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Passed March 28, 1771. 4- - /



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For amending certain of the Mile-Ways leading to Oxford; for making a commodious Entrance through the Parish of Saint Clement; for Rebuilding or Repairing Magdalen Bridge; for making commodious Roads from the said Bridge, through the University and City, and the Avenues leading thereto; for Cleansing and Lighting the Streets, Lanes, and Places within the said University and City, and the Suburbs thereof, and the said Parish of Saint Clement; for removing Nuisances and Annoyances therefrom, and preventing the like for the future; for empowering Colleges and Corporations to alienate their Estates there; for Removing, Holding, and Regulating Markets within the said City; and for other Purposes.

WHEREAS such of the several Roads near the Preamble. University and City of Oxford usually called the Mile-Ways, as are not Part of any Turnpike Road, are in a very bad State and Condition; and the Annual Payments directed or mentioned to be paid in lieu of every Yard Land within sive Miles of the said University and City of Oxford, or the Franchises of the same, by an Act made in the Eighteenth Year of the Reign of Queen Elizaheth, intituled, " An Actfor the Repairing Act of the ** and Amending of the Bridges and Highways near unto ,8,h of « tie City of Oxford," have been found insufficient to^^ keep the said Bridges and Roads in Repair, although sufficient.

A a considerable


considerable Sums of Money have been raised and added-thereto by private Contribution:

And whereas the Bridge called Magdalen Bridge, over the River Cherwell, near Magdalen College in the said University, is in a decayed and very ruinous State; by Reason whereof and of its Narrowness, and the Difficulty of Access thereto through the said Parish of Saint Clement, it is very incommodious and dangerous to Travellers:

And whereas the Roads from the said Bridge, through the several Streets in the said University and City, to the great Roads lying on the North, South, and West Sides of the said University and City, are in many Parts so very narrow and incommodious, and so greatly obstructed by Nuisances and Annoyances, as well as by various Encroachments and Projections, as to render the said Roads inconvenient and dangerous to Travellers:

And whereas the said University and City, and the Suburbs thereof, and the Parish of Saint Clement, are not properly cleansed or lighted, and are much annoyed by Projections and Encroachments, and subject to many Nuisances;

May it therefore please your Majesty,

That it may be Enacted; and he it Enacted, by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons in this present Parliamentassembled, and by the Authority of the same; that the following Magistrates and Officers, for the Time being, of the University of Oxford, and of the Colleges and Halls Commis- therein, (To wit) The Vice-Chancellor, his Assessor, or sioners. Deputy in the University Court, all Heads or Governors of Colleges and Halls, the Canons of the Cathedral Church of Christ, the several Royal Professors, and all other University Professors and Prælectors, the Proctors of the University, the Publick Orator, the Bodleian and Badclivian Librarians, the Keepers of the University

r<i Archives,

Archives, the Masters of the Streets, the Registrar of
the University, and the Vice-Principals of the several
Halls; and also the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen,
Assistants, Bailiffs, Town-Clerk, and Solicitor of the
City of Oxford for the Time being, and such other of
the Citizens of Oxford as have now, or hereafter shall
have served the Office of Bailiff of the said City;
together with the Right Honourable Charles Spencer,
commonly called Lord Charles Spencer, the Right
Honourable Robert Spencer, commonly called Lord
Robert Spencer, the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount
Wenman in the Kingdom of Ireland, the Right Ho-
nourable George Simon Harcourt, commonly called
Lord Viscount Nuneham, the Honourable William Har-
court, the Honourable George Lane Parker, the Ho-
nourable Robert Lee, the Honourable Peregrine Bertie,
the Honourable Richard Wenman, the Honourable
Thomas Wenman, the Honourable John Tracey, Sir
Roger Newdigate, Sir James Dajhwood, Sir Charles
Coilerell Dormer, Sir Banks Jenkinson, Sir William
Stonehouse, Sir John Pejhall, Sir Francis Knollys, Sir
Gregory Turner, Sir Thomas Stapleton, Baronets 5 Sir
William Henry AJhhurJl, Sir William Blackjlone, Sir
George Nares, Sir Thomas Munday, Knights; Francis
Page, Esquire, Phanuell Bacon, Henry Barton, Edward
Bcntham, Thomas Bray, Richard Browne, Benjamin
Buckler, Daniel Burton, Ralph Cawley, John Chalmers,
Thomas Chapman, John Clark, Richard Cujl, William
Dennison, George Dixon, David Durell, Edward Ed-
wards, Thomas Fry, Thomas Fothergill, William Gower,
George Huddesford, George Home, Richard Hutchinson,
Thomas Hunt, Benjamin Halifax, Joseph Hoare, John
Chejher Heyborne, John Jefferys, Benjamin Kennicott,
Theophilus Leigh, John Long, John Moore, Tredway Na/h,
Thomas Now ell, Henry Parker, Gilhert Parker, Charles
Pilkington, Francis Randolph, Thomas Randolph, John
Ratcliffe, Chrijlopher Robinson, John Sandsord, William
Sharpe, Thomas Sharpe, John Totlie, AJhton Thorpe,
Francis Webber, Thomas We/I, Nathan Wetherell, Thomas
Winchester, George Windham, Benjamin Wheeler,
Fo'ley, Doctors in Divinitv; Thomas Bever, Richard
Brown, William Seward, Samuel Forjler, Joseph Smith,
James Stonehouse, Doctors of Law; Swithin Adee, John

A 3 Foulkes,

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