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Foulkes, John Kelly, William Lewis, Humphrey Sibthorpe, Walter Ruding, John Smith, William Vivian, Doctors of Phyfick; Henry Ashburst, John Aubrey, Richard Aubrey, Charles Barrow, Thomas Blackall, John Caillaud, Robert Chambers, Edward Dandridge, William Draper, John Folliott, James Hargreaves, John Hacker, Richard Head, Benjamin Holloway, Charles Jenkinson, William Ledwell, John Morton, John Nourse, Lewis Pryse, Alexander Popham, John Parker, Giles Rooke, George Augusus Schutz, Hardinge Stracey, John Treacher, James Turner, Robert Vanfittart, Thomas Walker, Francis Wastie, Thomas Whorwood, George White, William Wykebam, Richard Wooddeson, John Fane, Joseph Bullock, Charles Bowles, Oldfield Bowles, Stuckley Bayntun, James Lamb, Thomas Paynton,

Sayer, Gascoigne Frederick, William Lentball, Jobn Lentball, Robert Fettyplace, Thomas Rollinson, Lock Rollinson, Farmedow Pennystone, Richard Lowndes, John Skynner, William Skynner, James Jones, William Lowndes Stone, William Lowndes, Francis Fane, Henry Mason, Philip Powis, Philip Lybbe Powis, Esquires ; John Alleyne, Henry Blackstone, Richard Bowles, Thomas Cooke, John Cooke, Samuef Cooke, Clayton Cracherode, John Cox, John Chaundler, John Davey, Richard Davis, Thomas Griffith, Thomas Hawkins, Benjamin Holloway, Thomas Hornsby, Lionel Kirkbam, John Lowry, Charles Mortimer, Johil Napleton, Richard Nicoll, Ralph Nicholson, John Noel, Stephen Pemberton, Francis Rowden, Edvard Smallzvell, Thomas Treacher, Phipps Weston, Edward Wbitmore, Thomas Warton, William Wright, Roger Watkin, Thomas Gregory, James Reading, Paulo Tookie, Martin Stapleton, Christopher Marshall, Clerks; William Applebee, John Austin, James Burrows, Thomas Burrows, James Clarke, Charles Collins, Jobn Curtis, Samuel Culley, John Dewe, Henry Drought, William Drought, James Etty, Richard Finch, James Fletcher, William Fletcher, Joseph Fortnom, Samuel Fox, John Forle, Samuel Glass, John Grosvenor, Giles Hall, Nicholas Halse, Richard Holloway, John Holman, John Horsman, William Huddesford, William Jackson, Ralph Kirby, Samuel Kilner, Robert Langford, Isaac Lawrence, Edrvard Lock, John Leasingby, Samuel Malbon, Richard Madge, Richard Martin, James Matthews, Joseph Meysey, Charles Moore, James Morrell, James Morten, Charles

· Nourse,

Nourse, Sackville Parker, Jobn Phillips, Daniel Prince,
Archdale Rooke, Vincent Shortland, James Stout, Deodatus
Stone, John Stevens, Thomas Sayer, Thomas Spencer,
William Elias Taunton, Richard Tawney, Joseph Tyrrell,
Edward Tawney, William Thorpe, John Treachers
Thomas Tredwell, George Tonge, William Tomkins,
Henry Towsey, Jobn Townefend, Philip Ward, Benjamin
· Watson, Jobn Watson, Richard Way, John Walker,

Thomas Wood, Anthony Sawyer, Samuel Benwell, Richard
Bew, Gentlemen ; and One Person for each and every
of the Colleges and Parishes in the said University and
City, and the Suburbs thereof, and the faid Parish of
Saint Clement, to be elected in Manner hereafter
mentioned, and their Succeffors, shall be, and they are
hereby appointed Commissioners for putting this Act
in Execution.

And be it further Enacted, That it shall and may be For Eleclawful, to and for the Head or Governor of each College tion of within the said University, and the Masters of Arts, Commis

co fioners for and Persons of superior Academical Degree, resident for the Cold the Time being within fuch College, and on the leges. Foundation thereof, to meet together in their Common Dining Hall, or some other public Place, between the Hours of Nine and Twelve in the Forenoon of the Third Tuesday after the passing of this Act, or as foon after as conveniently may be, and the major Part of such Persons then refident, and there assembled, shall and may proceed to elect One of the Fellows, or Masters of Arts, or Persons of superior Degree on the Foundation of such their respective College, to be a Commissioner for such respective College : And in cafe of an Equality of Votes in the Election of a Commissioner for any such College respectively, the Head or Governor, or in his Absence his Deputy, or in their Absence, the senior Fellow present, of such College, shall have the casting Voice; and such Person so elected shall and may continue to act and be a Commissioner for putting in Execution the Powers in this Act contained, during the Time he shall actually remain a Fellow of such College, or on the Foundation thereof; provided that when and as often as any of the faid Commissioners, to be chosen by their respective Col

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leges as aforesaid, shall happen to die, resign, or refuse to act, or his Fellowship, Studentship, or other Place on the Foundation shall become vacant, it shall and may be lawful within One Month after such Difqualification, Death, Refignation, Refusal, or Vacancy, for the several Voters in the College of which such Commissioner was a Member, to proceed to elect another Commissioner, in manner above-mentioned, and

fo toties quoties, as Occasion shall be or require. For Elec- . And be it further Enacted, That the Parishioners in tion of each and every of the, said respective Parishes beforeCommis.

