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1 ABBADIE'S (Jas. Minister of the Savoy) Panegyric on our Sovereign Lady Mary Queen of England, who died at Kensington Dec. 28, 1694, sm. 4to. 1s



English and Foreign Theology,


Accomplishment of Prophecy in the Character and Conduct of Jesus Christ, 12mo. bds. 1s 6d 1810 3 ABBOT'S (R. Vicar of Cranbrook) Young Man's Warning-piece; a Sermon preached at the Funeral of W. Rogers, Apothecary, with an History of his sinful Life and woful Death, 18mo. 2s


(Rob. Bp. of Salisbury) Defence of the Reformed Catholicke of M. W. Perkins, against the bastard Counter-Catholicke of D. Bishop, Seminary Priest; wherein is to be seene the audatiousnesse and impudencie of these Romish bookes in their Supplications and Dedications to his Highness; their Religion is dismasked of that Antiquity which they pretend for it; the Religion established in our Church by Law is justified to be no other but what was anciently received in the Church, and namely in the ancient Church of Rome, two parts in 1 vol. 4to. very scarce, (imperfect at the end of part 2), calf, 12s Lond. 1611

"R. Abbot, brother to the Archbishop, made Bishop of Salisbury by King James, and a celebrated preacher. He also acquired much reputation for his writings against Dr. W. Bishop, then a secular priest, but afterwards titular Bishop of Chalcedon."-Chalmers.

5 ABELARDI (Petri) et Heloisa conjugis ejus Opera, nunc primum ex MSS. Francisci Ambosii, cum ejusdem Præfatione Apologetica, et Censura Doctorum Parisiensium, 4to. calf, very scarce, 1l 10s

Paris, 1616

6 ABDIE (Babyloniæ Primi Episcopi ab Apostolis Constituti,) De Historia Čertaminis Apostolici Libri decem, Julio Africano interprete, 12mo. neat, 3s 6d Parisiis, 1566

7 ABELLY (Lud.) Episcopalis Sollicitudinis Enchiridion ex plurimorum Ecclesiæ Catholic Antistitum, Sanctitate ac Pastorali Vigilantia insignium, et præsertim D. Caroli Borromæi, Archiepisc. Mediolanensis, theoria et praxi accurate collectum; complectens summatim omnia, quæ ad sacri illius Ministerii partes quascumque sedulo exequendas requiruntur. Cum Appendice de iis, quae ad Vicarii Generalis et Officialis munus pertinent, 4to. sewed, 14s

Vesontione, 1837

8 ABENDANA'S (Isaac) Discourses of the Ecclesiastical and Civil Polity of the Jews; their Courts of Judicature, Laws concerning Tithes, Institution of the Priesthood, Liturgy, Schools, &c. 12mo. 2s 1706


9 ABERNETHIE-A Worthy Speech by Mr. Tho. Abernethie, wherein
is discovered the Villany and Hellish Plots, (which himselfe hath
been an eye and eare witnesse of) wrought in the Pope's Courts
against these our three Kingdomes, sm. 4to. sewed, 4s 6d
10 ABERNETHY's (John) Sermons on various subjects, and Discourses
concerning the Being and Natural Perfections of God, with Life of
the Author, 6 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 14s



Scarce and valuable Tracts and Sermons, 8vo. calf, neat, 28 6d 1751 "These excited a very general attention and admiration, and were much applauded and recommended by Abp. Herring, and are still in high esteem." Chalmers. 12 ACCOUNT of the Christian Religion, particularly concerning Justification only by the Propitiation of Jesus Christ, 18mo. calf, 1s 6d 13 ACCOUNT of several things done and agreed upon by Dissenting Ministers, lately assembled at Salter's Hall, 8vo, ls 1719



