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Theologians of sentiments opposite as the poles, ensures the utter extinction of injustice and oppresbigotry. ANTICHRIST is that accursed evil which, sion, of prejudice and passion, of intolerance and having been solemnly denounced during a long Christ shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, course of revolving centuries, THE LORD JESUS and destroy with the brightness of his rising*

come whenever it may, ,


agree that the Millenium,

The reader may consult A Volume of Discourses on the Millenium, by Dr. Bogue, and the last Address on Human Perfectibility-of Lectures, delivered by W. J. Fox, at Parliament-court. The publications of the Rev. James Bicheno, of Coates, Oxon, on the Destruction of Antichrist, may be perused to advantage. His theories, how


excursive, are rendered uniformly subservient to the interests of practical religion.


PART III. From the Conclusion of MR. RICHARDS' Ministry, including his Marriage, to his Death, with Tributes of Respect to his Memory, and con solatory reflections on the nature and employments of Heaven.




Thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience, persecutions, afflictions, which came unto me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra-what persecutions I endured; but out of them all the Lord delivered

1 Tim. iii, 10, 11.


From the preceding pages it appears, that Mr. RICHARDS pursued through evil and good report the even tenour of his way. Having relinquished his stated pastoral charge, he still preached occasionally, in Lynn and its vicinity. Indeed he about this time visited Lincoln, and might have settled there with a congregation. But he felt no inclination to abandon his original and favourite residence at Lynn. Here he enjoyed a respectable circle of connexions, both among Churchmen and Dissenters. They knew his worth, and studied his happiness. So late as 1812, he had not relinquished his zeal for the diffusion of

religion amongst his townsmen, with whom he had resided for near half a century. In the erection of Salem Chapel, he took an active part; and fervent was his prayer for its prosperity. From his own account of the Chapel (already inserted) that edifice must, whilst it endures, remain a memorial of his ardent desire to promote the interests of Scriptural Christianity. The name of Salem was no doubt given by him to this new place of worship, in allusion to a chapel of a similar appellation-the building of which his excellent father had meditated when Providence called him to a better world. This association of ideas must have revived a pleasure gratifying to his filial heart.

But I must proceed to mention an event destined to occasion the greatest alternation of joy and sorrow that this good man experienced throughout life. The visitation, alas! not unfrequently marks the chequered condition of humanity.

MR. RICHARDS again visited the Principality in the Spring of 1803, and brought back with him a Lady, the daughter of a respectable farmer, to whom he was united during his stay in Wales. With this his truly amiable countrywoman, he lived most happily for near two years. She augmented his joys, and divided his sorrows by the exercise of all the virtues which enter into the essence of connubial felicity. Disparity of years was annihilated by an union of hearts. Her Epitaph inscribed over her remains at Wisbeach, shall tell the remainder of this

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