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love with him, which her uncle per were disperst to severall places, ceiving, procur'd a marriage be where they grew up till my uncle tweene them. She had divers chil. sr. John St. John being married to dren by my father, but only two of the daughter of sr. Thomas Laten, them, a sonne and daughter, sur. they were all againe brought home viv'd her, who died whilst my father to their brother's house. There was absent from her in Ireland. were not in those days so masy He led all the time of his widdow. beautifull women found in any fahood a very disconsolate life care. mely as these, but my mother was full for nothing in the world but to be the most iudgements preferr'd oducate and advance the sonne and before all her elder sisters, wbe, daughter, the deare pledges she had something envious att it usd her left bim, for whose sake he quitted unkindly, yett all the suiters that himselfe of bis employments abroad, came to them, still turned their adand procur'd himselfe the office dresses to her, which she in her of victualler of the navie, a place youthful innocency neglected, til then both of credit and greate re- one of greater name, estate, and re.

His friends, considering putation then the rest, hapned to bis solitude, had procur'd him a fall deeply in love with her, and to match of a very rich widdow, who manage it so discretely, that by was a lady of as much discretion as mother could not but entertaine wealth ; but while he was upon him, and my uncle's wife, who bad this designe he chanc'd to see my a mother's kindnesse for her, permother, att the house of sr. Wil

. swaded her to remoove herselfe from ļiam St. John, who had married her her sister's envie, by going along elder sister, and though he went on with her to Isle of Jernsey, where his journey, yett something in her her father was governor; which person and behaviour, he carried she did, and there went into the allong with him, which would not towne, and boarded in a French lett him accomplish it, but brought minister's house, to learne the him back to my mother. She was language, that minister having bene, of a noble famely, being the by the persecution in France, driyoungest daughter of sr. John St.

ven to seeke his shelter there. Con John, of Lidiar Tregoz, in the tracting a deare friendship with county of Wiltz ; her father and mo- this holy man and his wife, she was ther died when she was not above instructed in their Geneva disci. five yeares of age, and yet at her pline, which she liked so much betnurses, from whence she was carri. ter then our more superstitious sered to be brought up in the house vice, that she could have bene cosof the lord Grandison, her father's tented to have liv'd there, had not younger brother, an honorable and

a powerfull passion in her heart excellent person, but married to a drawn her back. But at her re lady so iealous of him, and so ill. turne she met with many afflictions, nalured in her jealous fitts to any the gentleman who had professt se thing that was related to him, that much love to her, in her absence her cruelties to my mother exceeded had bene, by most vile pactises and th stories of stepmothers : the rest treacheries, Jrawne out of his sebe of my aunts, my mother's sisters, ces, and into the marriage of aper

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1, whom when he recover'd belong'd to my father's employ.

reason he hated : but that ment in the narie : the next yeara pd only to augment his misfor. they removed to the Tower of Lonle, and the circumstances of that don, whereof my father was made ry not being necessary to be licftenant, and there had 2 sonns re inserted, I shall only adde more before me and 4 daughters, Lt my mother lived in my uncle's and two sonnes after : of all which use, secretly discontented at this only threo sons and two daughters cident, but was comforted by the survived him att the time of his ndnesse of my uncle's wife, who death, which was in the sixty-third d contracted such an intimate yeare of his age, after he had three endship with her, that they seem- yeares before languisht of a con.

to have but one soule. And in sumption that succeeded a fearer is kindnesse she had some time which he gott in the unfortunate great sollace, till some mallicious voyage to the Isle of Rhec. rsons had wrought some iealou. " He died in the month of May s which were very groundlesse in 1630, sadly bewail'd by not only y uncle, concerning his wife, but all his dependants and relations, but s nature being inclinable to that by all that were acquainted with ission, which was fomented in him him, for he never converst with any y subtile wicked persons, and my to whom he was not at some time other endeavouring to vindicate or in some way beneficiall; and jur'd innocence, she was herselfe his nature was so delighted in pt well treated by my uncle, doing good, that it wan him the hereupon she left his house, with love of all men, even his enemies,

