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in a better state now than when the this moment exhibits a miserable ex, British parliament first formed, and ample : one of the ablest men it has Resolved unanimously, That the had to boast of sanctioned, the sys- corps, unless relieved from its pretem under which they have acted sent embarrassments, cannot longer for three years past. Could they continue associated with credit to continue their services with satisfac- itself. That the corps has completed tion to their own feelings, credit to three years of service, and is ready themselves, and service to their king to continue those services, if proand country, they would persevere perly supported : but, failing of that in giving up their time, attention, support, the members consider themand those pecuniary demands their selves as justifiable in laying down respective situations require : but their arms, when no longer looked from the prèssure of the debt the upon as useful or necessary, and corps labour under, it is impossible. whilst they are entitled to some The times require the exertions of credit, they hope, for their steady adall ranks of men, and England de- herence to the system under which mands "every man to do his duty;" they enrolled, and their attention but that does not imply that one in- to inilitary discipline. That the dividual is to make greater sacrifices corps continue its services till the than another, where all should unite. 24th of December, 1806; before The Louth volunteer infantry has which time a hope is entertained hitherto done its duty equal with that the public may come forward, most corps in the kingdom. Should and thereby prevent the painful nc.

the members, therefore, from ne. cessity of terminating its services at · cessity, be obliged to withdraw their that period. That the corps be called services, they will have some con- together; the motives that have insolation in the reflection, that their Auenced the conduct of their officers merit as volunteers stands upim- in this instance, and the absolute peached ; that they can offer them- necessity of firmly adhering to the selves a three years' example to be above resolutions, be laid before improved upon; can leave their them, and fully explained, in order situations to be replaced by those to prevent any future debt being who have hitherto done nothing, incurred, and further disgrace atand who not only have not exerted taching itself in consequence to the themselves personally, but in some corps. That the thanks of this instances smiled with contempt at meeting be given to lieutenant. the exertions of others. This corps colonel Clarke, commandant, for his was amongst the foremost to asso. uprcmitting attention to the dis: ciate in the common cause, to avert cipline and internal management the greatest of all evils; and, if the of the corps since its first forma. then existing executive government tion, and for his ready assistance in can be credited, the volunteors of carrying into effect the object of this Great Britain have largely contri. meeting. buted to prevent the dangers which (Signed by all the officers.) appeared to hang over the nation, Before the corps left the field, on ready to reduce it to a state similar having the resolutions entered into to that of which the continent at by their officers read to them, the

privates privates subscribed 7s. cach, rather offices : Churchwarden, overseer, than the corps should be dismissed. parish-clerk, sexton, constable, surThe officers are determined to en. veyor of the high ways, assessor of courage so laudable a spirit in the the land tax and assessed taxes, and men ; and, we trust, their liberal in- of the property-tax, collector of the tentions will be generously seconded same, and bailiff of the manor. by the public.

This man has not been selected to 19th. At Guildhall, Edward discharge these important duties Wright, alias My Hearty, between either for his personal qualifications, 70 and 80 ycars of age, was charged or for the extent of his property, as with stealing a piece of silk hand. he unfortunately bas but one arm ; kerchiefs, out of a shop in Barbican, and, though the only tradesman ja and fully committed. The excuse he the parish, is a pauper, and receives made was, that he wanted a shirt. He . relief. is a very old offender, having been A Hint.-Those who send game tried more than 70 times, at the to the metropolis, by coaches, &c, different sessions. He has been up- are recommended in all cases to send wards of 50 times publickly whip- letters of advice, and likewise to ped, and was once capitally con- put some distinguishing mark on victed.

the game, to prevent its being A meeting of the Sierra Leone changed. Company took place lately at the Her royal highness the princess new London tavern, in Cheapside, Elizabeth has designed and etched a Mr. Thornton in the chair ; when series of 24 plates, representing the the honourable gentleman read a progress of genius. They display report of the state of the company. great taste and fancy, and are inIt concluded with observing, that, tended as presents for the select and in consequence of one of the objects particular friends of her royal highfor which the company had been ness. formed, viz. the abolition of the ElectionREPARTEE.-Onc of the slave trade, being in a fair train of orators before the hustings at Corent being accomplished, the company garden lately roared out to Mr. being considerably in debt, and the Whitbread, “ If your porter were expences unavoidably increasing, the as strong as your assurance, it would governors recommended the giving do astonishingly well.” up the colony to government. Mr. replied Mr. Whitbread, “if it were Thornton has attended a committee

as strong as your impudence, I could of the privy council, and made an not live by it!offer of the company's charter. He Nr. Curwen, in his address to received for answer, that the offer the electors of Carlisle, defined a should be laid before his majesty. whig in these words :-“ He should It is supposed some difficulty will entertain a constitutional jealousy arise, on account of the company of the executive government; his wishing to retain some power in the eye should be steadily fixed upon colony, although they give up the ministers, and his car turned to tho charter.

