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his coachman, to order him to drive Parker, master; Mr. Cannon, mas. the carriage as close as possible to ter's mate. Passengers : Brigadier the windows of the room in which general Campbell ; Mr. Byron, surhe was—to keep on his box—the geon of the Endymion ; Mr. Dyer, step was to be ready let down, and to join the Juno; Messrs. G. the two footmen placed up behind. Thorn, J. M'Lean, and S. Wells, of All this the clerk had done, according La Bergere. Seamen saved, 121; to direction. Mr. L. then ordered women, ditto, 2–123. Officers and Mr. Peacock to open the parlour seamen lost, 347.- The conduct of windows, and at this moment a captain Rainsford is spoken of in waiter, unapprized of the transac. the highest terms. When the ship tion, entering the room, he fired a struck, he declared he would be the pistol at bim, loaded with three last to quit her. It was owing to balls, which lodged in the wall; then, his presence of mind, and the autho. throwing some wine, and the con. rity he employed, that so many lives tents of a butter-boat, in Mr. P.'s were saved. The ship had on-board face, he jumped out of the window 10,0001. in specie. into his carriage, which drove fu. 19th., I widow woman, of Southriously off, and he has not since been wick, near Oundle, had three horses heard of. A commission of lunacy poisoned a few days ago, in conseagainst him has been taken out. quence of their eating the fibres of a

The Termagant, which arrived at yew tree. Portsmouth this day, brought the 20th. This morning about ten, melancholy intelligence of the total a violent storm of wind, thunder, loss of the Athenienne, of 64 guns, lightning, and hail, came on at on her passage to Malta, by striking Alnewick. The hail-stones, which on the Esquerries rocks, near Tunis, were driven by the gust with un. in a gale, on the 20th of October common force, consisted of pieces of last. The following are the names complete ice, three quarters of an of the persons, above the rank of inch square. Very great damage sailors, who lost their lives : Capt. was done to the windows and glass. Rainsford ; lieutenants Swinburne, work, at Alnewick; and at SwansM‘Millan, and Salter ; capt. Stains, field, Mr. Sealey had 260 squares of and lieutenants Moss and Minden, glass broken ; and others sustained of the marines; Mr. Griffin, sur. similar losses. The skirts of the geon ; the boatswain, carpenter, storm reached Newcastle. It was and gunner; Messrs. Hendell, very severe to the westward. The Rome, Morrison, Newman, Fitzge- flag-staff, on the new quay at rald, and Blackburn, midshipmen. Whitehaven, was shattered by the Passengers : Lieutenant Barker, of lightning, and several panes of the Melpomene ; ensign Banker, the light-house were broken. In of the 37th regiment; and the car. Liverpool, between twelve and one, penter of La Bergere sloop. Per. the wind was so tremendous, as to sons saved: Liutenants John and blow down a new built house in James Little, and --- Pym; Mr Nile-street, unroof several houses, Goodwin, purser; Messrs. Man. and upset a boat on the river, in ning and Francis, midshipmen; Mr, which there were three men returning from a vessel lying at the Rock, faction, the Vulcan of the Borders who were all drowned.

riveted them into one, and, turning A notice appeared in the Gazette their faces homewards, they re-trod of this evening, for carrying into ef. their steps, whether with the same fect the act for abolishing all fees harmony as they went, “this depo. and holidays in the Custom-house nent saith not.” department; excepting only the In a late report made to the following holidays, viz. Sundays, Central Vaccine Committee, at Christmas-day, Good Friday, the Paris, it is stated, that by the exer. anniversaries of the restoration of tions made throughout France, for king Charles the second, of the propagating the vaccine inoculation, coronation of the king, and of the the number of' individuals who birth-days of their majesties, and underwent the operation in the 42 the prince of Wales

departments, during the last twelve A gentleman who had lost 301. to months, amounts to 125,992, which a fashionable lady at play, presented gives a total of near 400,000 for all the amount in Bank notes. This France ; and by supposing, as in drew from the lady an affected re- the last year, that number to be mark, " that at the great houses she 1,088,157, it will appear, that one. frequented, nothing but gold was third of the infants born last year, used.” In the little houses I have been vaccinated. From a frequent, madam," replied the gen. number of experiments which have tleman, 6 nothing but paper is lately been made in France, it has used.”-Honi soit, &c.

uniformly resulted, that the small It was decided lately in the court pox has never had any effect upon of king's bench, in a cause, The those who have regularly gone King v. Il'ilson, that all foreign let. through the vaccine infection. ters to English merchants, although 22d. A fire broke out in the brought by their own ships, most go Dock-yard, at Portsmouth, which through the post office.

