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skilled labor, can be had at a very much less figure than we can get it in this Country. The very natural result has been to find foreign goods offered in our markets at a cheaper price than we can make them ourselves right here at home.

Now the easiest way to meet this problem, was the very best way. That is what our manufacturers did. The only chance to compete successfully with the cheaper foreign product was to make a better one than the one imported. So that is one of the reasons why real value has become the American standard. Price has been the second consideration. Very naturally when this combination exists, an American toy may perhaps cost a trifle more than a German or a Japanese toy, but when mother or father buys one for a Christmas gift, you may be certain you are getting the very best one possible of its kind.

The war is over. Trade with Germany has once again been opened. We have but ourselves to blame should this country lose its place in the toy producing field. Remember well that the foreign toy maker will use all his skill, all his cunning to control again the American market. Every scheme possible will be brought into use to give him the chance to put his toys under the Christmas tree for our American boys and girls just as soon as we fail our own manufacturers.

There are about nine million boys and girls between the ages of ten and fourteen in this country. It is during these early years that they gain lasting impressions. They are quicker to grasp ideas which they never forget than at any other time in their lives. It's then that young brains can be made great healthy reservoirs of patriotism. Let the parents explain why their children play now with American toys, let the parents read to them, or let the children read for themselves the reason why that great wonderful toyland of our young dreams is no longer in Germany but instead right here in our own loved America. Let parents make it their duty to tell them of these things, and the result will be that before long the American toy, the American standard of perfection, will be soundly established forever in these splendid young patriots growing up, soon enough to be parents themselves.

(Family Toy Talk No. 2 will appear in the November issue. We want mother, father, son and daughter to read them.)




than Weather"

Garments for the Live Outdoor Boy

WARM, ist en lines that please the bright and active lads of

ARM, serviceable sweaters, mackinaws, caps and stockings that are

these modern times. Made of the same long-fibre north country wool which has made Patrick cloth famous.


from Sheep that thrive in the Snow

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But be it known, that dauntless goat just braced himself to meet him, for Billy had some special butts with which to coyly greet him.

Between the eyes of Mr. Strope, Bill aimed a butt so neatly that then and there that vengeful spring was ended up completely. Stunned by the unexpected blow, his wits were quite confounded, so, in a jiffy by our friends he found himself surrounded. Our heroes tied him fore and aft with coils of useful rope, so there he lay (though villainous) a limp and harmless Strope. And then he got it—yes, he did, that long-delayed good drubbing, and after that, to cleanse his soul, an IVORY SOAP-suds scrubbing.

As Peter Pig gazed at the task with grunts he could not master, he said, "I've never seen a job done better, Sir, or faster."

'HOLD!" cried the Strope, "I beg of you, it must be plainly seen that I'm completely conquered and most scrumpterageous clean. Henceforth I'll live to honor and obey your IVORY SOAP, naught else could thus have purified a concentrated Strope." "Yes," twittered Betty, graciously, "e'en worse than you may hope to find the path to virtue plain by trusting IVORY SOAP."

With gentle smiles of gratitude
That Strope sped forth to be
Another staunch consumer of
Our blesséd IVORY.





9944% PURE


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