people.” At a village in Norfolk, we are 24th. A seaman named Wells, told, a person fills the following who was active in the murder of


66 But,”

the captain, surgeon, &c. of the convicts were executed before the Hermione frigate, was executed on debtors' door at Newgate : viz. board the Salvador del Mundo, off Charles Louis Languis, Joseph Plymouth.

Westwood, and Alexander Macken. About six o'clock, this morning, zie, for forgery; J. Beasley, for the debtor's confined in Newgate returning from transportation be. were alarmed by hearing something fore his time had expired ; and James fall into the yard, and afterwards Vaughan, (a watchman of Marya faint groaning, as is from a per- bone,) for representing himself as son in distress. On alarm being next of kin to corporal Leason, degiven, Storer, a turnkey, went into ceased, for the purpose of fraudu. the debtors’ yard, where he disco. lently obtaining prize money. vered two men, who had been em- 28th. In consequence of some ployed to watch at the top of the language used by sir Francis Burgaol during Sunday night, in a situa- dett, on the hostings, at Brentford, tion too skocking to describe. One in speaking of Mr. Redhead Yorke, of them, of the name of Williain the latter sent, last night, a letter to Lec, had fallen upon an iron ball, the baronet on the subject; and it which had taken off the top part of being apprehended by their respec. his skull, and dashed his brains out, tive friends that a duel would be the which were scattered upon the pave. consequence, Mr. Yorke was this ment; the other, of the name of day arrested, and obliged to find bail Robert Simpson, had, if possible, to keep the peace ; and we undersuffered a still more shocking death, stand that sir Francis was obliged to for he had fallen upon some iron give similar security. spikes, one of which entered in the

An attorney, named Dance, was thick part of his thigh, and pene. brought up for judgment in the trated a considerable way into his court of king's-bench, he having body! Medical assistance libelled a Jew baronct, sir Manasseh called ; but it proved useless, as Lopez, and was ordered to be im. neither of them could have existed prisoned twelve months in Newmany moments after their fall. The gate, and to be struck off the roll of only possible way of accounting for attornies, this melancholy accident is, that 29th. A subaltern officer was there is a small division at the top sued for finery, supplied to his wife, of the gaol, which they had to cross, by a milliner, in his absence; the and Simpson, the constant watch. lady, at the same time, living in a man, and who has been watchman state of open prostitution with other at Newgate ever since it was built, mnen. The cause was tried in the had that night unfortunately left his court of king's bench; when the lanthorn at home; and it is supposed judge and jury would neither admit that, in going round the gaol, they the articles supplied to be necesmust have forgotten this division, saries, nor that a subaltern officer, and their miserable death was the under such circumstances, should consequence. The coroner's jury pay 1461. 135. 3d. to support his sat on their bodies, and returned a wife in a state of abandoned profli. verdict of-iccidentally killed. gacy. This was evinced by a ver26th. This morning the following dict being given for the defendant.




cles of brass, iron, lead, &c. A DECEMBER.

constable stated, that a woman of

the name of Davison, in Swan-yard, Ist. This morning, about eight, Drury-lane, kept a lodging-house a bear, belonging to Mr. Bradbury, for the reception of such boys, clown at the Circus, got loose in the without any other accommodation yard adjoining the theatre, and im- than straw to lie upon. Such of mediately seized a fine boy, son of a then as brought home no stolen Mr. Wilson who keeps the billiard property, were turned out of doors. rooms close by. The boy was A woman of the name of Horn, in much hurt; but is recovered. The Short's Gardens, Drury-lane, used animal, which had been considered to buy the stolen goods from Davi. as altogether harmless, had become son, which she re-sold to a man of ferocious from hunger, which im- the name of Fisher, in St. Giles's. pelled him to tear up the stake to These three persons are in custody. which he was fastened. The bear's While the constable, with two other throat was cut.

