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The 6fth volume of Hutchins's History

of Dorsetshire, edited by Mr. Drew, is

jn the press; the last half of it will

. contain a complete parochial history of

the county.

Sermons by the Rev. John Martin, above 49 years pastor of the Baptist church now meeting in Keppel-street, taken in 'shorthand by Mr. T. Palmer, are printing in two octavo volumes.

An Inquiry into the Effects of Spirituous . Liquors upon the physical and moral Faculties of Man, and their infiuence upon the happiness of society, will soon appear.

The Rev. F. A. Cox, will soon publish a work or. Female Scripture Biography; with an essay, shewing what Christianity has done for women: also a second edition, with considerable alterations, of his Lite of Melancthon.

Mr. Gifford's hew edition of Juvenal will form two octavo volumes, arid is expected to appear early in March.

A Desideratum in our system of Education, rte. An Easy Practical Introduction to English Composition, and to the tasteful reading of Poetry, will soon issue from the press, under the title of " JEsop modernised and moralised, in a series of instructive tales, calculated as reading lessons for youth,' anil followed by skeletons of the several tales, with leading questions and hints, constituting a simple and easy Intrpduetion to English Composition •» besides an Appendix of "Poetic Readings," with interlinear marks to every verse, pointing out the proper accentuation and pauses;'

The Author of Village Conversations, or the Vicar's" Fire Side, (dedicated to Mrs. Hannah More) has also nearly ready for publication, the third and last volume, containing an inquiry into the Elements-' of Political Science, the Principles of Human Actions, and as impartial investigation of the Sovereign Good, or the best Interest of Man. The work comprises a general survey of the most important subjects, combined with a free inquiry into the nature of Good and Evil, as connected with individual happiness and general wellbeing.

Mr. John Bayley, of the Record Office, Tower, is preparing for the press, the History and Antiquities of the Tower of London, with biographical anecdotes of royal and distinguished persona. It will be printed in a quarto volume, and illustrated by numerous engravings.

The Rev. Charles Coleman, late curate of Grange, iu Armagh, has in the press, a volume of Sermons on important subjects.

A Series of Letters from the late Mrs. Carter to her Friend, the late Mrs. Montagu, sire printing in two octavo volumes.

Messrs. S. Mitan and Cooke, will soon publish a Series of thirty-five Etchings, which will give the spirit and character of the Original Designs by Capt. Jones, on the subject of the Battle of Waterloo.

Mr. Gonband, a French artist, will shortly publish the Elements of Design, for the use of students.

The Rev. James Rudge is printing a volume of Sermons on important sabjects.

The subscribers to the Rev. Mr. Jeary's Sermons are informed that unavoidable circumstanees have delayed the publication of the Volume, but that it will certainly be ready for delivery by the first of March.

Sir Win. Gell has neariy ready.for publication, the Itinerary of the Morea, in a small octavo volume, with a map.

A. Bertoloui, Esq. late controllergeneral of the customs at Ceylon, will soon publish, in an octavo volume, a View of the Agricultural, Commercial, and Financial Interests of Ceylon, ■with a map of the island.

Dr. Spurzheim has prepared for pub' Iication, the Pathology of Animal Life, or the Manifestations of the Human Mind in the state of disease termed Insanity.

The Rev. Robert Stevens has another volume of Sermons in the press.

Mr. Walker, of Dublin, will soon publish Selections from Lncian, with a Latin translation and English notes, to which will be subjoined a mythological index and lexicon.

Mr. Churchill, is preparing, Corrections. Additions, and Continuations to Dr. Rees' Cyclopaedia, which will form a companion to that work.

The Rev. Thomas White, minister of Welbeck chapel, has in the press, a volume of Sermons on practical subjects.

The Rev. Thomas Harwood will soon publish a Survey of Staffordshire, in an octavo volume, embellished with plates.

The author of Letters from Paris in 1802-3 is printing, in an octavo volume, Two Tours to France, Belgium, and Spa; one in the summer of 1771, the other in 1816.

The Trial respecting the appointment

ef the Chief Baron of the Exchequer In Ireland, of hit son to the office of Clerk of the Pleas, is about to be published, with the speeches of Mr. Bush, Mr. Plunket, and tire Attorney General in full, corrected by themselves.

Xbe Scientific Tourist in England and Wales is preparing for the press.