resolution to withdraw herselfe whose envie and mallice it was his Ito the island, where the good mi. custome to overcome with obligaister was, and there to weare out tions. He had greate naturall er life in the service of God. While parts, but was too active in his le was deliberating, and had fixt youth to stay the heightning of pon it in her owne thoughts, resol- them by study of dead writings, ing to impart it to none, she was but in the living bookes of men's ith sr. William St. John, who conversations he soone became so ad married my aunt, when my skillfull that he was never mistaither accidentally came in there, ken but where his owne good nd fell so heartily in love with her, would not lett him give credite hat he perswaded her to marry to the evill he discern'd in others. im, which she did, and her me. He was a most indulgent hus. incholly made her conforme chcar- band, and no lesse kind to his ully to that gravity of habitt and children; a most noble master, onversation, which was becoming who thought it not enough to he wife of such a person; who maintaine his servants honorably vas then 48 yeares of age, and she while they were with him, but Tot above 16. The 1st yeare of for all that deserv'd it, provided heir marriage was crown'd with a ofices or settlements as for chil. onne, call'd after my father's dren. He was a father to all his · jame, and borne at East Smithfield, prisoners, sweetning with such coma that house of the king's which passionate kindnesse their restraint,

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, 1806 that the afliction of a prison was by his happie industry, he did not felt in his dayes. He had a many times over as freely resigne singular kindnesse for all persons againe to the king's service till that were eminent either in learn. he left the greatest part of itt at ilig or armes, and when through his death in the king's hands. Al the ingratitude and vice of that his virtucs wanted not the crop age many of the wives and chills of all vertue, piety and true dedren of queene Elizabeth's glo. votion to God. As his life was rious captaines were reduc'd to a continued exercise of faith and poverty, his purše' was their com- charity, it concluded with prayers mon treasury, and they knew and blessings, which were the 01. not the inconvenience of decay'd ly consolations his desolate fame. fortunes till he was dead : many ly could receive in his death. Neof those valliant seamen be main- vet did any two better agree in tain'd in prison, many he re. magnanimity and bounty then he deemd out of prison and cherisht and my mother, who seem'd to be with an extraordinary bounty. If acted by the same soule, so little | among his excellencies one out. did she grutch any of his libe.

shind the rest, it was the gene. rallities to strangers, or he contrarous liberality of his mind, where- dict any of her kindnesse to all her in goodnesse and greatenesse were relations; her house being a comso equally distributed that they mu, mon home to all of them, and a tually embellisht each other. Pride nursery to their children. He gare and coreteousnesse had not the her a noble allowance of 300l. 2 Jeast place in his brest. As he was yeare for her owne private expence, in love with true honor, so he and had given her all her owne porcontemn'd vaine titles, and though tion to dispose of how she pleas'd, in his youth he accepted an ad. as soone as she was married : which dition to his birth, in his riper she suffer'd to encrease in her yeares he refus'd barondry, friend's hands; and what my fa. which the king offer'd him. He ther allow'd her she spent not in was severe in the regulating of his ranities, although she had what was famely, especially would not en- rich and requisite upon occasions, dure the least immodest behaviour but she lay'd most of it out in pious or dresse in any woman under and charitable uses. Sr. Walter his roofe. There was nothing he Rawleigh and Mr. Ruthin being hated more then an insignificant prisoners in the Tower, and addicgallant, that could only make his ting themselves to chimistrie, she Jeggs and prune himselfe, and sufferd them to make their rare er. court a lady, but had not braines periments at her cost, partly to com. to employ himselfe in things more fort and divert the poore prisoners, suteable to man's nobler sex. Fi. and partly to gaine the knowledge delity in his trust, love and loy- of their experiments, and the medialty to his prince, were not the cines to helpe such poore people as Jeast of his virtues, but those were not able to seeke to phisitians. wherein he was not excell'd by By these means she acquir'd a greate any of his

or succeeding deale of skill, which was very times. The large estate he reapt proStable to many all her life. She




as not only to these, but to all the volv'd with greate thankfulnesse ther prisoners that came into the for the mercy, and humilliation that 'ower, as a mother. All the time I did no more emproove it. After je dwelt in the Tower, if any were my mother had had 3 sons she was ck she made them broths and res. very desireous of a daughter, and oratives with her owne hands, vin when the weomen at my birth toll ted and tooke care of them, and her I was one, she receiv'd me with rovided them all necessaries; if a greate deale of ioy; and the ny were aflicted she comforted nurse's fancying, because I had hem, so that they felt not the in. more complexion and favour then is onvenience of a prison who were usuall in so young children, that I i that place. She was not lesse should not live, my mother became lountifull to many poore widdowes fonder of me, and more endeavour'd nd orphans, whom officers of higher to nurse me. As soone as I was ad lower rank had left behind wean’d a French woman was taken hem as objects of charity. Her to be my dric nurse, and I was >wne house was fill’d with distressed taught to speake. French and En. amilies of her relations, whom she glish together. My mother, while upplied and maintain'd in a noble she was with child of me, dreamt way. The care of the worship and that she was walking in the garden service of God, both in her soule with my father, and that a starre iod her house, and the education of came downe into her hand, with ier children, was her principall care. other circumstances, which, though She was a constant frequenter of I have often heard, I minded not weekeday lectures, and a great lo- enough to remember perfectly ; rer and encourager of good minis. only my father told her, her dreamé ters, and most dilligent in her pri- signified she should have a daughter rate reading and devotions.