officers, were in the shop of Fisher, 5th. John Andrew Nardi, and a bricklayer's labourer entered, Sebastian Grandi, were indicted at offered three pieces of lead for sale the Old Bailey, for the wilful mur- to one of the officers, conceiving der of William Broad, on the 5th him to be the master of the shop, of November last. The two pri. and told where he had filched them soners were Italians, one a feather when he was likewise taken into maker, and the other a preparer of custody. The boys are to be sent colours. They had gone out fan. to the Marine Society. tastically dressed, in the evening of In the court of king's bench, a the 5th, during the Westminser man of the name of Rich was in. election, and at length got a mob dicted, at the instance of the Society around them in Long Acre. Nardi for the Suppression of Vice, for cirbeing provoked, and hard-pressed, culating and vending indecent prints. drew a knife, and eut the deceased, He was found guilty on the clearest who had assaulted him, in the arm ; evidence. All good men will join the repeated bleeding of which oc- in supporting them, whilst they keep casioned his death, in St. Bartholo. to their proper line of duty and mew's hospital. Upon the whole activity. of the evidence it appeared that the 13th. Last night the neighbourhood prisoners had been more sinned of Plymouth experienced a severe against than sinning. The jury found tempest. It was with great difficulty them both not guilty, but that Nardi the mail and other coaches proceeded, was insane. The court ordered him as the horses refused to face the storm to be kept in prison until his ma. on Haldown Heath, and often reb jesty's pleasure should be known, trograded for some distance, ere under the provisions of a late act of they could be controlled. A small parliament.

vessel, laden with tobacco and wine, At the Queen-square office, eight drove from her anchors in harbour, boys, the oldest not 15 years of age, and was lost, with every one on part of a gang of 50, were examined board. for stealing a great number of arti. 14th. A few day's since a respect


able farmer, 'of Rowfant, Sussex, high bailiff, in taking the poll at the on his return from shooting, pro- late election,, except his proportion ceeded to draw the charge ; and, for erecting the hustings. having returned to his pouch such 17th. Mr. William Ludlam, with of the shot as came casily out, pur- whom the philanthropic annuity plan sued the practice common in such originated, called a meeting this day cases, of knocking the butt end of at the London Tavern, and, on his gun against the cieling, in order being opposed by some of the to dislodge the rest, whilst his right stock-holders, he grew outrageous, hand was employed at the muzzle to and proposed to such of the gentle. catch them. By this the cock was men as were dissatisfied with his forced down, the powder discharged, management, to purchase their and the hand dreadfully lacerated. shares at a guinea premium. Many A surgeon extracted a portion of of them acceded to the proposal. felt from the wound; but some As soon as the proceedings were fragments remaining, they brought over, he ordered dinner for himself on a mortification. The unfortu. and his clerk, in the front parlour; pate man refusing to submit to am. and, on the waiter bringing in a putation, expired under great agony, dish of mutton chops, he threw leaving a widow and six children. them at him, and before he could

This night, about half past seven, quit the room, discharged at him the a fire broke out in the elaboratory rest of the dishes, with their contents, of Mr. Maud, in St. Paul's-alley, besides a decanter, and the wine Hare-court, Aldersgate-street. The it contained. One of the dishes conflagration was dreadful. The perforated a valuable painting in the flames spread with the greatest room. On the waiter turning rapidity, and the poor unfortunate round, he saw a horse pistol preinhabitants who lived adjoining, had sented at him, and, before he could scarcely time to save even their utter a word, Mr. L. snapped it at lives. Their furniture and other him, but no powder being in the effects are completely destroyed. pan, the pistol missed fire. These The whole of Paul's-alley, up to outrageous proceedings alarmed the Barbican, in three quarters of an whole tavern, and no person could hour became a heap of ruins. be found to enter the room. Mr.

15th. Owing to the wet and tem. L. kept ringing the bell violently, pestuous state of the weather, the but to no purpose. At length Mr. Cliff to the east of Brighton, be. Peacock, one of the masters of the tween the Steine and the Crescent, tavern, entered the room, when Mr. has been undermined by the tide, L. after making him drink a glass of and a great piece of it fell down wine, got between him and the this day. The road to Rottingdean door, and, snatching up two pistols, is completely severed. Ten unfi. threatened to shoot him dead if he pished houses were blown down. stirred. The lord-mayor, who was

16th. A correspondence has taken dining at the tavern with a select place between the deputy high bailiff party, made out a warrant for his of Westminster, and Mr. Paull, in apprehension ; but Mr. L. by this which the latter refuses to pay any time aware that measures were tak. part of the expences incurred by the ing to seize him, sent his clerk to

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