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XII. Mr B. to Mr T. Has Mr Tytler's anecdotes,

and means to give his own---sends his own

« Lord Gregory,"reseroncomanacco r so....... 30

XIII. Mr B. to Mr T. With Mary Morison,".....33

XIV. Mr B. to MrT. With - Wandering Willie,"..35

XV. Mr B. to Mr T. With Open the door to me,

Oh!morem nonnan semamananonoomnomna


XVI. Mr B. to Mr T. With Jessy."commcmover.37 ·

XVII. Mr T. to Mr B. With a list of songs, and

« Wandering Williealtered gr ow.cocco .38

XVIII. Mr B. to Mr T. “ When wild war's deadly

blast was blawn,and Meg o' the Mill,”.40

XIX. Mr B. to Mr T. Voice of Coila_Criticism

Origin of The Lass o' Patie's Mill,"co. ..44

XX. Mr T. to Mr B.cocomarcaroonamacan........... 48

XXI. Mr B. to Mr T. Simplicity requisite in a song

One poet should not mangle the works of ano-

ther, nomenamenores

XXII. . Mr B. to Mr T. " Farewell thou stream that

winding flows.-Wishes that the national mu-

sic may preserve its native features, anasema 52

XXIII. Mr T. to Mr B. Thanks and observations,m.53

XXIV. Mr B. to Mr T. With Blithe hae I been on

yon hill,"com m on


XXV. Mr B. to Mr T. With O Logan, sweetly

didst thou glide,” “ O gin my love were yon

red rose," fc.cammananam 56

XXVI. Mr T. to Mr B. Enclosing a note_Thanks,m.59
XXVII. Mr B. to Mr T. With - There was a lass

and she was fair,"commc.comcaramangaonovanom 6L

XXVIII. Mr B. to Mr T. Hurt at the idea of pecuniary

recompence-Remarks on songs,....... . 63

XXIX. Mr T. to Mr B. Musical expression gama corono-.65

XXX. Mr B. to Mr T. For Mr . 66

XXXI. Mr B. to Mr T. With Phillis the Fair,"67

XXXII. Mr T. to Mr B. Mr Allan Drawing frons

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XLIX. Mr B. to Mr T. With Husband, husband,

cease your strife !and Wilt thou be my
dearie ”
L. Mr T. to Mr B. 1794. Melancholy compari.

son between Burns and Carlini-Mr Allan
has begun a sketch from the Cotter's Satur.

day Nightmaromo.mamarasaran..sooooman.113
LI. Mr B. to Mr T. Praise of Mr Allan

Banks of Cree,
LII. Mr B. to Mr T. Pleyel in FranceHere,

where the Scottish musc immortal lives,"
presented to Miss Graham of Fintry, with

a copy of Mr Thomson's Collection.. .116
LIII. Mr T. to Mr B. Does not expect to hear from

Pleyel soon, but desires to be prepared with ,

the poetry,moocomamona.caramanareconocore.118
LIV. Mr B. to Mr T. With On the seas and far

away,annarannanasaarworemaana mawawancaraibid.

LV. Mr T. to Mr B. Criticism,.................. 120

LVI. Mr B. to Mr T. With Cathe yowes to the

knowes," commemorarsan............ibid.

LVII. Mr B. to Mr T. With She says she lo'es

me best of a,"_" Olet me in,” &C.--Stanza

to Dr Maxwell.................. .... 123

LVIII. Mr T. to Mr B. Advising him to write a Mu-

sical Drama,nomenasarana seoraneoroma....127

LIX. Mr T. to Mr B. Has been examining Scottish

collections-Ritson--Difficult to obtain an-

cient melodies in their original statemw.129

LX. Mr B. to Mr T. Recipe for producing a love

song" Saw ye my Phelj" Remarks and

anecdotes" How long and dreary is the

night”-“ Let not woman e'er complain

The Lover's Morning Salute to his Mis.

tress"-" The Auld man"_" Keen blows the
wind o'er Donochthcad,in a note goodororow 131

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LXI. Mr T. to Mr B. Wishes he knew the inspir.

ing Fair One-Ritson's Historical Essay not

interesting.--Allan Maggie Lawder como 140

LXII. Mr B. to Mr T. Has begun his Anecdotes,

fc. “ My Chloris mark how green the

groves”_Love" It was the charming
month of May”-“ Lassie wi' the lintwhite
locks-History of the air, “ Ye banks and
braes o' bonnie Doon" -James Miller-Clarke

The Black keys-Instance of the difficulty.

of tracing the origin of ancient airs,........141

LXIII. Mr T. to Mr B. With three copies of the Scot-

tish Airsgid

... ..151

LXIV. Mr B. to Mr T. with “ O Philly happy be

that day-Starting note" Contented wi'

little, and cantie voi' mair”-“ Canst thou

leave me thus, my Katy ?"-(The Reply,

Stay my. Willie, yet believe me,in a note)

Stock and horn...rom e o............152

LXV. Mr T. to Mr. B. Praise-Desires more songs

of the humorous cast-Means to have a pica

ture from “ The Soldier's return," .361

LXVI. Mr B. to Mr T. With “ My Nannie's awa,”..163

I.XVII. Mr B. to Mr T. (1795) With For a'

that an' r' that,and Swee fa's the eve

on Craigie-burn,"comm emoracocosocommascara 164

LXVIII. Mr T. to Mr B. Thanks...............167

LXIX. Mr B. to Mr T. “O lassie, art thou sleeping

yet ?and the Answer gracowancara... 168

LXX. Mr B. to Mr T. “ Praise of Ecclefechan,"...170

J.XXI. Mr T. to Mr B. Thanks.gummm...mmm...171

LXXII. Mr B. to Mr T. " Address to the Woodlark"

- On Chloris being ill"-" Their groves

o' sweet myrtle," &c.--"'Twas na her bon-

nie blue c'e,” fc. manes....172

LXXIII. Mr T. to Mr B. With Allan's design from

The Cotter's Saturday Night,” comovom. 17

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