of some extraordinary eminency ; “ When my father was sick she which thing, like such vain prowas not satisfied with the attendance phecies, wrought as farre as it could of all that were about him, but its own accomplishment: for my made herselfe his nurse, and cooke, father and mother fancying me then and phisitian, and, through the bles- beautifull, and more than ordinaria sing of God and her indefatigable ly apprehensive, applied all their labours and watching, prescri'd cares, and spar'd no cost to em. him a greate while longer then the proove me in my education, which phisitians thought it possible for procur'd me the admiration of those his nature to hold out. At length that flatter'd my parents. By that when the Lord tooke him to rest time I was foure yeares old I read she shew'd as much humility and pa. English perfectly, and having a tience, under that greate change, as greate memory, I was carried to moderation and bounty in her more sermons, and while I was very plentifull and prosperous condition, young could remember and repeate and died in my house at Owthorpe, them so exactly, and being caress'd, in the county of Nottingham, in the the love of praise tickled me, and yeare 1659. The privelledge of be. made me attend more heedfully, ing borne of and educated by such When I was about 7 yeares of age, excellent parents, I have often re. I remember I had att ouc time 8

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tutors tutors in severall quallities, lan- with many persons that had 3 guages, musick, dancing, writing, greate deale of witt; and very pro. and needlework, but my genius was fitable serious discourses being fre. quite averse from all but my booke, quent at my father's table and in my and that I was su eager of, that my mother's drawing wome, I was very mother thinking it preiudic'd my attentive to all, and gather'd up health, would moderate me in it; things that I would utter againe to yet this rather animated me then greate admiration of many tha: kept me back, and every moment I tooke my memory and imitation for could stcale from my play I would . witt. It pleas'd God that thro' the ein ploy in any booke I could find, good instructions of my mother, when my own were lockt up from and the sermons she carried me to, me. After dinner and supper I still I was convinc'd that the knowledge had an hower allow'd me to play, of God was the most excellent and then I would steale into some study, and accordingly applied myhole or other to read. My father selfe to it, and to practise as I was would have me learue Latine, and taught: I us’d to exhort my no. I was so apt that I outstript my ther's maides much, and to turse brothers who were at schoole, all. their idle discourses to good sub though my father's chaplaine that jects; but I thought, when I bad was my tutor was a pittifull dull done this on the Lord's day, and fellow. My brothers who had a every day perform'd my due tasks greate deale of witt, had some emu. of reading and praying, that then I lation at the progresse I made in was free to anie thing that was net my learning, which very well sin, for I was not at that time conpleas'd my father, tho' my mother vinc'd of the vanity of conversation would have bene contented, I had which was not scandalously wick. not so wholly addicted myselfe to ed, I thought it no sin to learne or that as to neglect my other qual. heare wittie songs and amorous soolities : as for musick and dancing I netts or poems, and twenty things profited very little in them, and of that kind, wherein I was so apt would nover practise my lute or that I became the confident in all harpsicords but when my masters the loves that were managed among were with me; and for my needle my mother's young weomen, and I absolutely hated it; play among there was none of them but had other children I despis'd, and when many lovers and some particular I was forc'd to entertaine such as friends belor'd above the rest; came to visitt me, I tir'd them with among these I havet * * more grave instructions then their Any one mention'd him to me, I told mothers, and pluckt all their babies them I had forgotten those extrava. to pieces, and kept the children in gancies of my infancy, and knet such awe, that they were glad when now that he and I were not equall; I entertain'd myselfe with elder but I could not for many yeares company ; to whom I was very ac. hearc his name without several iaceptable, and living in the house ward emotions * * * Five yeares

† At this place is a great chasm, many leaves being torn out apparently by the atiter berrell.


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