of the Societies for the Reformation of Manners in the last Century, 8vo. 1s 1786 15 ACTA SANCTORUM Christi Martyrum Vindicata, ab Odoacre Ilbachio sive a Jacobo Laderchio, 2 vols. 4to. calf, 1l 5s Roma, 1723 Breves Notitiæ Triplicis Status Ecclesiastici, Monastici, et Secularis, excerptæ ex Actis Sanctorum Januarii, Febr. et Martii, vulgatis ab J. Bollando, G. Henschenio, et D. Papebrochio, 12mo. hf. bd. uncut, 4s Antverp. 1688 17 ACTES du Synode National tenu à Dordrecht, 1618-19, ensemble les Jugemens tant des Theologiens Etrangers que de ceux des Provinces Unies des Pays-Bas, sur les points de Doctrine y debattus et controverss. 4to. vellum, 5s 6d Leyden, 1624 18 ADAMS'S (George) Exposition of some of the Articles of Religion, 8vo. calf, 28 1752





1748-57 "For solidity of argument, strength and clearness of reasoning, and justness of sentiment, are equal, if not superior, to any thing of the kind in the English language."-Protestant Preacher.


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(J.) Essay concerning Self Murther, wherein is endeavoured to prove, that it is Unlawful according to natural principles, 8vo. hf. bd. calf, 2s


(Thos. B. N. Coll. Oxon.) Happiness of the Church, considered in some Contemplations upon the 12th Chapter to the Hebrews, 1609-The Saint's Meeting, or Progress to Glory-The Barren Tree, a Sermon preached at St. Paule's Crosse, Oct. 26, 1623, in 1 vol. small 4to. calf, neat, very scarce, 8s

"Thomas Adams, the author of this learned and rare collection, had as honest a
love of quips, quirks, puns, punnets, and pundrigions, as Fuller the Worthy
himself. He resembles Fuller, also, in the felicity of his language, and the
lively feeling with which he frequently starts, as it were, upon the reader."
(Thos. of Wintringham) Paraphrase on the first eleven
chapters of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans, 8vo. very fine copy,
calf extra, 6s


Private Thoughts on Religion, and other subjects connected with it, 12mo. bds. 2s


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23 ADAMS'S (Dr. W., Pem. Coll. Oxon.) Sermons and Tracts, 8vo. bds. 28 6d

1777 1790

Sermons on several subjects, 8vo. bds. 3s 6d


25 ADDISON'S (L.) First State of Mahumedism, or an Account of the Author and Doctrines of that Imposture, 8vo. calf, 2s 6d 1679 Present State of the Jews, their Customs, secular and religious; with a Discourse of the Misna, Talmud, and Gemara, 12mo. 2s 1676


Introduction to the Sacrament; or, a Plain and Safe Way to the Communion Table, 12mo. Is 6d


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(Joseph) Evidences of the Christian Religion, with several Discourses against Atheism, Infidelity, &c. 12mo. calf, 28


Oxford, 1801

29 ADDRESS (An) to those of the Roman Communion in England, 1700 -Liturgies Vindicated by the Dissenters; or, the Lawfulness of Forms of Prayer and Liturgies, proved from the very Texts urged against them by John Bunyan and the Dissenters, 1700, in 1 vol. 12mo. calf, 3s 30 ADDRESS to the Members of the UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE on the Attention due to worth of Character in the ensuing Election of High Steward, 8vo. 1s 1764


to the Archbishops and Bishops of the United Church of England and Ireland, on the Necessity of a Morning and Afternoon Service on Sunday, &c. 8vo. 1s 1825


to the Parochial Clergy of the Church of England on the increasing Influence of the people called Methodists, 8vo. 1s 1806 33 ADEY'S (W.) Sixteen Discourses on various subjects, 8vo. calf, neat, 2s 6d


Newcastle, 1760 another copy, 8vo. calf, neat, 28 Durham, 1755 35 ADVICE from a Bishop, in a Series of Letters to a Young Clergyman upon his entering the Priesthood, 8vo. 1s



to a Parson, or the true Art of Preaching, in opposition to Modern Practice, written by a Person of Honour, 8vo. MS. title, 18 6d 1691

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37 ELFREDI Magni Vita, a Johanne Spelman, folio, vellum, 12s

