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order of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, 1825 - Nautical almanacs

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Page 141 - Two or Three Minutes of Time, the Longitudes of Places cannot be certainly determined by this Method from a single Observation of the Beginning or End nearer than a Degree. Even this Point of Exactness will often be of great Service.
Page 141 - Columns of the second Page of the Month contain the Day of the Week and Month, as before ; next follow the Sun's Longitude, right Ascension in Time, Declination, and the Equation of Time with its Difference from Day to Day.
Page xiii - ... extend, or be held or deemed to extend, to revive any former Acts or Parts of Acts which by the said recited Act of the Fiftyeighth Year of His late Majesty are repealed : Provided also, that nothing herein contained shall extend to abrogate or make void any Enactment now in force for the Payment to the Commander or Commanders, Officers, Seamen, and Marines, of any Ship or Ships of His Majesty, or to the Owner or Owners of any Ship or Vessel belonging to His Majesty's Subjects, of any Reward...
Page xix - ... of the said Sums, so that no more than the said respective Sums of Twenty Thousand and Five Thousand Pounds shall be paid or payable under such Order in Council, for the Accomplishment of the whole of the said Passage or Approach respectively, whether the same shall be attempted or accomplished by Proportions or Parts, or by One Voyage only.
Page 141 - Greenwich, it must be first reduced thereto, by adding or subtracting the Difference of Longitude turned into Time (at the Rate of One Hour to 15, and One Minute of Time to 15 Minutes, or more briefly by Table XIV. Page 38, of the Requisite Tables) accordingly as the Place is to the West or to the East of Greenwich.
Page xix - Council shall be pleased to sanction and approve the said Proposal, then that the same shall be published in the London Gazette; and any Person or Persons accomplishing such Passages, or the specified Proportions of them, shall be entitled, on the Award of the said Commissioners, to receive such total or proportionate Sums as may have been offered for the Object which he or they may have then accomplished.
Page 141 - Increase: saying, as 24 h is to the Hour from Noon reckoned by the Meridian of Greenwich, so is the daily Variation of the Sun's Longitude, to a fourth Number ; which, added to the Sun's Longitude at the preceding Noon, gives the true Longitude at the given Time. If the Time given be that of a Meridian different from Greenwich, it...
Page xii - Pas sage through Hudson's Streights to the Western and Southern Oceans of America" a Sum of Twenty Thousand Pounds was provided for the Owner or Owners of any Ship or Vessel which should first find out and sail through such Passage; and the Persons holding certain Offices therein named, for the time being, were appointed Commissioners for the said Discovery: And whereas by an Act passed in the Sixteenth Year of the Reign of His present Majesty, intituled, " An Act for giving a public Reward to such...
Page 139 - Noon, when the next Day begins. Thus the Day of the Month and the Hour of the Day are the fame in this Method as in the civil Account at Noon, and from Noon till Midnight ; but from Midnight till Noon they differ ; for whereas in the civil Account a...

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