The Legend of St. Cuthbert, originally published in 1625, is printing with explanatory notes and illustrations, by J. B. Taylor, Esq.

A new edition of Dr. Samuel Can's Sermons, comprised in three volumes, is nearly ready for publication.

In the press, the seventh quarto volume of the Works of the late Rt. lion. Edmund Burke; containing his Speeches in Westminster HaU on the impeachment of Mr. Hastings.

In the- press, the History of David, King of Israel. By a Lady. In two parts.

W. Beck is preparing a small piece entitled " Don't Despair."

Karly in February will be published, Family Annals, or the Sisters. By Mary Hays.

Mr. James White, Author of Veterinary Medicine, is preparing for publication, a Compendious Dictionary of the Veterinary Art.

Mr. Adam Stark is engaged on a History of Gainsborough, with an account of the Roman and Danish antiquities in the neighbourhood; to be illustrated by a map and several other engravings.

Mr. Nichols has nearly completed at press two volumes of Illustrations of literature, consisting of memoirs and letters of eminent persons, who flourished in the eighteenth century; intended as a Sequel to the Literary Anecdotes: also, a third quarto volume of the Biographical Memoirs of Hogarth, with illustrative assays and fifty plates.

Mr. W. Plees, many years resident in Jersey, will soon publish an Account of the Island of Jersey, with a map and four other engravings..

The Third Part of the Supplement to the Encyclopaedia Britanniea, is just published, containing, besides the usual. Articles and Engravings, a Dissertation exhibiting a general View of the Progress of Mathematical and Physical Science, since the Revival of Letters in Europe, by Professor Playfair, on the same Plan as the Discourse in the First Part, on the Progress of Metaphysical, Ethical, and Political Philosophy, by Dugald Stewart.

An elegant translation of Pascal's Provincial Letters, containing^ Exposure of the Reasoning and Morals of the Jesuits, has just appeared, preceded by a brief View of the History of the Jesuits. Speaking of these Letters in the Original, Voltaire says, " Moliere's best Comedies do not excel them in wit, nor the compositions of Bossuet in sublimity."

A Prospectus has been issued of a hew periodical publication, entitled, The Spirit of the Press, Historical, Political, and Literary.—A portion of each Number contains the Spirit of the Journals, being a selection of pertinent paragraphs, witticisms, &c. as they appear in the London publications of the Day.—Weekly Numbers every Saturday, price sixpence, and in Monthly parts for the convenience of Country Readers.

A second edition of Mr. Edgeworth's work on Roads and Carriages, with additions, is now in the press. . .,

Th» Rev. Dr. Symmons's translation of the tfineid of Virgil, is nearly ready for publication. .•■ .

Captain Beaufort's description of the Remains of Antiquity on the Coast of Asia Minor, is now in the press.


- '' i I vincRAi'iiY.

Narratives of the Lives of tlie more eminent Fathers of 'the First Three Centuries, interspersed with copious Quotations from their Writings, familiar Observations on their Characters and Opinions, and occasional References to the most remarkable Events and Persons of the Times in which they lived. By the Rev. Robert Cox; M.A. Perpetual Curate of St. Leonard's, Bridgnorth. 8vo. IDs. 6d.

A New Grammar of the French Language, ou a plan perfectly original, intended for the use of those who wish to acquire a speedy and grammatical knowledge of Modern French; interspersed with ingenious Exercises and Examples, illustrative of the peculiar construction and idiom of the language: the whole calculated to facilitate the acquirement of grammatical knowledge, without the unnecessary fatigue and perplexity of theold system. By Charles Peter Whitaker. Formerly of the University of Gottingeu, Professor of Languages. 6s. 6d.

Stories for Children, selected from the History of England, from the Conquest to the Revolution. h8mo. 3s. halfbound.

Histories of the Colleges and Public Schools, illustrated by 48 coloured Engravings, Pat-similes of Drawings by the- first Artists, and printed uniform with Ackermann's Histories of Oxford and Cambridge, fee. imperial 4to. 71. 7s. board?.

*»* The several Foundations may also be had separate at the following Prices; Winchester II. 2s.—Eton II. 2s. —Westminster 11. Is.—Charter-house, 11. Is.—Harrow Ik Is.—-Rugby II. Is. —Christ's Hospital 11. Is.—-St. Paul's 10s. 6d.—and Merchant Taylors 10s. 6 J.

