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mington, llants, the lady of sir 13th. The wife of Henry Otway, George Prescott, hart, a daughter. esq. of Stanford-hall, county of Lei.

12th. In Mansfield-street, Port., cester, a daughter. land-place, the wife of F. Plaistow 11th. In Charles-street, Berkeley. Trapaud, esq. a son.

square, the wife of Charles Jenkin. 13th. At Dorchester, M. M Dow. son, esq. a daughter.. an, a soldier's wife, of the Innis- 17th. At Fulham cottage, Mid. killen dragoons, three sons, two of dlesex, the wife of S. F. Lettsom, whom are since dead.

: esq, a son. 14th. At the rectory, North 18th. At Oxford, the wife of co. Luffenham, Rutland, the wife of lonel Cox, a son. lieutenant-colonel Ainslic, inspector 20th. The wife of William Windof Lincolnshire, a son.

ham, esq. of Dinton, near Salisbury, 17th. The wife of John Faux, of a daughter. Norton-Malerward, county of So. 22d. The wife of Mr. J. Bowyer merset, two sons and a daughter, Nichols, printer, Red-lion passage, being the third time of her having Fleet-strect, a son. three children at a birth.

At the house of admiral Sir John 22d. The wife of Benjamin Hob. Orde; in Gloucester-place, Portman. house, esq. M. P. for Grampound, square, lady Orde, a daughter. á daughter.

24th. At Lillingstone Dayrell, 25th. In Portman-square, lady Bucks, the wife of Richard Dayrell, Louvainte, a son.

esq. a son. At Grantham, county of Lin. At Charlton, Kent, the wife of coln, the lady of sir Montague John Atkins, esq. M. P. a son, Cholmeley, bart, a daughter. - 28th. At South Lambeth, the

27th. At Berlin, the wife of Mr. wife of Ashburnham Bulley, esq. a Jackson, ambassador to the court of daughter. Prussia, a son.

Lately, at Hermandston, in Scot. 28th. Mrs. Davics, of the Strand, land, lady Sinclair, a daughter. a son.

In West, Bath, May 2d. At Ockham-park, near the lady of vice-admiral sir Charles Ripley, Surrey, the lady of lord Knowles, bart. a daughter. King, a daughter.

In Cumberland-place, lady Bo4th. The wife of the reverend Mr. ringdon, a son, Collin, of Quendon, Essex, a son. 29th. At Brixworth-hall, county

7th. At the rectory, Beaconsfield, of Northampton, the wife of Walter the wife of the reverend W. M. Strickland, esq. a daughter. Bradford, a son.

31st. At Ingestree, countess Tal. 9th. In Fitzroy-square, the wife bot, a son. of Charles Lambert, esq. two daugh. June 1. In Grosvenor-square, the ters, one still born.

wife of colonel Gore Langton, M. 10th. In Queen Anne-street West, P. for Somersetshire, a daughter. the hon. Mrs. Boyle, a son.

The wife of James Christie, esq. 11th. In Grosvenor-square, the of Pall Mall, a daughter. duchess of Beaufort, a daughter. At his house in Lincoln's Inn

In George-street, the wife of Fields, the wife of C. Pullen, esq. a George Smith, esq. M.P. a daughter. son.

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2d. At Weston, the wife of the At Paisley, Mrs. Fraser, wife of rev. Christopher Sykes, a daughter. Mr. J. F. manager of the theatre

At his house at Plymouth-dock, there, a daughter, being her eighthe wife of rear-admiral John Sut- teenth child. ton, a daughter.

* At Sydney-lodge. Southampton, 4th. At Airly-lodge, in Scotland, the hon. Mrs. Tenant, a son. viscountess Arbuthoot, a son.

In Chatham-place, Black-friers, 6th. The wife of William Owen, the wife of Henry Budd, esq. a esq. of Woodhouse, co. Salop, a son and heir.

