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Messrs. F. J. HUNTINGTON AND COMPANY have recently published a new revised and stereotype edition of Mr. T. ToWNDROW's 'Complete Guide to the Art of writing Short-Hand; being an entirely new and comprehensive system of representing the Elementary Sounds of the English Language in Stenographic Characters;' by means of which the exact words of any public speaker, it is averred, may be recorded as pronounced, and preserved in a legible form, so as to be read at any future period with ease and facility. The book is well executed, and illustrated with engravings; but it will rarely make practical short-hand writers. The constant exercise necessary to 'keep one's hand in' must always keep useful stenography confined to the few.

VIEW OF THE HUMAN SOUL. Mr. M. W. DODD, Brick-Church Chapel, has issued, in a large and handsome volume, a second edition of 'Psychology, or a View of the Human Soul; by Rev. F. A. RANCH, D. D., late President of Marshall College, Pennsylvania. This is a second and revised edition of a work, the object of which is to render a noble and delightful subject accessible to all classes of readers, and to give the science of Man a direct bearing upon other sciences, and especially upon religion and theology, by developing the nature of reason, and that of thought, its production. The present work is deemed to be the first attempt to unite the German and American mental philosophy.

MESSRS. WILEY AND PUTNAM'S BOOKS FOR THE YOUNG. - We can very cordially commend two well printed and beautifully bound and illustrated volumes, now before us from the press of Messrs. WILEY AND PUTNAM, the one entitled 'Tales of the Kings of England; Stories of Camps and Battle-fields, Wars and Victories; from the old Historians; and the other, 'Stories illustrative of the Instinct of Animals, their Characters and Habits, with engravings from LANDSEER.' An edition of the first is already exhausted, and the second is fast acquiring a similar popularity; a practical compliment, which both deserve.


The author of this work, Mr. WILLIAM B. FOWLE, is a well-known teacher of a young ladies' seminary in Boston, who has also acquired celebrity as the author of several school-books, which have gained general circulation. The contents of the present volume are well designed for popular exhibition in schools and academies of either sex, as well as for the amusement of social parties. The spirit, both of the original (?) and selected portions, is unexceptionable. Messrs. TAPPAN AND DENNET are the Boston, and Messrs. GOULD, NEWMAN, AND SAXTON the New-York, publishers.

BURLEIGH'S POEMS. The kind friend to whom we are indebted for the excellent volume of 'Poems by WILLIAM HENRY BURLEIGH,' has our cordial thanks. We have greatly enjoyed its perusal; the more that its genuine love of nature, true feeling, and unaffected manner, are rare in these days of mock sentiment and feeble fustian. We shall take another occasion to refer to the volume, and to present our readers with the grounds of our hearty recommendation that they speedily possess themselves of the book, to the end that they may enjoy it as we have done. New-York: WILEY AND PUTNAM. Philadelphia: J. M. M'KIM.

SIR WALTER SCOTT'S LIFE AND POEMS. Mr. FRANCIS, Broadway, has issued three handsome volumes, in continuation of PARKER's edition of the Waverley novels, as mentioned in our last, containing the 'Lay of the Last Minstrel,' and the first volume of LOCKHART's 'Life.' All who have the previous Boston issues, will not fail to possess themselves of the complete series, at the same cheap prices.

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REPORT ON CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. - We have received from the author, and perused with more than common interest, Mr. O'SULLIVAN's Report on the subject of Capital Punishment. It is, to our mind, conclusive against punishment by death; and we can only regret that at present we have not the space to set forth some of the unanswerable grounds assumed by the writer; grounds fortified by wide and thorough research, and by arguments as sound as they are benevolent in tendency and important in morals. We hope to be able hereafter to render more detailed justice to this very able state paper.


We have received from the house of JAMES MONROE AND COMPANY, Boston, two volumes, in the usual beautiful garb of the publishers, entitled, 'German Romance: Specimens of its chief Authors; with Biographical and Critical Notices. By THOMAS CARLYLE.' They embrace the best selections from MUSAUS, FOUQUE, TIECK, HOFFMAN, and RICHTER, and will certainly commend themselves to a wide acceptance from American readers. The name of the translator and editor is a sufficient guaranty for the spirited execution of the work. That his part is admirably performed will at once be inferred.

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NEW MUSIC. Mr. C. E. HORN, Broadway, has just published 'Withered Away,' a Canzonette; the Words by R. R. CRALLE, Esq., the music by K. J. RYPMA; 'The Wanderer,' a celebrated air by LISTZ, Sung with enthusiastic applause by Mrs. C. E. HORN, arranged with an accompaniment for the piano-forte by Mr. HORN; and 'Sweet Breathing Tranquil Peace,' a Trio, sung by Mrs. SEGUIN, MISS POOLE, and Mr. MANVERS; composed by PuCITTA, and arranged by C. E. HORN.

ANTHON'S CLASSICAL DICTIONARY.-Perhaps the most convincing proof of the sound learning and criticism; the vast fund of information touching the character, institutions, manners, customs, literature, arts, etc., of the ancient nations; presented in ANTHON'S great work, so warmly commended in our last number, may be found in the fact, that an immense edition has already been sold, and that half of another large one is already ordered. The success of this monument of erudition and industry bids fair to be every way commensurate with its high deserts.

'EVERY BODY'S Book.'- A friend has shown us the sheets of a little volume, the first of a scries, thus entitled, which we predict will have a wide circulation. It has humor, pathos, and narrative interest; and is a book so various and so excellent, and so cheap withal, being only fifty cents, that it will be found the very thing to take up on board a steam-boat, to read in a rail-road car, or during a summer leisure hour at home.

MESSRS. APPLETON AND COMPANY have just published 'Family Secrets, or Hints to Those who would make Home Happy;' by Mrs. ELLIS, England. It is one of the series of 'Tales for the People and their Children,' which we have not found leisure to peruse.

OUR COVER. There are two advertisements upon the cover of this Magazine, to which we desire to call the especial attention of our readers. We are enabled to confirm the announcements of Mr. JOYCE and Mr. WALKER; and can assure the public that all which they promise they abundantly perform. The celebrity of each has been honorably acquired, and is well maintained.

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