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rapidity in our day? An enlightened state of things,—this lamentable ignopeople, in the essentials of Protestant rance of Protestant truth, and to devise truth, would have defied all its Jesuit- means for instructing the people, warnism and all its trickery. The thing has ing them against Popery in all its forms, not been acted in a corner. Its teach- and furnishing them with weapons to ing and its tendency have been sub- defend themselves against Romanism stantially Popish. The worst dogmas and Romanizers, we regard as specially of Rome have been advocated by it. and pre-eminently the work of the Its most objectionable practices have Protestant Alliance. been imitated. But the people at large Their voice must be distinctly heard have borne tamely with the innovations. against the essential principles of PoSomething, they admit, is wrong; but pery,—the doctrines of Priesthood,-of they scarcely know what. Fantastic Sacramental grace,-of Apostolic Succharges have been introduced; but cession,-of a Catholicism restricted to whether for the better or the worse the Episcopate,-of un-churching men they can hardly tell. Converse, as we whom Christ has received. Popery will have done, with multitudes, and they never be effectually resisted in our will join heartily in condemning the country, if these, its essential principles, Pope, and a something that they call are not exposed and condemned.

. Popery; but if you venture to go a little We should be glad to look to the into the vital questions between Pro- Alliance for a series of able tracts upon testants and Papists, you find that they all these and kindred topics. It must know little or nothing of their merits. aim at instructing the laity. Without They are ready to be practised upon by their co-operation, all will be in vain. men of the Anglo-Catholic school, who | It is the people that are in danger; and tell them that all grace is by the sacra- we must endeavour to rescue them from ments,—that the sacraments can only the hands of false teachers; and, by be duly and effectually administered by pouring a flood of light upon their themselves and the priests of Rome,- path, enable them to work out their that there is no hope of salvation but in own deliverance. the Catholic church, and that that The Alliance will have much to do, in church is absolutely identified with the connexion with other agencies, in turnordination of Bishops. They can re- ing the existing tide of politics. Rome ceive all this, if carefully, after the has been patronized, when she ought to fashion of the Puseyites, handed out to have been let alone. All this patronage them, as Protestant truth; though it must cease; and it can only cease by were easy to show, that all the exclusive- the voice of public opinion becoming ness, all the professed infallibility, all too strong for statesmen to disrethe persecutions of Rome, have sprung gard it. from these very doctrines.

But assuredly there must also be a In short, so little do the great body thunder-cry against the national supof the people know the true merits of port, in the universities and parisha Protestantism,—what it really is—that churches, of all those teachers who are they are prepared to accept anything doing the work of Rome just as effecin its stead, provided it be so presented tually as Dr. Wiseman and Dr. Cullen. to their notice as not to shock the pre- We look upon the Alliance, comjudices of education, and to awaken the posed as it is of so many right-hearted dread lest they should lose their Pro- men, with the deepest interest. We testant standing, and become Papists wish it success in the wise prosecution by the lump.

of its plans. We trust it will aid the To make a decided stand against this formation of a sound public opinion;


that it will prove itself a breakwater it will drag forth to the light the plots against the flood of Popery, which has of Jesuit priests, now busily at work; set in upon us; that it will promulgate and that, by God's blessing, it will give bold Protestant principles, and contend such an impulse to the spiritual Profor them with a zeal and earnestness testantism of the age, as may substanworthy of the cause; that it will watch tially and permanently subserve the with an eagle eye the movements of the interests of Bible truth. See of Rome, at home and abroad; that

J. M. B.






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"THE SENSE OF FORGIVENESS. "They that, by their own act and ac- A SECOND consequent of God's forknowledgment, are not themselves their giving you all your sins is his seasonable own, but devoted, must also acknow- manifestation hereof to you. He may ledge they are owners of nothing else. bave forgiven you, and not judge it In that mentioned form of surrender, seasonable suddenly to make it known in Livy, when Egerius, on the Ro- to you: he may judge it fit to hold you, mans' part, had inquired, 'Are you the some time, in suspense; and when by ambassador sent by the people of Colla- his grace le hath enabled you to exertia, that you may yield up yourselves and cise repentance towards God, and faith the Collatine people ?' and it in our Lord Jesus Christ, whereupon answered, “ We are :' and it was again you are in a pardoned state, you may asked, ' Are the Collatine people in their yet some time remain in doubt whether own power ?" and answered. They are:' you were sincere herein or no; and he it is further inquired, Do you deliver up may not on a sudden put you out of yourselves, the people of Collatia, your doubt, but keep you a while in a waitcity, your fields, your water, your lands, ing position ; as that which is more your temples, your utensils, all things suitable to his own majesty and greatthat are yours, both Divine and human, ness, and to your own infirm and less into mine, and the people of Rome's established condition. He waits to be power ? They say, “ We deliver all.' gracious, and is exalted even in showAnd he answers, “So I receive you.' ing mercy, for he is a God of judgment, So do they who deliver up themselves and doth show mercy judiciously, when to God, much more all that they called | he judges it the fittest season ;-theretheirs. God, indeed, is the only Pro- fore are they blessed that wait for bim.' prietor, men are but usufructuaries. Isa. xxx. 18. Assurance is the privilege, They have the use of what his provi- not of all his children, but of those who dence allots them. He reserves to him- are come to a more grown stature; but, self the property; and limits the use so in the meantime, he sustains you by far, as that all are to be accountable to hope in his mercy, and lets not your him for all they possess, and are to use heart siuk within you. And when he nothing they have, but as under him sees fit, lets you know he hath accepted and for him, as also they are to do the atonement for you, which he hath themselves. Therefore, as they are re- enabled you to receive ; and speaks that quired to "glorify him with their bodies peace to you which is the fruit of his and spirits, which are bis,' so they are lips, and he only by speaking it into honour him with their substance, wardly to your heart, can create that upon the same reason."Houe. peace which passes all understanding,