15th.(O.S.) AtSt. Petersburgh, the 8th. In St. James's square, lady wife of Robert Busk, esq. an EngGrantham, a daughter.

lish merchant there, a son. 9th. At Ensham-house, co. Dorset, 26th. The wife of W. Earle the wife of brigadier-general Monro, Welby, esq. of Nottinghamshire, a a daughter. 10th. At Gosport, Hants, the

George-street, Hanoverwife of Mr. W. Midlane, a son. square, countess Cowper, a son and

11th. At South-End, Essex, the heir. lady of the hon. Edward John Tura The lady of the hon, lieut.-ool. nour, youngest son of the late E. of Plunket, of the Coldstream reg. of Winterton, a daughter.

guards, a son. 17th. The wife of the rév. Mr. 28th. In Portland-place, the lady Skinner, rector of Camerton, Somer. of the hon. Henry Blackwood, set, a daughter.

captain in the royal navy, a daugh: At her house in Wimpole-street, ter. lady Elizabeth Loftus, a still-born At his house in the Close, Salisi 300,

bury, the wife of the rev. Chancellor 19th. At Bath, the wife of lieut.. Douglas, a son. col. Blackford, a son,

July 2r of aAt Ipswich, the hon. At Dovenby-hall, the wife of J. Mrs. Leighton, wife of Knyvett L. D. B. Sykes, esq. high sheriff of the esq. of Ford, co. Salop, and sister of county of Cumberland, a daughter. lord Viscount Doneraile, a son and

Is Charlotte-square, Edinburgh, heir. the wife of col. Horner, of Mells At the Temple, Rothley, the wife park, co. Somerset, a daughter. of Thomas Babington, esq. M. P. for

21st. In Cheyne-walk, Chelsea, Leicester, a son. the wife of the rer. Weeden Butler, 9th, In Clifford-street, the wife jun. a son.

of G. B. Mainwaring, esq. M: P. for At Bradfield-house, Bucks, the Middlesex, a son. wife of Richard Orlebar, esq. a son At Sutton vicarage, near York, and heir.

the lady of the hon, and rev. Edw. 24th. In Stretton-street, Picca- Rice, a daughter. dilly, the countess of Chichester, a 10th. The wife of R. H. Bod. daughter.

dam, esq. of Bull's-cross, Enfield, a Lately, in Dublin, the hon. Mrs. son. Hans Blackwood, a daughter. At Plymouth, the wife of Stephen

At Dalkeith-house, in Scotland, Love Hammick, esq. surgeon-exlady Caroline Douglas, a daughter. H 5.2


traordinary to the prince of Wales, Lately, at St. John's, Newfound. a son.

Jand, the hon. Mrs. Mason, wife 11th. At Park farm, Tooting, of capt. M. of the royal navy, a Surrey, the wife of William Abbott, son. esq. a daughter.

At Dublin, the countess of BelAt his house in Ely-place, Hol- more, a daughter. born, the wife of Richard Price, ésq. At sir Hercules Langrishe's, St. a son.

Stephen's green, Dublin, the wife 12th. The wife of John Hill, of the rev. Dean Langrishe, a daugh. esq: of Hardwick, co. Salop, a son. ter.

13th. Mrs. R. Twining, of Nor At Eccles, in Scotland, the wife folk-street, Strand, a daughter. of Jn. Maitland, esq. sheriff of the

The wife of Joseph Rose, esq. of county of Wigton, a daughter. Tovill. place, Canterbury, a daugh The wife of lieut.-gen. England, ter.

commander in chief of Plymouth At Denham-green, the hon. Mrs. garrison, a son. Erskine, of Cardross. a son.

At Hensington-house, Woodstock, 14th. At his seat, St. Bride's-hill, co. Oxford, the wife of Dr. Blackco. Pembroke, the wife of C. A. stone, a daughter. Phillips, esq. a daughter.

At Halswell-house, co. Somerset, 15th. At Bishop's-court, Exeter, the wife of Charles Kemeys Tynte, the hoo, Mrs. Paget, a son.

esq. a daughter. In South Audley.street, the coun. At Bath, Mrs. Matchem, wife of tess of Albemarle, a daughter. George M. esq. and sister to the

16th. At sir Laurence Palk's in late lord Nelson, a son, being her Bruton street, lady Elizabeth Palk, ninth child. a son.

