital ; that the spiritual temple, like its pro- | mighty. The principle of spiritual life totype in ancient Zion, is rising with has begun to tingle in the extremities out noise, and giving daily confirmation of Parisian society; who that loves God to the hope that it will one day be and man will refuse to aid its developcompleted. Let Christians of all classes ment, until it informs and animates the and denominations consider the grand whole body? Then shall cease these results likely to issue from this impor- doleful rumours of war, which fill tant movement. Here, we would say men's hearts with uncertainty and fear. to the politician, is the true guarantee Then shall national enmity, that thing of an entente cordiale ; to the commer- of darkness nourished by bad men and cial man, Here is the fountain of all wicked principles, be banished to its peace, prosperity, and all earth's best native regions. No narrow faith shall blessings; and to the servants of Christ divide hearts which Dirine grace has generally, Your Master is doing a great united; Christ shall be our master, and work; come ye to his help against the | all we who love him shall be brethren.



No. III.

We have stated in two foriner arti- | Zion. These institutions have ever cles the happy influence of piety 10 been the most effectual for the conservapreserve from the snares of Romanism, tion of the purity of Christian truth both in individuals and in families. and worship in ages that are past, both We proceed to offer a few remarks on in this land and in others. They are so its equal necessity and fruitful power, at the present time; and will, doubtless, to the same effect in churches.

so remain to the consummation of all And here, in the outset, let it be ob- things. We wish just to remind them served, that by the term " churches,” of their position, the design of their we do not mean any national or pro formation, and their obligations at the vincial establishment which bears that present period. name, or any aggregate body of nominal In appointing and commanding that Christians whatever, associated with the his disciples should associate together State; because the appellation “church” for their mutual edification and the is nowhere applied in Scripture to such observance of his ordinances among a society, though even in reference to them, and form themselves into Christhem, it is very evident that the increase tian societies in every place where they and prevalence of genuine religion should be called to himself, it was, would separate them far enough both doubtless, the design of their great from Puseyism and Rome.

Lord and Master that they should act more particularly mean those Christian for all purposes of moral defence and societies which are formed after the aggression in the world, of illumination, model of the New Testament, evange- sanctification, and salvation. They lical in their faith and order, inde- | were to enlighten its darkness; to coun. pendent in their constitution and dis- teract its corruption; to promote its cipline, and subject to no authority renovation. From them were to emabut that of the only Lord and King in nate that moral light, that healthful

But we

insluence, and that redeeming power, tian doctrine, and vigorous in the “ fruits which should tend gradually to over- of the Spirit," all the coruscations of come all the operations of evil, and Roman ambition will fly innocuous restore our fallen race to the service around, and all their attempts upon our and homage of its rightful Sovereign, Protestant Zion will recoil upon themand to subjection to Jesus Christ as its selves. We want but the power of oriLord. To fall into a state of lukewarm- ginal, enlightened, fervent piety in our ness and indifference, to contract the churches, to ward off every assault from pollutions of the world, or to comply the invidious foe, and to turn every with any of those idolatrous practices weapon lifted up against us into an by which they are surrounded, would instrument and an occasion of greater obviously be to defeat the end of their prosperity. Whatever measures politi. creation, to nullify that healing in- cians may devise, and whatever means fluence which they have received from of an external nature the friends of truth the Spirit of all grace, and to extin. may employ, our greatest strength for guish their light in the darkness around. repulsion and conquest will be within. Nay more, it would be to deepen that The only reason why the states of Greece darkness, to augment that corruption, did not sooner yield to Philip of Maceand to perpetuate the spread of aliena- don than they did, was their integrity tion and enmity to the blessed God in and union among themselves. his own world. The best thing cor. As in the civil, so in the sacred; as rupted is always the worst. * If the in the natural, so in the spiritual world, light that is in you be darkness," said union is strength. Lise is manifested the great Teacher, “how great is that by progress, evergy, activity, and these darkness !" Of all idolatry on the face re-act and promote vitality. The more of the earth, that of an apostate Chris- the oak flourishes above ground, and tian church, which has borrowed the spreads its branches to the sun, and its rites and ceremouies of Puseyism, and leaves to catch the falling dew, and both the idea of “ gods many and lords to brave the storms—the stronger will many" from the mythology of the hea- be its trunk, and the deeper its roots then, must be the most injurious, the beneath the soil. So will it be in the inost criminal, and the most provoking, churches. The great thing wanted in in the sight of a holy and a jealous the present day is an increase in all God.