Oxon. 1678 38 AGOBARDI (S. Episc. Lugdunensis) Opera, sm. 8vo. very fine copy, calf gilt, 98

Par. 1605


Opera. Idem Epistolæ et Opuscula Leidradi et Amulonis Archiepiscoporum Lugdunensium, cum Notis S. Baluzii, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 15s

Paris. 1666

40 AIKIN'S (Dr. John) Lives of John Selden, Esq., and Abp. Usher, with notices of the principal English Men of Letters, with whom they were connected, 8vo. portraits, bds. 4s


41 ALBERTI (J.) Glossarium Græcum Nov. Test., accedunt Miscellanea Critica in Glossas Nomicas, Suidam, Hesychium, &c. 8vo. vellum, Lugd. Bat. 1735

4s 42 ALBERT-The Paradise of the Soul, or, a Little Treatise of Vertues, made by Albert the Great, Bp. of Ratisbon, translated by N. N.

18mo. 4s



43 ALBASPINEI (Gab. Aurelianensis Episcopi) de Veteribus Ecclesiæ
Ritibus Observationum Libri II. Notæ in Concilium Eliberitanum,
quosdam alios Antiquos Canones, et aliquot Tertulliani Libros, 4to.
calf, 98
Paris, 1623
44 ALCORANUS Muhammedis, Arab. ad optimorum Codicum fidem edita ex
Museo Abrahami Hincklemanni, 4to. calf, scarce, 12s Hamb. 1694
45 ALCUINI (Beati Flacci Albini seu) Opera; accessere B. Paulini Aqui-
leiensis Patriarchæ contra Felicem Urgel. Episc. Libri III. qui
etiam nunc prodeunt; omnia studio et diligentia And. Quercetani
Turonensi, folio, calf, £1 10s

Lutet. Par. 1617

Opera post primam Editionem ab A. Quercetano curatam, de novo collecta, multis locis emendata, aucta, variisque modis illustrata; cura ac studio Frobenii S. R. T. Principis Abbatis ad S. Emmeramum Ratisbonæ, 2 vols. folio, vellum, £3


Typis Monasterii, S. Emmerami, 1777 47 ALEXANDER's (A.) Key to part of the Hebrew Liturgy, 12mo. ls 6d



Paraphrase upon the XVth chap. of the First Epistle to the Corinthians, with Critical Notes and Observations, and a Commentary upon the 6th, 7th, and 8th chapters of the Romans, to which is added, a Sermon upon Ecclesiastes ix. 10, composed by the Author the day preceding his death, 4to. sewed, 38 1766 50 ALEXANDRI (R. P. Natalis) Historia Ecclesiastica Veteri Novique Testamenti, ab orbe condito ad Annum Domini, MDC. et in loca ejusdem insignia Dissertationes, Historica, Chronologica, Criticæ et Dogmaticæ, 8 vols. in 7, folio, portrait, fine copy in hogskin, £4. 4s Paris. 1730 51 ALISON'S (Archibald) Sermons, chiefly on particular occasions, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. calf, 9s Edinb. 1820

(John) Primitive Doctrine of Christ's Divinity in an Essay on Irenæus, 8vo. bds. 4s



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"These remind us more of the beautiful harangues of Fenelon, or of the celebrated Oraisons Funèbres of Bossuet than of anything British."-Edinb. Rev. 52 ALLATIUS (Leo.) de Ecclesiæ Occidentalis atque Orientalis perpetua consensione. Ejusd. Dissert. de Dominicis et Hebdomadibus Græcorum et de Missa Præsanctificatorum, cum B. Nihusius de Communione Orientalium sub specie unica, 4to. best edition, calf, neat, 16s Colon. 1648


53 ALLEN'S (W.) Works, viz. Discourses on the Covenants, and on Faith, Justification, &c. with his Funeral Sermon by Bp. Kidder, and Life by Bishop Williams, folio, calf, 12s

1707 State of the Church in Future Ages; or, an Inspection into the Divine Prophecies touching the State of the Church in the latter ages of the world, 1684-Discourse of the Nature, Series and order of Occurrences, 1689, in 1 vol. 12mo. hf. bd. calf, 4s

Christian's Justification stated, shewing how far the Righteousness of Christ operates to our Justification, 12mo. calf, 2s 1678

This author was ejected for Non-conformity.

