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JESUS CHRIST 133. His birth 153-158. The image of the

invisible God 159. His miracles 160. His example 161-163. His
submission 164. His regard for little children 165. His insti-
tutions 166—172. Love to mankind 173. Sufferings, death, re-
surrection, and ascension, and their consequences 174. 185, 302.
Seen of angels 183. Worthy of honour, power, and blessing 184.
His kingdom, its universal extent 186_188. The future peace
and glory of his church 189. Efficacy of his gospel 192. A
tive and animating influence of his sufferings and victory 194.
The heavy laden and contrite invited to him 195—199, 216.

Hope of salvation through him 201. Access to God by him 206.
MISCELLANEOUS SUBJECTS. Unrivalled beauty and glory

of religion 202. Excellency of the Scriptures 203. Meekness
and candour in investigating truth 204. Comforts of religion
205. Prayer 206. Lord's prayer 207. Penitential 208–
216. One thing needful 217. A happy life 218. The chris-
tian race 219, 220. Temptations without and within 221.
Retirement and self-examination 222_227. On becoming
acquainted with God 225. Inconstancy in religion lament-
ed 228. Divine grace and guidance implored 2284-236.
Christian privileges and obligations 237. Faith and works 238.
239. A good conscience the best support 240. Living habitu-
ally in the fear of God 241. Remembrance of God in youth 242.
Humility 243, 244. Humility, tenderness, and sympathy 245,
Meekness 246. Justice 247. Brotherly love 248. Catholicism 249

-252. Pious friendship 253. Compassion and forgiveness 254.
Compassion 255—259. "The beatitudes 260. Contentment and
resignation 261, 262. The vanity, instability, and danger of
earthly enjoyments 263–266. Human life, its shortness and
importance 267–277. Time, its brevity and importance 27
-274. Death and the grave 278, 279. The peace of the grave
280. Early death 281, 282.' Reflections on the state of our
fathers 283. On the death of a parent 284. On the death of a
child 285. On the dangerous sickness of a minister 286. For
a congregation on the death of a minister 287. Resignation and
hope 288. The grave destroyed 289. Encouragement for the
suffering christian 290—292. The dying christian 293–296.
Blessedness of those who die in the Lord 297. The aged chris-
tian longing for heaven 298. Resurrection 299–302. Day of
judgment 303, 304, 305. Earth and heaven 306–310. Power
of faith 311. Prospect of heaven 312. Heaven 313. Heaven
the reward of the righteous 314, 315. The happiness of glorifi-
ed spirits 315. The reunion of the pious after death 316. As-
pirations after heaven 317. Final acceptance of all who fear

God 318.
OCCASIONAL. Morning 92–97. Evening 98-100, 227.-Morning

and evening 101, 102. Beginning and close of the year 91, 269
-276. Baptism 165, 166. Lord's supper 167–172. Dedica-
tion 191, 319. Ordination 320. Sickness of a minister 286.
Death of a minister 287. Charity hymns 254–259. National
blessings 110, 111. Public humiliation 112, 113, 11.


PSALM I. First Part. C. M.

The way of the righteous and the wicked. 1 That man, in life wherever placed,

Has happiness in store, Who walks not in the wicked's way

Nor learns their guilty lore.

2 Nor from the seat of scornful pride

Casts forth his eyes abroad,
But with humility and awe

Still walks before his God.

3 That man shall flourish like the trees

Which by the streamlet grow, Whose fruitful top is spread on high,

And firm the root below.

4 But he whose blossom buds in guilt

Shall to the ground be cast,
And like the rootless stubble tossed

Before the sweeping blast.

5 For God, that God the good adore,

Will give them peace and joy ;
But all the hopes of wicked men,

Will utterly destroy.

PSALM I. Second Part. C. M.

The condition of the righteous alone secure. 1 Blest, who the fellowship of sin

Has early learnt to fly; Who hates the bold blaspheming tongue,

The scorner's vanity.

2 The word to man divinely given

Employs his constant care,
The busy day, the wakeful night,

His heavenly study share.

3 As the fair palm in fertile fields,

Where gentle springs abound,
In youthful vigor freshly blooms,

And towers above the ground;

4 Long years increase its hardy strength,

And rear its honors high,
Firm fixed below, it braves the storm,

Its fruits are in the sky.

5 Thus firm in faith the virtuous man

Shall rise divinely blest ;

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The storms of life unshaken bare

And find immortal rest.

6 But sinners' hopes, unsound as chaff,

Light as the misty air,
Shall fly before the heavenly wrath,

And end in deep despair.


Daily protection.
1 On thee, each morning, O my God!

My waking thoughts attend;
In thee, are founded all my hopes,

In thee, my wishes end."

2 My soul, in pleasing wonder lost,

Thy boundless love surveys;
And, fired with grateful zeal, prepares

A sacrifice of praise.

3 God leads me through the maze of sleep,

And brings me safe to light;
And with the same paternal care,

Conducts my steps till night.

4 When evening slumbers press my eyes,

With his protection blessed, With peace and safety I commit

My weary limbs to rest.

5 My spirit, in his hand secure,

Fears no approaching ill;
For, whether waking or asleep,

Thou, Lord! art with me still.


Divine condescension. 1 0 Thou, to whom all creatures bow,

Within this earthly frame! Through all the world, how great art thou, : How glorious is thy name! 2 When heaven, thy glorious work on high,

Employs my wondering sight;
The moon that nightly rules the sky,

With stars of feebler light; 3Lord, what is man, that thou shouldst choose

To keep him in thy mind!
Or what his race, that thou shouldst prove

To them so wondrous kind !

4 Him next in power thou didst create

To thy celestial train; Ordain'd with dignity and state

O’er all thy works to reign. 5 They jointly own his powerful sway,

The beasts that prey or graze ;

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