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Books, for the Institution at Rarotonga. To
the Teachers and Children of the Sunday
School, Banbury-For Two American Clocks.
To Mr. Walford's School, North Newton- For
Two American Clocks. To Rev. Mr. Parker's
Schools, Deddington and Hempden-For Two

American Clocks.
For Rev. C. Hardie, Upolu. To Mrs. Marsh and

Friends, Chester-For a Box and Parcel of
Useful Articles.
To Mr. Alfred Bird, Birmingham-For a "Water
Purifier" for the John Williams. To the Com-
mittee of the British and Foreign School Society
For various Cases of School Materials. To Mrs.
Watson--For a Parcel of Clothing and Books. To
Mr. W. Syckelmore, Maidstone--

For Two Hundred
Copies of his Edition of " Todd's Teacher and Lec-

tures." To Mr. S. R. Whitty, Axminster-For a Parcel of Books and Magazines. To Mrs. Bennett, Bath; To the Committee of St. Martin's Chapel Sabbath School, Chichester; To Mrs. May, Marlborough ; To Mr. J. R. Pritchett, York; To Mr. W. Bennett, Bath ; To S. Potter, Esq., Kennington; To Mrs. Smith, Brixton; To Miss

Torrington-square; To Mrs. E. Thomson, Hammersmith; To Mr. J. Harvey: To Mr. Orchard, Chicester; To T. H.; To Miss Hall, Bromley ; To Mr. R. Claxton, Hoxton ; To Mrs. Crewdson, Ardwick; To Mrs. J. R. Pimm, Deptford; To J. Moore, Esq.; To Mr. and Miss Smith, Waltham, near Great Grimsby-For Volumes and Numbers of the Evangelical Magazines, Christian Witness, Christian Penny Magazines, Annual Reports, and other Publications.

DEATH OF THE REV. ROBERT THOMSON. The mournful intelligence has just arrived of the death of the Rev. Robert Thomson, of Tahiti. Mr. T. left that Island in a vessel bound for Melbourne, in December last, in a very impaired state of health, and is reported to have died on the passage, on the 1st of the following month; but no particulars of the solemn event have been received.


The Rev. John Dalgliesh arrived in London, from Berbice, on the 8th of May.
The Rev. George Hall arrived at Kingston, Jamaica, on the 10th of May.


Anniversary Collec

£ 8. d.
£ 3. d.

s. d. tions.

Bccleston Chapel..... 12 0 0 Petter-lane ........... 9 14 10 New Broad-street.... 19 7 8
Trenity Chapel, Poplar 6 17 4 Finchley ....

16 17 S Nere-court........... 5 36 May, 1851,

Finsbury Chapel..... 24 0 4 New Tottenham-cout 12 ? O Collections, 18th May. $ 8. d.

Greenwich, Maize-hill 12 O O Orange-street... 19 00 Scotch Church, Re

Abney Chapel.. 35 8 9 Greenwich, Tabernacle 11 A 3 Orendon-strert ...... 10 11 1

Albany-road, Cambercent's-square, Rev.

Hackney, St. Thomas'.


96 18 11 roell... 6 5 6

22 0 8' Poplar ........

square.... Dr. Hainilton

50 00 ..... 21 6 6

.147 09 Surrey Chapel.

" oid Grarel Pil.... 11 5 0 Plaisloro ....... Albany Chapel, Re

5 16 Tubernacle 23 4 3. geni's Park.

10 00“ l'embury Grove... )411 3 Park-street Chapel,
18 10 10 “ Hampden.

1 13 0 Camden Town.. 25 00 Ereler Hall..... 84 93

13 1

Bethnal-green.. Finsbury Chapel...... 224

1 Haterstock-Hil...... 11 11 5 Robert-street

12 13 0 Poultry Chapel..

8 4 6 Holywell Mount... 23 6 6 Spa Fields ...

18 ] ... 10 13 6

Brentford..... 3 15 Iringlon Chapel....., 28 14 0 Sion Chapel.... 11 16 2 Missionary Communion. Clupham

50 10 5* Union
55 6 0 Slepney .....

17 15 6 3 Sinn Chapel........ 12 10 Clayland's Chapel.... 15 0 0 " Barnsbury ....... 23 0 2 Stratford...

10 00 Orange-street.. 197 Claremont Chapel.... 17 5 10 Kensington

30 12 0 Tabernacle

19 9 2 6 Falcon-square. 8 9 Craven Chapel, (in


22 12 0 Tottenham-court-road 18 3 10 9 Surrey Chapel.. 35 8 cluding 15 as a

3 0 0 Totteridge...

14 16 8 6 Idlington Chapel.. 28 16 Thank Offering to Maberly Chapel...... 21 6 1 Union-steel.... 7 00 Old rarel Pit

God on behalf of

Mark's Gate..
2 2 0 Walthamstou

18 00 Stockwell ..

the London Mis-
Marlborough Chapel,

Well-streel ....

12 00 Kingsland sionary Society 5373 old Kenl-road... 9 0 0 Weigh Mouse.

61 76 Tottenham .court...

Croydon ...
12 12 0 Mile End, Brunstrick

Whitefield Chapel.... 10 3 8 Hanover Chapel, Peck

9 0 0 Chapel...
9 10 0 Westminster

21 17 0
18 9 6 Bufteld.
20 0 0 * New Tourn........ 500 Woolucich ...

8 17 4 Trevor Chapel, Bromp

Enfield Highway 0 18 !" Lalimer Chapel.. 9 0 7 York-road............. 31 5 ? 19 8 & Bsher-street...