The object of this learned work is to prove that the Latin and Greek Churches always believed in the same Faith; and the Catholics reckon this work of Allatius as his ablest performance. According to Mosheim it is a work well known and valued by most learned Protestants.

56 ALLESTRY'S (Richard) XVIII. Sermons, preached before the King and upon Public occasions, folio, calf, 68 1669

57 ALLEY'S (W. Bp. of Exeter) Poore Man's Librarie, upon the First
Epistle of St. Peter, publickely read in Lectures at Sainct Paule's
Churche, folio, Black letter, RARE, (wants the first two leaves,
and part of the index) half bd. 12s
Lond. 1565
58 ALLIX'S (P.) Book of Psalms, with the Argument of each Psalm and
a Preface, scarce, 1701-NECTARII Patriarchæ Hierosolymitani
Confutatio Imperii Papæ (curante J. Allix) Lond. 1751, in 1 vol.
8vo. calf, neat, 7s

Dissertatio de Jesu Christi Domini nostri Anno et Mense
Natali, 8vo. calf, neat, 3s 6d
Lond. 1707

Dissertatio de Sanguine D. N. Jesu Christi ad Epistolam
CXLVI. S. Augustini quâ, num adhuc existat inquiritur. Ejusd.
Dissertatio de Conciliorum quorumvis Definitionibus ad examen
revocandis &c. Ejusd. Dissertatio de Tertulliani Vita et Scriptis, &c.
in 1 vol. 8vo. calf, neat, 6s
[Paris, 1680]

Judgment of the Ancient Jewish Church against the Trinitarians in the Controversy upon the Holy Trinity and the Divinity of our Blessed Saviour, 8vo. calf, neat, 5s 6d Lond. 1669

new edition, 8vo. bds. 8s-calf gilt, 11s Oxford, 1821 Reflections upon the Books of the Holy Scripture to establish the Truth of the Christian Religion, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. calf, 5s 6d Lond. 1688 Oxford, 1822

new edition, 8vo. bds. 8s-calf gilt, 11s Remarks upon the Ecclesiastical History Churches of Piedmont, 4to. calf, 4s 6d

of the Ancient Lond. 1690

new edition, 8vo. bds. 7s-calf gilt, 10s 6d Oxford, 1821 "Very elaborate works, throwing much light on the opinions of the reformed churches."-Chalmers.










Remarks upon the Ecclesiastical History
Churches of the Albigenses, 8vo. bds. 7s-calf gilt,

of the Ancient

10s 6d Oxford, 1821


Remarks upon some places of Mr. Whiston's Books either printed or in manuscript, 8vo. 1s



Preparation for the Lord's Supper, to which are added Maxims of true Christianity, 8vo. 1s 6d 1688 1688


—the same, 12mo. calf, 1s

71 ALLWOOD'S (P.) Supplement to the Ninth portion of the Warburtonian Lectures, containing Answers to certain Objections in the British Critic in relation to that work, 8vo. hf. bd. calf, 2s 1819 72 ALPHEN (H. Van) Economia Catechesis Palatinæ, 4to. vellum, 5s Traject. 1729 73 [ALSOP's (Benj )] Melius Inquirendum, or, Sober Inquirie into the Reasonings of the Serious Inquirie, wherein the Inquirer's Cavils and Calumnies against the Preachings and Practices of the Nonconformists are examined and refuted, &c. 12mo. calf, 2s 6d

74 the same, with additions, 8vo. calf, 4s 75 ALSTEDII (Hen.) Lexicon Theologicum, in quo SS. Theologica termini dilucide explicantur juxtu seriem locorum communium, 12mo. calf,




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1678 1681

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