Christian societies of the original light Aware of this, and of the infinite and love, the power and grace, the importance of the preservation of the growth and development which marked purity of truth, of worship, and of mo. the apostolic communities at the begin. rals, how anxious should all the churches ning. If a larger measure of that union of the saints be to maintain that high and zeal, that brotherly affection towards order of Christian piety and spirituality each other, and firmness of attachment from which alone will flow their pro- to their common Lord and Master, which sperity and security in times like these! | they displayed, could be attained and Everything, under God, will depend on manifested by us in this age, with corthe internal state of the unendowed and respondent activity in the Saviour's independent churches of this land for cause, the roots of the tree of life would the maintenance of the couflict between be deepened among us, its branches be truth and error, and for the successful extended, and its leaves soon be shed for issue of the controversy between ritual the “ healing of the nations." The cause and evangelical worship in these realms. of gospel truth would be strengthened If they are strong "in the grace of a thousand-fold, and, receiving a mighty Christ,” healthy in their love of Chris- impulse from within and from above,

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would travel forwards“ in the greatness | out a more excellent way, and substiof its strength" to universal conquest. tute it in its stead, is an insult to the This would be our security. We should Author of Christianity, and a mockery suffer no loss then. There would be no to the spiritual necessities of the soul of danger of our candlestick" being re- man. It will not be charmed, it will moved out of its place, or of its lustre not be convinced, it will not be con. being dimmed. “Wisdom and know- verted by any such speculations as ledge would be the stability of our times, these, which ofttimes do more to exalt and strength of salvation.” Our defence the preacher and show bis intellectual would be “ the munition of rocks." powers, than benefit the hearers and “ The salvation of Israel would come extol “ Christ Jesus the Lord.” Away out of Zion;" and a “glorious bigh with all such metaphysical discussions throne from the beginning be the place and rationalistic tendencies! The apoof our sanctuary." All those means, stles did not employ them. The time therefore, which are incumbent at any for them is not now. They never protime on the followers of Christ to em- moted the great designs of human reploy, in order to promote their internal demption; they never will. The pulpit of strength and activity, their social pro- the gospel is a sacred place—sacred to gress and prosperity, are especially in Christ, sacred to the truth as it is in cumbent now, and must be employed him, sacred to the salvation of the souls with an assiduity, earnestness, and of inen; and grievous will it be, if, in the zeal, proportioned to the occasion. present day, it be in any way perverted

First, therefore, with all affectionate to "another gospel,” or the inculcations reverence and love, we observe, The of “philosophy and vain deceit,” and

trumpetof the pulpit must give no of “science falsely so called.” Such uncertain sound.A divided, partial, / weekly exhibitions will do no execution. time-serving testimony there would be They may excite admiration, perhaps worse than vain. A negative strain of surprise, and the taste of Athenian preaching can do nothing to counteract auditors will be abundantly gratified; the positive elements of evil, which are but the Spirit of God will not own them, everywhere in operation around; and nor will the obstinacy of the human anything approaching to rationalism, heart yield thereto. For all the purthe mere Germanic system, which pays poses of sanctification and salvation more homage to reason than revelation, they will fall powerless to the ground, and virtually makes the latter a wor- and leave the alienation of man from shipper at the shrine of the former, will God, and the enmity of the unrenewed avail us little. Not by such lucubra- will, in a state of distance and rebellion tions, or ratiocinations, will the demon still.“ Non tali auxilio, nec defensoribus of superstition, or the power of depra- istis.” The kingdom of God needs other vity, ever be cast out. The “idea" of helps and other defenders in these times. the human mind, however apparently There must be a clear and distinct original and far-fetched it may be, and avowal of gospel truth; an entire hothe most elaborate disquisitions on the mage of reason with all its powers, and of innate beauties of virtue, and the lofty imagination with all its flights, to reve. powers of humanity, will be merely as lation; and a full exhibition of “ Christ "sounding brass and as a tinkling cym- and him crucified ” in all the ministrabal.” That strain of preaching which tions of the sanctuary; even as the sun, is evermore hovering about the cross, at noon day, illumines the world, and but never at it, which ignores all the gilds all with his rays. No other expeleading doctrines of " salvation by dient will ever be found for the recograce,” in the apparent attempt to find | very of lapsed man, or the renovation of