mentioned, having a Right to vote in the Election of fioners for Parishes. Churchwardens, Ihall and may meet together in the

Church or Vestry Room belonging to each Parish respectively, between the Hours of Nine and Twelve in the Forenoon, on the said Third Tuesday next after the pafling of this Act, or as soon after as conveniently may be, and the major part of such Parishioners, then and there assembled, hall and may proceed to the Election of One Person to be a Commissioner as aforesaid, for such respective Parish : And that in case of an Equality of Votes in the Election of a Commissioner for any such Parish, the Churchwarden standing first upon the List of Parish-Officers then present, or in case no Churchwarden shall be present, the Person then present who shall stand highest rated to the Poors Rate in the said Parish, shall have the easting Voice; and the Name of every such Person so elected a Commissioner for each respective Parish, shall be entered in a Book to be provided and kept for that Purpose by each respective Parish, in their public Chest.

[blocks in formation]

And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That the Persons so elected for the said respective Parishes, shall continue Commissioners until Easter Tuesday One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventyfour, and no longer; and upon the said Easter Tuesday in the Year One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventyfour, or within fourteen Days afterwards, new Commissioners shall respectively be elected in Manner aforesaid, by the said Parishioners of each and every of the Parilhes before mentioned ; and that from thence


forth new Commiffioners shall for ever after be annually elected in Manner aforesaid.

he Execur in Right Lands, St Geo. II.

Provided always, and be it further EnaEted, by the QualificaAuthority aforesaid, That no Person shall be capable of tion of..

* Commisacting as a Commiflioner in the Execution of this Act, fione unless he shall be in his own Right, or in Right of his Wife, in the actual Poffeffion or Receipt of Lands, See Tenements, or Hereditaments, of the clear vearly 21 Geo.. Value of Forty Pounds, or possessed of or intitled to a personal Estate of Eight Hundred Pounds; and if any Penalty on Person not being so qualified shall presume to act, acting, not every such Person shall for every such Offence forfeit der

fo: being duly

qualified. and pay the Sum of Fifty Pounds, to any Person or Persons who shall sue for the same; to be recovered, in any of his Majesty's Courts of Record, by Action of Debt, or on the Cafe, or by Bill, Suit, or Information, wherein no Essoign, Protection, or Wager at Law, or more than One Imparlance, shall be allowed ; and every Person fo prosecuted shall prove that he is qualified as aforesaid, or otherwise shall pay the said Penalty, on Proof given of his having acted as a Commillioner in the Execution of this Act.;


Provided always, and be it further Enacted, by the Power Authority aforesaid, That when and as often as any of lodged in

* Five or the said last-mentioned Commissioners, who do not more to derive their Power from the past or present Enjoyment elect new of any Office, or from the Election of any College or CommisParish, shall die or refuse to act, then, and in every such Case, it shall and may be lawful to and for the surviving or remaining Commissioners, whether official, elective, or other, or any Five or more of them, at a Meeting to be held for that Purpose, to elect another Person or Persons in the Room of him or them so dying or refusing to act; and every Person so elected shall have the lame Powers and Authorities for putting this Act in Execution, as the Person in whose itead he shall be elected-was vested with.

And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, No RetailThat no Person who shall fell Ale, Wine, or any er of Ale fpirituous or fermented Liquors, by retail, shall be cu

tas, be tuous Licapable quors ca

pable of being ele&ted, or holding any Office. capable of acting as a Commissioner, or executing any Office under this Act.


And be it further Enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, Meeting of That the Commissioners nominated and appointed by, Commis- or elected in pursuance of this Act, or any Seven or lioners.

more of them, may and shall meet and assemble in the Town Hall in the said City on the Fourth Tuesday after the passing of this Act, between the Hours of Nine and

Twelve in the Forenoon, in order to put this Act in Provision Execution; and shall then, and from Time to Time for future Meetings.

afterwards, adjourn themselves to, and meet at, the fame Place, or at any other convenient Place within the said University or City, as they, or the major Part of them present at such Meeting, Thall appoint: And if it shall happen that there shall not appear at any Meeting, which shall be appointed to be held by the faid Commissioners, a sufficient Number thereof to act and to adjourn to another Day, (Two Commissioners being always deemed sufficient for the Purpose of adjourning,) or if they shall omit or neglect to adjourn, then, and in every such case, their Clerk, or any Three or more of the said Commissioners, shall and may call a Meeting, at the Place where the last Meeting was appointed to be held, on that Day Three Weeks, between the Hours of Nine and Twelve in the Forenoon, Notice thereof being given as hereafter is directed.

Notice to Provided always, and be it Enacted, by the Authority be given aforesaid, That previous to any Meeting of the said Two Days Commiflioners in pursuance of this Act, subsequent to before such Goch finh M Meeting.

Ich such First Meeting as aforesaid, Notice fhall be given

by the Clerk of the said Commissioners, and fixed at the South Gate of the Schools of the said University, and also at the Gate of the Town Hall in the said City, signifying the Time and Place of every such Meeting, Two Days at least before every such Meeting.

to act

Commis. Provided always, and be it further Ena&ted, by the fioners not Authority aforesaid, That no Conimissioner hereby

appointed, or hereafter to be appointed as aforesaid, where in. terested. shall be capable of acting or voting as fuch during the


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