Part VII. of Aspin's Universal History.


An Introduction to the Method of Increments, expressed by a New Form of Notation; shewing more intimately its Relation to the Fluxional Analysis. By P. Nicholson, Private Teacher of the Mathematics, &c. 8vo. 8s.


Private Correspondence of Benjamin Franklin, LL.D. F.RS. &c. Cooiprehendinz a Series of Familiar, Literary and Political Letters, written betmeen the Years 1753 and 1790. Now first published from the Originals in the possession of his Grandson, William Temple Franklin, Esq. 4to. 21 2s. bds.

Letters from the Earl of ChesterfieM to Arthur Charles Stanhope, Esq.. relative to the Education of his Godson, the late EarK of Cliesterfiild. Now first published from the Originals. 12mo. 7s.

The Cavern of Roseville; or, the Two Sisters; a Tale, being a Translation of le Souterrain, ou les Deux Sceurs, by Madame Herbster, by Alexander Jamieson, Author of a Treatise on the Construction of Maps, l»n. Witb an elegant Frontispiece, 12ino. 3*. 6il. bound.

Statements respecting the East India College; with an Appeal to Facts in. Refutation of the Charges lately brought against it in the Court of Proprietors. By the Rev. T. R. Maltbus, Professor of History and Political Economy in the East India College, Hertfordshire, and late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. 8vo. 3s 6d.

A Complete Course of Instruction in the Elements of Fortification; originally intended for the Use of the Royal Engineer Department. By Lieut. Col. C W. Pasley, R.El F.RS. Author of an Essay on the Military Policy of.Great Britain. Illustrated by five copperplates, and fire hundred engravings in wood. 2 vols. 8vo.

Green's Botanical Dictionary and Universal Herbal. Part IV.

Village Conversations, or the Vicar's Fire-Side (Dedicated to Mrs. Hannah More) By Sarah Renou. 3 vols. 12mo. 19s. 6d.

The State Lottery; a Dream; by Samuel Roberts. Also, Thoughts on Wheels; a Poem: by James Montgomery, Author of the Wanderer of Switzerland, &,c. With a Caricature Frontispiece. 8vo. 6s. 6d.

The Pamphleteer; No. XVII. for January 1817. Containing nine Pamphlets. 6s. 6d.

A Perpetual Key to the Almanacks. By James Bannatine; corrected and improved, with an original Table of the Constellations, &c. By John Irving Maxwell, of the Inner Temple, secotjd edition, 2s. 6d, bound in red.


The Elements of Conchology, or Natural History of Shells, according to the Linnean System, with Observations on Modern Arrangements. By Thomas Brown, Esq. Capt. Forfar Regt. Fellow of the Linnean Society, Member of the Wernerian Natural History Society, &c. &c. 8vo. 8s. boards, or, with the plates of the Genera coloured, 10s. or with all the plates full coloured, 12s.

The Persecutor, and other Poems, 8vo. 6s. 6d. sewed.

Odes and other Poems. By Henry Neele. 12mo. 4s. 6d.

The Influence of Genius, a Poem. By James Brydges Williams. 8vo. 6s.


On the Supply of Employment and Subsistence for the Labouring Classes, in Fisheries, Manufactures, and the Cultivation of Waste Lands; with Remarks on the Operation of the Salt Duties, and a Proposal for their Repeal. By Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart. 8vo. 3s.

The Character of Passing Events. 8vo. 2s. ■

The Correspondent; consisting of Letters,-Moral, Political, and Literary, between eminent writers in France and "England; and designed by presenting to each nation a faithful picture of the other, to enlighten both to their true interests. Edited by Dr. Stoddart, (to be continued every two months) No.T: 8vo. 5s.'

Lectures on the Principles and Institutions of the Roman Catholic Religion; with an Appendix, containing Historical and Critical Illustrations. By Joseph Fletcher, A.M. 8vo. 9c. boards. >'■

Sermons preached at Wetback Chapel, St. Mary-le-Bone. By the Rev. T.' White, M.A. Minister of that Chapel, and late Vicar of Feckenham, Worcester. 8vo. 10s. 6d. '» »

Practical Reflections on the Ordination Services for Deacons and Priests, in the United Church of England and Ireland: for the. Use of Candidates for Orders, and of those who renew their Ordination Vows; and respectfully proposed as a Manual for Ministers of all Ages. To which are added, Appropriate Prayers for Clergymen-, selected and original. By John Brewster, M.A. Rector of Egglesclifle, and Vicar of

Greatham in the County of Durham. 8vo. 8s.