threatened alarıning consequences. Last week a malster of Wher. Between four and five o'clock the well, near Andover, liants, was flames were seen to burst from the fined in the penalty of 2001. for house in which the rope is baked, making a quantity of malt in an un. and the twine tarred, for the use of entered room. And an inhabitant the sail-makers. The wind was of Chilbolton, in the same neigh. high, and blew directly towards the bourhood, was informed against, for rigging and sail lofts, between which having in his possession a supply of and the fire was a quantity of light malt. the duty on which had not dry timber. Lieutenant Smith of been paid.

the Audacious, hastened on shore John Tasker, ostler at the George with a party of sailors, to assist in Inn, at Spilsby, and Rebecca Smith, extinguishing it; but no buckets of that place, lately went on foot were at hand: a supply was imme. 240 miles together, to Gretna diately procured from the AudaGreen, to be married. Having cious; and, by the exertions of the made this experiment of their fitness seamen, the fire was prevented from to tug through the rugged road of spreading farther. life together, to their mutual satis. The same night the following


dreadful accident happened to thefo ur arches, over the river Crae, at driver of the mail coach from Newton Stewart, was carried away Bristol to Birmingham, within a few by the floods. ' miles of Thornbury: The coach 26th. The tide rose to such a was going at a brisk rate, when the height in Ipswich, that most of the guard observed the driver to fall off streets were inundated. The water his seat, between the horses ; he got was two feet deep, near St. Peter's down, and endeavoured to stop church, and the common quay was them, but in vain. He then suc- nearly overflowed. At Hampton, ceeded in regaining his seat behind Sunbury, Chertsey, and similar the coach, till the animals slackened places, near the banks of the their pace, when he drove the coach Thames, the whole of the country in safety to Thornbury, where he was under water; and Kingston procured a horse, and returned to and Putney bridges werc for a time the man, whom he conveyed back. nearly impassable. Surgical assistance was instantly The whole of the Scotch coast procured; but it was fruitless, as has suffered much during the last one of the wheels had passed over and preceding week, from the anu. his neck, and, it is supposed, killed sual height of the tide, both of the him on the spot. He has left a wife sea and rivers. On the 20th inst. and two children.

the river Stinchar, at the town of 25th. Nine dwellings, with ny. Ballantrae, rose to a prodigious merous out-houscs, corn stacks, &c. height, and overflowed the highway were destroyed by accidental fire at for nearly 200 yards. About eleven, Acomb, near Hexham.

while the 9th troop of the 1st dra. la consequence of a heavy swell goons, on their route from Hamil. in the river Conway, the boat which ton for Ireland, attempted to pass carried the Irish mail was unfortu- the water, five of the horses, with nately lost, with the following per- their riders, were borne down by the sons on board: Peter Allison, of rapidity of the current. The men, Livcrpool; John Godwin, of Cow. from the weight of their accoutre. bridge ; John Hunt, esq. his address ments, were some time before they at J. Heard's, Ballast office, Dublin; could disengage themselves from the Thomas Tiptori, the guard ; --- animals. The inhabitants plunged Carpenter, a son of the guard of in to their assistance, and, at the that name, coming from school from risk of their own lives, succeeded in Yorkshire; Richard Edwards, saving those of the soldiers.--At smith, Holyhead ; Charles Harrison, Rothsay, the tide lately rose so Limerick, not yet found his trunk high, that both the quays were co. picked up; Francis Rouse, Con. vered with water, and many barrels way; Thomas Hughes, Thomas of herrings washed over. The water Roberts, Owen Jones, and John in the houses at this port was 48 Reynold's, boatmen, Conway. - inches deep. Roberts, tanner, Holyhead, by the This afternoon, about half past assistance of the mail bag, and a' one, was one of the highest tides boatman, by the assistance of a ever remembered. Boats were trunk, were saved.

rowed into Palace and Little ScotThe same day a stone bridge of land Yards; and the water filled


most of the cellars about the Horse. square, the wife of capt. Byng, R.N. guards and Parliament-street. A a still-born son. number of wharfs, cellars, and 5th. The wife of Edward Rigby, warehouses, from the top of Upper esq. mayor of Norwich, a daughter. Thames-street to the bottom of At Edinburgh, the wife of capt. Lower Thames-street, and in Bridge. Halkett, R. N. a daughter. street, Blackfriars, were completely 11th. At the Union Fire-office, inundated ; and also the Lower Cornbill, the wife of Mr. Charles apartments of several houses in Philip Galabin, a son. Horsleydown. The injury sustained 13th. In Baker-street, Portman. is considerable. The moon was at square, the wife of J. Boddington, full, but the wind was fortunately esq. a danghter. westerly. Fifteen years have 14th. The wife of John Biddulph, elapsed since those quarters expe. esq. of Champion-hill, Surrey, a son. rienced such a visitation.

16th. At the Rectory-house at 27th. This day the Thames again Acton, Middlesex, the wife of the rose considerably higher than on rev. Mr. Antrobus, a son. the preceding day, at Rotherhithe, 19th. In Park-street, Grosvenor. Lambeth, and Milbank, as well as at square, the countess of Banbury, a the newly embanked cut at the Isle daughter. of Dogs, where serious injury was 21st. At the house of Hamilton occasioned by the inundation. Near Nisbett, esq. in Portman-square, the Lambeth horse-ferry a sow and 12 · countess of Elgin, a danghter. pigs were drowned.