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(Isa. lvii. 18; Phil. iv. 7), and which tree of life in the midst of the paradise belongs to his kingdom in you; with of God; that when they thirst, he will joy in the Holy Ghost, whenever the give water, and add milk and honey, foundation is laid in righteousness. without money, without price ;—and, Rom. xiv. 17,"Howe.

for the body, not to doubt but he that feeds the ravens and clothes the lilies will feed and clothe them;-to be so

taken up in seeking his kingdom and “ CONTINUED commerce with God, righteousness, as freely to leave it to agreeable to the tenor of that league and him to add the other things as he sees covenant struck with him, how pleasant fit; to take no thought for to-morrow; and delightful it is! To be a friend of to have a heart framed herein according God, an associate of the Most High, a to Divine precept; not to be encumdomestic; no more a stranger, a foreigner, bered or kept in an anxious suspense but of his own household ;— to live by the thoughts and fears of what may wholly upon the plentiful provisions, fall out, by which many suffer the same and under the happy order and govern- aflictions a thousand times over which ment of his family ;—to have a heart to God would have them suffer but once ; seek all from him, and lay out all for a firm repose on the goodness of Provihim! How great is the pleasure of dence, and its sure and never-erring trust, of living free from care; that is, wisdom; a steady persuasion that our of any thing but how to please and heavenly Father knows what we hare honour him, in a cheerful, unsolicitous need of, and what it is fittest for us to dependence, expecting from him our want, to suffer, or enjoy. How delightdaily bread, believing he will not ful a life do these make! and how let our souls famish; that while agreeable to one born of God, his own they hunger and thirst after righteous. son, and heir of all tbings, as being ness, they shall be filled; that they joint heir with Christ, and claiming by shall be sustained with the bread and that large grant that says, “all things waters of life; that when they hunger, are yours;' only that in minority it is he will feed them with hidden manna, better to have a wise Father's allowance, and with the fruits that grow on the I than be our own carvers."Howe.

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THERE are very few of the adult , who have died in a most peaceful and readers of the EvANGELICAL MAGAZINE happy state; while a few were so trithat have not been called upon to part umphant, that they scarcely saw death. with dear and much beloved friends; They were translated. This has drawn some a husband, some a wife, some a my meditations, more than usual, to parent, some a child. These things have the heavenly world, to that “glorious filled our houses with lamentation and church,” of which they now form a

A void has been created, which part. My thoughts have taken this we cannot expect to see again filled. direction:Their bodies are mouldering to dust; I. What were the persons originally, but where, oh where, are their precious who now form "a glorious church? " souls!

The expression, "a glorious churcb," I have lately lost several godly friends, is found only once in the Bible, and it


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is in connexion with persons who had | all, until we join it; and then, perhaps, been great sinners; so bad, indeed, were millions of years will roll away before they, as to be styled, dead in tres. we can understand it fully; but this passes and in sin,without God, and we know, that it has “ neither spot nor without hope in the world.” There are wrinkle, nor any such thing." A" spot" no people in the present day in any is descriptive of pollution. Every part of the world in a more godless church on earth is a spotted church, state.

and some are very spotty. The best of II. In what age of the world was men are only men at the best. It is this glorious church formed ?

