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EXTRACT From the Corona Trajica, a Poein on Mary Queen of Scots, with a'

Translation. By the same.

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Thanks for your news, illustrious lords, she cried ;

I greet the doom that must my griefs decide :
Sad though it be, though sense must shriek from pain,
Yet the immortal sonl the trial shall sustain.

But had the fatal sentence reach'd my cars

In France, in Scotland, with my husband crown'd, Not age itself could have allayed my fears,

And iny poor heart had shudder'd at the sound.
But now inimur'd for twenty tedious years,

Where nought my listening cares can catch around
But fearful noise of danger and alarms,
The frequent threat of death, and constant din of arms,

Ah! what have I in dying to bemoan ?

What punishment in death can they devise For her who living only lives to groan,

And see continual death before her eyes?
Comfort's in death, where 'tis in life unknown ;

Who death expects feels more than he who dies :-
Though too much valour may our fortune try,
To live in fear of death is many times to die.

Where have I e'er repos'd in silent night,

But death's stern image stalk'd around my bed ? What morning e'er arose on me with light,

But on my health some sad disaster bred ? Did fortune ever aid my war or flight,

Or grant a refuge for my hapless bead ? Still at my life some fearful phantom aim'd, My draughts with poison drugo'd, my towers with treachery fames.

And now with fatal certainty I know

Is come the hoor that my sad being ends, Where life must perish with a single blow;

Then mark her death whom steadfast faith attends:
My cheeks unchang'd, my inward calm shall show,

While free from foes, serene, my generous friends,
I meet my death or rather I should say,
Meet my eternal life, my everlasting day.



Translated by the same. .

M Odigan que es menester

Mucho tiempo para amar;
Que el amor que ha de matar
De un golpe ha de ser.
Amor que comienza ingrato
Y el trato le da valor,
No se ha de llamar amor
Sino costumbre de trato.
El que vio quiso y mató
Esse es amor verdadero,
Y mas quando es el primero
Como el que te tengo yo.
Mirar,escribir, y hablar
Años un galan y dama,
Es hacer amor con ama
Que se lo han dado á criar.
Hombre ha de nacer Amor,
Luego andar, y ser galan ;
Que el Amor que no es Adan
No ha de tener valor.

Marques de las Natas.

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