24th. At Little Bookham, in Sur. 28th. About twelve o'clock, one ry, the wife of lieut. general Manof the arches of Haydon-bridge, ningham, a daughter. Northumberland, 95 feet in span, Feb. 1. In Great George-street, fell in, with a most tremendous Hanover-square, the wife of Thomas crash, at the time that a number of Sheridan, esq. (son of R. B, S. esq.) people were going over it to church. a son. One man sunk with the ruins to the 2d. At Packington-hall, county of depth of 40 feet, by which his thigh Warwick, the countess of Aylsford, was fractured, and he was other a daughter. wise much bruised ; but he is still 3d. At Shroton cottage, county alive. The bridge had long been in of Dorset, the wife of lieut. colonel a state of decay.

Seymour, a son. • 4th. At the Government-house, - Guernsey, the wife of lieut. colonel

Doyle, a daughter. BIRTHS in the Year 1800. 6th. At his seat in Lincolnshire,

the lady of sir Thomas Whichcote, Jan. 1. At Laugharne castle, bart. a son. county of Caermarthen, the wife of The lady of sir W. Ramsay, bart. major R. J. Starke, a son.

a son. in the Royal Crescent, Bright At Glasgow, lady Janet Bucha. helmstone, the wife of Kean Osborn, nan, a daughter. esq. a daughter.

8th. The wife of Richard Congreve, 4th. In Green-strect, Grosvenor. esq. of Linley-hall, Salop, a son.

9th. The

a son.

9th. The lady of sir Henry Oxen- D. M. Erskine, M. P. for Portsdon, bart, of Broome, Kent, a mouth, a daughter. daughter.

March 7th. In Henrietta-street, 11th. At Edinburgh, the coun. Cavendish-square, the wife of Sa. tess of Loudon and Moira, a muel Bosanquet, junior, esq. a son. daughter.

9th. The wife of Mr. Crane, hat. At Waterville, county of Kildare, ter, of Maidstone, three sons, Ireland, the lady of lord Duoboyne, 10th. In Devonshire-street, Port

land-place, the wife of capt. Rolles, 13th. At Pimlico, the wife of a son. lieut. colonel Elliot, a son.

16th. The lady of the honour. 14th. In Manchester street, Man. able lieutenant general St. John, a chester-square, the wife of John daughter, who died in a few hours. Murray, esq. a daughter.

17th. At St. John's, The wife of John Finch Simpson, riscountess Mahon, a son. . esq. of Laund abbey, county of At Rodmarton, county of Glou. Leicester, a son.

cester, the wife of the rev. Daniel The wife of Richard Topp, esq. Lyfons, a son.. of Whitton, Salop, a daughter. 18th. In Great Ormond-street, the

17th, At Haughley-park, Nor. wife of serjeant Best, M. P. a son. folk, the wife of George Jerning. 22d. At Bath, lady Charlotte ham, esy. a son.

Drummond, a son. 20th. At her house in Pall-Mall, 24th. In Grafton-street, lady lady Holland, a daughter. . Charlotte Duncombe, a sou.

21st. At her house in Portland. 31st. The wife of J. J. Smith, place, the countess of Mansfield, a esq. alderman of Castle Baynard son.

ward, a son, In Norfolk-street, Grosvenor. April 2d. At the house of general square, lady Ogilby, a danghter. Brownrigs, in Audley-square, the

Lately, at Winchester, lady Sarah wife of Major Nesbitt, a son and Crespigny, a son.

heir. Mrs. Elizabeth Cook, aged 61, At Baldon house, Berks, the lady wife of Mr. Thomas C. of Weobly, of sir Cliristopher Willoughby, bart. Herts, aged upwards of 70, a dangh- a daughter. ter, being the only child they have 4th. At Moreton, co. of Dorset, had, after a marriage of more than lady Harriet Frampton, a daughter. 20 years.

5th, 6th, and 7th. The wife of At the house of sir Richard King, Mr. Joseph Nicholson, of Penningin Devonshire-place, the wife of ton, near Clverston, farmcr, two captain Rowley, R. N. a son. sons and a daughter.

23d. At Orton, near Peterbo. 6th. At the admiral's house, in rough, the countess of Aboyne, a son. Portugal-street, Grosvenor square,

23th. At Sudbrook-park, near the hon. Mrs. Berkeley, a son. Richmond, lady Mary Stopford, a 8th. In Dover street, Piccadilly. daughter.

the lady of the honourable Joha 28th. At his house at Micklebam, Bridgman Simpson, a daughter. Surrey, the lady of the houourable 9th. At Wolhampton, near Ly. VOL. XLVII.



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