8 8 10. John-street Jubilee Greento ich ........... 5 18 8 Folcon-square ........ 28 of street........ ? 3 10

£1760 14 0

13 16
9 16 6


ham ...

ton .....

DEPARTURE OF THE “JOHN WILLIAMS." The equipment of the Missionary Ship being now complete, arrangements have been made for her leaving the Port of London on Tuesday the 15th inst., to proceed on her third voyage to the Islands of the Pacific.

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The greatest honour which the Ruler a community, and the greatest treasure of the world can bestow upon a people, of a kingdom, has indeed been the suband the richest treasure He can intrust ject of inquiry and discussion for many to their care, is the Gospel of His grace ages, and the theme of many a saga-His written Word, unpolluted by cious and enlightened mind. But fow, human tradition-Protestant truth and with the light of the nineteenth cenChristianity: and the simplicity and tury around them, the experience of spirituality of His worship correspon. past times to instruct them, and the dent thereto.

actual state of nations at the present Were it needful to attempt any for period, will venture to dispute our mal establishment of such a position as assertion, or set up a rival claim. this, innumerable evidences might be Aristotle with all his knowledge, and adduced, from the value of the boon Plato with all his sagacity, could they itself, from the opinions of the most have lived in our day, and seen with eminent of mankind, from the ex our light, and been taught by the porience of past ages, from the state of history of the past as we are, would existing nations in the present day, and have subscribed to this. Indeed Bacon, from the reiterated testimony of God's and Newton, and Boyle, (kindred own Word. These all unite to confirm minds,) have avowed it: and the prinit. "For what nation," asked the an- ciples of their immortal writings go to cient Lawgiver of Israel, “is there so prove that pure, enlightened Christiangreat, who hath God so nigh unto them, ity, is the only safe basis of states, and as the Lord our God is in all things the security of their prosperity. that we call upon him for ? And what To what else can it be attributed nation is there so great, that hath that our own highly favoured land has statutes and judgments so righteous, as attained that elevation amidst the na. all this law which I set before you this tions of the earth which she at present day?" “He hath not dealt so," re- enjoys? But a few centuries ago, sponds the pious Psalmist, “with any emerging from the darkness and

supernation; and as for His judgments, stition of the middle ages, unnoticed they have not known them. Praise ye and almost unknown among the nations the Lord.”

of Europe, she was not only numbered What constitutes the true honour of with the least, but apparently not very



likely to rise, or at all to equal, much and put forth its enterprise, in common less to surpass, her illustrious compeers. with other lands. Providence, which France was swaying the sceptre of rules over all, favoured its designs. universal fame, and was recognized as One step after another prospered. Ad"the grand nation,” in every civilized verse winds and rising waves were all land. Spain was great in the discovery made subservient to Britain's safety of America, in the wealth she derived, and welfare. And now this little speck and in the homage she exacted from in ocean, this island of the northern the new world. Portugal was laying, sea, gives laws to other lands, and as she thought, the foundation of governs, directly or indirectly, the another empire in India; and the largest portions of civilized mankind. States of Holland were spreading their Its colonies encircle the globe. Its commerce, and their power, to the hope-commerce is extended to every shore. ful “Cape,” and towards the islands of Its laws are transfused into the codes the rising sun. Whilst Eugland, at of other nations. Its constitution is that time, within its own contracted the admired of the whole earth. Its bounds, was torn by intestine divisions, language is becoming known in every scarcely able to maintain its own, and land: and its people are found residents seemed likely to become, what it almost and occupants in every zone.

To its offered itself to be, the prey of any justice the tribes of India look for successful invader who should attempt redress. To its principles of freedom its shores. Providence, however, watch the slaves of every clime look with ed over this feeble land. It was pre- hope. To its benevolence the wretched served for mobler deeds and better and destitute of all lands are accusthings. The light of the Reformation tomed to turn. We have peace within arose. It settled on Britain. No na our borders; plenty in our streets; tion, as such, welcomed its rays more safety in our homes. We have religion cordially, or carried its principles so in our sanctuaries; the Bible in our far. Monarch, ministers, and people, houses; worship on our Sabbaths; and (from various causes,) were ripe for the privileges and immunities, both civil glorious change, liailed its arrival, and, and sacred, unknown to other people. as if predisposed by an invisible power, Whilst, above all, and as the crowning yielded to its future developments and honour of all, from us, as from a consequences. Wearied with the super- centre and source, the gospel of the stitions of Rome, impoverished by its grace of God is taking its course to insatiable covetousness, and disgusted distant lands: the river of the water by its enormous vices and cruelty, it of life is flowing through other climes; cast off, once and for ever, its despotic and the oracles of the one living and sway, never again, we trust, whilst the true Jehovah are being translated sun of creation shines on its beauteous and diffused in almost every human plains, to be subject to its power, or tongue. entangled again with its "yoke of Now what we wish to be especially bondage.”

observed at the present time, and pon. From that period the

of dered with the deepest attention, is, Britain's prosperity began. Relieved that this unparalleled course of human from the mighty pressure which (as in prosperity is to be dated from, and every land where Popery reigns) weigh. | identified with, the progress of Protested it down to the earth, and bound its ant truth and worship among us.

It energies as with a nether millstone, it began with it. It advanced along å arose with an elastic spring to assert parallel line, and in similar degrees. its freedom, to employ its resources, | As the one rose, so did the other: and


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