28th. At lord Boston's, in Gros. 17th. At Lymington-lodge, Hants, venor-street, the hon. Mrs. Fredethe wife of Matthew C rott, esq. a rick Irby, a son and heir. $un..

30th, In Lamb's Conduit-place, At Inverness, in Scotland, the Guildford-strect, the wife of T. W. wife of. Alexander Macdonell, esq. Plummer, esq. a daughter. of Glengarry, a son and heir.

Aug. 1st. The wife of Francis 19th. The wife of Mr. Horatio Freeling, esq. of the general post. Robson, of Piccadilly, a seventh office, a son. successive daughter.

At Lumford Bakewell, co. DerThe wife of capt. Gold, of the by, the wife of Robert Arkwright, royal artillery, a son.

esq. a son. At the cottage at Bridlington, the 2nd. At Dublin the lady of the wife of Marmadukc Prickett, jun. righthon.Maurice Fitzgerald, knight esq. a son.

of Kerry, a son. 20th. At Mulgrave castle, lady 3d. In Hertford-street, May-fair, Mulgrare, à still-born child. the lady of the hon. brigadier-gen.

21st. At Brompton, the wife of Stewart, a son. lieut..col. Home, a daughter.

In Clarges-street, the lady of the 24th. At Darnhall, in Scotland, hon. sir Edward Crofton, bart. a the hon. Mrs. Oliphant Murray, a son and heir. daughter.


a son.

At Estcot, Devon, the lady of sir Lately, at Tramore-lodge, WaterJoho Kennaway, bart, a daughter. ford, the wife of Edward Lee,

At Dalhousic house, in Scotland, esq. M. P. for Waterfordshire, a the countess of Dalhousic, a son and son and heir. heir.

At Updown, near Deal, the lady 4th. At Kirkhale, co. Northum- of sir Samuel Chambers, a daughter, berland, the lady of sir William Lo- At Marham, near Narborough, raine, bart. a son.

the wife of a tailor, named Parkin6th. At Edinburgh, the lady of son, three children; all, with the sir J B. Riddell, bart. and daughter mother, doing well. of the earl of Romney, a daughter.

25th. At Farley-house, Surrey, 7th. In Harley-street, Cavendish- the wife of capt. Pierrepont, R. N. Square, the lady of sir William Beechy, a son.

27th. At Ellerker, near South At Largie-honse, in Scotland, Cave, co.' York, the wife of Thomas lady Macdonald Lockhart, a daugh- Leeson, esq. two sons; one since ter.

dead. 8th. In Spring-gardens, the wife 29th. At Thorndon-hall, lady of Mr. Alderman Hunter, a son. Petre, two sons ; the youngest sur,

9th. In Harcourt-place, Dublin, vived only a few hours; and the other the hon. Mrs. Burton, a son.

died in 11 days. At Derby, the wife of I. C. Girar- 30th. The wife of Alexander dot, esq. a daughter.

Hume, esq. of Gloucester-street, 10th. In Lincoln's-inn-fields, the Portman-square, a son. wife of John Disney, esq. a daugh.

31st. At Flookburgh, the wife of ter.

Raw cliffe, three sons; all, with 13th. At Hengrave cottage, Suf. the mother, likely to do well. The folk, the wife of Rt. Gage Rook. father served 12 years in the royal wood, esq. a daughter.

navy, and was discharged in conse16th. At the Rock-house, Crom. quence of a hurt. ford, co. Derby, the wife of Peter Sept. 1st. At, Arkwright, esq. a son.

