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Fair the face of orient day- . . -
Farewell thou stream that winding flows . .
Fate gave the word, the arrow sped -
Flow gently, sweet Afton, among thy green braes
Forlorn, my love, no comfort near -
Friend of the poet, tried and leal .
Gane is the day and mirk's the night
Had I a cave on some wild distant shore
Here awa, there awa, wandering Willie
The same, altered - -
Here is the glen, and here the bower
Here's a health to ane I lo'e dear .
Here where the Scottish Muse immortal lives
Here Holy Willie's sair worn clay -
How can my poor heart be glad
How cold is that bosom which folly once fired
How cruel are the parents -
How long and dreary is the night ..
Husband, husband, cease your strife -
I call no goddess to inspire my strains
I gaed a waefu' gate, yestreen -
In simmer when the hay was mawn -
Is there, for honest poverty - -
It was the charming month of May -
Jockey's ta’en the parting kiss
John Anderson my jo, John -
Keen blaws the wind o'er Donocht-Head
Ken ye ought o’Captain Grose? ..
Kind Sir, I've read your paper through
Lassie wi' the lintwhite locks
Last May a braw wooer cam down the lang glen
Let me wander where I will -

- -
Let not woman e'er complain
Long, long the night .
Loud blaw the frosty breezes
Leuis, what reck I by thee -

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Mark yonder pomp of costly fashion -
Maxwell, if merit here you crave .
Musing on the roaring ocean
My Chloris, mark how green the groves
My curse upon thy venom'd stang -
My father pat me frae his door ..
My heart is a breaking, dear Tittie-
My heart is sair, I dare na tell .
My honoured Colonel deep I feel
My Peggy's face, my Peggy's form
Nae gentle dames, tho' e'er so fair ..
No more of your guests, be they titled or not
No more, ye warblers of the wood, no more -
Now in her green mantle blithe nature arrays
Now simmer blinks on flowery braes
Now spring has clad the grove in green
Now rosy May comes in wi' flowers -
O bonnie was yon rosy brier - -
O cam ye here the fight to shun •
O condescend, dear charming maid -
Ogin my love were yon read rose
O had the malt thy strength of mind
O ken ye what Meg o' the Mill has gotten
O Lassie, art thou sleeping yet ? -
O leeze me on my spinning wheel -
O leeze me on my wee thing

my wee thing : -
O Logan sweetly didst thou glide -
O Luve will venture in, where it daur na weel be seen
On a bank of Aowers one summer's day
O Mary, at thy window be- .
O May, thy morn was ne'er so sweet
O mirk, mirk is this midnight hour -
O meikle thinks my luve o' my beauty
O my luve's like a red, red rose
O poortith cauld, and restless love .

Philly, happy be that day -

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O'er the mist-shrouded cliffs of the lone mountain stray-
ing - · ·

O saw ye bonnie Lesley.
O saw ye my dear, my Phely :
O stay, sweet warbling woodlark, stay

O tell na me o' wind and rain

O this is no my ain lassie .

O thou who kindly dost provide

O thou wha in the heavens dost dwell

O Tibbie, I hae seen the day.

O wat ye wha's in yon town -

O wha is she that lo’es me -

O were I on Parnassus' hill.
were my love yon lilach fair

O whistle and I'll come to you, my lad

A Variation in the Chorus .. :
O Willie brew'd a peck o' maut

Oh, open the door, some pity to shew

Oh werl thou in the cold blast :

Of a' the airts the wind can blaw -

• 218
Old Winter with his frosty beard .

Poor wildly sweet uncultur'd flower ·
Raving winds around her blowing -

Revered defender of beauteous Stuart

Sae flaxen were her ringlets -

Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled ,

• 83
Sensibility, how charming .

She is a winsome wee thing

She's fair and fause that causes my smart :
Should auid acquaintance be forgot :.

Sing on, sweet thrush, upon thy leasiess bough

Sleep'st thou, or wak'st thou, fairest creature ?

Slow spreads the gloom my soul desires

Stay my charmer, can you leave me?

Stay, my Willie-yet believe me -

Sweet fa's the eve on Craigie-burn -



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Stenes of woe, and scenes of pleasure
The Catrine woods were yellow seen -
The day returns, my bosom-burns -
The friend whom, wild, from wisdom's way...
The hunter lo'es the morning sun - .
The lazy mist hangs from the brow of the hill
The lovely lass o’ Inverness - -
The smiling spring comes in rejoicing
The Thames flows proudly to the sea. ..
Their groves o' sweet myrtle let foreign lands reckon -
There's auld Rob Morris that wons in yon glen
There's braw, braw lads on Yarrow braes :
There was a lass and she was fair . -
There was once a day, but old Time then was young
There were five Carlins in the south-
They snool me sair, and haud me down .
Thickest night o'erhang my dwelling
Thine am I, my faithful fair - -
Thine be the volumes, Jessie fair-
This day, Time winds the exhausted chain
Thou of an independent mind -
Thou hast left me ever, Jamie ..
Thou sweetest minstrel of the grove -
'Tis friendship's pledge, my young fair friend
To Crochallan came . . . . -
'Twas na her bonnie blue e'e was my ruin -
True hearted was he, the sad swain o' the Yarrow .
Turn again thou fair Eliza . . . . . i ..
What can a young lassie, what shall a young lassie -
When Death's dark stream I ferry o'er
When o'er the hill the eastern star - ...
When wild war's deadly blast was blawn .
Where are the joys I hae met in the morning
Where braving angry winter's storms
Where Cart rins rowin to the sea -
While larks with little wing:

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Why, why tell thy lover ,
Willie Wastle dwalt on Tweed
Will ye go to the Indies, my Mary ? .
Wilt thou be my deary ? .
The same - - -
Ye banks, and braes, and streams around
Ye banks, and braes o' bonnie Doon -
Ye flowery banks o’ bonnie Doon -
Yestreen I got a ; int of wine. .
Yestreen I had a pint o'wine

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