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He form’d the creatures with his word,

And then pronounc'd them good. 4 Lord, how thy wonders are display'd,

Where'er we turn our eyes,
If we survey the ground we tread,
: . Or gaze upon the skies..
5 There's not a plant or flow'r below,

But makes thy glories known;
And clouds arise, and tempests blow

By orders from thy throne.

6 Creatures (as num'rous as they be)

Are subject to thy care ;
There's not a place where we can flee,

But God is present there.


Omnipresence and providence of God. 1 Great God, how vast is thine abode !

Mysterious are thy ways!
Unseen, thy footsteps in the air,

And trackless in the seas. 2 Yes, the whole peopled world bespeaks

Thy being and thy pow'r,
'Midst the resplendent blaze of day,

And awful midnight hour.

3 Nor all the peopled world alone,

Rich fields and verdant plains, But lonely wilds by man untrod,

Where silent horror reigns.
4 The howling wind, the beating rain,

The sea's tumultuous roar,
These in tremendous concert join'd

Proclaim thy boundless power.
5 Through all creation's widest range

The hand of heaven is near ;
Where'er I wander in the world,

Lo! God is present there.


Omnipresence, wisdom, and goodness of God. 1 My heart and all my ways, O God,

By thee are search'd and seen; My outward acts thine eye observes,

My secret thoughts within., 2 Attendant on my steps all day,

Thy providence I see,
And in the solitude of night

I'm present still with thee. 3 No spot the boundless realms of space

Whence thou art absent know;
In heaven thou reign'st a glorious King,
An awful Judge below.

4 Goodness, and majesty, and power,

Through all thy works are shown;
Richly display'd in nature's frame,

And richly in my own.
5 To all my parts their place and use

Thy wisdom had assign’d,
Ere yet these parts a being had,

But in thy forming mind.
6 Ten thousand thousand times my life,

I've to thy goodness ow'd;
Thy daily care preserves the gift,

Thy bounty first bestow'd.
7 Lord, if within my thoughtless heart

Thou aught shouldst disapprove ;
The secret evil bring to light,

And by thy grace remove.
8 If e'er my ways have been perverse,

Or foolish in thy view,
Recall my steps to thy commands,

And form my life anew.


Providence. 1 Lord! when our raptur'd thought surveys

Creation's beauties o'er,

All nature joins to teach thy praise,

And bid our souls adore.
2 Where'er we turn our gazing eyes,

Thy radiant footsteps shine ;
Ten thousand pleasing wonders rise,

And speak their source divine.
3 The living tribes of countless forms,

In earth, and sea, and air;
The meanest flies, the smallest worms,

Almighty power declare. 4 Thy wisdom, power, and goodness, Lord,

In all thy works appear;
And O let man thy praise record ;

Man, thy distinguish'd care.
5 From thee the breath of life he drew;

That breath thy power maintains ;
Thy tender mercy ever new,

His brittle frame. sustains.
6 Yet nobler favours claim his praise,

Of reason's light possess'd;
By revelation's brightest rays,

Still more divinely bless’d.
7 Thy providence, his constant guard

When threat'ning woes impend, Or will th' impending dangers ward,

Or timely succours lend.

8 On us, that providence has shone,

With gentle, smiling rays;
O let our lips and lives make known

Thy goodness and thy praise.


Divine goodness. 1 Lord, thou art good; all nature shows

Its mighty author kind;
Thy bounty through creation flows,

Full, free, and unconfin’d.
2 The whole in every part proclaims

Thy infinite good will
It shines in stars, it flows in streams,

And bursts from every hill.
3 It fills the wide, extended main,

And heavens which spread more wide; It drops in gentle showers of rain,

And rolls in every tide. 4 Still hath it been diffus'd and free,

Through ages past and gone; Nor ever can exhausted be,

But still keeps flowing on. 5 Thro’ the whole earth it pours supplies,

Spreads joy through all its parts; Lord, may thy goodness draw our eyes,

And captivate our hearts.

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