Devon, the wife of Robert Hunt, 19th. The wife of Walter Shairp, csq. a son. esq. of Gower-street, a still-born At Edinburgh, the wife of admi. child.

ral Duddingston, a son. 21st, At Ratton, Sussex, the hon. 2nd. In Upper Gower-street, Mrs. Thomas, a daughter.

the wife of major Macdonald, a son. 22d. At geni. Pigot's, in Hert- 3d. At Great Clacton), Essex, the ford-street, May-fair, the lady of wife of lieut..col. Harvey, of the lord Henry Fitzroy, a son.

79th foot, a son. 23d. At Southampton, lady Char. 4th. The wife of Mr. William. lotte Howard, a son.

John Galabin, printer, of Ingram. In Portland-place, viscountess court, Fenchurch-street, a daughAcheson, a son and heir.

ter. The wife of Benjamin Pead, esq. 5th. At her house in Welbeck. of Walthamstow, Essex, a daughter. street, Cavendish-square, lady Char.

24th. The wife of William Sims, lotte Goold, a son. esq. of Mile End, a son.

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6th. In

a son.

a son.

6th. In Portland-place, the wife Jo Dublin, the lady of the hor. of Henry Fawcett, esq.'a son. Peter Boyle Blaquiere, a son.

8th. At Chatham, the wife of 28th. In the royal Crescent, Bath, lieut..col. Desborough, of the royal the wife of Charles Walmesley, fsq. marines, a son.

9th, At his house in Lamb's Con. 29th. The wife of major Young, duit-street, the wife of.G. S. Hol- of the royal Bucks militia, a son. royd, esq. a danghter,

At Middleton-hall, co. Caermar. 11th. At Kelly, in Scotland, the then, the lady of sir William Paxton, Jady of the hon. major Ramsey, a daughter,

30th. The wife of the rev. H. At Edinburgh, the wife of major Sainsbury, of Beckington, a son. James Cunninghame, a son.

Oct. ist. At Tiverton, Deron, 16th. In Baker-street, Portman. the lady of sir John Duntze, bart. 2 square, the countess of Cork, a son and heir. daughter.

4th. At Hope, near Manchester, 19th. At Little Ealing, co. Mid- the wife of Charles Bayley, esq. of dlesex, the wife of col. Drinkwater, Calcutta, a daughter. a daughter.

7th. The wife of Thomas Smith, 23d. At Southgate, Middlesex, esq. of the Chapter-house, St. Paul's, the wifo of William Curtis, esq. a 2. daughter, being her thirteenth daughter.

child. At Grange, near Wakefield, the At Saltash, Devon, the wife of seat of John Lister Kaye, esq. lady brigadier-general Nepean, a son. Amelia Kaye, a daughter.

8th. At Bath, the wife of major At Penrice castle, co. Glamorgan, Gray, a daughter. lady Mary 'Talbot, a daughter. 9th. At Netherby, co. Cumber

At his seat at Thame park, có. Jand, lady Catharine Graham, a Oxford, the wife of Philip T. Wyk. daughter. ham, esq. a daughter.

At Berlin, her highness the elec25th The wife of James John- toral princess of Hesse, a prince. stone, esq. of Alva, in Scotland, a 10th. At Hanwell, Middlesex, the son

wife of Wm. Ramsay, esq. of Ja26th. lIon. Mrs. Montgomeric maica, a daughter. Stewart, a son.

11th. The wife of Mr. Becket, At her house in Manchester- brewer, of Enfield, Aliddlesex, a square, lady Lambert, a son. son,

At the right hon. sir Hercules 19th. At Letterfoury, in ScotLangrishe's, on Stephen's-green, land, the lady of sir James Gordon, Dublin, 'the wife of Thomas St. bart. a daughter. George esq a daughter.

13th. In Wimpole-street, the Lately, the wife of II. Howard, wife of John Archer Houblon, escesq. m. P. for Gloucester, a daugh- a son. ter

14th. The wife of William Ma The lady of sir D. Mackworth, son, esq. of Tower-bill, a son. bart, a son.

At Bangor castle, in the north of At Taunton, the wife of William Ireland, thọ lady of the right hon. Hanning, esq. a daughter.

col. Ward, a son.

15th, At

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