Abacus Level 8 Book A

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Book Bazooka Publication, Oct 4, 2022 - Mathematics
Abacus Level 8 Book A by Monika Gupta. In Abacus Level 8 Artacus Abacus math program - Student will learn advanced mixed digit Division, multiplication along with rivision of all levels with long digit addition and subtraction with written math and in mind.

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About the author (2022)

Monika Gupta, Founder of Artacus, Author, Artist, Abacus Trainer & Educationist in India

Know more about Monika in her words I am Monika Gupta born and brought up in Gurgaon; Haryana. I am a qualified teacher and i have completed my Masters in Computer Applications as well as diploma in Fine Arts. I have a teaching experience of 18 years. Over the years i have developed various skills and knowledge related to other subjects.

Over the time; some of the many things that she have accomplished are:

I am an Author: I have a passion for developing anything and everything which can or may be helpful to the kids in the long run and hence, I have thoughtfully written the Kala Sagar Kids Book for an institution.

I am an Abacus Trainer: As mentioned; I always had the passion of helping and guiding kids towards their goals and with this aim; I started my own certified institution Artacus Classes. And as of now I have many years of guiding different students to acquire this skill and use it to excel in their own way in different fields.

I also always had an hobby of drawing and painting and so I decided to turn my hobby into a skill worth learning for kids. In the Artacus classes; I help and guide kids and adults to create beautiful artworks and I also guide and motivate them to turn this skill into a successful profession by making them understand the various aspects of art.

Summing up; I have an aim to guide students and different learners to develop confidence slowly but steadily; in different vocational skills.

The art works and different skills that I have developed over the years have been acclaimed by different organizations, groups and professionals.

Recognitions and Awards:

I wrote a book for kids namely Kala Sagar Art Book which was published for guiding the students and the institution. It was recognized widely and proved to be helpful to a large extent.

Two of my paintings in the Buddha Enlightenment Series were published in an online newspaper with certificate.

I have received the participation certification for the landscape category in 27 Art Point.

I have received the participation certification in the landscape category of Harsh Art Point in 2019.

I have received the participation certificate in landscape category for the WhatsApp art online competition 2019.

Received a gold medal in online national level competition in 2020 for the creation of dot mandala by Kala Jeevan Samiti.

Received merit award in international art online competition 2020 by Artreion.

Received the participation certificate in International online art competition by Colour Wings; and I have received 8th rank internationally.

Received the International Women Achiever Award 2021.

Received a bronze medal in 108 Om Painting by Culture Art Foundation.

Excellent teacher icon award 2020 by Noida Book of Records for 18 years of teaching service in art and painting.

Received a bronze medal in 108 Om Painting by Culture Art Foundation.

Excellent teacher icon award 2020 by Noida Book Of Records for 18 years of teaching service in art and painting.

Senior Fine Art Diploma by Subbhartiya Sanskriti Parishad.

Received Certificate in Calligraphy by the World Art Organisation

Selection of dot mandala in best 30 category by Colour Wings in their virtual art gallery in 2020.

Certification of Participation in Extraordinary World Records.

Participated in the second world record by World Record India in a competition among 4,000 artists live on social media on 30th January 2021.

Kala Sagar E book oil pastel guide published in 2021.

Participated in Group Exhibition featuring the Buddha Series in 2019.

Participated in extraordinary word records which is said to be the world’s largest online group exhibition all over the world.

Classes at Artacus during the pandemic held successfully: Online class sessions during the pandemic were managed appropriately keeping in mind the timings of the children in the national and international zones as well. The needs and doubt clearing classes for both groups of students were held.

International Certification: Awarded the certificate for contribution to achievement and wide ranging personal growth of abacus mathematics recognized internationally.

Received Guinness World Record Participation Medal & Certificate. A painting event organised on 2 May 2021, to keep people active during the Corona period and keep away from the increasing negative thinking due to Corona and to encourage people to use their talent, Using Guinness World Record's officials attempt received such an amazing certificate of the Guinness World Records as a participant of the most photos of the people painting uploading to Facebook in one hour. 112 countries 184 cities 796 artists.

Editor in Extraordinary kids World Records

Received KALARATNAM GOLD Award JUNE 2021.

Artacus made a World Record with INDIA STAR BOOK OF RECORDS with 122 kids all over the INDIA in art activity on occasion of Diwali.

Received Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts on 5th March 2022 Universal Development Council.

Got awarded Woman Icon Award 2022 on 8th March 2022.

Participated in World Book of Records (London). Created a World Record with WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS at virtual mass event Diverse Talent and Diverse age category from 2nd October 2021 to 31st October 2021

Received Best Teacher Icon Award 2022 on 05th September 2022 by Uttar Pradesh Book of Records

India Star Passion Award 2022 for Appreciable Work in the field of Writing.

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