his diseased powers; no other asylumciated capacity destitute of its influence, for the destitute, or hope for the lost. and exhibiting nothing but the spirit of It is vain, it is criminal, to delude our formality and of the world. Division, fellow immortals with the expectation discord, indifference, unsanctified interthat there will be, or to present to them course, mere convivial friendship, are the illusions of human device for the alien from “ the law of the spirit of life substantial verities of the truth of God. in Christ Jesus,” and can produce no They ask for“ bread," we must not offer effects in union with the truth and love “a stone :" nor for “a fish” must a of God to a lost world. They are the “serpent” be given. It will be our peril, bane of the churches wherever they their loss. Woe be to the preachers of exist, and are sure to make way for the the present day, that extol the powers entrance of delusion and the spread of of the human mind, but depreciate the “ The law of the house is holy." grace of Christ; that give all promi- “ The church is the pillar and ground nence to the one, but conceal the other of the truth.” The new commandment

They will labour in vain, and “spend is that of love. And only by the their strength for very vanity.” Such union and exhibition of all these will a ministry has never yet "wrought any | the designs of redemption be promoted, deliverance in the earth:" it never will. and the cause of vital Christianity be The conquest over sin, the world, and upheld. Let these be maintained among superstition, must be obtained some the people. Let "holiness to the Lord" other way. Not by such testimony will be inscribed on all that pertains to His the wanderer be reclaimed, the vacillat- house. Let the “ truth of Christ" be ing be preserved, the feeble strength dear to every heart, and preferred to ened, or Puseyism and Rome be over- every other theme. And let the love of

But I, if I be lifted up from the the brethren reign, each esteeming anoearth, will draw all men unto me." ther better than himself; whilst in the

Next to purity and power in the pul sanctuary everything bears the aspect pit, must there be devotion and spiritu- of those who worship God in “ spirit ality in the pew. The influence of the and in truth;" and from that tabernacle people among the Nonconformist and the cloud of the Divine presence will Independent churches is prodigious, not remove, and within it life and eitber for good or for evil. The effects peace and joy will dwell. From the of their spirit and conduct are now precincts of so hallowed an enclosure felt and manifested over all the interests no friend will depart, and into it noof Zion, and those interests are sure to thing hostile or destructive will enter. rise or decline in proportion as the peo. In vain would the spirit of discord or of ple are holy, spiritual, and evangelical. Rome try to find admission there. HoliIf they are not devout, if they are not ness, devotion, and love, would repel united in the simplicity and faith of the every intruder, and be a bulwark of gospel, and habitually under its power, defence around the whole. Others would the most energetic and excellent minis- take“ knowledge of them that they have try will be expended among them in been with Jesus.” The stranger coming vain. The affection of John, the depth in would report that “God is with them of Paul, the energy of Peter, the elo- of a truth.” The King would be “held quence of Apollos, would be fruitless in the galleries;" her walls would be and unprofitable. We cannot imagine a salvation; her gates praise; and there more awful subject for reflection, or a would be “nothing to hurt or destroy in more glaring anomaly, than a people all the holy mountain of the Lord." professedly associated together for the In order to the production and enjoyfaith of the gospel, but in their asso- ment of this happy state of things in the



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