true that some of Christ's followers The first member of this church, as far make great attainments in the divine as we know, was righteous Abel.“ By life, and all true Christians are aiming faith Abel offered unto God a more excel at it, according to the saying of the lent sacrifice than Cain, by which he ob- apostle, Every man that hath this tained witness, that he was righteous: hope in him, purifieth himself, even as God testifying of his gifts, and by it he Christ is pure.” Still, we are imperfect. being dead yet speaketh.” This blessed We break down somewhere; but in the man was slain by his own brother- glorious church there is no spot. and wherefore slew he him? Because Another part of this description is, his own works were evil, and his bro that there is no " wrinkle.A wrinkle ther's righteous." So the first man that is not a mark of pollution, but a sign of was created became a sinner; and the weakness, or old age. In heaven no first man that was born became a mur one looks old. Peter saw an angel once, derer; and the first man that died be- and though that angel was created became a member of a glorious church." fore the foundation of the world, Peter Continual additions have been made to thought he was a young man. There this church, and it will go on increasing, were all the marks of youthful beauty until every ransomed sinner is taken and energy about him. Alas! how from earth to heaven.

different is this from earth! The seven III. Where did the members of this churches of Asia have died out. Some glorious church originally dwell? churches which once flourished in Eng.

In all parts of the world. “I beheld, land, are now like skeletons, not very and lo, a great multitude which no man many, but very dry; and what from could number, of all nations, and kin- spots in some, and wrinkles in others, dreds, and people, and tongues, stood it is quite grievous to look at them. Oh, before the throne, and before the Lamb, how refreshing to look away from it all, clothed with white robes, and palms in and gaze on a glorious church, and contheir hands; and cried with a loud gratulate our friends, that they are voice, saying, Salvation to our God who there! Reader, would you wish them sitteth upon the throne, and unto the back again? Lamb." They have now all one language. It is the language of heaven. “ Once they were mourning here below, They have changed their different cos

And wet their couch with tears;

They wrestled hard as we do now, tumes, and all wear the white robe.

With sins, and doubts, and fears." They have laid aside their warfare, and carry the emblem of peace in their But it is all over, and now nothing hands. They all sing the same song, remains but harps, and songs, and “ Salvation !"

crowns of glory! Hallelujah! IV. Wherein does the glory of this V. How was it possible for great church consist?

sinners to be made meet for this gloIt is not likely that we can know it rious church?

They were born again, not of blood, he said, “and such were some of you; nor of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but of God. The Holy Ghost awakened but ye are justified, in the name of the them to a sense of their sin and danger, Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our and at the same time showed them the God." Could anything be more calcubeauty and all-sufficiency of the Lord lated to rouse their gratitude to intinite Jesus Christ to save them, saying, love, or to encourage meu in every age “ Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and to seek a Saviour? ye shall be saved." After this they be VII. Is there any difficulty in the came believers. Then the grace of God, way of the readers of this Magazine which bringeth salvation, appeared, becoming members of this glorious teaching them that, denying themselves church, and joining their pious friends, ungodliness and worldly lusts, they who have already gone to heaven? should live soberly, righteously, and None whatever! provided they seek godly. This they did. Thus having it from the right quarter. Jesus says, become new creatures, they delighted to “ I am the way: no man cometh to the hold communion with the Father and Father but by me." This strikes at the with his Son Jesus Christ.

This was

root of every false hope. This cuts off their chief joy. Every time they com all the delusions of Pharisees and selfmuned with God, they lost something righteous people. This shuts the king. of earth, and became more heavenly- dom of heaven against all unbelievers. minded. The Divine image, which was But it exhibits Christ in the gracious lost by transgression, was thus gra- attitude of a Saviour, saying, “Whosodually restored; meditation on the cha ever cometh unto me I will in no wise racter of God, and daily communion cast out." with God, produced such a happy and transforming effect, that at last they " Come ye sinners, poor and wretched, were changed into the same image, from

Weak and wounded, sick and sore;

Jesus waiting, stands to save you, glory to glory, as by the Spirit of the

Full of pity, joined with power; Lord. This illustrates what was once

He is able, he is willing: said, “ Heaven is a prepared place, for

Doubt no more." a prepared people.” “Nothing entereth that defileth, or worketh abomination, Lastly. Dear reader! what reason or maketh a lie.” All the members of have you to think that you shall be & the glorious church are prepared for it, member of a glorious church? by the Spirit of God, and the Word of Are you a member of any church God, and the ordinances of God. now? Has the subject deeply interHappy are the people, whether rich ested you? Have you prayed over it? or poor, who are undergoing this pre- Have you applied to the life-giving Saparation !

viour for a share in his love? Have VI. Did the greatness of any man's you committed your precious soul to sins ever prevent him from becoming a his keeping? If you have, be will keep member of this glorious church, if the it, and present it faultless before the poor guilty creature earnestly desired presence of his glory with exceeding it, and asked God to prepare him joy. for it?

Again, let me press the question on Never! The apostle was once de- your conscience, and inquire, are you scribing some of the worst people in the neglecting the great salvation? country, to some godly men who were you outliving the day of your mercies? just ready for heaven, and as if to call Are you making vain excuses? O stop forth their gratitude to redeeming love, now. To-day consider your state, " for


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