Scriptural Essays, adapted to the Holydays of the Church of England: with Meditations on the prescribed Services. By the Author of Letters to a Young Man, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. 12s. ; Christian Morality; or a Hint to Gospel Preachers* A Sermon, delivered in the Cathedral Church of Lincoln, October 13, 1816. By the Rev. Wm. Hett, M.A. Is. .. . •*

Sermons on Important Subjects. By the Rev.Charles Coleman,A.M.M.R.LA. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Gethscmane, or Thoughts on the Sufferings of Christ. By the Author of the Refuge, second edition, foolscap 8vu. 6s.

Meditations and Prayers, selected from the Holy Scriptures, the Liturgy, and Pious Tracts, recommended to the wayfaring man, the invalid, the soldier, and the seaman, whensoever unavoidably precluded from the House of Prayer. By the Rev. J. Watts, second edition, 3s. 6d. boards.


An Account of the singular Habits and Circumstances of the People of the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean. By William Mariner, of the Port au Prince, private Ship of War; the greater Part of* whose Crew was massacred by the Natives of Lefooga: Mr. Mariner remaining^ for several Years after, a constant Associate df the Kjng and the higher class of Chiefs. To wjhich is , ailded^ a Grammar and copious Vocabulary of the Language. 2* vols. 8yo. with a portrait, II. 4s.

A Jour through Belgium, Holland, .,/ aionsf the Rhino, and. through the North of France, in the Summer of 1816. In i wbicb, is given air Account of the Civile and Ecclesiastical Polity, and of the System of Education of the Kingdom" of > the Netherlands; with Remarks on the, — Fine Arts, Commerce, at>d Manufactures. 1

By James Mitchell M.A, 8vo. 12s. -,

Narrative of a Residence in Belgium,..,. .. during the Campaign of 1815, and of a Visit to the Field"of Waterloo. By an .,t > Englishwoman. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

A Narrative of a Residence in Ireland, during the Summer, of 1814 and- thalt , ;, ofi8)S.' By'Aone Plumptre. Ep^jel- .: lished jvith a Portrait of the Author, ij from a Painting by Northcote,. and 12 ,n . Engravings of remarkable Scenefy.. , . 4to. 21. 10s. boards.



For MARCH, 1817.

Art. I. Narrative of a Journey in Egypt and the Country leyond the Cataracts. By Thomas Legh, Esq. M. P. 4to. pp. 157* Price 11. Is. Murray. 1816.

TtTR. Legh is one of the many gentlemen whom Bonaparte, "*■ by interdicting them what used to be called the Grand Tour, sent on excursions to the East. Having first run the course through Greece and Albania, ' he was induced by the 'continuance of the unhealthy state of the countries in the Le'yant, to direct his steps to the shores of Egypt,' accompanied throughout the adventure, with his friend Mr. Smelt. The point at which they parted from Greece, was Zante; where they happened to be just at the time of the arrival there of the ' cele* brated Frieze which had recently been discovered in the Tem'pie of Apoilo at Phigalia.' A curious account is given of the negotiation, respecting these sculptures, with Veli Pasha, the Commander of the Faithful's Albanian representative tyrant of the Morea, who, previously to the disinterment of the marbles, had peremptorily stipulated with the excavators, for one half of whatever, of value, they should discover. But, luckily, being recalled from his government at the critical moment, he was willing to accept a sum of money for his share; and thus the gay traiu of beautiful forms maintained their ancient union, and came away entire.

In December. 1812, the traveller reached Alexandria, of which, and of Rosetta, with the vicinity, he is very properly* brief in the description, in consideration of the familiar knowledge of late years acquired of these places. The pride which he felt, as an Englishman, at sight of the memorials of the great achievements there, was turned into mortification at the remembrauce of the disasters of our second Egyptian expedition, in 1805, of which he relates some of the circumstances; particularly that the successful and destructive attack at Rosetta, was begun upon the English troops actually by a single Turk, who, by firing from a house and killing more than twelve

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